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My Project Schedule
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My Project Schedule


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My Schedule

My Schedule

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. My Project Schedule By Anna Broomhead
  • 2.
    • For my project to work successfully, I will need to complete all of my work on time. As I am producing 3 separate products, I will need to manage my time correctly, and I plan to do this by working to a schedule. I will need to set a deadline for each section of research and production and aim to complete it as close to that deadline as possible.
  • 3. Complete Research- 24 th July
    • I plan to complete my research by the 24 th of July. This will allow me plenty of time to research existing products and techniques used to produce them.
  • 4. Complete Planning- 10 th August
    • I will need to plan my project before I produce it. This will involve shot lists; storyboards; mock-ups; cast lists; track choice; track length; and cuts.
    • I will aim to complete this by the 10 th of August. This will then give me enough time to complete my project by the 1 st December.
  • 5. Complete Rough Cut- 20 th September
    • This gives me over a month to shoot and edit my music video. This means that I will have enough time to produce a good quality music video, but still have enough time left to produce my album cover and poster as well.
  • 6. Complete Final Cut- 1 st October
    • I will have 11 days to improve my rough cut of my music video and add any extra editing I feel it needs. I plan t ask for feedback at this stage, so that I am ready to make any necessary changes later on in the year. It will also allow me to compare my video to other music videos.
  • 7. Complete Album Cover & Poster Mock-ups- 15 th October
    • Whilst waiting for audience feedback, I plan to use my time to produce my album cover and music poster. I will look at existing covers and posters and try to identify common themes, so that I can make my own products as successful as possible. I plan to feature common themes between my products.
  • 8. Final Album Cover & Poster- 31 st October
    • My mock-ups will, by this time, have given me some ideas and allowed me to make a decision about the designs I use. This means that I should not need very long to create my final products. However, I am giving myself 16 days so that I do not run out of time and produce a poor product.
  • 9. Feedback- 10 th November
    • This is when I plan to receive my final audience feedback. I hope that this feedback will give me some constructive criticism and allow me to improve my products further.
  • 10. Revisions- 18 th November
    • After receiving feedback from my potential audience, I plan to improve my products based upon their opinions. However, I have decided not to spend too much time on this, as I need to improve 3 products, and so I will only take repeated requests into account, for example, if the majority of my feedback is based on the colours of my poster.
  • 11. Evaluations & Further Improvements- 21 st November
    • This is when I will evaluate my products. I will discuss what I think of them, focusing on what I feel I did well, what I think I could improve, and what I found difficult when planning and making my work. I also plan to use this stage to make some final improvements before the deadline. This stage will give me the chance to make a final decision about whether I think I have reached my goals, and allow me a final chance to improve my work.
  • 12. First Hand-in- 1 st December
    • After completing my research, planning and production, I will hand my wok in to be marked. This will ensure that I know how to improve my products further. I will also know which areas of my work I should focus on, as audience feedback can only help me so much.