Kestrel Lee - Critical drivers for Chinese consumers' engagement and loyalty in a competitive market

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Kestrel Lee - Executive Creative Director of Integrated Marketing, Social Media and e-Commerce for Zeno Asia …

Kestrel Lee - Executive Creative Director of Integrated Marketing, Social Media and e-Commerce for Zeno Asia

Proven strategies and tools are hard to access 600 million internet users including over 220 million active online shoppers who spend more money than any other online shoppers in the world.

An overview of business opportunities available in China for marketers. A presentation from the China Digital Marketing & Social Media Summit held on the 24th of October 2013.

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  • 1. Kestrel Lee Executive Creative Director Integrated Marketing, Social Media and eCommerce
  • 2. Critical drivers for Chinese consumers' engagement and loyalty in a competitive market
  • 3. CONSUMER CULTURE STANDS IN THE WAY OF MARKETING TO CHINA Stores in the UK have had to close down through recession and, says Amaze, "due to massive changes in how people use technology". A wider choice, convenience and the ease with which mobile and Internet shopping can be conducted will lead to the inevitable - a high street, not of stores in which purchase decisions will be made and carried out, but of showrooms in which browsers can find products they want and then use technology to have shipped to their door.
  • 4. MEDIA HAS VASTLY CHANGED TOO TRADITIONAL OWNED HYBRID SOCIAL Attention span has split as well. People need to hear something multiple times from different media sources – to believe anything these days.
  • 5. How to consistently generate insightful and interactive content for your social media audience, and to enhance customer experience 24/7VER
  • 6. Social media listening via companies like CIC, Digital Jungle, Skye Media, Brandtology is a must. Crisis Management 品牌危机处理 Brand Management 品牌日常管理 Market Management 市场分析和管理 Weak Signal Alert Brand Positioning And Planning Product Insights Reputation / Risk Assessment Marketing Mix/ Advertising Management Voice of the Consumer Competitive Intelligence
  • 7. Social media listening identified key brand topics to be addressed by your social strategy. Using social media listening to set KPIs - - - To create a brand reputation via branded content, PR and communication channels? To create a online sales channel? As a customer response channel?
  • 8. Social media listening via Baidu's various social search platforms is easy, informative and free. Bosch was searched mostly • In the cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Wuhan • By male with the age from 20 – 40 • By the graduates or with above education degree • By the group with occupation of Automobile, IT and Education Baidu Website Page Baidu News Page Baidu Zhidao Page Baidu Video Page
  • 9. Do social media listening via search, not social networks to pinpoint the right consumer conversations to penetrate
  • 10. It's either news or entertainment on social networks like Sina Weibo This American Presidential Election related post is taken from Durex’s Sina Weibo account. It was posted on November 7th and within 24 hours had accumulated over 55,000 forwards and 14,000 comments. The Chinese sentence at the top reads “The difference between Obama and Romney is…”
  • 11. Integrating retail shopping with millennial emotions is key Dove Gifting’s Chinese Valentine’s Campaign This campaign was to drive Dove gifting sales in the 3-4 weeks before Chinese Valentine’s Day. Using the insights that Chinese netizens looked online for gift ideas for their loved ones in the weeks before the day, we brought to life an online romance that grew sales and momentum via social networks. To create this tribute to true love, the story was told via relevant and fun content updated and spread organically daily through Weibo. 12
  • 12. Changes in millennial media lifestyle changing shopper marketing Video viewing and sharing is the dominant social media behaviour in China
  • 13. Changes in millennial media lifestyle changing shopper marketing - - ONLINE TV vs Traditional TV Media trend: brands more popular with the younger crowd spends much less on TV and newspapers advertising, which are better for everyday, non-premium brands like rice and cooking oil. 25 Traditional TV OTV Penetration % 20 15 10 5 Data Source: CMMS Y2012 Spring & 中国网络 视频用户及媒体价值研究报告 0 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 年龄段
  • 14. Changes in millennial media lifestyle changing shopper marketing -2 key social commerce behavior: - Showrooming: visiting a store to check out what they want, then going online to find out more and buying it via ecommerce. - Webrooming: reading every available online sources and asking all friends before coming to the store for a purchase. Wealth of information and third party opinion on social media is disrupting traditional marketing funnels
  • 15. Using emotional touch-points between brands and consumer for B2C or B2B social media campaigns: Case Studies
  • 16. Creating emotion-based marketing through social purpose branding Once a product is known for being reliable, functional and usable, what’s next?
  • 17. Creating emotion-based marketing through social purpose branding Brands Need to Stand for Something or They Mean Nothing Online. For example, Taobao turned Singles' Day (a play on 11.11 i.e. November 11th) to 'Tianmao Day‘, which led to 3 billion RMB in inventory sold in 1 evening
  • 18. Using emotions to create memorable shopper moments What happens when a childhood friend of a brand lose out to more aggressive modern brands like Häagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s? Copy their marketing methods? Or should it remind its people what Wall’s ice-cream used to mean as a brand and a social activity among its young customers? To remind them that Wall’s is about sharing happiness to those around you?