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The a to z of winning major new contract business
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The a to z of winning major new contract business


From identifying opportunities, deciding whether or not to bid, registering, completing the ITT and putting forward the best business solution for the client, right through to any interview or …

From identifying opportunities, deciding whether or not to bid, registering, completing the ITT and putting forward the best business solution for the client, right through to any interview or presentation this slide deck will guide you through the entire contract bidding process. You will also have the contact details of experts who can guide you through the process next time you are involved with it.
Vicki, Ian and Hugh all run businesses that specialize in helping firms win more new contract business. They operate across the entire scale of contract business bidding and contract document production. Their emphasis is always on what is best for your client, and their communication style focuses on explaining concisely, accurately and memorably on how your business solutions will best meet the REAL needs of the client.
During the process they will be asking you for 2evidences and proofs" that you can deliver the products or services to the prospective client based on your experience and your knowledge and understanding of what the client really needs.
If there is an interview / presentation to make during the process then it is critical that the individuals perform well and as a team, demonstrating behaviours that will build rapport, credibility and trust with the client. All characteristics that will be critical to your success in securing the business

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  • 1. The A to Z of winning major new contract business through the tendering process Business Network South-West - Exeter 9th January 2013
  • 2. Agenda • Identifying opportunities Ian – Expression of interest – Go / No go? – The PQQ • Completing the bid documentation Vicki – Resourcing the bid completion – Project management – Evidences and proofs – The final submission • Effective communication Hugh – The interview / presentation
  • 3. Common myths 1. The decision is already made – client is just going through the process! 2. You have no chance of winning - unless you have an existing relationship with the client 3. They know us - so why do we need to tell them what we can do 4. Lowest price always wins 5. I can present - I’ve done it 100’s of times before 6. Tendering is too much of a gamble and therefore not worth the risk
  • 4. Why does it have to be so complicated? • Legal requirement (Public Sector) • Enables organisations to control Service, Quality and Costs • Gives client the opportunity to : Benchmark, seek Added Value & Innovation • To give suppliers a level playing field
  • 6. Identifying Opportunities
  • 7. Health 18% Pensions 18% Welfare 17% Education 13% Remainder 34% 57% 43% UK GDP = £1.6tn What are the opportunities?Public Sector opportunities
  • 8. • Annual UK contract spend = £1tn • Massive opportunities for those who engage with the tender process • More procurement via tendering • The professional approach will win What are the opportunities?
  • 9. • Contracts Finder (GOV.UK) • Tenders Electronic Daily (OJEU) • Public Sector Procurement Portals – Regional, Local, NHS • MOD Defence Contracts Online • Subscription services – B2BQuote, Tendermatch, Tenders Direct, In-tend..etc. Finding Opportunities
  • 10. Expression of interest
  • 11.  Regular income  Guaranteed payment (Public Sector)  Stability - your business and employees  Able to plan workloads  Build track record, marketplace credibility  You will be providing a public service Why tender for work?
  • 12. M.E.A.T. • Highest quality? • Most reliable delivery? • Most competitive price? • Most flexibility? • Most innovation? • Best relationship? Are you able to deliver their needs? V f M
  • 13. Bid or No Bid? • Is it core business? • Is it a stretch too far? • Are good references available? • Can you resource it?
  • 14.  You really want  Fit with your business goals  You can afford to implement  Are profitable  Don’t compromise existing business Only bid for contracts that….
  • 15.  “Just for the hell of it”  You’re not qualified to undertake  If you don’t believe you can win  That stretches your resources too far  That is worth more than 25% of your current turnover  Last minute Never bid for anything…..
  • 16. What is its purpose? • Company details and information • Accounts (3 years) • Core competencies • References • Policies – – Health & Safety – Business Continuity – Equalities/Equal Opportunities – Environmental/Sustainability – Quality Pre-qualification (PQQ)
  • 18. Completing the bid documentation • Resourcing the bid – Project management – Time – People – Clarifications • Evidences and Proofs • The final documents – Proof reading – Quality Assurance – Submitting / deadlines • Asking for and taking advantage of feedback
  • 19. Resourcing the bid  Project management  Time  People  Clarifications
  • 20. Evidences and Proofs
  • 21. Evidences and Proofs
  • 22. The final documents • Proof reading • Quality Assurance • Submitting / deadlines
  • 23. Feedback from the client
  • 25. Effective communication is..  Focused  Clear  Memorable
  • 26. Verbal & non-verbal communications  Words  Tone  Stance  Posture  Expression  Gestures  Dress  Image (do you look prepared / professional) Verbal 35% Non-verbal 65%
  • 27. Focus on what really matters..to them! • Sell the sizzle • Key issues only • How you help them
  • 28. A picture paints a thousand words • Minimize the use of • Choose carefully • Never insult audience
  • 29. What people remember
  • 30. What people remember
  • 31. They don’t care what you do They want to know what they get……….benefits!
  • 32. Practice makes perfect
  • 33. Contract Business - Summary • Grow your business…profitably • Increase your credibility • Effective processes and procedures are good for your business anyway!
  • 34. Why engage us?
  • 35. Getting in touch admin@tendervictory.co.uk www.tendervictory.co.uk Tel: 01395 266959 Mob: 07971 526587 win@thebidcoach.co.uk www.thebidcoach.co.uk Tel: 01963 240555 Mob: 07970 694814 info@winningtenders.co.uk www.winningtenders.co.uk Tel: 01392 247997 Mob: 07988 771225