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It's not easy trying to figure out how to sell something like a pencil. But, we did it, and my group (consisting of Chris Hill -Copywriter, Krista Kontrovrakis - Art Director and Meagan Tosh - Art Director) all think we put up some good work. Our mock-clients did too.

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  • So what is a pencil?
    A writing utensil, sure. But one that allows you to make mistakes. Error correction built in. It bends to your needs. It’s there for what you need it to do. It’s there for you to try something new, to create at will. It’s an excuse to start over.
  • It’s available for stress relief. A good pencil has at least one set of teeth marks in it. It lets you take out your creative angst, and not be punished.
  • Then there’s the pencil’s cousin. The pen.
    Finite. Definitive. Hard. Defined. Precise. Unrelenting and obtrusive.
  • And, lest we forget. The new guy in town. Sure it’s a magical and revolutionary device, but at a price. It’s the closest we’ve ever seen to “feeling” technology, but not the same as truly doing it by hand.

  • The beginning of creative ideas start with pencils.
  • Restart, start, rekindle, erase, ideas, sketch

    ideas start with pencils. / ideas start somewhere
    creativity begins with pencils.
    let your mind wander.
    wonder while you write / wonder as you write / wonder and write
    ideas never end

    a good idea takes three passes

    first draft is just the beginning

    the right instrument leads to better ideas

    a creative ingredient, a recipe for success

    the only one you need
    just bring paper

  • An excerpt from the Harvard Business Review also helps point out our inability to get the job done with spreadsheets and numbers alone.
  • According to FastCompany, Creativity exceeded even integrity in a recent global pole about the next five years of business leadership.

  • Seth Godin, one of the leading authors of the decade has written a book, “Linchpin” about the importance of being an artist and creative to do good work - no matter the work.
  • Newsweek just released a great article about CQ - creative minds are decreasing, and it is obviously becoming more of an asset than ever before.

    E. Paul Torrance created a 90-minute test that measures the ability of kids to truly create.

  • Scott Adams - cartoonist

  • Dixon Ticonderoga

    1. 1. Dixon Ticonderoga
    2. 2. Dixon Ticonderoga Making #2 Number One
    3. 3. Outline of the Day Competitive Analysis Positioning Exploring Creativity Campaigns Questions
    4. 4. Writing Right creativity tradition revolution necessity
    5. 5. Writing Right creativity Wood Pencils tradition revolution necessity
    6. 6. Writing Right creativity Wood Pencils tradition revolution Mechanical Pencils necessity
    7. 7. Writing Right creativity Wood Pencils Pens tradition revolution Mechanical Pencils necessity
    8. 8. Writing Right creativity Wood Pencils Pens tradition revolution Mechanical Pencils Technology necessity
    9. 9. creativity noun the use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.
    10. 10. “In this oh-so-modern life, we have deep-seated desire to quantify the world around us so that we can understand it and control it. But the world isn't behaving.”
    11. 11. “Creativity [is] the most important leadership quality”
    12. 12. Boring Demographics 18-45 year olds Some College Urban/Suburban The Creator and Sage archetypes
    13. 13. What’s going on with Guys? More unemployment than any time, except the early ‘80s Difference? ‘80s had about 52% of women employed, currently about 73%
    14. 14. What’s going on with Guys? Some College - only 40% graduate college after enrollment Difference? 60% of women
    15. 15. “Creativity changes the game, whatever game is being played.”
    16. 16. “For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining.”
    17. 17. Just Start Creating.
    18. 18. 1) All creations start with an idea and a sketch. Every great idea has humble beginnings. Every novel, bridge, and painting started with an initial draft. It is with your pencil that you start the process. It is with your pencil that you are the closest to your muse. This is where creativity begins.
    19. 19. It began with an explosion. The world as we knew it no longer existed... … ...It was fortunate the Unicorn King gave us aid, but salvation wouldn't have been possible without the help of all the creatures of New Earth. The future of mankind was now within reach. Instructions on back
    20. 20. Contest Directions 1. Rip out this page 2. Grab a pencil 3. Get creating! The more imaginative, the better. Fold on the dotted line, fill in your address on the opposite side, and mail it in!
    21. 21. 2) Get down to the nub.  You and your pencil created a lot of great work together. It's time to show off the tiny nub of a pencil as a badge of honor. Thanks to the stubby pencil for a job, or many jobs, well done.
    22. 22. 3) You and your pencil will take an incredible journey together. As you create your pencil grows shorter as your work grows longer. This is where we celebrate the time you and your pencil spent together, and what was produced. 
    23. 23. T first day of class. he I was excited to sharpen a new pencil. T the hen assignments came. By Halloween I was getting into my school groove. I spent hours doodling ideas for our homecoming float. I broke up with my boyfriend on New Years Eve. My diary entry the next morning was legendary. Make something great together.
    24. 24. 4) Always Start with a Pencil.  Whether creating great works of art, designing a skyscraper, or simply filling out a form, its always a good idea to start with a pencil. With a pencil you have the opportunity to let your ideas flow naturally, and if you make a mistake, you can always fix it later. 
    25. 25. always start
    26. 26. always start with a pencil
    27. 27. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
    28. 28. Questions?
    29. 29. Questions? Meagan- Art Director Krista- Art Director Chris- Copywriter Matt- Account Planner