Creative iPhone Portraitures


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Tips on taking creative portraits with an iPhone. Presented at Macworld 2014.

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Creative iPhone Portraitures

  1. 1. Creative iPhone Portraitures Michael Clawson, Chief Fish, Big Fish Creations #macworld2014 @michaelclawson
  2. 2. Challenge yourself to see the world 
 differently everyday . . .
  3. 3. Study the beauty of natural form. Learn the secrets. 
 Discover the surprises.
  4. 4. Creating beautiful and artistic portraits with your iPhone is something anyone can do with basic knowledge, exploration, 
 and creative chance.
  5. 5. Relax your subject 
 so they behave naturally. Build a rapport with them. Sometimes humor works best to break the ice. #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Pre-Shot & Preparation
  6. 6. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Pre-Shot & Preparation
  7. 7. Posing #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Help your subject find a natural and/or artistic pose. Study portrait poses. Google. Instagram. Etc. Use a book or posing app to suggest a pose to your model. Posing App
  8. 8. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Posing
  9. 9. Props #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Props can help relax your subject. Distracts them from that “camera in their face.” Helps them focus on something else.
  10. 10. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Props
  11. 11. Pay attention to the subject and strive to capture that so called “perfect” shot. Shooting #macworld2014 @michaelclawson
  12. 12. Shooting #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Experiment with different angles. Try taking a shot from different heights. Try: At the knees. Mid level at the waste. At the shoulders and head. From above. Etc.
  13. 13. Shooting #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Rule of Thirds 9-part grid to frame your photo for dramatic impact. Align your subject (or what you want to emphasize on your subject) with the intersection of the gridlines.
  14. 14. Shooting #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Close Up Try shooting your subject close-up. Focus on the face,and in particular, the eyes. “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” William Shakespeare
  15. 15. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Shooting
  16. 16. Accessories #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Lens attachments like Olloclip Telephoto Lens Tripod (Tripod Case Mount) External Lights (LED) Reflectors to bounce light
  17. 17. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Accessories
  18. 18. Shooting Apps #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Standard iOS 7 Camera App! HDR, Burst Mode, Truetone Flash (5s) Tap focus, AE/AF Lock, filters, non-destructive editing Camera+! Separate Focus and Exposure, plus focus and exposure lock, timer, burst mode, stabilizer, continuous flashlight, Lightbox, LAB, filters, non-destructive editing
  19. 19. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Shooting Apps
  20. 20. Post Processing #macworld2014 @michaelclawson After you capture your ‘Master Shot’ further enhance the capture with post processing. Post-processing and editing play a major roll in your end result. Before! Camera App Burst Mode After! Facetune App + VSCO CAM App
  21. 21. Post Processing Apps #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Facetune! Simple, yet powerful tools for Face Enhancement + Filters and Depth of Field simulation. Camera+! Non-destructive editing with a LAB and Lightbox + Filters VSCO CAM! Powerful, non- destructive editing plus film quality filters. Snapseed! Powerful image editing and effects. Big Lens! Depth of Field simulation app. DSLR aperture simulation. Image Blender! Layer blending and masking. Just a few of my favorites for portrait photography
  22. 22. LIVE DEMO #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Post Processing Apps
  23. 23. ThankYou Web: Twitter: @michaelclawson Instagram: bigfish Flickr: michaelclawson 500px: bigfish Linkedin: michaelclawson Google+ michaelclawson ! #macworld2014 @michaelclawson Creative iPhone Portraitures - Michael Clawson