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States And Regions Presentation

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A powerpoint slideshow of how states and regions across the world are leading action on climate change.

A powerpoint slideshow of how states and regions across the world are leading action on climate change.

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  • 2. STATES AND REGIONS On behalf of subnational governments around the world, Premier Charest of Quebec world highlighted the importance of subnational action in implementing a Global Deal before distinguished guests, including the UN Secretary General, at Climate Week NYC’s NYC s Opening Ceremonies.
  • 3. SCOTLAND The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 sets an interim target to reduce GHGs by 42% by 2020, and 80% by 2050, compared to 1990 levels. Emissions from international aviation and shipping are included in the targets.
  • 4. “We have passed an historic, groundbreaking bill that sets an international example that we hope others p p will follow.” ALEX SALMOND, FIRST MINISTER SCOTLAND
  • 5. NORTH RHINE WESTPHALIA By 2020, 100 new and existing residential estates are to be extended to meet solar estate standards of the future with passive future, buildings and geothermal heat pumps.
  • 6. “North Rhine Westphalia is among the most modern p g and important energy regions worldwide. The result is a special responsibility.” CHRISTA THOBEN MINISTER OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS AND ENERGY NORTH RHINE WESTPHALIA
  • 7. CALIFORNIA The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, also known as AB32, establishes a comprehensive programme to achieve real, quantifiable and cost effective real reductions in GHGs.
  • 8. “I am very proud that California is a founding member of this great organization. Together we have done fantastic work. You were instrumental in helping pass AB 32 California’s landmark greenhouse gas AB-32, reduction law....Our leadership is now pushing the Federal government to act also. You all are ‘Emissions Terminators’…so let’s all continue working together!” GOVERNOR ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER CALIFORNIA
  • 9. BRITISH COLUMBIA Is the first North American jurisdiction to introduce a revenue neutral carbon tax.
  • 10. “The challenge we face is enormous, but with decisive action, it can be met. It must be met if we want to sustain the quality of life we enjoy today for our children and our grandchildren. So let’s work together, together and let’s make them proud ” proud.” PREMIER, GORDON CAMPBELL BRITISH COLUMBIA
  • 11. SOUTH AUSTRALIA South Australia’s solar feed-in scheme was the first of its type in the country. Households and small energy consumers using solar panels are rewarded with a guaranteed tariff of AU44 cents for every kilowatt hour they feed back into the electricity grid.
  • 12. “South Australia has achieved a great deal in the field of South climate change and we are seen by many environmental experts as being an i i international exemplar. For i i instance, we lead Australia in the development of renewable energy, and we have introduced climate change legislation that is the first of its kind in Australia. As the nation’s first Minister for nation s Sustainability and Climate Change, I am determined to maintain this momentum and to bring about profound, l i t i thi t dt bi b t f d long- term change.” PREMIER MIKE RANN SOUTH AUSTRALIA
  • 13. QUEBEC A North American first, Quebec’s duty on gasoline and fossil fuels will assure CAD$200 i i C $200 million per year to f fund actions to help achieve i emission i i its i i reduction target of 6% below 1990 levels by 2012.
  • 14. BASQUE REGION The CIC energiGune centre has been created to work with renewable energy including ocean energy, energy storage and fuel batteries, biomass and high temperature solar thermal energy.
  • 15. ONTARIO The Far North Planning Initiative will protect at least 225,000km2 of the Far North Boreal region, and give priority protection to key ecological features such as endangered species habitat.
  • 16. “Climate change is the defining issue of our generation — we've come a long way, but we have more to do together ” do, together. PREMIER DALTON MCGUINTY ONTARIO
  • 17. ILE-DE-FRANCE Aims to produce more thermal energy, notably by installing 35,000 m² of new solar panels every year, extending heating networks and i i connecting 30,000 new homes to these networks by 2010.
  • 18. WALLONIA To increase production of renewable energy from 1.8% in 2000 to 8% in 2010, the Walloon Government has introduced a system of green certificates, quotas of renewable energy to be supplied by energy services companies.
  • 19. SÃO PAULO Is promoting the recovery of the riparian forest by extending forest cover from 13.9% to 20% of the state territory
  • 20. “The “Th government of th Sã P l State proposed th t f the São Paulo St t d the minimum reduction of 20% in the emissions of GHG up to 2020 (baseline 2005). This was the goal presented last August (2008) by the Environment Secretary of São Paulo, Mr. Xico Graziano, to the Governor Jose Serra related to a law project about Serra, the climate change that will be directed to the State Legislature.” STATE ENVIRONMENT SECRETARY SÃO PAULO
  • 21. FLANDERS Road and registration tax reforms will promote the purchase of p p environmentally friendly cars and use of transport alternatives.
  • 22. “The climate is changing. Are you changing too?” The changing too? MINISTER OF PUBLIC WORKS, ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND NATURE , FLANDERS
  • 23. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Requires landfill sites to capture and use or d d destroy methane h gas emissions.
  • 24. CATALONIA Is developing solar thermal power for industrial processes. p g p p
  • 25. WALES Aims for all new buildings to be zero carbon from 2011.
  • 26. MANITOBA As a result of innovative loans programmes, Manitoba is the North American leader in ground source heat pump installations, quadrupling sales in recent years.
  • 27. “Manitobans can be p oud o t e leadership on a toba s ca proud of their eade s p o climate change. Although our emissions are comparatively low thanks to an abundance of renewable hydro resources, our citizens recognized early on that we must be part of the solution of the g global climate challenge.” g MANITOBA S MANITOBA’S CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
  • 28. “Wales is exceptionally well placed to lead the transition to low carbon economies: in which energy is used efficiently, is produced as near to the consumer as possible and emits th minimum of ibl d it the i i f carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.” JANE DAVIDSON MINISTER FOR ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND HOUSING WALES
  • 29. ARAGON Grants subsidies to promote the development and introduction of renewable energy such as biomass gasification and hydrogen or thermoelectric solar energy.
  • 30. VICTORIA Is rolling out smart electricity meters to all residential and small business electricity consumers.
  • 31. BRITTANY Aims to generate 1000 MW of energy from land-based wind farms in 2010 and an additional 500 MW from offshore t bi d dditi l f ff h turbines b 2015 by 2015.
  • 32. QUEENSLAND Has committed to allowing no new coal-fired power station to be approved in Queensland unless it uses world’s best practice low emission technology and is Carbon C C b Capture and S d Storage-ready. d
  • 33. UPPER AUSTRIA Will complete its exit from use of oil and coal for heating and electricity generation by 2030 and reduce its emissions up to 65% 65%.
  • 34. SOUTH HOLLAND Is investigating public private partnerships and revolving funds to stimulate geothermal drilling drilling.
  • 35. “We strongly support the States and Regions network’s mission to obtain recognition of the role of states and regions in the UNFCCC Long-Term Cooperative Agreement on Climate Change.” MR. JAN FRANSSEN QUEEN’S COMMISSIONER SOUTH HOLLAND
  • 36. BAVARIA Has a target to increase the contribution of geothermal energy to 1 to 2% of electricity generated and heat supplied.
  • 37. NEW SOUTH WALES Implemented the first energy efficiency certificates trading scheme in the i i i ii i i world in 2003, requiring electricity retailers and other parties by legislation to meet mandatory targets for reducing GHG emissions resulting from the electricity they supply or consume.