The Do’S And Don’Ts Of Email Marketing


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Do it yourself e mail marketing tips

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  • Introduction As Pauls introduction said, I’m a marketing consultant. E mail marketing – it’s a powerful, cost effective marketing tool I’ve seen e mail marketing expand over the last five years. And as part of service I use e mail marketing for businesses I work with. So I have worked and developed processes that I thought you may find useful – particularly for those of you that considering or just starting out with email marketing. Please ask questions as we go through the presentation – it makes it less dull so jump in and I’ll try to answer, and it may be interesting for others.. I’ve tried to get explain any jargon – but if your not sure ask – someone else will welcome it as they didn’t understand either. regarding any notes – by all means make some notes or if you prefer give me your e mail address and e mail you a web link with this information on.
  • So, lets remind ourselves what is email marketing? E mail marketing is a direct marketing communications tool using electronic mail Some benefits: Easily to measure return on capital i.e spend this, and get this delivered, and see this. Cost effective and quick delivery to send large numbers at the click of a button Cost effective to send personalised messages to individuals – look at Amazon e mails to you. Allows targeting With opt in e mail the recipients are demanding information or a relationship with your business. E mail is totally acceptable medium to use to communicate – most people use e mail Also e mail can allow or even encourage immediate direct response – to a website or to pick up the phone Allows easy testing, because the ease of creativity and sending methods. Some problems: Deliverability - Spam – Renderbility – how the creative looks in different e mail managers e,g, Outlook Because it is easy – businesses can look unprofessional
  • why? A number of businesses come to us and say want to do some e mail marketing? Now it’s great they are thinking about marketing, but we ask why email marketing? Why? Its probably the new thing, they think they should be into, or their competitors are doing. Now it’s probably fine, but make sure its’ part of your plan. This is the same as the advertising rep that phones up with that great offer of space – was advertising in your plan – no, then don’t do it. Have you got the business plan – then the sales and marketing plan? If you haven't that’s another seminar. This is often an integrated tool with web, your sales teams, telesales (remember– sometimes I think people think email marketing is this magic or silver bullet, and at the click of a button – sales will arrive) I’m not saying don’t do it because it is not in the plan, you can be flexible, but under why you're doing it, and what is the outcomes or plural outcomes. But lets understand what you want to achieve – like many tools I’d suggest it's about building a relationship. Also it may be a cost effective method to communicate a time limited offer etc. Don’t use it to communicate important documents & information to customers or members (BGA type) not appropriate Also remember that e mail marketing is integrated with website, landing & sign up pages Question with hands: Who's already using e mail marketing? Who's thinking abut it? Some of things you may be considering: Keep in contact with customer & prospects Make them an offer Drive them to your website Actions – what do want the recipient to do?
  • Next thing we ask have you a contact list? Oh yes we have they say – has it e mail addresses Oh yes, - are the e mails to individuals not sales@ or info@ So the list needs to have e mail addresses! And preferably to real people. (smaller business you can get away with infor or sales@) This list should be your treasure – look after it. There are data protection issues – another seminar Your should be thinking about database or CRM – again another seminar. But at least have it on a spread sheet I would not recommend purchasing a list – especially if you are in specialist area – they are notoriously out of date, and quite hounestly if you haven’t got permission – think very carefully. Like most things about quality not quantity. Ask contacts for permission Build your own list – how? There are many of ways to do this. For example: Add subscription to your e mail signature– make it exciting Offer something on your website in exchange for e mail address Promote these on social media, forums etc. on your business cards Create a fan base – people interest in you and your business This it time consuming – but it will be worth it. The: Up load your excel spread sheet – let the esp software see duplicates etc.
  • Do not use Microsoft Outlook or lotus notes etc. Because – bcc in a group, and send it to yourself. Some have send to carbon copy – and we all see your receipents. This looks unprofessional – Internet service providers will not like, and they is a good chance or low deliverability – your seen as spam. You also don’t get the reporting. E mail service providers – web based software Charges typically $30 per month for 1500 e mail address Some are free for small business with a few contacts. -Mailchimp 500 address free Low costs – however the cost is in your or my time to write and design And you get all the reporting you need: Who opens & when (there are something to be aware – images) Incorrect mails Who & What click through – which first? Also recipients have control of their subscription – so if they un subscribe you are unable to reload their details – better than e mailing back unsubscribe. Also you can create lists, and they will manage Auto responders come as standard. Saying thank you for subscribing Ask contacts for permission I work predominantly in B2B – most understand and there is always the unsubscribe button from the esp’s – your recipients are in control. Most esp’s are going for double opt-in - explain
  • Style is the sought of messages you are communicating as well as the creative look of the e mail Look at your competitors See what you like? See what works Do you want it to be informative, newsletter style, comments on your industry almost a blog style? We find there it better acceptance, where you offer some value in the content – some information, rather than the “new product” – this the same for many marketing media, make it interesting. Aim to get your e mail desired by your recipient, and you’ve made it. Look at the templates offered by your email service provider – use these with the addition of your text and images, or if you can make a custom one in html – that’s what I do for my clients. Decide How often? Once a month no less, once a week – too much? Depends on the audience, and the relevance of the information. It can evolve – you may find that you start to produce a few different styles for different audiences.
  • So you‘re got your style. Think of the subject line – make recipients want to open it – avoid the usual exclamation mark (spam – and over used) Sometimes think of the subject line first – this is your title – make recipients want to open your mail – not too long Content should be relevant to the recipient – write it – with what's in it for them? What are the benefits? Should be about them use you not we. Relevance – relevance – relevance Segmentation – target your audience with relevant content. Write in word – we get client approval for text before copying into html Past into esp template or create your own Add links – you can monitor who and when they click on? Measurable, add these to specific landing pages use, Include images – correct size for web below 50 kb typically Images are powerful – this is often how the esp provide reports – you will probable load up the images onto your esp – or you can have them from your website – this can be useful if you have a number of images for the package – but it may be slower rendition. But remember that some e mail software, like MS Outlook does not display images as standard – with the consequences. Personalise it – first name (this may be too informal for some situations) or the right salutation Call to action
  • make everything you do measurable against what you want to achieve We said earlier that you email marketing should be easy to say what you spent against what returned. Therefore for example spend £700 got 20 sign ups £25 per sign up? Also look at the Number of deliveries Open rates Actions Click through via hyperlinks These are not achievable through MS Outlook or Lotus notes etc. And than ask yourself what are you doing with this information? Telemarketing, direct mail, follow up? This is another example of the tool be integrated and not stand alone. Alos Try testing A & B groups with a different subject line
  • As the bbc say other email service providers are available – this is constant contact
  • Up load contact list Up load your Images – these are great – remember to size them for web – we edit them exactly for the e mail Make sure you have some links – to your web I try to avoid the usually “read more” – but for further information about a product or for more reading is good. Check Check again Send test Check for spam Remember text only versions is available – for blackberries etc. There should also be an option or web browser reading
  • What was it you set out to achieve? Sign ups Traffic to a website? Typical open rates Bounces Click through Analysis what works What’s bounced, and why Clean data This is a circle to complete – design e mail , send, see what works, amend e mail, send etc. (this is one of the great things about e mail marketing compared to something like adverting – the response and reporting) Perhaps you are getting into who ever clicks on, but don't buy – send them another e mail on that subject – you can do this with an esp (e mail service provider) – this is automating the process. Get regular – once a month is OK, but depends on your audience. Use the content for other purposes: For example: Publish on your web site Add to blog, or use content from blog Send for pr and to other web sites Use Twitter, social media for others to join
  • Understand how any e mail marketing fits into your plans – what do want to achieve for your business in general and email marketing in particular. Get yourself a list Use an ESP – e mail service provider Select a style or two Make the content relevant for your audience – use call to actions – phone, buy go to website for etc. Check & check again – use with other marketing content Measure & review – use again what works
  • As I said at the beginning, either give me your business card or e mail me and I’ll e mail you a link If you need further assistance on email marketing contact me on these details. If want to talk to me about your marketing, then I’m happy to meet you for a discussion, whether that’s email marketing or not.
  • The Do’S And Don’Ts Of Email Marketing

    1. 1. The do’s and don’ts of email marketing – a practical guide! Justin Willett of The Business Marketing Company
    2. 2. What is email marketing?
    3. 3. Why use email marketing?
    4. 4. Have you got a contact list?
    5. 5. Email service providers (ESP)
    6. 6. What style of e mail?
    7. 7. Contents
    8. 8. Make it measurable
    9. 9. Reporting
    10. 10. Publication
    11. 11. Measure & review
    12. 12. Summary Have a plan Have a list Use an esp Select style, content & relevence Check & check again Measure & review
    13. 13. Questions? Contact details: [email_address] 01296 715 288