Jonas Ekström - E-health strategies and solutions in Sweden - e-health 6.6.14


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Jonas Ekström - E-health strategies and solutions in Sweden - e-health 6.6.14

  1. 1. eHealth strategies and solutions in Sweden Jonas Ekström, MD Medical director of Västmanlands hospital Sala Object owner of EMR systems in the County of Västmanland
  2. 2. • Healthcare system in Sweden • eHealth in Sweden 2014 • The National eHealth strategy • What have come out of the strategy? -some examples of solutions • eHealth in Sweden in the future
  3. 3. Healthcare in Sweden • 9.6 million citizens • 21 counties / regions responsible for healthcare • The counties range between 60,000 – 1.2 million citizens • The county has taxation rights, usually 10-11% • Healthcare is either produced by the county itself or purchased from private providers
  4. 4. eHealth in Sweden 2014 • All hospitals and primary care centers use EMR (electronic medical records) • Six major EMR systems are currently used in Sweden • Many counties have selected one EMR-suite, making patient information sharing easy within the county • Private providers typically use the EMR of the county where they are active
  5. 5. A National eHealth strategy • Cooperation between Ministry of Health and other national authorities, county/regional org., and private care provider org. • #1 2005 focus on security solutions, frameworks, new legislation, and standards. • #2 2010 focus on deployment, use, and benefit of the technology, rather than its development.
  6. 6. The eHealth strategy
  7. 7. What have come out of the strategy? • National Healthcare staff eID – registry services • National ePrescription service • – The Care Guide • ”My Care” – single point access for patient e-services • ”National Patient Overview” • ”My Chart online” • Electronic referral service
  8. 8. The Care Guide • A national phone number and website for questions and guidance about symptoms, diseases, and healthcare. • Decision support for nurses giving advice on the phone. • Information available in different languages.
  9. 9. ”My Care” • Common web solution for patients to access all eHealth services with secure login • Providers specify eHealth services available (varies between providers) • Popular services are: schedule/reschedule an appointment or send a question to your doctor
  10. 10. National Patient Overview • All care providers publish patient information to the National Patient Overview • Healthcare staff can access the information if the patient consent • Each provider decides which information they want to publish—not a complete picture • Not so much used—shared EMR systems in the counties/regions reduces the need
  11. 11. eHealth in Sweden in the future • Further development of MyCare (example: forms that feed into the providers’ EMR) • Development of a national database for medication that EMRs can sync their list of medication to • Launch of ”personal health accounts”, a state service where the citizen can store information about his/her health from different sources and give access to this information to third party providers (e.g. ”apps”).
  12. 12. Links • for more information on the eHealth strategy • ”The Care guide” • for more information about the development of personal health accounts