Simple and Predictable Short-Term Orthodontics
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Simple and Predictable Short-Term Orthodontics



A Six Month Smiles case study. ...

A Six Month Smiles case study.

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  • INTRODCTORY SLIDE: Get your audience ’s attention with excitement and a compelling story ! *Make a personal connection to Six Month Smiles. For clinicians, examples of this could be sharing your experience taking the course, how many cases you have treated, or the details of your most recently treated case highlighting their chief complaint and end result. What did the patient tell you when their braces came off? What did it do for his/her self-esteem? *For consultants, examples of this could be sharing your client ’s experience at the two day course, the teams’ excitement around offering it to patients, or the increased profitability associated with implementing Six Month Smiles. Specific and startling statistics often grab the audience’s attention (e.g. Dr. Smith averaged just 2 cases a month last year and increased his annual productivity by $96,000!)
  • Before she came to our practice, Kelly had been for a number of consultations with specialist orthodontists, and was keen to research all of her options. Though she had previously seen a specialist, she declined the long-term treatment option as she wasn ’ t prepared to undergo a course of treatment that would last in excess of a year and would also involve extractions
  • It soon became clear that before we commenced orthodontic treatment we would need to carry out some routine stabilisation dental care first. This involved hygiene care to improve the health of her gums, and root canal treatment in her upper left central incisor due to a carious cavity caused by her crossed over incisors. We were then able to carry out a full orthodontic assessment to assess her cosmetic needs and the issues relating to the malocclusion.
  • After sending impressions, We received her individualised Patient Tray Kit (PTK) from Six Month Smiles that included her custom indirect bonding trays, which make accurate placement of the brackets a simple and straightforward process. The normal Six Month Smiles protocol for placing the brackets using the trays and tying the wires in was followed.
  • At each subsequent visit the levelling and aligning was reassessed and progressive interproximal reduction carried out as necessary to relieve the crowding
  • After just over six months the orthodontic element of the treatment was complete. At the debond appointment her brackets were removed, her teeth were polished, and she had palatal fixed bonded retainers fitted, which again were provided by Six Month Smiles in sectional indirect bonding trays, for ease of placement. Kelly was also provided with removable Vacuum Formed Retainers, which doubled as bleaching trays allowing her to perform home tooth whitening. To complete the treatment we carried out some edge bonding and shaping of the tips of the upper incisors, to enhance the final aesthetic result.
  • One of the great things about the Six Month Smiles system is that it takes a lot of the complexity out of providing simple fixed orthodontic treatment for patients whose chief complaint is cosmetically focussed, and who have already turned down comprehensive orthodontics. It allows us to achieve a fantastic cosmetic result without having to resort to aggressive veneer preps or other restorative procedures.
  • COURSE: Attending a Two Day Course is the gateway to becoming a Six Month Smiles Provider. The course is full of critical information including two hands-on exercises and a strong emphasis on case selection. After the course, providers are ready to begin treating patients. * Share your (or your client ’s) personal experience at the course.

Simple and Predictable Short-Term Orthodontics Simple and Predictable Short-Term Orthodontics Presentation Transcript

  • Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces. After Six Month SmilesBefore During
  • Simple and Predictable Short-Term Orthodontics a Six Month Smiles case study By Dr. Andy Denny BDS MFGDP(UK) MGDS RCS(Eng)
  • Case Presentation Kelly: 29 yrs. Old Chief Complaint: Crossed-over front teeth and the lateral teeth that she called ‘fangs’.
  • 6 Months Later!
  • IT ALL STARTS AT THE TWO DAY COURSE! $200 OFF$200 OFF Use Promo CodeUse Promo Code AACD200AACD200
  • IT ALL STARTS AT THE TWO DAY COURSE! $200 OFF$200 OFF Use Promo CodeUse Promo Code AACD200AACD200