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Blogging for Beginners: Get started
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Blogging for Beginners: Get started


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In this presentation, beginner bloggers are encouraged to put their audience first, to …

In this presentation, beginner bloggers are encouraged to put their audience first, to
look at other blogs and identify key features that make a good blog, and draw up a quick plan before setting up a new blog.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • Welcome My name is Helen Curry, Information Officer, special responsibility for developing web 2.0: Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, Social bookmarking, blogs Before I get started Fire exit routes Toilets Water & Tea This is the first time I have run this particular course, so I apologise I am going to be keeping my notes handy. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions throughout. Especially there are plenty of practical sections where I want to give you some freedom to explore and try things out, and just shout when you need me.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Get started!
    • 2. Objectives
      • Set up a brand new blog
      • Write a typical post
    • 3. Course outline
      • Get started – why blog, setting up your first blog, looking good
      • Get writing – blogging style, examples of careers blogs, writing quickly, finding inspiration
      • Get read - marketing, measurement, SEO
    • 4. Why blog?
      • Good reasons :
        • To share short-term, changing information
        • To start dialogue
        • To generate feeds to make existing static pages dynamic
      • Bad reasons :
        • Because you should...
    • 5. Why not to blog...
      • Time – requires a regular commitment
      • Risk – institutional objections? Maintaining corporate front
      • Other options – Facebook, Twitter, websites
    • 6. Task: What to blog?
      • What are they writing about? List examples.
      • Who are they writing for?
      • How often do they write?
      • How much do they write each time?
      • Is it interesting?
      • Is it appropriate?
    • 7. Task: Your blog needs a plan
      • Get out your piece of paper and write down your MISSION STATEMENT...
    • 8. Where can I blog?
      • Self-hosted e.g.
      • Web-service
        • (Google)
    • 9. Task: Create your blog!
      • Pages – create an About Me
      • Links – add your neighbour’s blog
      • Appearance
        • choose template
        • add widgets
      • Settings – Discussion – Comment moderation
      • ...don’t write a new post yet!
    • 10. Further learning
      • Ask a friend
      • Use Wordpress FAQ and Support forums