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Slides from the CBI Forum for the 2012 Games - 27th January 2011

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Presentation cbi forum for the 2012 games shared version

  1. 1. CBI Forum for the 2012 GamesThursday 27th January 2011
  2. 2. Hugh SumnerOlympic Delivery AuthorityTransport27th January 2011 Keeping London Moving
  3. 3. The Olympic Games is theworld’s biggest sporting event• 203 countries• 5,000 Olympic Family• 17,800 athletes and team officials• 22,000 media• 7.7 million tickets soldThe Paralympics Gametakes place two weeks later• 170 countries• 1,000 Paralympic Family• 4,000 athletes and team officials• 4,000 media• 1.4 million tickets sold• 100,000 workforce including volunteers• 4 billion global audience
  4. 4. Games transport: the challenge• Provide safe, secure and reliable transport for all client groups• Keep London and the UK moving• Leave a legacy and facilitate the regeneration of East London• Achieve maximum value for money and minimise cost
  5. 5. Games Transport Strategy• Prioritising athletes• A public transport Games• An accessible Games• A sustainable Games
  6. 6. Games Family Transport
  7. 7. Olympic and ParalympicTransport • 55,000 Olympic Family • 16,500 Paralympic Family members. • Safe, secure and reliable service. • Aim for journey times < 30 minutes where possible. • Distinct coach and bus transport for athletes, technical officials, accredited media and sponsors.
  8. 8. Who will use it?The Games client groups include: – Athletes and team officials – Technical officials – Broadcasters – Press – IOC Family – International Visitors Games PeopleEmergency vehicles will have full use of the ORN/PRN
  9. 9. The Olympic Route Network – linking the venues...
  10. 10. Paralympic Route Network
  11. 11. Spectator demand
  12. 12. Total number of spectator tickets per day
  13. 13. Proportion of spectators at competition venues during theOlympic Games – London
  14. 14. Spectator transport
  15. 15. Spectator transport – OlympicPark • Best ever connected • 10 tube and rail lines • Three gateway stations • One train will arrive every 15 seconds • Capacity of 240,000 passengers an hour • 80% of all spectators for the Park will travel by rail • Enhanced walking and cycling routes
  16. 16. Spectator transport – Javelin• The service will use the 140mph high speed trains to be used for the Integrated Kent Franchise
  17. 17. £ 6.5bn of upgrades are complete or well underway
  18. 18. Summary• ‘Nothing bigger than this’• Huge opportunities and challenges• Significant progress to date• Call to action for business has come
  19. 19. London 2012Are you Ready?Sally OrmistonJanuary 2011
  20. 20. Introduction• Deloitte’s sponsorship of London 2012• Preparing for ‘Business as Unusual’• Managing the impact• Maximising the opportunities
  21. 21. Deloitte’s London 2012• Official professional services provider to London 2012 • Delivered over 250,000 hours of support to London 2012 so far • Advisory services (over 200 projects) • Secondments (100+ secondees) • 3rd party services (e.g. BOA, Greater London Authority)• Activation of our sponsorship • Our people • Our clients • Our communities • Our firm
  22. 22. Business As Unusual © 2010 Deloitte LLP. Private and confidential
  23. 23. Ready or not?Business as Unusual• A unique event in size, scale and complexity• A ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity • 10 million tickets • 15,000 athletes• Inevitable impacts on businesses • 20,000 accredited media• To maximise opportunities and minimise disruption, businesses • 35 Olympic venues should be planning NOW • 21 Paralympic venues • £6 billion procurement • 20 million trips on public transportOur research tells us that;•60% of companies expect no impact on ‘business asusual’•24% of London companies expect a medium level ofdisruption•Just 16% are planning for a high level of impactduring the Games•12% of companies (15% in London) admit theirpreparations for London 2012 aren’t on track•Very few businesses are concerned about thepotential risks from supply disruption (8%), resourcescarcity, such as hotel availability (7%) or securityincidents (6%). © 2010 Deloitte LLP. Private and confidential
  24. 24. Identify the opportunities and potential impacts Maximise the potential • Direct opportunities to supply the Games Minimise the impact • ‘Down stream’ and indirect supply • Impact on access to normal travel and opportunities logistics infrastructure • Responding to changes in demand • Potential disruption to supply chains • Increased diversity of customers • Availability of staff and temporary • Platform for publicity and promotions workers • Accelerator or trial for changes to working • Availability of goods and services from practices usual suppliers • Client and supplier hospitality • Absenteeism and lower productivity • Employee engagement • Changes in demand • Inspiration for innovation • Security implications Ready or not: Preparing for business as unusual during London 2012 © 2010 Deloitte LLP. Private and confidential
  25. 25. Start planning nowBusinesses need to start thinking about the challenges and opportunities that will be presented to them inthe run up to and during the Games: Do you expect an increase in demand for your products and services as a result of London 2012 and, if so, how will you identify and maximise those opportunities? Do you need to consider how your employees will get to work during the Games? Could you facilitate flexible working to minimise the need to travel? Have your suppliers started planning for 2012? Is your supply chain at risk? What impact will the planned road closures have on your supply chain? Are your business resilience plans robust? Can you respond to unexpected disruptions over the six week period of the Games? Will you encourage your employees to participate in the Games, either as spectators or through other channels? Can you incentivise your staff and customers around the Games? Put simply, the planning should start now26 26 © 2010 Deloitte LLP. Private and confidential
  26. 26. This document is confidential and prepared solely for your Deloitte LLP is a limited liability partnership registered ininformation. Therefore you should not, without our prior England and Wales with registered number OC303675written consent, refer to or use our name or this document and its registered office at 2 New Street Square, Londonfor any other purpose, disclose them or refer to them in EC4A 3BZ, United Kingdom. Deloitte LLP is the Unitedany prospectus or other document, or make them Kingdom member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsuavailable or communicate them to any other party. No (DTT), a Swiss Verein, whose member firms are legallyother party is entitled to rely on our document for any separate and independent entities. Please seepurpose whatsoever and thus we accept no liability to any for a detailed description of theother party who is shown or gains access to this legal structure of DTT and its member firms.document.
  27. 27. KITTED OUT FORTHE GAMES?John White, Lloyd’s BCM Team27 January 2011
  28. 28. Background Originates from the Lloyd’s Coffee House of 1688 World’s leading specialist insurance market 54 Underwriting Companies 150+ Broker Firms 25,000+ people 29 © Lloyd’s
  29. 29. Work so far Research & Networking  London 2012  Deloitte  City Emergency Liaison Team  London First External events Internal events 30 © Lloyd’s
  30. 30. Challenges We know it’s going to happen Increased security threat (actual / perceived) Transport Suppliers HR Issues  Staff absence  Volunteering 31 © Lloyd’s
  31. 31. Specific challenges to Lloyd’s Corporation  Similar to those of your own organisation Communal trading environment  How to ensure that this continues to operate effectively Managing agents Brokers 32 © Lloyd’s
  32. 32. Going forward Planning Policy, guidance and awareness Market awareness Further internal events 33 © Lloyd’s
  33. 33. Conclusions It is going to happen! Everyone will be impacted There is a lot of very useful information already available Engagement from the top-down and bottom-up Travel Advice for Business website 34 © Lloyd’s
  34. 34. 35 © Lloyd’s
  35. 35. CBI Forum for the 2012 GamesNext Forum Monday 9th May 2011