How to triple your opt ins


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How to triple your opt ins

  1. 1. How To Triple Your Opt-ins
  2. 2. We recently in the last week tripled the amount of opt-ins that we’re getting from our website and for those of you who don’t know who I am, that’s totally OK. I’m not, like, famous or anything. But I spend my entire life maniacally finding ways to get the highest conversion rates possible. So the fact that we tripled, almost quadrupled, the percentage of people that show up on our website that ended up opting in is actually… it’s a big thing because I haven’t had this big of a game for several years now. And this is all I think about and do, day in and day out.
  3. 3. Offer instant value with your opt-ins So what we’re looking at here is stats in my LeadPages accounts. So, LeadPages gives you opt-in rates on your various pages. So what I did the other day on our blog is I decided that I was going to rather than just let people download from a naked download link, something that we’re giving away for that episode, rather than letting people just directly download it, what we do is something like this: So in this episode of the LeadPages blog, we’re giving away a template to download to any page template.
  4. 4. So rather than just linking directly to the template file, what we did was we made this an opt-in. So when you come here, you can opt-in to download this. And it worked incredibly well. Not just because of what you’re seeing right here, right? So people get on our list. But then after they get on the list, the Thank You page has this, “Thanks for signing up. Everything we promised you will be sent to your inbox shortly.
  5. 5. While you wait for materials to arrive via email, we recommend you click continue below to learn more about LeadPages and what it can do for your business.” So this actually brings people to our Sales Page. So not only are we growing our list, we’re driving more people to our sales page AND when people get on the list, they’re getting a follow-up series of emails that talk about our product and what it does and provide a whole lot of educational value.
  6. 6. So kind of the takeaway here for everyone is that regardless of what you’re doing and what you’re posting about in your blog post, you can find a reason to give something away in exchange for the opt-in with every single blog post. So if you have a recipe site where you talk about health and you’re giving away a recipe, you can have someone opt-in to download a PDF recipe.
  7. 7. Give away a checklist If you’re explaining how to do something, you can give away a checklist that goes with your blog post. Kind of a poor man’s or lazy man’s way of doing it is if you have a blog post, you can simply take that blog post, put it in a PDF editor or I’m sorry, in a Word processor, save as a PDF and just give away the PDF version of that blog post. And that just skyrockets your opt-in rate because it means that, as opposed to what most people do, where they kind of have a general opt-in on the side of your blog, you’re actually offering someone a customized incentive that is specific to the blog post they just read that gets them to opt-in and this again has tripled our opt-in rate.
  8. 8. That’s what we did so if you look at sort of all the ones that we made here or all the templates, we basically just swap out the name of the lead magnet. So, here we have labels for all these. So if you look at… I’ll just show you the ones we use and again, they all look the same. We’ve cloned them all. So here’s one and every single one looks the same, we just sort of swap out “Use This Proven” and then whatever it says here. We just swap that out for the name of the new template. So yeah you can just set one up and you can have your team clone it over and over and over again for every single blog post.