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  • Tallis tv proposal

    1. 1. Our Tallis Tv Proposal! Elliott Mercer Jack Bennett Jacq cox
    2. 2. What our episode will include?• Jacks facts-• Multicultural Tallis-• Who to look out for in the Olympics-• As well as songs from the recent fashion show-• Finally Extreame sports with tom-
    3. 3. Jacks Facts• Jacks facts will consist of Jack Bennett telling one fact for the time slot he is allocated this fact is yet to be disclosed but it will be fun…. Maybe…. This feature will be about a minute long but is not all in one lump of the feature.
    4. 4. Multicultural Tallis• Multicultural Tallis will consist of various students as well as teachers speaking different languages to show the wide variety of culture that this school has in within it.
    5. 5. Who to look out for in the Olympic games• This section of the show will include different Olympic stars to look out for in the the coming Olympics, this will include a little bio of the athlete as well as a video of there finest moments. This will include athletes such as• Tom Daily• Usain Bolt• Chris Hoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nbjhpcZ9_g
    6. 6. A Song from the recent Fashion show project• This section of the show will include a song from the recent Fashion show that was part of our multi-cam unit, we choose Karma chameleon personally because it was our favorite song from the show. This will also show some models from the show.
    7. 7. Extreme sports with tom• Extreme sports with tom is a section of the show where Mr Dennison White and asked if he could film his rock climbing experience. To do this we had to…• Get him to sign a release agreement.• A agreement that would could use his footage.• We then had to write a planning form to give to him.• Make sure he had the right equipment, therefore fill in a equipment form to give to him.
    8. 8. Gantt chart
    9. 9. Budget- £6,592.76
    10. 10. Our Primary secondary research ResearchQuantitivedata- We also have other primary as well as secondary research and Qualitative data such as research on previous shows and other ideas on… http://www.mindmeister.com/114950840
    11. 11. Strengths of Tallis Tv• Strengths:• Keep students connected and updated through a broadcast.• New students that are thinking of attending Tallis can view some facts and enquire on some information they want to find out.• Opportunity to learn new skills.• It is produced and run by students.• A chance to advertise and find out about activities and events around the school.
    12. 12. Weakness of Tallis Tv• Not many people know of its existence.• Its viewed as ‘quite boring’ by students.• Not enough advertising for the show therefore, low viewing numbers.• Continuity in terms of crew, location and presenters.• Quality of footage- if someone is inexperienced with equipment.
    13. 13. Opportunities• The show will give opportunities for both students and teachers to advertise activities and events throughout the school and around the school community.• Attract students from primary schools to attend this secondary school.
    14. 14. Thank you for listening and watching- Any questions?????