LinkedIn for proactive job seekers


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LinkedIn is a must use tool for job seekers. If you are looking for wmployment I hope this slide deck is of some use to you.

Good Luck with your job search.

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LinkedIn for proactive job seekers

  1. 1. Job Seekers Get… LinkedIn Greg Fry
  2. 2. About Me Greg Fry Qualified from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and passionate about helping organisations achieve more from their social media efforts. Social Media specialist delivering regular LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter workshops and talks for institutions such as MBA Ireland. Greg works with the Ahain Group as a Social Business Consultant. He believes that in order to make social media work for your business you must have a clear business goal, a clearly defined strategy and make sure that everything you do is measureable.
  3. 3.         A Positive Attitude will lead to success
  4. 4.        
  5. 5. •  Recruitment Agencies. •  Newspapers and Online Job Boards. •  Job Fairs. •  Networking. •  Speculative Applications 5 Ways to look for employment  
  6. 6. Write  down  20  Companies  you  would   like  an  Internship  with  
  7. 7. Your Top 20 Companies
  8. 8. What is Networking?
  9. 9. How  to   •  Friends. •  Family Members. •  College and School connections. •  Sports or Recreational Clubs. •  Business contacts – ex- co-workers and clients. •  Targeted individuals. •  Networking events and Job Fairs. How to build a Network  
  10. 10. Top 5 Networking Tips  
  11. 11. 1. Who do you want to talk to?  
  12. 12. 2. Look Sharp – But don’t judge others
  13. 13. Know Your Message & Be Prepared
  14. 14. 3. What’s Your Story? •  Have a sharp 60 – 90 second “Elevator Pitch”. •  Who you are. •  What you do. •  What you are looking for. •  What “Value” can you offer an employer?
  15. 15. Design your own Elevator Pitch •  In your Group design a 60 second “Elevator Pitch”. •  Write it down and decide who in your group will be brave enough to share your pitch with the class.
  16. 16. Time to network
  17. 17. 4. The Business Card
  18. 18. 5. The Follow Up •  Send a follow up email. •  Connect on LinkedIn. •  Organise a face to face meeting. •  Stay in touch.  
  19. 19. Networking Takeaways   •  Believe in yourself and be positive. •  Know who you are targeting. •  Don’t do all the talking….listen, listen, listen, listen. •  Dress to make a great 1st Impression. But don’t judge others…we don’t know who they are and who they may know. •  Know your story – Who you are, what you do, what you are looking for and what value you can offer an employer. •  Carry and collect business cards. •  Always follow up with new connections. Connect on LinkedIn and build a business relationship. •  Stay in touch with your network.  
  20. 20.         How can you use LinkedIn to find a job?
  21. 21.         What is LinkedIn? Facebook with Ties?
  22. 22. LinkedIn Statistics •  270 Million Users worldwide. •  70% of LinkedIn users are decision makers. •  48% of the users in the US (9% India, 6% UK). •  1 Million + users in Ireland. •  Average age of global users is 25-45. •  60% Male 40% Female. •  12% of all users say they are in a Sales function. •  78% of US Companies using LinkedIn to recruit.
  23. 23. What LinkedIn looks like
  24. 24. Check Privacy Settings TIP •  Turn off your activity broadcasts when giving your LinkedIn Profile a makeover. •  Change your account visibility to annonomous if you do not want a LinkedIn connection to know you have been viewing their profile.
  25. 25. 12 Steps to get LinkedIn
  26. 26. Step 1: Make your profile look Amazing ü  Add a Quality Photo. ü  Spend time on your Bio and Experience. Write a great summary. ü  Get Recommendations Spend time and get your Profile to All Star status.
  27. 27. What is your Headline? ü  Click Edit Profile. Click Edit below your name. ü  Add detail of who you are and what you do.
  28. 28. What is your Headline?
  29. 29. Step 2: Add Connections Building Up Connections •  Old school Friends. •  College Friends and staff members. •  Business Contacts. •  Target Individuals.
  30. 30. Add notes & set reminders •  Connect your Gmail or Outlook account. •  Make Notes about your connections. (Only visible to you) •  Set Reminders – Great for call backs. •  Tag your contacts. This effictively allows you to organise your connections into Lists.
  31. 31. Step 3: Stand out Personalise your LinkedIn Account and Stand Out From the Crowd. 1.  Make sure you have a Unique URL. 2.  Add Company website, Blog address and personalise the names. 3.  Rearrange your headings to stand out. 4.  Use Keywords to attract new clients.
  32. 32. Get Endorsed
  33. 33. Step 4: Add links, photos & video Add Images & Links to your profile h8p://    
  34. 34. Step 4 cont…… Add Video and Image Links to your Profile •  Add Video to the Summary, Work and Education sections of your Profile. •  Add a Powerpoint Presentation to your profile using •  Update your status by adding the link to your latest blog post.
  35. 35. Slideshare •  Upload a Powerpoint Presentation and add to your profile. Tell an employer who you are and what value you can offer. •  Map a YouTube video to Slideshare and showcase a “Reasons To Hire Me” video.  
  36. 36. Meet Jordan McDonnell
  37. 37. Meet Jordan McDonnell •  100K views in 2 weeks. •  10+ Job Interviews. •  2 Dream job offers. •  1 New Job.
  38. 38. Step 5: Update Update your status and Personalise invitations. •  Update your status frequently. •  Tag individuals that you want to see your updates. •  Personalise all introductions.
  39. 39. Step 6: Groups Join and participate in Groups. •  Find Relevant Groups. •  Make new Contacts. •  Demonstrate your expertise. •  Ask Questions. •  Get advice from experts. •  Be Seen and let employers find you.
  40. 40. Step 6: Groups cont… Look at the Groups where IT employers are hanging out.
  41. 41. How to behave in Groups
  42. 42. Step 6: Groups cont…
  43. 43. Step 6: Groups cont…
  44. 44. Step 6: Groups cont…
  45. 45. Step 7: Find Events Source Business Events.
  46. 46. Step 8: Paid Services Do I need a LinkedIn Premium Account?
  47. 47. Step 9: Meet your Contacts Meet your contacts offline
  48. 48. Follow Companies you would like to work for. Step10: Follow Companies
  49. 49. Step10: Follow Companies Follow Companies
  50. 50. Step 11: Use LinkedIn Searches •  Search by Industry, location and job type. •  Search for advertised jobs on LinkedIn. •  Save your top searches. •  Search groups to find networking opportunities.
  51. 51.  Search Jobs
  52. 52. Step 12: Time Invest Time in LinkedIn
  53. 53. Fancy a New CV? •  Go to - •  Sign in with your LinkedIn account. •  Create your CV or Resume. •  Other option for creating an online cv –
  54. 54. 10 LinkedIn Tips 1.  Complete your profile. Make sure it sells your skills and abilities. 2.  Use a URL like and add to your cv and email signatures. 3.  Add Rich links. Eg. 4.  Update your status regularly. (Demonstrate your skills and passion) 5.  Investigate who your connections are connected to. 6.  Search for connections and job opportunities. Follow targeted companies. Run advanced searches (for job opportunities). 7.  Make personal invitations to connect with people. 8.  Join and engage in groups to build your network. 9.  Meet your top online connections offline . 10.  Ask for recommendations. Add recommendations to your cv.
  55. 55. Quick Exercise •  What do I want to achieve by using LinkedIn? •  Create a LinkedIn profile – visit •  Write a summary for your LinkedIn profile. •  What’s your professional headline? •  Write down 5 people you would like to connect with. •  What images, video and links should be on your profile? •  Find 3 Groups to join? •  Update your status with something meaningful. •  Find a job of interest on LinkedIn. •  Run a search on LinkedIn.
  56. 56. Use SM to Find a job   How can you get noticed by the right people using Social Media? How can you create a LinkedIn profile that gets you found? How can you use LinkedIn proactively in your job search? What about Facebook and Twitter? What about demonstrating passion and ability through a personal blog? How can you achieve this. Video cvs and other tactics.
  57. 57. Creative Job Seekers h8p://­‐code-­‐resume/    
  58. 58.   h8p://    
  59. 59. h8p://    
  60. 60. h8p://­‐CreaNve-­‐CV/6840051    
  61. 61. Questions & Answers
  62. 62. THANK YOU! 087 2039855 gregfrysocial gregfrysocial careerscoacheu h8p://