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Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
Brand-Led Growth
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Brand-Led Growth


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How the brandgym helps change agents create brand-led growth

How the brandgym helps change agents create brand-led growth

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Helping Brand Change Agents Achieve their Ambitions David Taylor Founder & Managing Partner 12 th September 2008
  • 2. Fast facts
    • Founded in 2001
    • Now a network of 8 senior brand coaches
    • Partnership model: each partner owns and runs their business
    • Based in London, Amsterdam, Buenos Aries, Mexico City....
    • .... but work globally: Europe, USA and Asia
    • One service: brand-led growth
  • 3. What we do
    • Help "brand change agents" achieve their ambitions: CEOs or Marketing Directors, often in challenging new roles
    • Support in transforming their businesses through creating brand-led growth
    • Working with their team to create an inspiring brand vision and growth ideas to make it happen, both innovation and core renovation
  • 4. Personal service from senior coaches
    • Coaches with 15-20 years experience
    • Each coach leads only 2-3 projects at a time: deeper, longer, more personal relationships
    • A pair of partners work on bigger projects
    Founders/Partners Directors Managers
  • 5. About David Taylor
    • Founder and Managing Partner
    • "One of the world's 50 most important marketing thinkers" (Source: CIM)
    • Clients include Unilever, Tesco, Jordans, BBC, RSA and T-Mobile
    • Author of 5 books: “The brandgym", “Brand Stretch", "Brand Vision", "Where's the Sausage?" and "Grow the Core". Writes one of Europe's Top 10 branding blogs, and articles for The Marketer, Brand Strategy, Marketing, The Guardian and Market Leader
    • 21 years in branding: prior to the brandgym, ran the Paris office of Added Value (now part of WPP), after beginning in brand management with P&G and getting an MBA from INSEAD.
  • 6. Growth stories
    • Brand vision and innovation roadmap , to help transorm a technology-led business into a consumer-led one
    • Corporate brand transformation to differentiate from the "sea of blue" in insurance: brand vision, architecture, culture, service innovation
    • "Bottling the brand magic" of Britain's best business, and how to evolve it over the next 3 years
    • Brand positioning and architecture , driven through into a re-launch mix: design, communication, renovation
    • Product portfolio and growth strategy , in a "culturally sensititive" way for this creative, dynamic business
    • Brand portfolio strategy and positioning for the healthy dairy business of Russia's biggest FMCG company
  • 7. Growth stories
    • "T he brandgym help ed us create an inspiring brand vision, but also a n 8 quarter innovation roadmap. This focus ed us on fewer, bigger ideas , chang ing the way the whole business works. The engagement and alignment of the team ha ve been transformed. " Phil Chapman, CMO
    • "W e picked the brandgym over much bigger agencies because of the ir hands-on, personal service and top-notch thinking. They inspired and guided the board to create a new brand vision and architecture, and helped transform RSA from a product-led to brand-led organisation. " Gordon Henderson, Brand and Strategy Director
    • T here ' s no better company to supercharge your brand thinking. They challenged us to think about the bigger, longer-term brand issues. We came out of the process with several important initiatives that we are already implementing. " Lance Bachelor, Marketing Director
    • "We w ere under pressure to deliver results fast when we hired the brandgym. The ir "hothouse" process took us and our partner agencies from a standing start to a sharper positioning, simplified architecture and revamped marketing mix in just 12 weeks. " Carol Welch, Marketing Director
  • 8. Why brand change agents hire us
    • Speeds up the process, forcing team to set and hit deadlines
    • Challenge and inspiration to supercharge their team's thinking and ideas
    • Expertise in process design and facilitation to build team energy and alignment
  • 9. Coaching, not consulting “ Building strategy & innovation with you, not for you”
    • Category & brand expertise
    • Selecting/leading the team
    • Co-creation & ownership of strategy
    • Implementing the action plan
    Your team
    • “ Mental sparring partners”
    • Brand vision experience on 100+ projects, across sectors
    • Process design: team journeys to build energy
    • Facilitation
  • 10. Ideas, ideas, ideas
    • No management means time for R&D
    • 6 books, and one of Europe's Top 10 branding blogs
    • A rich source of inspiring cases and models to help frame thinking
  • 11. Team Journey: example 1. INSIGHT 2. IDEAS
    • Kick-off
    • Insight mining
    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Fresh insight
    - VISION WORKSHOP: . Insight springboards . Future vision exercises Weeks 1-3 Week 4 5. DELIVER - Implementation by brand/agencies - Possible "100 Day Workshop" Week 12+ 3. EXPLORE
    • Bring to life the ideas
    • Consumer exploration
    Week 12 4. ACTION - ACTION WORKSHOP . Finalise brand vision . 8 Quarter plan: "Brand Chapters" . Pre-briefs for mix Weeks 5-11 (inc. consumer work)
  • 12. Summary: brandgym on a page
    • A network of 8 senior brand coaches
    • Helping ‘brand change agents’ achieve their ambitions, by creating an inspiring brand vision and ideas to make it happen
    • Leaders in brand thinking : 6 branding books, one of Europe's top 10 branding blogs, regular conference speaking, numerous articles in leading publications
    • Track-record with top companies including Tesco, Unilever, Mars, Nokia, Cadbury, Danone and the BBC
  • 13. Contact
    • brandgym worldwide
    • David Taylor
    • 134 Felsham Road
    • London SW15 1DP
    • United Kingdom
    • M: + 44 (0) 77 89 20 25 64
    • T: + 44 (0) 208 785 6760
    • F: + 44 (0) 208 785 6761
    • W:
    • Blog: