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    Science jeopardy Science jeopardy Presentation Transcript

    • This is the room that you are currently in.
    • What isRoom 209?
    • Let’s take a look at our categories…
    • The Moon
    • E is forEclipse
    • As theWorld turns
    • SolSearching
    • It’s so big
    • E is for As the World SolThe Moon Eclipse Turns Searching It’s so Big200 200 200 200 200400 400 400 400 400600 600 600 600 600800 800 800 800 8001000 1000 1000 1000 1000 GO TO Final Jeopardy
    • Thereasonwe cansee the moon.
    • What is thereflection of the sun?
    • The effect of the moon’s gravity onearth causes these.
    • What arethe tides ?
    • The moon has 8main of these in a month.
    • What arePhases?
    • The moon circlesthe Earth in this many days.
    • What is 28 ?
    • The moon is oneof these orbiting the earth.
    • What is asatellite?
    • When the moonPasses between the Sun and EarthThis kind of eclipse occurs.
    • What is a solar eclipse ?
    • When the EarthPasses between the Sun and the moonthis kind of eclipse occurs.
    • What is aLunar eclipse?
    • The circle around theeclipsed sun seen here.
    • What is the corona?
    • A Solar eclipse iscaused by this.
    • What is theMoon’s shadow?
    • Tue or false.There is a total eclipse of the sun everyyear in North America
    • What is False?
    • It takes one year for theEarth to do one of these around the sun
    • What is arevolution ?
    • This is one rotation of the Earth.
    • What is a day?
    • The world rotates Around this.
    • What is an axis ?
    • Seasons occur on Earth because of this.
    • What is the tilt of the axis?
    • The Earth does thisaround Sol, while the moon does this around the Earth .
    • What is orbit ?
    • The 6 planet th from sol.
    • What is Saturn ?
    • The red planet
    • What is Mars ?
    • This separates the inner and outer planets.
    • What is theAsteroid belt ?
    • Large chunks of rock and gas that orbit The sun.
    • What is a comet?
    • Jupiter has anongoing storm that is referred to as this.
    • What is thegreat red spot ?
    • The universe continues to do this.
    • What isexpand?
    • This is a diagram of this.
    • What is the ISS?
    • The name of either the 1st male or female Canadian astronaut.
    • Who areMarc Garneau and Roberta Bondar?
    • What isThe Canada arm?
    • The name of the space mission thatlanded on the moon.
    • What isApollo (11) ?
    • Teacher and Student Response
    • First Moon Landing 1969.mp4
    • This video clip shows thisEvent and this man.
    • What is the 1 stmoon landing and who isNeil Armstrong?
    • Thank you for yourparticipation.