Making the Digital Experience More Human


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My portion of the panel on Designing the

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  • VSC Description - Mission: making the online space more like our physical space focus on services John talking about growing relationships over time – providing examples of such - not necessarily new technology (nothing you see here should seem all that new or ground-breaking, but we're going where our patrons are.) - Shirky quote - Each tool we use goes toward creating our community bit by bit. - but with each of them, we have to work to create the human touch.
  • Self-check story Favorite patrons/favorite clerks Relationship is built over time Ambient Intimacy Contrast to lonely self-check machine on left
  • East side self-check Smoother workflow Still have that human contact 2 machines now responsible for over 35% of all checkouts Metaphor for digital design: the tool has to fit the purpose. Just as staff can work side-by-side with tech in the physical library, the Web can just as easily help bridge the gap between human and computer. Leads to greater customer satisfaction, and engenders a better sense of community online.
  • Here's an example, which we totally ripped off from the Topeka-Shawnee county library.  Reference a la King.   TSCPL - find the places where your users get stuck, and create the opportunity for human contact.  Catalog most frequently visited spot on the website. This turns one of the most passive sites into a service desk. 200+ quality transactions a month One conversation may not tell us much, but over time we can identify greater pinch points. But the catalog – or even the website – isn't the only place we can establish this virtual service desk.
  • Netvibes as a control panel iGoogle PageFlakes MyYahoo Google Reader Can be shared with other staff to spread the awareness around. Local news Blogs Google Alerts/Blog Alerts “ help phrases” - suggest a book, studying for x, etc. Libn stereotype – nosy know-it-all 
  • Actually have to talk to people. Initial awkwardness: most don't reply at all Own the awkwardness! This is memorable, and can create an in. They don't expect to see service desks on TW, or their blogs. But you can create them. - search terms: people in your area who need your help, but don't know it yet. Full reference interviews - As you become established, others will ask you questions - As you become established, people will also air grievances. Be candid, and don't burn bridges. KRKring/John Krupa connection
  • This ongoing effort creates multiple opportunities to be excellent in public. Toot your own horn! X-posts Stats Stuff to share with the Powers That Be Recurring features: Book sharing, stump the libn Shows what you're capable of Gives people something to look forward to
  • The snowball effect works with your own content. Blogs/Flickr/video over time, can say “look how much we’ve done!” Eventually becomes an outboard brain Flickr visitors go back and revisit programs Reminder that you don't have to do everything at once Explaining everything can be overwhelming Gradually chasing the long tail enables users to discover services at their own pace. This also allows you to introduce things your patrons may not necessarily be ready for.
  • That brings us to the mobile stuff. 2 years running now Main priority: SMS Main service: account notices Once you get an audience here, you can build from here SMS-to-IM gateway: taking service desks mobile Works for staff and users alike As this progresses, you can use this trust to continue pushing things forward. QR codes – bringing the virtual tech back to the physical space. Short YT Video Context of library use Opportunities for people who would not normally try this stuff out. And it's all because we have this established relationship.
  • All of this ties back to our efforts to build community. We certainly talk a lot of game about how we create community, but it certainly doesn't happen overnight. Friday recycling question – other patron provided an answer. #skokiejobs Circ-desk staff don’t have an instant rapport with users – so it goes w/virtual svcs. Having a Web 2.0 presence is a good first step, but you've got to commit fully to making it a service. No one thing will make or break you. It's the ongoing collective effort – embodied by all these microtransactions that will create a rewarding digital experience for your users.
  • Making the Digital Experience More Human

    1. 1. Piece by Piece: Making the Digital Experience More Human Toby Greenwalt Skokie Public Library |@theanalogdivide
    2. 2. The human touch
    3. 3. Working alongside technology
    4. 4. Provide service at the pinch points
    5. 5. Ears to the ground
    6. 6. Making contact
    7. 7. Be excellent in public
    8. 8. Build a repository of content
    9. 9. Let's push things forward
    10. 10. Thank You Toby Greenwalt, Skokie Public Library | @theanalogdivide Slide 1: |