Enterprise Use of Twitter by Doug Ross
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Enterprise Use of Twitter by Doug Ross



The Circuit on September 24, 2009 - Breakfast BYTES ...

The Circuit on September 24, 2009 - Breakfast BYTES

Doug Ross, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Western & Southern Financial Group (W&S) presented this outstanding Breakfast BYTES presentation on the Enterprise Use of Twitter.



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Enterprise Use of Twitter by Doug Ross Enterprise Use of Twitter by Doug Ross Presentation Transcript

  • The Business Side of Twitter Presentation to The Circuit Information Services R&D September 24, 2009
  • Summary • Perception vs. Reality • Forrester’s Social Technographic Ladder • Twitter’s Growing Influence • Spectator: Watch the Brand • Joiner: Protect the Brand • Creator: Lead the Pack • Bridging the Virtual and Physical • Q&A 2
  • Perception vs. Reality Perception 3
  • Perception vs. Reality Reality 4
  • The Basics • Twitter: free social networking and micro-blog service • Users send and receive messages known as tweets • Tweets are text-based posts up to 140 characters long • Users can choose to send and receive tweets via SMS • Tweets are only delivered to a user’s followers • By default, anyone can follow a user, but restricted delivery (locked updates) is permitted • Through the Twitter API, a wide range of applications can interact with the service 5
  • The Basics: http://twitter.com/WSJ Microblog Who WSJ follows and who are WSJ’s followers 6
  • The Basics: http://twitter.com/WSJ Twitter works best with a content management system; if you don’t have a way to rapidly update your website content, Twitter effectiveness is greatly diminished • Blogs work well • Shortened URLs • Rules, regs, disclosures • Rich content • Offers, entry forms 7
  • The Basics: URL shortening Twitter expects that most hyperlinks (URLs) are shortened because of the character limit; examples of third-party URL shortening services include: • tinyurl.com • bit.ly • ow.ly 8
  • The Basics: Plethora of Clients Available • Twitter: the basic web interface • HootSuite: web-based, multi-account management • Twhirl: thick-client (AIR), multi-account management • TweetDeck: thick-client (AIR) • TwitterFeed: feed RSS (blog posts) into Twitter • TweetFunnel: team tweeting for business users 9
  • The Basics: Commands (web, phone, etc.) • F wsj – become a follower • @wsj nice work on the Citi article! – public message • D wsj it’s a secret! – direct, private message • whois wsj – basic info • get wsj – retrieve latest update • stats – list my stats (# of followers, etc.) • invite 513-555-1234 – ask cellphone user to join/follow 10
  • The Basics: Unofficial Conventions • RT wsj dow up 90 today – re-tweet (relay) a message • RT wsj #djia up 90 today – hash tag (# prefix) Hash tags are used to categorize tweets, examples are: – #music – #quote – #jobs – #phone – #news 11
  • Forrester: Social Technographics Ladder 12
  • Forrester: Social Technographics Ladder More than 80% of online U.S. adults participate in one or more social networks 13
  • Twitter’s Growing Influence 14
  • Twitter’s Growing Influence 15
  • Usage by Demographic (55+) 16
  • Usage by Demographic (45-54) 17
  • Usage by Demographic (35-44) 18
  • Usage by Demographic (25-34) 19
  • Usage by Demographic (18-24) 20
  • Spectator: Watch the Brand 21
  • Spectator: Search 22
  • Spectator: Twendz 23
  • Spectator: Monitter 24
  • Spectator: Trendistic 25
  • Joiner: … FAIL 26
  • Joiner: Keeping a Placeholder 27
  • Creator: Service @ComcastCares 28
  • Creator: Service @ComcastCares • Successful because they actually solve problems! • Skilled customer-service reps, not PR/Marketing • Attempt to get resolution on Twitter, in public 29
  • Creator: Behind the Scenes with USTREAM 30
  • Creator: Suggestion Box @WholeFoods 31
  • Creator: Viral News @NYTimes 32
  • Creator: Collaboration @FIOS Verizon Twitter Widget (FIOS cable service) 33
  • Creator: Travel Tips @JetBlue 34
  • Creator: Crowd-sourcing @IdeasCulture • Submit challenge by 4 PM, by 6 PM challenge sent to 200 ‘Ideas Agents’ in 8 countries • Example: “Find a way to increase attendance at professional development conferences” 35
  • Creator: Sales @woot 36
  • Creator: Niche Sales @wootwine 37
  • Creator: Contest @yahoofinance Yahoo! Finance created Twitter-based contest on 9/10: • Start by following @yahoofinance on Twitter • Tweet your answer to weekly trivia question in format below. First person to answer correctly wins. • To Tweet your answer, copy and paste the following text: #yfinancetrivia [answer] @yahoofinance 38
  • Creator: School-to-parent @SCSSchoolMeals • Somerset County Services (UK) publishes its school menu each day via Twitter; geared towards helping address child obesity • Parents can follow @SCSSchoolmeals to receive a tweet each morning showing what’s on the school menu. Any parent, grandparent or care-giver can follow, whether their child currently eats school meals or not. • Used to update parents on special theme days, how to apply for free school meals, etc. 39
  • Creator: Coupon Broker @CouponTweet Search for coupons and discounts 40
  • Creator: Sales @DellOutlet 41
  • Creator: Diffusion - Dell AdoptAMini.com 42
  • Bridging the Virtual and Physical Worlds • Tech conferences in Europe, many attendees were wearing pendants called Pokens; which replace business cards • Pokens have two parts: one is a plastic shell which you choose to reflect your identity • The other is the hand part, which has a USB connector; plug your Poken into a PC and you can enter your social network IDs into it (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) • Now if you meet someone, you can “high four” them, and your Pokens can exchange info once they come in close proximity to one another -- no more scribbling email addresses, etc. • Best Real World Gadget (TechCrunch UK) 43
  • Bridging the Virtual and Physical Worlds If Pokens catch on here, consider implications for CPG, retailers, misc. marketers… 44
  • Bridging the Virtual and Physical Worlds • Visit Tweet My Bumper, site will print, ship bumper sticker • "Follow me in traffic. Follow me on Twitter“ • Standard bumper sticker priced at $5 (includes promotional TweetMyBumper URL); $6 (without promo URL) • Any business can borrow this concept! 45
  • Bridging the Virtual and Physical Worlds If you are interested in this brand, ‘high four’ your Poken to exchange info; receive product offers, promo codes, samples… 46
  • Recommendations • Evaluate: where are you on the ladder? Where do you want to go? • Plan: how do you intend to move up? Who will be the owner? Are there legal, compliance issues? • Implement: make your plan real, find out what fails and what works, test and iterate… 47
  • Questions? Answers not guaranteed for completeness, accuracy or timeliness 48