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Backpacking to Hampi with The Blueberry Trails
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Backpacking to Hampi with The Blueberry Trails

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Backpacking to Hampi with The Blueberry Trails …

Backpacking to Hampi with The Blueberry Trails
For more information, please visit our website- www.theblueberrytrails.co.in or Like us on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TheBlueberryTrails

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  • 1. Backpacking to HAMPI Hampi can only be seen one way. Backpacking! So be it! We have designed a trip spanning over 4 Days & 3 Nights to explore the ancient city of Hampi . From 27th February to 2nd March, 2014 www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 2. Trip to Hampi with The Blueberry Trails Staying on the other side of the Tungabhadra river, dining on the banks of the river, waking up the greens with hillocks of boulders in the background, learn Bouldering on these rocks and exploring the ruins ! So its going to be YOU, your moped, your map and all in a group riding together to explore the Magical kingdom of Hampi. History, Mythology, architecture, natural landscapes all merge together to form this heady concoction which will leave any traveler hung-over for days to come. Bouldering | Exploration of the ruins on your bikes | Cafes | Heritage sites | Friendly travelers from your group and otherwise www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 3. Trip essence: -Slow Travel, which we believe is the only way to travel. Experience the myriad colours of Hampi-at your own pace -UNESCO world heritage site-It’s a sprawling expanse of ruins. So we have mapped most of them and we will be exploring them through the 4 days. -Tungabhadra snakes through the ancient city, we will be staying on the other side of the river-a backpacker’s paradise-ecclectic cafes are a regular feature and world cuisine to experiment with. Ferries to the other side close at 6pm -Activas/Bikes/Moped are available to explore the city. For those who don’t know/want to ride-you can always sit pillion or take a tuk-tuk(autorickshaw) and head out for the exploration. The group travels together. -Adventures: a Bouldering session with an expert, self explorations of the ruins of Hampi. An adventure to call your own. www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 4. Day 1 Bike explorations to the Ruins of the Vijaynagara kingdom. Coracle ride in the Tungabhadra www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 5. Day 2 Bike Explorations continue www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 6. Day 3 Bouldering. Learn. Practice. Become an expert. www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 7. Day 4 At Leisure www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 8. This trip is UNMISSABLE! BACKPACKING adventure to HAMPI 27th Feb to 2nd March Hampi, Near Hospet, Karnataka Join us to Hampi monali@theblueberrytrails.co.in sudeepta@theblueberrytrails.co.in +91 9820925721 www.theblueberrytrails.co.in
  • 9. Contact Us! Location: The Blueberry Trails, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400064 Phone: +91 9820925721 Email: sudeepta@theblueberrytrails.co.in Website: www.theblueberrytrails.co.in www.theblueberrytrails.wordpress.com /TheBlueberryTrails /BlueberryTrails So lets go!