The Art Gallery & The Community
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The Art Gallery & The Community

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At Redesign_DC Dafna Steinberg, of the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, gave a talk on using art galleries as community spaces for collaboration. How can we expand the idea of an "arts" community?

At Redesign_DC Dafna Steinberg, of the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, gave a talk on using art galleries as community spaces for collaboration. How can we expand the idea of an "arts" community?

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  • 1. The Art Gallery and Community
    Collaboration and Bringing Art To A Wider Audience
  • 2. Introduction: Dafna Steinberg
    Gallery Director
  • 3. The Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery
  • 4. Our Mission
    The Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery offers exhibitions and programs that enhance Jewish identity, examine issues of social importance and develop community. Through exhibitions, the gallery seeks to present authentic artwork and artifacts that address themes of social consciousness and cultural awareness. Multi-disciplinary programs are created to reflect public experience and expand the reach of each exhibition to a variety of age and cultural groups.
  • 5. The Gallery As A Classroom:Internal Agency Collaboration
    During the exhibition Memory of a time I did not know…, the gallery worked with the JCC’s preschool to put together an exhibition.
    Preschoolers made multiple visits to the gallery in order to spend time with the work.
    Based on the different mediums that the artist had used, the preschoolers made their own artwork that reflected on the work in the gallery.
  • 6. The Gallery as a Classroom
  • 7. The Gallery As Classroom
  • 8. The Gallery As Classroom
  • 9. Community Response:National Portrait Gallery
    December 20, 2010: In response to the removal of the David Wojnarowicz piece Fire In My Belly, we held a community “Rapid Response” panel discussion to discuss what led up to its removal.
    Working with Transformer Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and activist Catherine V. Dawson, we reached a wide range of people.
    Between 230 and 260 people attended.
  • 10. Rapid Response Panel Discussion: National Portrait Gallery
  • 11. Museums as Community Spaces
    Through a collaboration with the Bronfman Gallery, the DCJCC’s GLOE (Kurlander Program for GLBT Outreach & Engagement) and the National Portrait Gallery, we put together a private tour of the exhibition Hide/Seek with curator David C. Ward.
    More 60+ people showed up for the tour which lasted close to two hours.
  • 12. GLOE Hide/Seek Tour
  • 13. GLOE Hide/Seek Tour
  • 14. GLOE Hide/Seek Tour
  • 15. Promoting Art and Artists:Gallery Collaborations
    Two galleries working together on joint events, projects and exhibitions
    Curatorial exchanges
    Providing spaces for collectives
  • 16. Gallery Collaborations
    For the current exhibition What Was There To Be Seen, held talk with artist SelinBalci, a Hamiltonian Gallery Fellow, as part of the Off The Wall artist talk series.
    Cross promoted with Hamiltonian Gallery and was during the run of Balci’s own exhibit.
  • 17. Conclusion
    Collaborations between galleries/museums can:
    Provide new and interesting ways of using art to educate a greater public
    Give emerging artists more opportunities to showcase their work.
    Expand the idea of an “arts” community.
  • 18. THANK YOU!