Fulfilling Your Firm's Commitment to the UNPRI


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How can The Corporate Library help your investment firm fulfill its commitments to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment?

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Fulfilling Your Firm's Commitment to the UNPRI

  1. 1. FULFILLING YOUR FIRM’S COMMITMENT TO THE U.N. PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT How can The Corporate Library® help my firm fulfill its commitment to the Principles? The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), launched in 2006, have been endorsed by more than 670 asset owners, money managers, and investment service providers who have pledged to incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues into their investment analysis and ownership policy. At first glance, the Principles can seem vague: what exactly does it mean, one might ask, to “incorporate ESG issues into investment decision-making” or “seek appropriate disclosure on ESG”? The Principles are explicitly “voluntary and aspira�onal,” and signing on to them might seem like a mere marke�ng gesture. However, the sixth of the Principles is a promise to report on an en�ty’s progress toward implemen�ng all of them, and in August 2009 five organiza�ons were removed from the signatory list for failing to make such a report. This suggests that the Principles are intended as a genuine commitment to concrete ac�on and that you, as a signatory, need to have a plan in place to fulfill your commitment. The Corporate Library is a professional service provider signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and is commi�ed to helping support global socially responsible investment ini�a�ves. We help UNPRI signatories fulfill their commitments to the Principles by enabling them to be�er assess risk through access to our independent environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and analysis.
  2. 2. Products and Services for UNPRI Signatories Principle 1: We will incorporate ESG issues into investment Principle 2: We will be ac�ve owners and incorporate ESG analysis and decision-making processes. issues into our ownership policies and prac�ces. • Por�olio Risk Assessment: The Corporate Library’s • Shareholder Engagement Services: The Corporate proprietary governance ra�ngs and other indicators Library is the only firm offering shareholder proposal and highlight companies that contain high levels of governance engagement advisory services to support the efforts of risk – the cornerstone of ESG informa�on analysis. UNPRI signatories who are ac�vist investors. • Governance and Environmental Data Solu�ons: The • Research for Ac�vist Investors: Our Board Analyst Corporate Library’s extensive database of corporate database helps ac�vist investors iden�fy target companies governance and execu�ve compensa�on data enables and decide how to engage as shareholders. clients to develop informed “G” analysis. Our partnership with Trucost, the world’s leading environmental data • ESG Custom Research Services: The Corporate Library’s provider, allows clients to understand how environmental Research Services prac�ce makes it easier for clients to “E” performance affects the financial performance of their be ac�ve owners through our Proxy Vo�ng Guidelines share por�olios. Development and Assessment service and other research solu�ons. • ESG Custom Research Services: The Corporate Library’s Research Services prac�ce uses por�olio analysis and other research solu�ons to help clients assess ESG and Principle 4: We will promote acceptance and governance risk exposure. implementa�on of the Principles within the investment industry. • Conference and Thought Leadership: The Corporate Principle 3: We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG Library helps UNPRI signatories promote the Principles issues by the en��es in which we invest. through an annual conference on “The Future of Corporate Reform,” a blog devoted to trends in corporate • Shareholder Engagement Services: Our unique governance and sustainable inves�ng, and research shareholder proposal and engagement advisory services reports about governance and execu�ve compensa�on support ac�vist investors who seek to ensure the issues. companies in which they invest are prac�cing good ESG disclosure. Principle 6: We will each report on our ac�vi�es and • ESG Custom Research Services: The Corporate Library’s progress towards implemen�ng the Principles. Research Services prac�ce develops solu�ons by strategically combining our informa�on and exper�se in a • ESG Custom Research Services: The Corporate Library’s way that best suits the needs of your organiza�on. Research Services prac�ce provides UNPRI signatories with reports to help demonstrate commitment to the Principles, benchmarking your ac�vi�es against those of your peers. Principle 5: We will work together to enhance our • Because The Corporate Library is the leading independent effec�veness in implemen�ng the Principles. source for North American corporate governance and execu�ve compensa�on informa�on and analysis, and • Training and Educa�on: The Corporate Library offers because of our partnership with environmental research training and educa�onal seminars on corporate firm Trucost, incorpora�ng our research products governance topics. Our experts work with your people to and tools into your ESG investment decisions itself bring their understanding of the issues up to date. demonstrates your commitment to the principles. www.thecorporatelibrary.com
  3. 3. • Por�olio Risk Assessment: UNPRI signatories rely on The ac�vist investors. Shareholder engagement services are Corporate Library’s governance metrics and data to inform customized to meet the unique needs of each client, from their ESG risk assessment decisions. Through our powerful ini�al target company iden�fica�on to shareholder proposal Board Analyst® database, Governance Informa�on Screening development and filing. Our experts provide ongoing Tool® (GIST) Por�olio Analyzer, investment tearsheets, reports, support following the company’s response through to Global LeaderBoard™ or data feeds, clients have access to engagement discussions or shareholder vote. our proprietary governance ra�ngs and other indicators that highlight companies with high levels of governance risk—the • Research for Ac�vist Investors: Ac�vist investors use The cornerstone of ESG informa�on analysis. Corporate Library’s proprietary governance risk ra�ngs and rela�onship mapping tools to iden�fy target companies • Governance and Environmental Data Solu�ons: The and decide how to engage as shareholders. The Corporate Corporate Library’s extensive database of U.S. and Canadian Library’s TCL Ra�ngs focus on real-world value and corporate governance data and execu�ve compensa�on risk, not just ‘check-the-box’ best prac�ces. Our unique informa�on enables UNPRI signatories to develop informed quan�ta�ve ra�ngs formula iden�fies and highlights key “G” analysis. We save our clients valuable �me and money ‘red flag’ indicators of board ineffec�veness, going beyond by providing them the capability to efficiently acquire, conven�onal benchmarks of good corporate governance and dis�ll, and distribute extensive governance informa�on on o�en revealing a very different picture of specific boards. more than 3,400 U.S. companies and 45,000 directors. The Addi�onal in-depth analysis and commentary by our senior Corporate Library also offers access to Trucost’s environmental analysts and associates adds context to complex situa�ons. data, which helps investors, fund managers and analysts Ac�vist investors also use our Global LeaderBoard database understand how companies impact the environment and how of corporate leadership to assist with director vo�ng environmental performance affects the financial performance decisions. LeaderBoard allows subscribers to screen boards of their share por�olios. for individuals based on selected criteria such as posi�on, • ESG Custom Research Services: The Corporate Library’s experience, corporate and non-corporate (such as non- Research Services prac�ce offers expert ESG research services. profit, government or academic) board rela�onships. It also Our prac�ce develops solu�ons by strategically combining allows clients to search for poten�al conflicts by graphically our resources in a way that best suits the needs of your displaying complex corporate, commi�ee, and non- organiza�on. Our research team expertly and efficiently corporate rela�onships at the 1�� and 2ⁿ� degrees. dis�lls the vast amount of corporate governance informa�on • Conference and Thought Leadership: The Corporate Library captured in our Board Analyst database, including: informa�on offers the following opportuni�es for UNPRI signatories to on corporate boards, individual directors, execu�ve and promote the Principles: director compensa�on, corporate ownership, insider trading, ◦ The Corporate Library’s Annual Public Funds Forum, “The related party transac�ons, takeover defenses, shareholder Future of Corporate Reform”: proposals, securi�es class ac�on filings and li�ga�on, h�p://www.tclconferences.com regulatory ac�ons, and merger and acquisi�on ac�vity. ◦ The Corporate Library Blog: With the help of our advanced GIST Por�olio Analyzer, we h�p://blog.thecorporatelibrary.com can quickly and easily develop a custom-weighted model ◦ The Corporate Library Research Reports: analysis of a client’s por�olio, integra�ng our data with client- h�p://www.thecorporatelibrary.com/info.php?id=76 supplied data. Through access to Trucost’s comprehensive environmental data model, we offer clients access to research • Training and Educa�on: The on environmental issues that impact businesses, public sector Corporate Library views our client organiza�ons, and fund managers. With our experienced team rela�onships as partnerships, of social research analysts, The Corporate Library offers in- not simply vendor-customer. depth social factor custom research services as well. Beyond our en�re product line, ESG research services provided by The Corporate Library to help our clients effec�vely include but are not limited to: implement the Principles, ◦ Company-, Industry- or Regional- (including Global) Specific we offer training and ESG research educa�onal seminars on ◦ Historical and Current Governance Trend/Topic Analysis corporate governance ◦ Governance Remedy Analysis issues and topics, ◦ Execu�ve and Director Compensa�on Analysis where our experts ◦ Fund Vote Analysis and Audi�ng can work with your ◦ Vo�ng Guideline Development and Assessment people to ensure their ◦ Por�olio Analysis to Assess ESG and Governance Risk understanding of the Exposure issues is up to date. • Shareholder Engagement Services: The Corporate Library offers shareholder proposal and engagement advisory services to support the efforts of UNPRI signatories who are www.thecorporatelibrary.com
  4. 4. The Corporate Library’s Commitment to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment “Governance Risk: The Cornerstone of ESG Informa�on Analysis” As the leading source of comprehensive corporate governance and execu�ve compensa�on and performance informa�on, The Corporate Library is an indispensible resource for major financial and investment management firms. Our objec�ve analysis and ra�ngs of public corpora�ons help iden�fy governance risk—a cri�cal element in ESG investment research and socially responsible investment strategies. An April 2010 study of The Corporate Library’s governance risk ra�ngs showed 275 basis points of annualized outperformance from 2003–2010 for a hypothetical por�olio constructed using governance screens. The portfolio was benchmarked to the Russell 1000 and excluded companies The Corporate Library rated "high" or "very high" risk in board, compensation and/or overall governance. Full-Service ESG Research The Corporate Library’s founders, leadership and research teams are some of the foremost thought leaders in the corporate governance and social research spaces. Our partnership with Trucost offers clients access to environmental research that impacts their investment decisions. This experience combined with more than 10 years of in-depth governance data means The Corporate Library provides UNPRI signatories with full-service ESG research and risk analysis. For more informa�on on how The Corporate Library can help your firm fulfill its commitment to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, please contact us. www.thecorporatelibrary.com info@thecorporatelibrary.com Toll-Free within the U.S. (877) 479-7500 Outside the U.S. (207) 874-6921 © 2010 The Corporate Library. All rights reserved.