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Receiving a legitimate and relevant education online is now an accepted and respected way for a motivated individual to achieve an education.

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Quality Education Online

  1. 1. www.thechristianmba.com Quality Education Online
  2. 2. Receiving a legitimate and relevant education by alternative methods is now an accepted and respected way for a motivated individual to achieve an education. www.thechristianmba.com
  3. 3. In the current competitive job market, the candidate with the most to offer potential employers is at an advantage. www.thechristianmba.com http://www.valhallabizsolutions.com/images/business-management-consultants.jpg
  4. 4. One way to gain advantage is by having a graduate degree in business administration (MBA), and earning an MBA online is convenient and affordable. www.thechristianmba.com http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_QIVX_5fF2Kc/SricvAsDxOI/AAAAAAAAAGg/ah5Yl3nqQ8Y/s320/mba_online.jpg
  5. 5. The job applicant who possesses an MBA makes himself or herself more valuable to employers seeking the best and most qualified candidate to fill leadership positions. www.thechristianmba.com
  6. 6. By taking advantage of the many opportunities offered with online colleges and universities, it is now possible to acquire that upper hand while continuing to work full time, as well as meeting other professional or personal obligations. www.thechristianmba.com
  7. 7. According to the Graduate Management Admissions Council, earning an MBA can increase an individual’s earning power by 50% or more. www.thechristianmba.com
  8. 8. For the already employed person hoping to pursue career advancement by acquiring an MBA, the convenience of doing so via an accredited online college or university is obvious. www.thechristianmba.com
  9. 9. Online education can also be the answer for those people with personal obligations. www.thechristianmba.com http://budgetbrainiac.com/wp-content/themes/thesis/custom/rotator/image4.jpg
  10. 10. In addition to the online colleges and universities,more and more long-established institutions are offering online course study. www.thechristianmba.com http://cga.laurentian.ca/mba/student/feedstream/content/distance%20ed.jpg
  11. 11. Often, a student can choose to participate in both the campus classroom and online study. www.thechristianmba.com http://www.pvamu.edu/images/CollegeofBusiness/Online%20MBA.jpg
  12. 12. The availability of online colleges and universities offering MBAs can be determined by doing an internet search. www.thechristianmba.com
  13. 13. There are sites which offer specific information regarding these schools and can provide the student with much insight in what to look for in a college. www.thechristianmba.com
  14. 14. For the motivated individual, getting an online MBA can be the perfect solution. www.thechristianmba.com http://www.mtu.edu/business/mba-online/information/tech-mba-online.jpg
  15. 15. Earning a degree from an online college or university is now an acceptable, affordable, and convenient way to do so. www.thechristianmba.com http://inetdegree.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/10/online-mba-in-2010/online_mba-6
  16. 16. The Christian MBA web site provides articles of interest to MBA students, from current events to developing your own management style. www.thechristianmba.com