Toolkit Catalog February 2013 - The Art of Service


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What are the toolkits that we currently have available for our clients?
How can we help Career Driven IT Professionals to look good?! Check out this catalog... And new toolkits are added on a regular basis.

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Toolkit Catalog February 2013 - The Art of Service

  1. 1. ContentsService Catalog Process Kit - 3rd edition 3 TOOLKITSThe Service Level Management and SLA Toolkit 4Enterprise Architecture Toolkit 5 Service Catalog Process Kit - 3rd editionThe Help Desk Toolkit - Second Edition 6Big Data Toolkit 7 What is included in the updated third edition of • Underpinning Contracts Template ExampleThe Gamification Toolkit 8 the Service Catalog toolkit?The Supplier Management Toolkit 9 Step 5 - Establish Cost of Services Folder This Kit covers Service Catalog fundamentals the • Cost of Services and PricingEvent Management Toolkit 10 use of Service Catalogs as a core IT tool cover- • Price ListThe Knowledge Management Strategy Kit 11 ing the services themselves, default capabili- ties, measures and primary means of access andIT Service Continuity Process Management Kit 12 provision. It then shows how this tool is pivotal inThe Capacity Management Toolkit 13 demonstrating the value IT provides to facilitateThe ITSM Starter Kit: 2011 Edition 14 business operations.Financial Management Process Kit 15 Put together by The Art of Service’s industry ex-ISO/IEC 27000 Toolkit 16 perts and using real case studies, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focusThe ISO/IEC 20000 Toolkit 17 on the real business benefits of Service CatalogsSix Sigma Toolkit 18 and how to implement them successfully within anAvailability Management Process Kit 19 organization.IT Governance Metrics, Measurements and Benchmarking Kit 20 Introduction and Roadmap FolderConfiguration Management Process Kit 21 • Eight Steps to Creating an Effective Service CatalogThe Change Management Toolkit 22 • Service Catalog Management Intro Presentation • Service Catalog Management ITILV3Problem Management Process Kit 23 • Service Catalog Reasons Hints & TipsThe Corporate Endpoint (Mobile) Device Policies Toolkit 24 • Toolkit Roadmap - Service Catalog Management • Bonus Documents FolderThe Business Process Management Toolkit 25 • ITIL Easy Explanation Fact SheetOrganizational Behavior and Leadership Management Essentials Toolkit 26 • The Evolving Service Catalog • Viewpoints to Creating a Service CatalogBusiness Continuity Risk Analysis and Testing Kit 27 • ISO Series FolderThe Business Relationship Management Toolkit 28 Step 6 - Determine Perspectives for Catalog Step 1 – Definitions Folder Folder112 Policies and Procedures Ready to Use - Best Practices in IT Policies and Proce- • Functional Specification Template Service Catalog Perspectivesdures Toolkit 29 • Service Definition • Technical Specification Template Step 7 - Publish Catalog FolderThe Project Management Toolkit 30 • Business Justification documentThe Service Monitoring and Control Toolkit 31 Step 2 - Process and Policies Folder • Communication Plan • Business and IT Service Mapping • E-Mail TextThe IT Service Strategy Toolkit 32 • Policies Objectives Scope for SCM • Publishing a Service Catalog • Policies Objectives Scope for SLM • Service Catalog Extended • SLM Process Template • Service Catalog Implementation Plan • SLM Review Doc • Service Catalog Large • Service Catalog Medium • Service Level Project Plan Step 3 - Map Dependencies Folder • SLM Business and IT Flyers • Service Design - The Big Picture • Service Enablers • The Key Links, Inputs and Outputs of Service De- sign Step 8 - Maintain and Improve Service Cata- log Folder Step 4 - Service Levels Folder • Catalog Maintenance and Improvement • Corporate-Based SLA Template Example • Roles and Responsibilities of Service Catalog Man- • Customer-Based SLA Template Example agement (SCM) • Operational Level Agreement Template Example • SCM Process Owner Role Description Template • Service Agreements • SLM Process Owner Role Description Template • Service-Based SLA Template Example • Service Options
  2. 2. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSThe Service Level Management and SLA Toolkit Enterprise Architecture ToolkitService Level Management, when performed suc- • 7. SLM Business Justification Template This Toolkit supports your Enterprise Architecture Need help justifying your investment?cessfully, can ensure that disputes are resolved • 8. SLM Functional Specification Template goals by providing step-by-step guides, tem-and expectations are fulfilled and generally work • 9. SLM Process Manager Role Description Tem- plates, and best practice examples that will enable It took us 40 man-hours to produce the Enter-to improve the relationship between the IT organi- plate you to meet this challenge head on. • 10. SLM Business and IT Service Mapping prise Architecture Toolkit: analyzing, processing,zation and the customers it supports. This estab- selecting and building the flow from the count- • 11. SLM Customer-based SLA Template Examplelished toolkit supports your Service Level Man- This toolkit provides answers to all these ques-agement goals by providing step-by-step guides, tions and is designed to provide a guiding handtemplates, and best practice examples that will to assist you in improving your knowledge andenable you to meet this challenge head on. understanding of Enterprise Architecture by of- fering a step-by-step, easy to follow roadmap. ItBy creating an IT Service Management (ITSM) also includes easy to use templates, assessments,strategy, enterprises are able to maximize end- presentations, and documents that can be adapt-user productivity, improve operational effective- ed to your organization’s requirements.ness, and enhance overall business performance.If managed effectively, communications and the If your company focus is on managing businessoverall relationship between the IT organization strategies and investments on order to achieveand the business units improves, and expectations set goals, then let this toolkit guide you to the endare both set and met at the correct level. result you desire!BUT designing, implementing, and maintaining a The PowerPoint presentations can be used to edu-Service Level Management process can seem an cate staff, as the basis for management presenta-overwhelming task—where do you begin? tions or when making business cases for imple-What are the benefits and goals? mentation.How do you ensure the objectives are in tune withthe organizations overall mission and objectives? The supporting documents and templates will helpHow can you get your managers on board with you identify the areas within your organizationthis new opportunity? that require the most activity in terms of changeHow would you manage the different require- and improvement and provide a starting pointments and expectations of your customers? How • 12. SLM Multi-Level SLA Template Example when designing and implementing new designs, less documents and data we have produced overdo you create an SLA, OLA, and UC? • 13. SLM Service-based SLA Template Example policies, and procedures. months (at least $50/hour that comes to $2000 ofWhat processes and staff should be involved? • 14. SLM Objectives and Goals Template • 15. SLM Operational Level Agreement Template time).Which documents do you need? What ITSM tools The additional assessments and resources will en- Exampleare required? • 16. SLM Underpinning Contract Template Example able you to improve your organization’s Enterprise In total, the end result—the Enterprise Architec-And how do you choose them? • 17. SLM Policies, Objectives, and Scope Template Architecture understanding and knowledge base. ture Toolkit—reflects close to a full time employ-How do you begin to ascertain what is already in • 18. SLM Price List Example ee’s week and what needs improving within the cur- • 19. SLM Reports, KPIs, and Other Metrics Template The Toolkit includes:rent infrastructure? • 20. SLM Service Level Requirements Template At the Art of Service, we know how important • 21. SLM Service Options Template • Enterprise Architecture Intro Presentation your time is for you and we also understand thatThis reputable Service Level Management and SLA • 22. SLM Technical Specifications Template • Toolkit Bibliography nobody can substitute you in certain scenarios.Toolkit promises to provide you with ALL the an- • 23. SLM Review Doc • Toolkit Roadmap - Enterprise Architecture • 24. SLM_ITSM Tool Requirements Template and This is why we give you the results without youswers. It proves to act as a guiding hand to assist • Business Justification document Planner having to do all the legwork; we do the research-you in building your knowledge and understanding • Glossary of Terms • 25. SLM Capability Assessment Questionnaire • Initial Self-Assessment ing and the analysis and the collating of informa-of Service Level Management. • 26. Copy of Assessment Results from Capability As- tion we find. • List of Deliverables sessment—SLM • Roles and Responsibilities of Enterprise ArchitectureA Quick Look Inside: • 27. Managing Change Effectively • Understanding Enterprise Architecture All you have to do is take the outcome of all that • 28. Develop Your Leadership Skills • Architecture Description work and use it as part of your project—to make• 1. Presentation—SLM Introduction • 29. Motivation • Architecture Development Process it unique to your job, project, or task at hand in a• 2. Presentation—Managing Change • 30. KPIs • Architecture Maturity Assessment way that only you can do.• 3. Presentation—Organizational Behavior and • 31. Implementation Tools • Architecture Principles Leadership • 32. Toolkit Roadmap • Developing Enterprise Architecture• 4. SLM Scope Template • Creating a Reference Model• 5. SLM Communication Plan Template • Managing Enterprise Architecture• 6. SLM Implementation Plan Template • Enterprise Architecture in Practice • ZF3.0_The Zachman Framework Page 4 of 33 Page 5 of 33
  3. 3. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSThe Help Desk Toolkit - Second Edition Big Data ToolkitMeet the new face of sensational customer Reap The 4 Big Data Benefits:service! Infrastructure Support Documents:Faster and easier than ever, this revised edition is 1. Big Data can unlock significant value by making • AS-BUILT Templatetrusted worldwide by over 5000 IT professionals. Toolkit Includes: information transparent. • Business Continuity StrategyTry it now!One of the biggest challenges faced by IT or- 2. Big Data allows ever-narrower segmentationganizations today is providing a high quality Help of customers and therefore much more preciselyDesk that has a reputation for speedy resolution tailored products or services.time, staff with a great technical knowledge andunderstanding, and, above all, a high standard ofcustomer interaction and service. However, many 3. Sophisticated analytics can substantially im-organizations fail to meet this challenge and, as prove decision-making, minimise risks, and un-a result, lose customer confidence and ultimately earth valuable insights that would otherwisethe foundation they need to reach their goals for remain hidden.success.BUT... where do you begin? 4. Big Data can be used to develop the next gen-What are the benefits and goals? eration of products and services.How can you get your managers on board to sup-port and promote this function?How do you manage the different requests and The Art of Service has designed this toolkit toexpectations of your users? introduce Big Data concepts and provide you withWhat staff should be involved? the tools to successfully create a workable BigWhat kind of KPIs and measures are involved? Data culture in your organization. We provide youWhat documentation do you need? with step-by-step guides, templates, and best practice examples that will enable you to meetThis Toolkit supports your Help Desk goals by pro- this challenge head on. • Component Failure Impact Analysis Worksheetviding step-by-step guides, templates, and best • Emergency Response Planpractice examples that will enable you to meet • Introduction to Help Desk • Service Outage Analysisthis challenge head on. • Help Desk - Roles and Responsibilities • Help Desk - Objectives and Goals Toolkit Includes:This toolkit provides answers to all these ques- • Policies, Objectives, and Scopetions and is designed to provide a guiding hand • Help Desk Process Project Initiation Documents: • Big Data Intro Presentation • Help Desk Metricsto assist you in improving your knowledge and • Toolkit Roadmap - Big Data • Help Desk Ticket • Budgeting Guidelinesunderstanding of a Help Desk by offering a step- • Big Data Development Process • Help Desk Technology • Business Planby-step, easy to follow roadmap. It also includes • Understanding Big Data Presentation • Help Desk Knowledge Management • Business Requirements and Feasibility Studyeasy to use templates, assessments, presenta- • Begin with the Data Presentation • Implementation Plan and Project Plan • Change Management Process • Data Storage Presentationtions, and documents that can be adapted to your • Business Justification Document • Charging Policies • Data Analytics Presentationorganization’s requirements. • Help Desk Review Document • Charging Template • Help Desk Outsourcing Template • Project InitiationIf your focus is on achieving superior Help Desk • Example Help Desk Project Plan • Project Scoperemote support and management, then let this • Example Job Description Design Documents: • Request for Change Form • Example Job Advertisement • Risk Assessment Templatetoolkit guide you to the end result you desire! • Help Desk Interview Questions • Risk Register • Availability Requirements • Business and IT Flyers • Service Based SLA • Cost Model Template • Communication Plan • Detailed Design • Customer Service Standards • Functional Design • Help Desk Telephone Skills Standards • Hardware-Software Resource Requirements • Help Desk Skills • Interface Design Specification • Help Desk Service Changes • Security Service Requirement • Help Desk - Organizational Change • Technical Architecture Page 6 of 33 Page 7 of 33
  4. 4. TOOLKITS TOOLKITS The Gamification Toolkit The Supplier Management ToolkitAre You Game? Do What It Takes to Achieve • Gamification Job Roles, Info and Example Job Re- Are you always trying to find profitable waysYour Goals! quirements in which to market products? A Quick Look Inside—This Fundamental • Gamification Hints & Tips Toolkit Contains: • Gamification – FAQs Are you interested in increasing product • 3 Smart Ways to Gamify Your StartupBy 2015, 50% of companies that manage innova- margins? • ITIL® Supplier Management Presentation • Example Gamification Privacy Policy Templatetion and research will use gamification to driveinnovation (Gartner). Are you concerned with managing relation- ships with suppliers?As gamification is just beginning and few public Then you might be the next expert in Sup-examples exist today, this means that gamifica- plier Management!tion offers huge opportunities for innovative prod-ucts and services. Any driven organization requires the ability to obtainThis kit supports your gamification goals by value for money from suppliers and to ensure thatachieving higher levels of engagement, changing they perform to the level and standard within theirbehaviors and/or stimulation of innovation. contract and agreements, while also conforming to all of the set terms and conditions.You focus on choosing and creating the outcomeof your gamification effort and let the gamificationtoolkit guide you to the end result. The goal of our well-developed Supplier Manage- ment Toolkit is to manage suppliers and the servicesToolkit Includes: they supply, to provide seamless quality of IT service• Gamification Introduction Presentation to the business, and to ensure that value for money is• Gamification_A Starting Point Checklist obtained. This toolkit is proven to help you succeed• 47 Gamification_Game Dynamics_Terms & Defini- • Presentation - Organiza Gamification Toolkit Cover. in the implementation of this process! tions jpg tional Behavior and Leadership • Toolkit Introduction Presentation• Real Life Examples_Presentation • Organizational Behavior Survey • Outsourcing—Sourcing Strategy Presentation• Gamification_Game Mechanics_12 Terms and Defi- • Presentation - Managing Change The purpose of the Supplier Management process is • ITIL® Outsourcing Presentation—CSI nitions • Supplier Management—Roles and Responsibilities • Managing Change Effectively to obtain value for money from suppliers and to en- • Service Sourcing Structures• Gamification in Education_Presentation • Toolkit Roadmap• Gartner Gamification Research Article • Project Change Policy Template sure that suppliers perform to the targets contained • Sourcing roles and responsibilities• Presentation - Gamification for Power, Influence and • Gamification Project Implementation Tools within their contracts and agreements, while con- • Example Outsourcing Contract template Persuasion • Example Outsourcing—Service Levels forming to all of the terms and conditions. • Example Outsourcing—Service Levels• Selling Gamification to your Organization_An Exam- ple Business Case • Outsourcing Transition Plan• Gamification Project Business Plan Template The Art of Service has designed an inspirational • IT Outsourcing ITIL® Process Assessment v2.1• Gamification Project_Business Requirements and • Example Service Desk Project Plan Supplier Management Toolkit, which improves and • Toolkit Roadmap Feasibility Study• Gamification Project Scope Template maintains the relationship with your organization’s• Gamification Project Communication Plan suppliers. The process should include the manage-• Gamification Project Communications Schedule ment of all suppliers and contracts needed to sup- Template• Gamification Project Roles and Responsibilities Tem- port the provision of IT services to the business. plate Each service provider will have a formal process for• Gamification Project Team Directory Template the management of all suppliers and contracts. This• Gamification Hardware/Software Resource Require- ments promises to ensure your organization develops ben-• Gamification Project Cost Accounting template eficial relationships with your most desired supply• Gamification Cost Reporting partners!• Gamification Executive Committee Report template• Gamification Ideas, Examples and Options_ 145 page paper Page 8 of 33 Page 9 of 33
  5. 5. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSEvent Management Toolkit The Knowledge Management Strategy KitDiscover the tried and tested solution to ALL Additional information and bonus material con- Boost Your Understanding of KM Today! tion. These presentations will give you an insightfulof your Event Management problems! taining success secrets to embedding the ITIL plethora of knowledge and understanding of all the Event Management process into any organization terms, activities, and concepts required within the Learn the EASY way to IMPROVE business are provided and will enable you to vastly in- Knowledge Management process.We have created a PRACTICAL and CONVENIENT performance.method of providing your organization with the crease your success rate.secrets to succeeding in the implementation of Knowledge Management (KM) can be a difficult un-Event Management. dertaking, both in terms of understanding the newThe information delivered within the toolkit is concepts and practical implementation.based on the ITIL® framework, specifically theService Operation stage, which incorporates the Luckily, The Art of Service has devised a stress free,updated ITIL® Event Management process. practical guide to mastering the art of knowledgeIf you want to manage or implement a successful management and making it work for your business.Event Management process, you MUST have thisEvent Management Toolkit! This creative Knowledge Management Toolkit helps you to use Knowledge Management to make sureThis specially-designed toolkit will assist you in that key decisions are made from a fully informedperfecting the art of Event Management activi-ties and its process within your IT environment. It position, as you build upon your existing intranet,will provide you with the ability to identify target data warehouse, and project management invest-audiences, develop event concepts, and plan and ment. It gets you through the fundamental urgen-coordinate the process for maximum efficiency. cies of an enterprise KM system, from end-to-end, showing how each stage can serve as a foundationThe Art of Service has created The Event Manage-ment Toolkit to ensure your organization has the for later enhancements.answers to ALL of your questions and to BOOSTyour knowledge, skills, and techniques for flaw- Thoroughly revised to reflect todays latest tools,less Event Management. technologies, and best practices, this hands-on A Quick Look Inside: This Incomparable A Quick Look Inside—This Innovative Toolkit Toolkit Contains: guide offers a complete road map for building KM Contains:This leading Event Management Toolkit containsPresentations, Blueprints, and Assessments. • Presentation: ITIL® Event Management systems incrementally with each step delivering new • Event Management Introduction Presentation business value and seamlessly building on the elabo- • ITIL® Knowledge Management Presentation • Event Management Mindmaps • Toolkit Introduction Presentation—Knowledge Man-The carefully created Power Point Presentations • Event Management Roles and Responsibilities rate work that preceded it. agementcan be used to educate, as the basis for manage- • Event Management Process Flow • Policies, Objectives, and Scopement presentations, or when making business • Event Management Technology Considerations Utilizing practical checklists and diagrams, the • Business Justification Documentcases for Event Management implementation. • Event Management Business Justification Document • Roles and ResponsibilitiesThese presentations will give you an insightful • Event Management Communication Plan Knowledge Management Toolkit introduces todays • Knowledge Management Toolsplethora of knowledge and understanding of all • Event Management Business Flyer best techniques for planning, designing, developing, • Communication Planthe terms, activities, and concepts required within • Implementation Plan deploying, and managing knowledge. • Service Knowledge Management Systemthe Event Management process. • Service Operation Readiness Assessment • Knowledge Management Review Document • Toolkit Roadmap • Knowledge Management Implementation and Pro- Use Knowledge Management to ensure the right deci- ject PlanThe Implementation Plan and the Service Opera- • (Also includes Toolkit Roadmap)tion Readiness Assessment focus on your organi- sions are made!zation. These assessments cover the questionsyou need to ask your staff, as well as policies, The Knowledge Management Toolkit con-procedures, and technology to gain a current tains presentations, templates, and essen-insight into the ITIL® maturity of your organiza- tial resources:tion. They are user-friendly, easy-to-edit spread-sheets that provide detailed results and graphs to • The carefully created Power Point Presentationssupport your reports. can be used to educate, as the basis for manage- ment presentations, or when making business cases for Knowledge Management implementa- Page 10 of 33 Page 11 of 33
  6. 6. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSIT Service Continuity Process Management Kit The Capacity Management ToolkitDisasters Dont Care if Youre Ready! • ITSC Management Presentation Become a Capacity Management entrepreneur! • Capacity Review Document • Implementation Plan—Project Plan • Capacity Management Process Manager • Example Business Impact Analysis • Communication PlanThe advanced IT Service Continuity Process Man- • Environmental Architectures and Standards If you want a quality education on how to achieve in • Implementation Plan: Project Planagement Toolkit aims to help you manage risks that • Emergency Response Plan the world of IT capacity, this toolkit will demonstrate • Objectives and Goalscould seriously impact the IT services of your or- • E-Mail Text • Policies, Objectives, and Scope how easy it can be to produce and maintain effectiveganization. It has been produced to ensure that you capacity management.can maintain continuity by reducing the risk fromdisastrous events to an achievable level and plan for Capacity Management is a process used by IT pro-the recovery of your IT services. fessionals to manage information technology. Its primary goal is to ultimately ensure that IT capacityWith this knowledge and understanding, you can meets current and future business requirements in asee the importance of the process. We can also see by cost-effective manner.unfortunate recent events that none of us can avoidthinking of what we would do in the event of a disas- This stand alone toolkit has been designed to helpter that interrupts our ability to provide IT services. you deliver exceptional capacity management in your organization. Through the process of actively work-Rescue yourself from unplanned disasters! ing your way through the well-organized templates, presentations, and documents created specificallyThe IT Service Continuity Process Management to increase your understanding and knowledge, youToolkit contains presentations, templates, assess- will discover a proficient process for implementingments, and essential resources: capacity management.The carefully created Power Point Presentations canbe used to educate, as the basis for management • Continuity Review Document • Reports, KPIs, Other Metricspresentations, or when making business cases for IT • Communication Plan The Capacity Management Toolkit contains presenta- • Toolkit Introduction Presentation—Capacity Manage-Service Continuity Process Management implemen- • Business Justification document ment • Business Impact Analysis tions, templates, and essential resources: • Toolkit Roadmap—Capacity Managementtation. • Business Continuity Strategy • Typical Contents of a Capacity PlanThese presentations will give you an insightful • Business and IT Flyers Presentations can be used to educate, as the basis forplethora of knowledge and understanding of all the management presentations, or when making busi-terms, activities, and concepts required within the IT ness cases for Capacity Management implementa-Service Continuity Process Management process. tion. Supporting documents and assessments that willA Quick Look Inside—This Step-By-Step help you identify the areas within your organizationToolkit contains: that require the most activity in terms of change and• Vital Records Template improvement.• Typical Contents of a Recovery Plan• Toolkit Roadmap—ITSCM Management A Quick Look Inside—This Accomplished• Toolkit Introduction Presentation–ITSCM Toolkit Contains:• Salvage Plan Template• Risk Assessment Template • Capacity Management Business and IT Service Map-• Risk Assessment Questionnaire ping• Reports, KPI Targets, and Additional Metrics • Capacity Management Business Justification Docu-• Reciprocal Arrangements ment• Policies, Objectives, Scope • Capacity Management Presentation• Objectives and Goals • Capacity Management—Roles and Responsibilities• Management of Risk Framework MOR Page 12 of 33 Page 13 of 33
  7. 7. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSThe ITSM Starter Kit: 2011 Edition Financial Management Process KitSet the world standard for enterprise IT, policies, bilities Give your organization the techniques need- • Budget Template • Continual Service Improvement Lifecycle Phase ed to achieve your financial goals. • Charging Policiesand procedures in your organization with the ITSM Introduction • Charging TemplateStarter Kit—Third Edition! • CSI Lifecycle Phase Introduction Presentation • BONUS File Standardized Financial Statements Tem- You can find EVERYTHING you need right here! • Service Measurement Reporting plate • CSI Roles and Responsibilities • Reports, KPIs, and other MetricsThe best-selling ITSM Starter Kit—Third Edition de-livers a comprehensive collection of factsheets, read-ing material, illustrated models, and well-designed Financial control and planning are critical to the success and longevity of any organization. The Artworksheets that are proven to help any organization of Service has done the research and put in theget up to speed on ITSM principals fast! man hours to deliver to you a one-of-a-kind, all encompassing Financial Management Toolkit thatThe ITSM Starter Kit will help your team prioritize caters to your company’s every need.your ITSM implementation based on which ITSM The information found within the Toolkit is basedprincipals will provide the most immediate benefit to on the ITIL® framework, specifically the Serviceyour company. Strategy phase, which incorporates the updated ITIL® Financial Management process.Wouldn’t it be great to know which ITIL® practiceswould benefit your company the most so you can The Financial Management Toolkit :prioritize your focus? • Flows logically • Is scalableA wealth of ITSM Tools and Critical Information is • Provides you with presentations, templates, and documentsnow at your finger tips! • Most importantly, SAVES you time!A Quick Look Inside: This Innovative ToolkitProvides You With:1. ITIL® V2 to V3 Bridging Information • ITIL® IT Service Management Beginners Guide • Cost Model Template V8 and ITIL® V3 Lifecycle Phase and Process It contains Presentations, Blueprints, and Assess- • Sample Business Case Structure2. ITIL® v2 to v3 Bridging Overview Factsheets ments: • Common Business Objectives3. ITIL® v2 to v3 Bridging Introduction Presentation4. Service Strategy Lifecycle Phase Introduction • Service Strategy Factsheet • Single Business Impact can affect multiple business • Service Strategy Lifecycle Phase Introduction • Service Design Factsheet The carefully created Power Point Presentations objectives • Service Transition Factsheet can be used to educate or be used as the basis for • Multiple Business Impacts can affect single business Presentation • ITIL® Lifecycle Stage Readiness Assessments management presentations or when making busi- objectives • Description of Asset Types • ITIL® Service Strategy Readiness Assessment V1 ness cases for Financial Management implementa- • NPV Decisions • Challenges, CSFs and Risks • ITIL® Service Design Readiness Assessment V1 • Example Model: Calculation of a Service Manage-• Service Design Lifecycle Phase Introduction tion. These presentations will give you an insight- • ITIL® Service Transition Readiness Assessment ment ROI • Service Design Lifecycle Phase Introduction Pres- V1 ful plethora of knowledge and understanding of all • Example Trend Line Analysis entation • ITIL® Service Operation Readiness Assessment the terms, activities, and concepts required within • Review Document • The Service Design Package V1 the Financial Management process. • Implementation and Project Plan • Measurement of Service Design • ITIL® Continual Service Improvement Readiness • Toolkit Roadmap • Implementing Service Design Assessment V1 A Quick Look Inside: This Step-By-Step • Service Acceptance Criteria • ITIL® Service Management Practices Executive Toolkit Provides You With:• Service Transition Lifecycle Phase Introduction Overview • Service Transition Lifecycle Phase Introduction Presentation • ITIL® Financial Management Presentation • Service Transition Managing Communications and Extra ‘Bonus’ Material • Toolkit Introduction Presentation - Financial Man- Commitment agement (Also includes Toolkit Roadmap) • Objectives and Goals • Service Transition Organization of Service Transi- tion • Policies, Objectives, and Scope• Service Operation Lifecycle Phase Introduction • Communication Plan • Service Operation Lifecycle Phase Introduction • Financial Management Process Manager Presentation • Business Justification Document • Service Desk - Metrics • Accounting Policies • Service Operation Functions - Roles & Responsi- • Accounting Template • Budgeting Guidelines Page 14 of 33 Page 15 of 33
  8. 8. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSISO/IEC 27000 Toolkit The ISO/IEC 20000 ToolkitALL the knowledge and skills you need to meet • BCM Communication Plan Set the International Standard and Stand • IT Governance Metrics, Measures, and Benchmark-your Information Security Management Systems • BCM Policies, Objectives, and Scope Out! ing—ITIL® Presentationstandards can be found right here! • BCM Business Justification Document • Simple Six Sigma Calculator • BCM Example Business Impact Analysis • Six Sigma—Short Overview • BCM Business Impact Analysis Info sheet • Six Sigma Defining RequirementsThe aim of The Art of Service’s ISO/IEC 27000 Explore the #1 Guide to Becoming a More Com- • BCM Risk Assessment Template • Six Sigma PresentationToolkit and the standard itself is to deliver a model petitive, Cost and Time Effective Organization.for establishing, implementing, operating, moni-toring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving anInformation Security Management System. Leading ITSM professionals have gone to great lengths to develop an all-encompassing guide toThis step-by-step toolkit is designed to act as a the ultimate success of those who make the rightstarting point for your organization. It is guaran- choice to implement itteed to give you a clear path to travel to reachyour company goals. Having worked with organizations providing ser-The toolkit provides you with templates, useful vices into the Government, we were mandatedguides, and innovative assessments to ensure you (as part of our contract of service) to conform tomake the most out of what the ISO/IEC 27000 ISO20000.Toolkit has to offer. It is positively essential for any organization,A Quick Look Inside: This First-Class Toolkit either delivering service into the Public Sector orContains: with significant Public Sector links, to look towards ISO 20000 at the earliest opportunity, before theISO/IEC 27000 Introduction inevitable is forced upon them.• ISO/IEC 27000 Introduction A Quick Look Inside—This #1 Toolkit con-• Information Security Management—Roles and Re- tains: sponsibilities• Certifying Information Security Management Sys- • BCM Environmental Architectures and Standards • Building a Business Case • Starter Kit Document tems • BCM Reciprocal Arrangements • Example Communication Plan Content List • ISO Assessment Example Chapter 3• ISO27000 Statement of Applicability Example • BCM Salvage Plan Template • ISO 20000 Easy Explanation Factsheet • ISO Assessment Example Chapter 4• ISO/IEC 27001 Awareness Terms and Definitions • BCM Business Continuity Strategy • ISO 20000 Sample Outsourcing Agreement • ISO Assessment Example Chapter 5• Mapping Responsibilities ISO _IEC 27000 • BCM MOR Framework • ISO IEC 20000 Introduction Presentation • Process Summary—Budgeting and Accounting• Mapping—Terms and Usage ISO 20000 and ISO • BCM Risk Assessment Questionnaire • ISO IEC 20000 Presentation Chapters 6–10 • Process Summary—Business Relationship Manage- 27000 • BCM Typical Contents of a Recovery Plan • ISO IEC 20000 Presentation ment• ISO_IEC 27000 FAQs • BCM Emergency Response Plan • Management Commitment and Co-ordination Pres- • Process Summary—Capacity Management • BCM Reports and KPI Targets and Additional Metrics entation • Process Summary—Change ManagementInformation Security Management Resources • BCM Vital Records Template • Mapping Responsibilities • Process Summary—Configuration Management • Business Continuity Management Review Document • Metrics and Reports • Process Summary—Incident Management• Objectives and Goals • Business Continuity Management Implementation • Scoping Example—Tata Communications Attains • Process Summary—Information Security Manage-• Communication Plan and Project Plan ISO 20000 and 27001 Certifications for Managed ment• CRAMM Services and Data Centers • Process Summary—Problem Management• Guidelines for Building an Electronic Data Retention Risk Management Resources • Terms and Definitions and Acronyms • Process Summary—Release Management Policy • COBIT Factsheet • Process Summary—Service Continuity and Availabil-• Implementation Plan—Project Plan • COBIT Presentation ity Management • Risk Management Framework• Policies, Objectives, Scope • ISO 9000 Easy Explanation Factsheet • Process Summary—Service Level Management • Risk Assessment Questionnaire• Reports, KPIs, Other Metrics • ISO 9000 Model of a Process-based Quality Man- • Process Summary—Service Reporting • Risk Assessment and Control Form• Security Audit Template agement System • Process Summary—Supplier Management • Generic Project Risk Assessment• Security Incident Template • ISO 27000 Presentation • ISO 20000 FAQs • Conducting a Risk Management Review• Security Service Requirement • Mapping—Terms and Usage • ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Program Overview • Checklist on Assignment of Risk Ownership• Security Process Manager Document • ISO 38500 Easy Explanation Factsheet • ISO/IEC 20000 Professional Program M&I Overview• Security Management Review Document • ISO 38500 Presentation • ISO/IEC 20000 Professional Program Support of IT Bonus Resources. • Example—Availability Reporting OverviewBusiness Continuity Management Resources • Example—High Level Goals and KPIs • Toolkit Roadmap (Also includes Toolkit Roadmap) • Example—KPIs of the value of Service Management• BCM Objectives and Goals • Examples of Service Quality Metrics Page 16 of 33 Page 17 of 33
  9. 9. TOOLKITS TOOLKITSSix Sigma Toolkit Availability Management Process KitGet your hands on a BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY that • 8. Defining Requirements Look no further for an effective way to implement • Roles and Responsibilitiesfocuses on continuous improvement. • 9. Process Definition and improve the IT structure and quality of your • Availability Management Process Manager role(s) • 10. ITIL® Process Assessment business! definitionAn organized process for structured analysis • 11. Maturity score • Service Outage Analysis document • (Also includes Toolkit Roadmap) • Reports, Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs) andof data. The Knowledge Solution: Stop Searching, Stand other Metrics definition Template Out and Pay Off. The #1 ALL ENCOMPASSINGSix Sigma can be viewed as a strategy developed Guide to Availability improve the quality of business processes byidentifying and removing the underlying causes An Important Message for ANYONE who wants toor errors and minimizing variables within business learn about Availability Management Quickly andprocesses. Easily, "Heres Your Chance To Skip The Strug- gle and Master Availability Management with theCompletely rewritten and reorganized, this second Least Amount of Effort…"edition of The Six Sigma Toolkit covers all the ba-sic statistics and quality improvement tools of theSix Sigma quality management system. This new This best-selling Availability Management processedition reflects the developments in Six Sigma Toolkit is your answer to ensuring that your ITover the past few years and will help maintain the Services and their supporting Infrastructure canToolkits position as the leading comprehensive be delivered in a cost-effective manner, with aguide to Six Sigma. reliable level of Availability, in line with your busi- ness objectives.The most comprehensive Six Sigma referenceavailable—now revised and expanded. Are you looking to learn more about AvailabilityThe Six Sigma Toolkit contains presentations, Management?templates, and essential resources. Youre about to discover the most spectacular goldThe supporting documents provided within this mine of Availability Management materials evertoolkit will help you identify the areas within your created; this toolkit is a unique collection to help • Communication Plan to describe Availability Man-organization that require the most activity in you become a master of Availability Management. agement to your organization Features of the all-new edition: • Project and Implementation Plan Templateterms of change and improvement. • Availability Management Review Document • Many pages with easy-to-follow sections • Toolkit Roadmap • An extensive must-do checklist based on our expe- This one-of-a-kind Toolkit is designed to answerThe carefully created Power Point Presentations rience implementing Six Sigma in over 40 industries ALL questions that the Availability Managementcan be used to educate, as the basis for manage- • New practical advice on awareness, planning, im- process raises and will provide your organizationment presentations, or when making business plementation, and review with:cases for Six Sigma implementation. These pres- • New commentary on delivering upon business value - Useful guidesentations will give you an insightful plethora of • All-new ‘tune-up’ section tailored to improve the - Templatesknowledge and understanding of all the terms, performance of existing initiatives - Essential and easy to follow assessment to buildactivities, and concepts required within the Six • Fully updated throughout to take account of current on your skills and knowledge Best Practices and policies and the state of their useSigma process. A Quick Look Inside: This Time-SavingA Quick Look Inside—This First-Class Toolkit Toolkit Provides You With:Contains: • ITIL® Availability Management Presentation• 1. Factsheet Six Sigma in a nutshell. This is a • Toolkit Introduction Presentation - Availability Man- simple, concise overview of Six Sigma. Key phrases, agement concepts, and basic activities are summarized. • Objectives and Goals Document• 2. Six Sigma Presentation • Policies, Objectives, and Scope• 3. Overview Document • Business Justification Document• 4. Workshop Presentation • Recovery Template detailing plan for unexpected• 5. Building a Six Sigma organization service lapses• 6. Six Sigma Calculator • Component Failure Impact Analysis document• 7. Six Sigma Starters Document • Availability Requirements Template Page 18 of 33 Page 19 of 33