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Smallbusinesseshugeopportunitieswithfanpagesonfacebook 091110112031 Phpapp02


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Small Businesses, Huge Opportunities with Fan Pages on Facebook A Free Webinar Introducing Dave Kerpen October 28, 2009 &
  • 2.
    • Welcome!
    • 3 ways to ask questions:
    • Facebook: Visit our Facebook Page and post on the wall:
    • Post questions in the webinar “Question” bar
    • Tweet @thekbuzz and use #kbuzz on Twitter
    • And now…it’s time for PRIZES!
  • 3. About theKbuzz
    • Company was formed when its founders were married on a ballfield, in a sponsored wedding that garnered $100,000 in sponsorships and $20,000 for charity– attracting national and international press.
    • Social Media and Word of Mouth Firm dedicated to authentically amplifying the conversation around our clients.
    • Provide strategy and execution for clients entering the social media space
    • Winner, 2008 WOMMIE, from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association
    • In 2009, have built and managed
    • Over 150 Facebook Fan Pages
  • 4.
    • Email and Text Messaging data source 2008 MRI
    • Google data source to ComScore
    • Social media data source 2008 Cone Institute Study
    The Shocking Truth As many people use social media as use email! This number will only grow!
  • 5.
    • In late 2008, a study on social media was completed by The Cone Institute. It found:
      • 184,000,000 Americans use social media.
      • 93% of those Americans believe that companies should have a presence on those social sites
      • 85% believe that companies should not only be present, but should regularly interact with their customers on social media .
  • 6. What this means for you…
      • Word of Mouth has and will always be the best form of advertising for your small business.
      • Friends will always take advice from friends.
  • 7. But with Social Media, the definition of “Friends” has changed drastically
  • 8. Joining the conversation using How a small business can join the conversation on Facebook. It’s no longer of matter of if you’ll join, but when and how.
  • 9. There are over 300 million users of Facebook, many of whom spend time over 2 hours per day on the site. It’s not just for kids anymore! The most rapidly growing demos on the most rapidly growing social network are women 35+ Ad targeting opportunities are unparalleled! You can target by: age, town, marital status, children, interests, and thousands of other keyword categories. Facebook‘s natural virality allows users to endorse your center with the click of a button to hundreds of their friends. Your BUSINESS! Wild Waters All Natural Kids Drink
  • 10. Introducing… The Fan Page Your communication vehicle for your customers, clients, fans, and contacts
  • 11. The Beauty of The Facebook Fan Page: Fan Pages are F unctional A d-Ready B usiness-focused
  • 12. How Your Public Profile Works: A Brief Overview Status Tabs Description Fans Callout Boxes Wall
  • 13. Effective Use of Tabs Tabs can be customized, and can feature a different application on each tab. A Facebook Public Profile now really acts as a microsite for your business. Bonus! You can target social ads to hit different tabs of your Public Profile!
  • 14. The Settings Button Is Your Friend! Settings allow you to customize where fans and potential fans land when they find your page. People who already love you can see something different than people who are not yet your fans! This provides a unique opportunity…
  • 15. Speak Directly To Your Fans-To-Be Custom Landing Page Custom space with a new expanded width allows you to welcome new fans with a specific message geared towards them. Create coupons, discounts, offers, etc. -VALUABLE content that they receive when becoming a fan.
  • 16. The Beautiful “Boxes” Tab Boxes Tab is chock full of your greatest stuff…all your FBML, custom applications, and beyond… Allows users to have one space with a lot of your most important information. Hint: Not able to create a unique landing page for new fans? Direct them to land on the boxes tab!
  • 17. The Public Profile Wall… The Importance of Public Response Follow the D.N.D. rule… DO NOT DELETE! Unless a wall response has hateful or offensive language, the correct thing to do is RESPOND. Respond publicly, and individually message a follow up. Far more people are looking at Public Profile walls than former fan pages.
  • 18. And Don’t Forget About: STATUS UPDATES! Companies can now update their statuses….and it will show up in the feeds of their fans!!! Hint: Be “Like-able” The new Public Profile allows an organization to experience the same instant viral effect that personal profiles have…thus eliminating the unnatural “friending” of businesses that violate Facebook’s Terms of Service.
  • 19. Great tools for local businesses on Facebook:
  • 20.
    • Facebook Best Practices:
      • Make your Public Profile a place filled with valuable content.
      • Give your fans a reason to become fans.
      • Use updates to ask questions and elicit response, not deliver press releases
      • Engage fans through creative content
      • Think of your page in terms of being for your fans, not being for your brand
      • Give fans reasons to post content on your profile page
      • Give fans ways to engage and have fun – polls, quizzes, contest, promotions, virtual gifts, etc.
  • 21.
      • More Facebook Best Practices:
      • Hypertarget with Social Ads and with Updates
      • Give fans reasons to post content on your profile page
      • Worry less about developing the perfect custom applications, and worry more about creating good conversation
      • Monitor conversation
      • Thank and respond to the positive 
      • Respond even more diligently to the negative!
  • 22. Using Facebook Ads to Target a Local Audience
  • 23. Facebook Ads So You’ve Got A Page, and your ready to advertise Is your town REALLY on Facebook? Here’s how to check…
  • 24. Facebook Ads A snapshot of US Facebookers over 18.
  • 25. Facebook Ads A snapshot of those within 25 miles of Nashua NH over 18. Hypertarget Social Diners Offer Birthday Specials
  • 26.
    • Hypertarget and Nanotarget
    • More examples of possible target audiences :
    • A family doctor or dentist might target women with kids who live in town
    • A bakery might target local chocolate lovers
    • A wellness professional or gym might target “fitness” lovers
    • Brokers or accountants might target “entrepreneurs”
    • Insurance agencies might target engaged men
    • Realtors might target college seniors – or high-income job titles in town
    • A small community theater could use the names of film that have been plays
    • A travel agent can target people who love to travel or love specific countries
    • A salon or hairdresser might target fans of Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Simpson
  • 27.
    • Tips For Maximizing Your
    • Facebook Ad Spend
    • Monitor Ads Frequently and Check them with Social Action Conversions
    • Alter Ads Frequently to Target Based on Holidays, Events, New Messaging
    • X-amine your cost per click spend– should it be raised? Are you hitting your budget and goals?
  • 28. How To See if your Facebook Presence is working:
  • 29. Some examples of small businesses who get it right: (Lots more @ , click on Favorite Pages)
  • 30. Cherry Valley They use their facebook to update their fans. They also use the video app to post fan testimonials.
  • 31. Electronic Frontier Foundation Great use of custom tabs!
  • 32. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Fans show their loyalty by posting fan photos. Dinosaur has almost 25,000 fans!!!
  • 33. Hot Skates Interactive fans that post pictures and rave about the rink!
  • 34. LawBiz Management This law consultant shows excellent use of the documents application.
  • 35. This group of lawyers made their welcome page an “About Us” page with all their group information. Davis Law Group
  • 36. Awesome Welcome tab and call to action! Zippy’s
  • 37. Pat O’Brien’s Bar Has fun with posts and responds to fan inquires.
  • 38. Powell’s Books, Inc. This local bookstore utilizes the Event app to promote upcoming book signings.
  • 39. Utilizes the boxes tab and has a great call to action! Edward Zuckerberg ,*(theKbuzz client) D.D.S.,F.A.G.D.
  • 40. Posts many interesting stories and has great fan interaction. Christopher's Wine & Cheese
  • 41. This small retail store uses the photo albums to show off their products. Madcapz
  • 42. This home builder integrated their RSS/Blog into their Facebook page. Pulte Homes
  • 43. Burnett Realty Burnett Realty uses videos to show off their properties in an interactive way.
  • 44. Joshua Feldman – Mortgage Consultant Posts relevant information his fans would be interested in.
  • 45. Disney Travel Consultant – Anna Swenson A lot of fan interaction and speedy responses from Anna!
  • 46. Dr. Carla Cupida - Chiropractor Posts frequently and relevant information.
  • 47. Some things to consider. Research your industry on Facebook. Research your competitors. Look at what you like and what you don’t. Develop your strategic vision. Sketch out what you are looking to do. Who do you want to reach, and what do you want to tell them when they find you! Hint: Get familiar with Static:FBML! Facebook Social Ads: Now you can link them to specific tabs on your public profile! Hint: Test out some HIGHLY targeted ads to minimize cost Link to different TABS!
  • 48. Ways theKbuzz Can Help You: Want your Facebook Fan Page to have the same look and feel of a Fortune 500 company’s page? theFacelift™ can do this for you! This program uses a proprietary platform through which we design and build your Facebook Fan Page and help you maximize the benefits of being on Facebook on a monthly basis. You'll receive all the tools to be successful on Facebook, along with weekly tips and how-to's on growing your fan base, keeping up with the changing face of Facebook, putting new tools and resources into action, and profiting from your Facebook presence.
  • 49. theKbuzz Demo Fan Call to Action Customized Gifts for Your Company Link Your Twitter Account
  • 50. theKbuzz Demo Custom Polls Link Your Blog
  • 51. theKbuzz Demo Place to Sign-up for a Newsletter Connect Your YouTube Channel And Much More!!!
  • 52.
    • A custom-built Facebook Fan Page including a professional, custom landing Page with personalized features and custom-designed Wall tabs
    • Ability to include customized apps such as virtual gifts, slideshow, rss feeds, polls, quizzes, and more.
    • Monthly updating of customized apps-- new gifts, features, polls, and content for your Facebook page each and every month!
    • Your first 25 Facebook Fans from a hypertargeted audience based upon your geographic, demographic, and keyword requests.
    • A custom domain name ala
    • 10 recommended sample content updates to Stream to encourage engagement, sharing, virality, new fans and increased business
    • Exclusive access to 2 weekly instructional and motivational videos on ways to market your business using your Facebook Page
    • Bi-weekly webinar on Facebook-- with opportunity for Q&A with a consultant at theKbuzz
    • Weekly education on what's new and what's coming soon (Facebook is always changing and innovating
    • We constantly educate and re-educate ourselves, so that you don't have to!)
    • $25 Facebook Ads Free Trial and access to an exclusive 60 minute webinar on "How to Use Facebook Ads for Businesses“
    • 24/7 email access to help from theKbuzz team
    • Use code “CLIENT” for 50% off 1 st month – 1 st 100 ppl only @ http://theFacelift.Biz
    theFacelift™ is perfect for small businesses and includes:
  • 53. Other Ways theKbuzz Can Help You:
      • Free resources from theKbuzz: Visit our blog or our FB Page for constant tips on your entrance into the social media space.
      • For Seamless strategy and execution
      • (daily content management, individualized consulting)
      • thePageStarter / Pagegrower Pro:
      • 50% OFF– FIRST 50 SIGNUPS ONLY.
      • Looking for a complete social media strategy, plan & execution? Try Social Ideation! Email [email_address] or call 718.416.2899.
  • 54. Thank You! Follow us @thekbuzz on Twitter (Also @carriekerpen and @davekerpen) Fan us @ Link in with us @ Or, call us anytime @ 718-416-2899 Questions & Grand Prize! BONUS FOR NEW YORK RESIDENTS- STAY TUNED!