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Drupal cho doanh nghiệp - cắt giảm tổng chi phí sở hữu phần mềm

Drupal cho doanh nghiệp - cắt giảm tổng chi phí sở hữu phần mềm



Speaker: Tom Trần

Speaker: Tom Trần
Work at: Geekpolis



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    Drupal cho doanh nghiệp - cắt giảm tổng chi phí sở hữu phần mềm Drupal cho doanh nghiệp - cắt giảm tổng chi phí sở hữu phần mềm Presentation Transcript

    • Program● Toms work experience & projects● What and why TCO?● TCO break-down● What is Drupal?● Who uses Drupal● Why Drupal is trusted as appropriate solution for Enterprise
    • Consultant, Web Strategy at RICHLTD.com ● 2.000 unique visitors in 2008 to over 15.000 in 2011 ● Drupal webmaster, Design, Content marketing, CRM
    • Export Consultant at Vinapackingfilms.com ● Build Drupal based website and inbound marketing strategies ● From 0 to 7 containers exported monthly in 2012
    • Marketing Director at JoomlArt.com ● Content strategy, Company Blog serving 250k site members ● Branding, Communication and Positioning as global player
    • Today: Geekpolis ● Drupal consulting and development agency ● Dedicated specialized Drupal teams ● Drupal based products and professional support
    • Total Cost of Ownership (software) Up-front software costs only make up a small percentage of Total Cost of Ownership. Most costs are hidden. - Gartner Group
    • Short Vision Leads to ...Short sighted Boss?
    • Total Cost of Ownership (software) ... all of the obvious costs and all the hidden costs of ownership across the full life cycle
    • Typical Scenarios & Objectives● Start with publishing expert content● Integration with social media● Build community around a brand● Add multiple domains with consistent brand communication, go Multi-lingual● Scale with the growth of community size● Extend with e-commerce● No dependency on vendor & technology● Adopting Agile to Business (react to changing environments)
    • Full Costs Break Down duringproduct life cycle1. Selection2. Acquisition3. Operation4. Change Management5. ReplacementIF CIOs / CTOs cannot make propercomparisons between different technologies,strategies and solutions
    • Incompetence of Tech Advisors
    • What could happen if we make badbuying decisions?● Lost of opportunity (cost)● Lost of quality (any guarantee offered?)● Lack of security (data lost)● Incompatibility with new emerging systems● Expensive reparation● Expensive replacement● ...
    • Cost for reparation
    • Whats so special about Drupal? Drupal is designed to reduce Enterprise-TCO
    • US Government loves Drupal
    • Who else uses Drupal?
    • Academics love Drupal
    • Benefits using Drupal for EnterpriseDrupal core:● Evolution since 2001● 1000+ core developers● Multi-site● Web Services● Flexible content modeling (fields)● Referencing system● Categorization● Roles & Permissions, Access Management● Semantic Web
    • Active Community● 650k+ members on Drupal.org● 15k + developers● 1k core developers● 100k attendees yearly on Drupal eventsCollaborative Innovation● 8000+ free modules● 1000s themes available● since 2001
    • Engineered Modular Architecture
    • Benefits for Enterprise● Proven large scale deployments● Strong security, 35 dedicated developers● 2 big annual international conferences, thousands of regional camps & meetups (Drupal Hanoi Meetup regular)● Great SEO● Integration with other technologies, services
    • Summary● As CIOs/CTOs make cost/benefit analysis with TCO and select right solutions● Consider whole cost of software during complete product life cycle.● Purchase of software is only about 10% of total (ICEBERG)● Drupal is a trusted solution for Enterprise and Government to reduce TCO