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  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Welcome to the Avon opportunity presentation. Introduce yourself and provide a little information – role at Avon, time with the company… .
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 What would you do if money were no object? If you had unlimited funds, where would you and your family be six months from now? In two years? In five years, with unlimited money, how would your life be different? I said this evening would be all about you, and this is the first step…. It’s so important to let yourself dream… What could you do and who would you be if money were no object….
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Would you buy a new home or pay down your current mortgage? Take an exotic vacation? Who would you take with you? Secure your retirement, by adding to your savings account? Save for or pay for your kids’ or your own college education? These are all great things to do for yourself and your family. We may come from different backgrounds but we all have so much in common. We each have hopes, dreams, and aspirations of building a better tomorrow for ourselves and our families…
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Direct selling can help you realize those dreams of a better tomorrow…. Through direct selling and the network marketing opportunity, you can achieve your goals, and gain the freedom to dream of more.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Simply, you can have the formula for true financial freedom.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 There is a way to achieve that financial freedom. You can be your own boss… and you can set your own goals …. And you can enjoy unlimited earnings potential…. Do you choose that brighter tomorrow? Will you start today, building it for yourself and your family?
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 The industry is booming, and Avon remains far and away the largest company in the industry. We are also the only direct selling company with over 90% name recognition for our iconic brand…. Avon has annual net sales of nearly $10 billion; and Representatives in over 100 countries, and there are opportunities for so many more... Let me ask, did you catch the reasons that direct selling is booming?
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 For 50 years, Avon has believed in giving back to the community. As a result, we have built the largest corporate women’s foundation and are now public charity. With the help of our Representatives, we have raised and donated more than $500 million and have become the largest corporate sponsor of the breast cancer cause. As part of that $500 million, we have raised and awarded nearly $14 million for emergency and disaster support. Whether it was the tsunami in the far east, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, or more local incidents, our Representatives and our company have been there to help communities rebuild themselves. And in 2006 alone, Avon Sales Representatives around the world raised more than $20 million for our philanthropic efforts through product sales. We have also begun to work on raising awareness surrounding domestic violence and have already donated $10 million to help women and children in need…. Through our foundation, Avon has helped improve lives around the world. We are passionate about our commitment and so proud of our accomplishments. The sense of community and our investment in women’s causes are compelling reasons to join Avon… But that’s only half the story…. When you join a $10 billion company, the advantages you enjoy are tremendous.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Let’s talk about some of the benefits you enjoy when you join the world’s premier direct seller. Avon is a global leader in anti-aging skincare, fragrances and color cosmetics. Our skin care breakthroughs and product innovations are supported by a state-of-the-art $100 million Research & Development facility in Suffern, New York We also have national advertising for our products and our recruiting efforts, supported by A-list celebrities, including our global ambassador Reese Witherspoon, or our fragrance spokespeople Jennifer Hudson and Derek Jeter. It’s no wonder that our brand recognition is more than 90%, making us a trusted household name.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 There’s more! Avon gives you the power to build your business by letting you order your products first and then pay as much as two weeks later. In essence, we loan money to men and women around the world to get their businesses up and running. We offer all Representatives support and training through our supportive Division and District Sales Managers, as well as the person who introduced you to the Avon opportunity. For those of you familiar with other direct sellers, you know that this unique level of management support in your home community is an exclusive advantage for Avon. We have an incredible recognition program that honors and rewards your levels of achievement. You’ll also receive ongoing sales meeting support and marketing incentives, often linked to prizes and trips that you can earn. And, we have exclusive partnerships through our Avon Advantage program where you can get special pricing on products and services that you and your family can use. And as you get started, there are specialized training and development tools to enable you to run your flexible home based business. You can use all of these supports to create your own business plan to suit your individual dreams & goals. Then, it’s up to you how fast you build your business.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 As you get started building your business, the formula to success at Avon can be summarized in three simple steps: Sell, Share, Show…. As a Representative, your success begins with selling Avon’s high quality products to as many of your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers as possible. After all, the Avon brochure contains something for everyone! We have discovered that our successful Representatives want to share the Avon earnings opportunity with others. They want to tell their friends and acquaintances about the secret to financial freedom…. When you do that, you become a part of Avon’s network marketing program, which we call the Leadership Opportunity. As a Leadership Representative, you continue to sell Avon products. But you also share the Avon selling opportunity with others and you show them how to sell successfully just like you. When you consistently teach others to use Avon’s Sell, Share and Show system you will develop a sustainable business that will grow year or year well into the future. This simple formula helps our Leadership Representatives achieve success. Lets look at that in more detail
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 As a Sales Representative, you SELL Avon’s high quality products and earn from your sales. The Avon brochure has something for everyone, and people love the convenience of being able to order products and have them personally delivered – it’s a huge timesaver with the benefits of a personal relationship…. As you develop your business you will continue to find, grow and serve customers and continue to increase your earnings. And there are so many different ways to sell You can sell to Family, Friends, Work Colleagues and Neighbors. You can have parties You can sell in your neighborhood and beyond You can help organizations get the money they need with fundraising You can sell to remote friends and family online, And you can even have a Licensed Avon Beauty Center
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 As I mentioned, once you see how easy it is to make money by selling the popular Avon product lineup, you will want to share your earnings opportunity with many others. This is where you unlock significant earnings potential. When you share the Avon opportunity with others, you become a part of the Avon Sales Leadership program. It’s quite simple: As you sell the products, you SHARE the earnings opportunity with other people and give them the key to financial freedom… It’s like recommending a good restaurant to a friend, except with Avon Leadership, both you and your friend can earn money from your recommendation.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Once you have recommended the Avon opportunity to others, you show them how to be successful. Your upline Representative (the person who brought you here) or the District Sales Manager who brought you to Avon will help you as you get started and continue to develop. You will do the same thing as you show others how to accomplish all that they aspire to achieve at Avon.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 When you become a Leadership Representative by sharing and showing the Avon opportunity, you can earn from your personal sales, as well as from the sales of the new Representatives who you have recruited and are training and developing. This means that there are no limits to the Leadership opportunity, and how quickly you can achieve financial freedom. There are also recognition and rewards programs dedicated just to Leadership Representatives, and you’ll have the opportunity to win exclusive prizes. With the Avon Leadership Opportunity, you help others to succeed. Imagine that – an earning opportunity that grows substantially as you help others become successful. Think about being able to give your friends, relatives, and acquaintances the power to realize financial freedom and achieve their own goals. It is wonderfully rewarding!
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 When you share the Avon Opportunity with at least five people and help them succeed, you start to earn money. The more people that you develop, the more you can earn personally. The reason you earn more is simply what we call in the direct selling industry “leverage”. Let’s talk about what that means…. .
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Here’s how leverage works at Avon… It starts when you personally identity at least five to ten business partners. When those business partners also commit to spending 10-15 hours a week for the next couple of years, they are your unit leaders…. Your team works together, and that’s what we call using leverage. With your shared ongoing commitment to the business, in 2 – 3 years at the highest achievement level you could have a home based business valued at over a million dollars.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 This slide says it all “the first life we change is our own”. Having seen and heard some amazing success stories, do you believe the you have the power to recruit, train, and mentor new Avon Representatives, and change your life? There are four levels of Leadership achievement. You start as a Unit Leader and earn around $1,300 in addition to the money you make from selling products. As you expand and grow your business, you become an Advanced Unit Leader, with earnings that average $8,000 a year. With your continued investment in developing the people you have brought into Avon, you become an Executive Unit Leader and you start to see real money, with annual earnings that average nearly $30,000…. Then, at the highest level, you achieve senior executive unit leader status. And that’s where you can earn a six-figure salary that averages nearly $140,000. So let me ask, are you ready to change your life? Does this earnings model appeal to you? Let’s take a look at specifics…
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Let’s take an in depth look at how you can achieve that six figure salary through Avon’s Leadership Opportunity. The real key to your success is continued belief and investment in the people who you recruit to the Avon opportunity. Those people are called your “downline”. At the first Leadership level, when you recruit at least five successful sales Representatives, you become a unit leader. You earn a percentage from your Representatives’ product sales, in addition to the money you are making from your personal sales. More specifically, most Unit Leaders sell $10,000 or more a year personally, and earn an average of 40% from those sales. In addition to that, they earn roughly $1,300 from their downline Representatives.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 When you show your Recruits how to do what you do, that’s when your earnings potential really becomes unlimited. Just as you have been compelled by the opportunity to help others realize their dreams, so will your downline Representatives. As they recruit, train, and mentor new Representatives and develop their own downlines, you can earn a percentage both from their sales, as well as from the sales of the people they have recruited…. At the Advanced Unit Leader level, you can earn about $8,000 more a year than from personal sales alone.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Now take a look at what happens at the Executive Unit Leader level. Here, dreams are made real. It’s simple. As you model successful selling, recruiting, and ongoing mentoring for your downline Representatives, their businesses will start to take off, too…. When all of your efforts come together synergistically, you start to realize the power of leverage.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 And here’s where it all comes together. At the highest achievement level, our Representatives earned an average $137,967 each last year. Don’t forget, they still enjoy an additional percent of earnings from personal product sales. At this level, you can start to realize all of the dreams you have if money is no object….
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 You have seen the many compelling reason to join 5 million Representatives across the world and discover the benefits of being a part of a $10 billion company. There are many more unique advantages to joining Avon…. They include: Unlike other direct sellers, we do not require inventory to get started in your business, We offer a minimal start-up cost ….. Where else can you get started running your own business for $10. And we allow you to sell first and then pay Avon for your orders. Again, you don’t need a significant amount of cash or capital to get started running your own business.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Plus we have all of the advantages of a classic network marketing organization. You’ll receive complete support and training for maximum sales success. You will have flexible hours as you build your home based business. Your earnings potential is equal to your personal ambition. I can tell that so many of you are driven to succeed and realize the goal of financial freedom that you realize as you partner with others to build your business.
  • Avon Opportunity Presentation 11/03/09 16:00 Where do you want to go… What do you want to do? Why not you? Why not today? The stories you have heard are incredible.... You can be the person on stage sharing your own incredible success story next year at this time. I asked at the beginning…. What do you dream of? I also asked if you would like to be your own boss, controlling your hours, your income, and your calendar. And now I have shown you how it all comes together. Take a few minutes to talk to the person who invited you here, to talk to some of the District Sales managers around the room, and to talk to me. We can answer any questions you might have… And we can help you join the 5 million others who have said yes to making their dreams of tomorrow come true today.
  • Hello Tomorrow Join Avon Today English 2

    1. 1. LYNNE HOWELL Unit Leader To get started today visit: www.start.youravon.com Enter Access Code: lynnehowell
    2. 2. <ul><li>Where would you see yourself in in six months… in two years… in five years? </li></ul>What Would You Do… If Money Were No Object?
    3. 3. <ul><li>College education for your kids? </li></ul><ul><li>New home? </li></ul><ul><li>Exotic vacation? </li></ul><ul><li>Secure retirement </li></ul>
    4. 4. Direct Selling Can Help You Reach Your Goals and Dream Bigger!
    5. 5. Financial Freedom And, can give you ...
    6. 6. A chance to be your own boss… set your own goals … and enjoy unlimited earning potential?
    7. 7. Today, Avon remains the largest Global Direct Selling Company in the World
    8. 8. The largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause – raising and donating more than $500 million. Raised and awarded nearly $14 million for emergency and disaster support. In 2006, Avon Sales Representatives globally sold products that raised more than $20 million for our philanthropic efforts. Be a Part of a Company That Cares &
    9. 9. Exclusive Avon Advantages <ul><li>World’s Premier Direct Seller </li></ul><ul><li>A global leader in anti-aging skincare, fragrances, and color cosmetics </li></ul><ul><li>State-of-the-art Research & Development Center </li></ul><ul><li>National Advertising campaigns for products & recruiting </li></ul><ul><li>A-list celebrity endorsements and alliances </li></ul>
    10. 10. Exclusive Avon Advantages <ul><li>The largest micro-lender worldwide </li></ul><ul><li>Extensive Field Management support & training </li></ul><ul><li>President’s Recognition honoring levels of achievement </li></ul><ul><li>On-going Sales & Incentives, Prizes & Trips </li></ul><ul><li>Access to Avon Advantage Partners </li></ul>
    11. 11. Start earning money using three easy fun steps: Sell Share Show
    12. 12. Sell Avon’s world-class beauty, fashion & home products – backed by a100% Money Back Guarantee
    13. 13. Share Recruit others to become an Avon Representative
    14. 14. Show Others how to do the same as you - duplicating yourself and getting paid for doing this.
    15. 15. Sales Leadership Advantages Accelerated Earning Potential Sustainable Income Recognition & Awards Rewarded for Helping Others to Succeed
    16. 16. How Sales Leadership Earns You More! You are eligible to earn money on all sales once you have successfully recruited at least 5 others.* The more you share the opportunity with others and show them how to succeed the more money you earn . * You and your recruits must meet all required criteria
    17. 17. How Does Leverage Work at Avon? <ul><li>When you identify and develop a minimum of 10 Business Partners (Unit Leaders) who will commit to 10-15 hours per week for 2-3 years, that’s using Leverage! </li></ul><ul><li>In 2-3 years at the Senior Executive Unit Leader level, you could have a million dollar home-based business!* </li></ul>*Your business volume may vary.
    18. 18. The First Life We Change Is Our Own 2006 averages. Your individual results may differ $137,967
    19. 19. The Formula for Earning Average Annual Earnings - $1,311* % on Personal Sales + % on Group Sales Unit Leader *Based on 2006 earnings. Your earnings may vary.
    20. 20. The Formula for Earning Average Annual Earnings - $8,046* % on Personal Sales + % on Group Sales Advanced Unit Leader *Based on 2006 earnings. Your earnings may vary.
    21. 21. The Formula for Earning Average Annual Earnings: $28,888* % on Personal Sales + % on Group Sales Executive Unit Leader + + *Based on 2006 earnings. Your earnings may vary.
    22. 22. The Formula for Earning Average Annual Earnings: $137,967 % on Personal Sales + % on Group Sales Senior Executive Unit Leader *Based on 2006 earnings. Your earnings may vary. + +
    23. 23. Exclusive Avon Advantages Minimal start-up cost. No required inventory. Sell then pay.
    24. 24. Plus… All the Advantages of a Classic Network Marketing Organization Earning potential equal to your personal ambition Flexible, home-based opportunity Complete support and training for maximum success as a leader Build a substantial business by partnering with others
    25. 25. Why not you? Why not today? CHOOSE a brighter tomorrow Starting TODAY!