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[Vietnam Mobile Day 2014] Hướng đi mới của Mạng quảng cáo trên Mobile - Trần Quốc Toản - Giám đốc Marketing - Appota
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[Vietnam Mobile Day 2014] Hướng đi mới của Mạng quảng cáo trên Mobile - Trần Quốc Toản - Giám đốc Marketing - Appota


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. New model of Mobile Ads Network for app/game monetization May - 2014 Tran Quoc Toan – Marketing Manager of Appota
  • 2. Who are the most suitable audiences? Mobile publishers (who want to monetize your inventories) Mobile developers (who want to monetize & advertise your apps) Mobile app advertisers And… other Ad Network
  • 3. Some Terminologies Advertiser CPC (Cost per Click) CPI (Cost per Install) CPA (Cost per Action, Acquisition) CPM (eCPM) – Cost per mille CPD (Cost per Duration) CPV (Cost per Video view) Inventory (Community) CTR (Click through Rate) Conversion rate Campaign Bidding Targeting – Retargeting Publishers (Developers) SDK Monetization
  • 4. Mobile Ads spending is on the rise Source: eMarketer, Techrunch In the last quarter 2013, Facebook Ads made more from mobile than desktop ads with 53%
  • 5. Picture of Top M.A.N World Wide Source: Appbrain & ideatoappster 2014
  • 6. In tons of existing M.A.N Source: appbrain & ideatoappster 2014
  • 7. Most active M.A.N in Vietnam Common international ones in Vietnam
  • 8. And we are going to matrixes #Depth of Ads network First tier (own inventories) Second tier (Tech solutions, Sales)
  • 9. #Type of Ads Small banner Full banner Text Video App wall Interactive Questionnaire Native button And more…
  • 10. #Performance CPM CPC CPI CPA CPV #Ads Position Start screen Exit screen Top Middle Bottom Contextual position And more…
  • 11. #Type of Ads Network Manual Display Ads Network Self-serve Display Ads network Virtual Reward Ads Network Real Reward Ads Network And more…
  • 12. It’s quite complicated Mobile advertisers Mobile publishers (famous app, high-traffic inventories) Developers want to have more users & revenue
  • 13. Advice for mobile advertisers Right Targeting Trust in price transparency Low Cost with effectiveness (run in your own inventories) Ad Relevance Good inventories Clear purpose (branding, acquisition)
  • 14. Advice for developer & publisher who want to monetize his communities?  Sell directly your traffic to someone else (Like a manual M.A.N)  Integrate CPC ads network like Admob, Inmobi…  Integrate CPI (CPA) ads network
  • 15. If you are an developer wants to advertise your app/game?
  • 16. We hope to balance it all Incentive for users More users for developers’ IAP games with low cost Long-term monetization for communities App advertisers ~ Developers want to have downloads
  • 17. New model Integrate SDK (IAP games) Developers Publishers $$ Integrate SDK (to show app wall) Users Transactions $$
  • 18. Agenda May 2014: In-house testing June 2014: Beta test for limited developers July 2014: Launch for all developers & advertisers If you want to join, please contact with me via
  • 19. Thanks for your attention Head Office 4F, Building 11 (LE Building), Alley 71, Lang Ha St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: +84-1682882468 | +84-932225785 Email: 19