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Photography.intro Photography.intro Presentation Transcript

  • Album Research, Documentation & Workshop Items
    • Cover page (design)
    • History of Photography (research)
    • Louis Daguerre (research)
    • Henry Fox Talbot (research)
    • George Eastman (research)
    • Photogram (research)
    • Pin-hole Photography (research)
    • SLR 35mm B&W Photography (research)
    • Photo-composition (research)
    • Negative - ½ roll (workshop)
    • Contact print - ½ copy (workshop)
    • Enlargement (workshop)
  • Introduction of Photography
    • Photography is a great invention
    • Imagine without it, we will not have movies for entertainment; we will miss memories, have problem to verify one’s identity and many more
    • How to define photography?
    • Many novices will simply think of using a camera to record a realistic picture for memory purpose or archiving. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Photography is a complex subject to master but easy to learn for simple photographic task especially with today high-tech photographic devices
  • Photography is divided into many
    • Abstract
    • Action
    • Architecture
    • Fashion
    • Industrial
    • Interior
    • Landscape
    • Nature
    • Nude
    • Photojournalism
    • Photo Design
    • Portraiture
    • Still-life
    • Sport
    • Travel
    specialized categories View slide
  • Some of the popular ones
    • Advertising – Images use for visual advertising media
    • Architecture – Images of exterior and interior of a building for displaying
    • Fashion – Images of clothing and fashion items for
      • advertisement and magazine
    • Photojournalism – Photographic images that tells a story
    • Glamour – Images of model who poses for art or advertising purposes
    • Forensic – Crime Scene and evidence images use for proceedings in court
    • Fine Art – Creative archival images by individual professional usually for Curators
    • Portraiture – A visual portrayal of a person usually created by studio lighting
    View slide
    • The term “Photography” was derived from two Latin words
    • “ Photo” means light and “graphy” means painting
    • The combination means light painting or simply painting with light
    • “ Light-image” is formed through a tiny hole of a plane
    • The smaller the hole it is the sharper the image is formed
    • Another high reflective plane opposite to that tiny hole serves to reflect the “light-image” for visual perception
    • In order to see the “light-image” clearly which is inverted, the high reflective plane must be placed in a lightproof enclosure
    • This concept led to the invention of camera obscura and in Latin means “dark chamber”
    • A big hole is required to form a bright “light image”
    • Hence, the hole of the camera obscura (darkroom) is fixed with a lens, which helps to form a sharp image
    • Artist will trace and draw the inverted image falls on the other side of the wall
    • Today’s camera is actually a very much reduced-size camera obscura but of course with many designed photographic functions
    How Photography Begins
    • Camera Obscura
  • Have Fun with Photography
  • Pinhole Photography
  • Photogram
  • Photogram
  • Thank You