Amir Taha: The future of the Egyptian economy


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Amir Taha: The future of the Egyptian economy. A presentation at the 2013 Conference 'Economics for Conscious Evolution', London, UK, July 2013.

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Amir Taha: The future of the Egyptian economy

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF THE EGYPTIAN ECONOMY presented by Amir taha
  2. 2. The future of the Egyptian economy Egyptians hope of bright future for them after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. But hope this has not been achieved in economic terms,The percentage of unemployment reached 12.5 percent.
  3. 3. Egypt suffers after more than two years after the fall of the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak of economic shock, foreign investors have left the country. Egypt is witnessing the deterioration of its currency to a large extent. Therefore, the central bank allocated so far more than half of its hard currency reserves to counter inflation and import of commodities. A significant increase of the prices of basic foodstuffs
  4. 4. . many Egyptians find great difficulties even to pay the price of basic foodstuffs such as rice, potatoes and vegetables. As a result, uses more than a quarter of the state budget funds to finance social assistance .
  5. 5. A few encouraging initiatives  the Egyptian businessmen are not facing only problems dating back to the past, but have difficulties also in the face of challenges of the present, as not emanating from government initiatives encouraging remember .  That the root challenges not economical, as it "does not constitute a deterioration of the economy, but an offer".
  6. 6. Immigration from Egypt So what is the future of Egypt and the Egyptians, then? Egypt borrowed in the past few years a lot of money, but that the country will not solve its problems by borrowing. So demanding Egyptian businessman that Egypt "focuses on the core challenges. They should improve the infrastructure and training and health systems." But that will take a long time ranges between 10 and 20 years old .
  7. 7. Egyptian Tax System
  8. 8. The Egyptian corporate tax regime applies to joint stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships limited by shares, foreign companies and branches of foreign companies whose head office is situated abroad. This tax is also applicable to banks and public sector companies. Taxation of Companies
  9. 9. Taxation of Individuals
  10. 10. Other Taxes
  11. 11. The future of agriculture in Egypt Egypt moving toward changing policies to confront this global crisis, and to intensify its efforts to increase the volume of agricultural crops essential, especially wheat and rice because it represents great importance in the process of food, where to promote food security in Egypt is a trend nationally to address the crisis of rising food prices on the local level and the world, bearing in mind that Egypt her experiences in the development of irrigation and agriculture cooperation and coordination between the ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources and Irrigation and using modern technology.
  12. 12. Egypt began to implement long-term plan to add about 3.4 million acres of new land reclaimed until the year 2017, and within the framework of this plan is added 150 thousand acres new each year to patch agricultural, agricultural area in Egypt an estimated 8.47 million acres, or about 3.5% of the total area of Egypt, and agricultural development projects​​ contributed to the vertical reach crop area to 14.6 million acres.
  13. 13. Agriculture in Egypt  2007 saw the reclamation of 264.2 thousand acres, with 90% of the target and the application of the first steps of modernization of agriculture by turning to the private sector and be managed according to free-market mechanisms in the framework of the economic liberalization program implemented by Egypt.
  14. 14. Future directions for Agricultural Development  The ministry began implementing a number of measures have succeeded in reaching a rate of agricultural growth to 4.1% per annum, and between these procedures to expansion in the use of agricultural technology Laser implementation of the settlement program of agricultural lands to maximize the added value, estimated at about 315 million pounds due to the regularity Seed distribution.
  15. 15. Regards Amir Taha A message of peace from Egypt to the world