Environment Wales Presentation Grants and Support for a Better Welsh Environment


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Presentation given to the Climate Change Commission for wales 2013

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  • Hello everyone, thanks you for giving me the opportunity to speak and talk a bit about the work of EW with a particular focus on the climate change agenda and to give an indication of some of the gaps in provision for the third sector that we have identified through our work. As some of you may know EW was established in 1992 to support voluntary action on the environment but rather than just providing financial support we are, and have always set out to be,
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  • Environment Wales Presentation Grants and Support for a Better Welsh Environment

    1. 1. Working in Partnership
    2. 2. More than a Grant Stream… 1.Development Officer Support: •Long-term relationship with dedicated Development Officer (DO) •‘Sign-posting’ service •Expertise of core partner organisations •Networking and information exchange
    3. 3. 2. Intelligent, Accessible Funding • 5 Tailored Grant Streams • Hands-on support • Prompt turnarounds • Insights into what works • Complementary schemes
    4. 4. What do we do? “Pioneering ideas need fertile soil to take root and be nurtured. It's the nurturing bit that Environment Wales is so good at.” Richard Northridge, Cwm Harry Land Trust
    5. 5. We… More than 300 community groups and social enterprises across Wales. • Support • Signpost • Network • Guide • Inspire
    6. 6. We help communities to make Sustainable Development goals a reality.
    7. 7. Community Grown Food
    8. 8. Recycling
    9. 9. Reuse
    10. 10. Energy
    11. 11. Woodland Management
    12. 12. Keen Greens
    13. 13. Keen Non Greens
    14. 14. Incidental Greens
    15. 15. Measuring Value
    16. 16. What is the Potential? 1.1,000 volunteers have a greater understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change and are using this to inform others and model climate-friendly living; 2.50 projects are enabled to model resource conservation and action on climate change to 20,000 staff, volunteers, visitors and beneficiaries; 3.15 community reuse and recycle schemes are supported to enable communities to act on the 3Rs message; 4.20 organisations have started to make changes to their existing activities to take account of climate change; 5.10 jobs are created or maintained to carry out these activities.
    17. 17. Gaps in Support •What is there already? •How do we measure and communicate value? •Support for First Steps •Talk the same language Thank you