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Digi Pack

  1. 1. Digi Pack
  2. 2. The Killers <ul><li>Throughout the whole killers selection they follow the same format for album covers and posters. They follow the guides that simple is better and this shows with the crude simplicity in their pictures. The album covers all contain one major picture which tends to take up the whole cover and they the name and album title is placed somewhere into it. The posters follow the same as they are all of the killers just posing and different positions and some then contain the band name. This is simple but effective as it gets the band known and makes them easy to find and see in places such as music stores and gives them a good consistent theme through there whole media range. The good thing about simple covers like this is that they will not have to pay large amounts of money on editing which is good but also gets the band image across strongly which is what all covers and posters are meant to do. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Daughtry <ul><li>Daughtry have always been known for their simple ways since they were formed and this shows in their simple but clever posters and covers. Their Cd covers all contain a picture of the band or Chris himself. This is good as it makes it easy for people to associate the album with the band and makes them easily recognisable. This is the same for the posters because they are all pictures of the band facing towards camera is a posed position. This is good because it makes the posters desirable to fans and gets the bands image portrayed easily as you can see from the Mise en scene that they are an American style band. The clothes they wear shows this as well. The covers being so simple makes them stand out from al the others and I think opting for a simple yet effective cover for my music video would be good as it can be used to great effect for advertising and band awareness. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Kanye West <ul><li>Kanye is renound for his unique style of music but what also makes him stand out is his unique styling for his album covers and posters. His designs are colourful and eye catching and all contain an element of fiction or fantasy in them. The bear on his albums has become a constant character who gets his albums noticed in shops by customers. The covers of albums contain the bear and posters contain pictures on kanye. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Paramore <ul><li>Paramore have always been known a punk band. Their covers and posters represent this as they are dark and punky. The covers all contain the name in a different style whether it be the main feature of the cover or placed above a picture the name is always present. The pictures on the cover are usually of the band but if no picture they use related images to get across the style of the album. The posters all contain images of the band and usually feature the name of the band. I see this trend through pretty much all the posters I analysed so I think this should feature on my poster. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Taylor Swift <ul><li>Taylor swift has bought a new style into the music seen and is showing this through her upbeat c.d covers and posters. Her album covers are plain and give an impression of the style of music in the album for instance the album cover in the top left ‘love story’ have her dressed as Juliet on the cover which represents story on the album. The albums contain a lot of natural colours as to not make the albums seem outrageous. </li></ul>