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This short presentation provides background to some of the cities from around the world that have helped to inspire the City Square Project in Aberdeen and the features it could provide.

We are asking people to have a look at these images during the consultation phase to see whether there are any features from other cities that they would like to see, or indeed not see, in Aberdeen.

Visit our consultation website at

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  • Why would Aberdeen want a square so big for such a wee city? What do I want? I want a cultural centre that invites greater access into the gardens... maybe by way of a sympathetically yet dynamically designed building. I want the gardens to be Aberdeen's cultural centre.
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  • Did all of those City Squares destroy existing green space to make way for them? not at all. I've been to federation square, it's fantastic - but it's also (undulating) expansive concrete for a reason - water shortages in Australia. It's also disappointing to see that you are still ignoring that the PVA building will address all of these 'regeneration' plans - on a far more realistic, attainable, cost effective level - this is NOT an indication that the PVA plans are not 'visionary' - but I fear the Jeremy Clarkson way of seeing 'progress' is affecting how Oil men think everything should work / grow. If the City Square had a definitive 'plan' - or content - then perhaps you'd ave better grounds for arguing all your aspiration waffle - you must be in a strange place, 'waiting' for people to tell you what they want in it (let alone 'at all')... yet still trying to tell everyone it will be everything for everyone! 'Contemporary arts centre' (yet in the same breath - 'the people of Aberdeen will tell us what will go in it') - just stick to one story - tell people what's in it - be honest about car parking / volume of concrete (if no concrete is being used, how are you building the 5-6 acre superstructure?).... it's embarrassing to see your unprofessional (but very slick) PR machine pumping out vague (dare I call it) 'information'. I don't think people are as gullible or as easily led as you appear to have thought. We all want 'the best' for Aberdeen - but killing the gardens and enforcing a massive inflexible 'superstructure' (whatever shape / topology) onto people is not going to win you many fans. the V&A was cited as 'major investment in Dundee, it's about time we got some of that' from Dave Blackwood - It's a shame he forgot to mention that the V&A are going to Dundee as the grass roots for 'cultural Engagement' (and confidence) came from a small, bespoke, sympathetic and architecturally interesting Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. ACSEF - if you are confident that your plan is better than PVA - show people the comparisons - if you can't afford (!) to pay for someone else's plan - I am sure the PVA guys would be glad to help you there - I see that all of their information contains the City Square literature too (the 'what if' booklet is a case in point) - so please, be straight - tell us the 'facts' and perhaps we can all make an Adult Informed Decision.
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  • How about not following like sheep and create something original? Oh I don't know, maybe a cultural city centre with internationally acclaimed building sympathetically set into the topography of a city centre valley?
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  • Introduction from Chair
  • Millennium Park in Chicago was funded through public and private investment. Developed over a disused car park and rail yard it now provides venues for performance, art, sculpture, architecture and landscape architecture – and artist Anish Kapoor’s famous sculpture shown here. The Square have boosted tourism income by over $2bn.
  • Discovery Green in Houston is a 22 acre development across in what was once a completely no go area in downtown Houston. The City may be on a different scale to ours – there are still valuable lessons to learn from their success. The Mayor led the campaign and established a public private partnership trust which runs Discovery Green today. In the early stage of the development of this project the team studied other successful urban green development – they understood that urban parks attracted people woh want tranquility but also to envcourage activity. Discovery green is committed to sustainable design and operation. It host 400 events annually and has become an important destination in the city – and includes Childrens playground, an amphitheatre. Public sculptures and artworks, interactive water features and spacious green lawns.
  • City Square Project - Other Cities Providing Inspiration

    1. 2. Welcome
    2. 3. Inspiration <ul><li>Examples of how other cities have created successful public spaces that help to regenerate local areas, enhanced the cultural offering and helped to grow the economy. </li></ul>
    3. 4. Sheffield - Peace Gardens
    4. 5. Manchester – Piccadilly Gardens
    5. 6. Manchester – Piccadilly Gardens “ Piccadilly Gardens has provided Manchester with a new public space of international standing, a fantastic public amenity that is safe and enjoyable to use” Prime Minister’s Award for Better Public Buildings Judging Panel
    6. 7. A transformational project to grow the economy “ With historical roots in cultures all over the world, squares are being rediscovered as a powerful means of transforming communities” Project for Public Spaces, New York
    7. 8. Detroit – Campus Martius “ It may be called a Park, but Campus Martius is really that quintessential type of public space - a central square. It's a place that people think of as their own outdoor living room, where they feel connected to their city and fellow citizens” Detroit Mayor’s Taskforce
    8. 9. Stockholm Kungstradgarden
    9. 10. Melbourne – Federation Square “ Great squares and plazas give identity to cities” Project for Public Spaces, New York
    10. 11. Public squares form the heart of many great cities around the world . “ When well-designed, they provide a central location for accessible, year-round activity – whether these are as straightforward as eating a bite of lunch, catching some sun, or playing a game of chess, or as elaborate as community celebrations, concerts and political rallies.” Vancouver Public Space Network
    11. 12. Raleigh – City Plaza “ The City Plaza will be a public gathering place designed to reinforce Raleigh’s image as being one of the most liveable, high-tech cities in the country.” City of Raleigh Mayor’s Office
    12. 13. New Raleigh – Moore Square
    13. 14. “ Public squares are engines of cultural and local economy. They are a key factor in fostering community connections and quality of life.” Vancouver Public Space Network
    14. 15. Federation Square Melbourne, Australia
    15. 16. Millennium Park Chicago, USA <ul><li>24 acre park </li></ul><ul><li>Transformed dilapidated parking lot and rail yard </li></ul><ul><li>Venues for performance, art, sculpture, architecture </li></ul><ul><li>Over 500 cultural events a year </li></ul><ul><li>Cost $490 million, $270 million from private sector </li></ul><ul><li>Increased tourism revenues by $2.6 billion </li></ul>
    16. 17. Houston – Discovery Green
    17. 18. Discovery Green Houston, USA
    18. 19. Tell us what you want …