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What i want

  1. 1. By: Your son, Matthew
  2. 2.  Android is an operating system(1) for mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, and will be the operating system for OUYA (the console we bought) It was introduced by many technology companies as a rival to the Apple operating system for iPods and iPads. These companies are headed by Google, Sony, Dell, HTC, Motorola, and T-Mobile (1) Operating System – The systems of which a piece technology runs on. For example: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Apple OS. Android is just one meant for non-computers (cell phones / tablets / consoles)
  3. 3.  Games that run on one operating system can’t run on other operating systems unless you tweak it For instance, I’d never be able to run a game on an Apple computer that was made for a Windows one Much the same, you can play games meant for previous systems of the same type on current ones Example: You’ll be able to play games for Android Cell Phones on the Ouya when it comes out
  4. 4.  When the Ouya comes out it will unprecedented. Today’s systems (Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360) all require approval for games to be developed by their respective parties (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). If you don’t get their approval, you aren’t allowed to make games. Android devices allow the users to freely make games, or any other apps for that matter, without approval. You are allowed to sell them directly through the Android market. If they are illegal, they are likely to get taken down. But other than that, you can mark them up for any price you want and sell them.
  5. 5.  Games are made on Game Engines. Many simple ones are free. For instance, the one used to make Angry Birds is free. Many more advanced ones are free for 3D games as well. Many even more advanced ones are made specifically for games by major gaming companies. Over the last three months I have been familiarizing myself with two free Game Engines. One of them is meant for 3D games and the other is meant for 2D games. More than likely I’d be making 2D games for cell phones, tablets, and Ouya.
  6. 6.  Stencyl is a 2D Free Game Engine. This Software will soon offer the ability to directly publish to Android systems. They offer many pre-built game levels to learn how to use the program to make your own games. They have a “Success Stories” part of their website. It has 5 games listed that have made the creators $10,000+ and had over 1,000,000 plays. Not bad for a Game Engine that was released publically 45 days ago!
  7. 7.  I need a cell phone that runs Android to test out that games I will be making. It’d be pointless to make games for a product and I wouldn’t be able to test them. Without a cell phone, I’d either have to give up this idea completely or wait till Ouya comes out to test it on there…
  8. 8.  The Ouya hasn’t published their SDK(1). They say all games that work on Android devices now will work on the Ouya, but many people speculate the controls will need to be configured to the Ouya. This means that any games I make now that work on Android will work on Ouya, but the controls will need to be altered for the controllers of the Ouya instead of the touch screen/keys of a cell phone. This means that since I’m getting the Ouya before it hits store, I’ll be able to (hopefully) alter the products before Ouya hits store so that they can be bought the day of. (1) SDK – Software Developer Kit – What they give us to help us make Apps.
  9. 9. Me + = + + = $$$? Yes.  ? Yes.