Time Management Tips For MBA Students

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Benefit from a few simple techniques to help maximize your time management.

Benefit from a few simple techniques to help maximize your time management.

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  • 1. Time Management Tips for MBA Students www.thechristianmba.com
  • 2. As an MBA student, you are highly-motivated, goal-oriented and generally efficient in your use of time. www.thechristianmba.com Like everyone, though, you could probably benefit from a few simple techniques to help maximize your time management. http://quangkhoi.net/learningcenter/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/time_management_7pq2.jpg
  • 3. Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses. www.thechristianmba.com By isolating your strengths and weaknesses, you will stay alert to potential time management challenges, which you will be able to stem before they become full-blown problems. 1
  • 4. Stay on top of your calendar. www.thechristianmba.com
    • Your calendar is your key to maintaining a structured
    • and organized student life.
    • Write down all your academic and professional
    • commitments, as well as your social ones.
  • 5. Create “Zones” where you cannot be disturbed. www.thechristianmba.com
    • First, find a place in your home, in the campus library or
    • wherever, where you will be able to study unperturbed.
    • Eliminate all personal distractions from your “zone.”
    • If you need the internet for research purposes, you will
    • have to muster up the will power not to check sports
    • scores or your email while you work.
  • 6. Prioritize www.thechristianmba.com
    • The most important tasks, due in the shortest amount
    • of time, should generally be tackled first.
    • Come up with a plan that works with your natural
    • rhythms in order to complete these tasks.
  • 7. Reward yourself www.thechristianmba.com
    • Earning your MBA shouldn’t just be about becoming a
    • super-human self-taskmaster.
    • When goal-setting, factor in rewards for achievement.
    • Promise yourself a movie or a night out with friends
    • once you finish, or make a substantial dent in, a project.
  • 8. If you have successfully implemented all the above time management tips, you know you will be able to accomplish all your tasks and still manage to live a little. www.thechristianmba.com
  • 9. The Christian MBA web site provides articles of interest to MBA students, from current events to developing your own management style. www.thechristianmba.com