Climate Services Met Office 2013


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A presentation on Climate Services by the Met Office

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Climate Services Met Office 2013

  1. 1. Climate Services Adaptation subcommittee, Climate Welcome to the2013 Change Met Office Commission for Wales, Sept © Crown copyright Met Office
  2. 2. Overview • Global activities - Global Framework for Climate Services, Climate Service Partnership • European activities (many!) • Activities in the UK and at the Met Office (Climate Service UK) © Crown copyright Met Office
  3. 3. History of the Global Framework for Climate Services 1979: World Climate Conference-1  WCP, WCRP, IPCC 1990: World Climate Conference-2  UNFCCC, GCOS 2009: World Climate Conference-3 called for GFCS 2012: Extraordinary World Meteorological Congress approved GFCS 2013: 1st Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services 3
  4. 4. Global Framework for Climate Services Developed under the UN system Enable society to better manage the risks and opportunities arising from climate variability and change, especially for those who are most vulnerable to climate-related hazards This will be done through development and incorporation of science-based climate information into planning, policy and practice. Hewitt et al (2012) Nature Climate Change
  5. 5. The principles of the GFCS
  6. 6. The components of the GFCS
  7. 7. The GFCS initial priority areas Agriculture and food security Health Water manageme nt Disaster Risk Reduction
  8. 8. Climate Service Partnership • Arising from First International Conference on Climate Services • Connect climate service activities • Forum for collaborating and sharing experiences • Involves researchers, service providers, donors, decision makers, … • Annual International Conference
  9. 9. European Commission funded R&D projects related to climate services ECLISE – demonstrate local climate services to support adaptation policies and conceptualise a European climate service CLIM-RUN – climate information in the Mediterranean region responding to user needs NACLIM – improve our understanding of the predictability of the climate in the N. Atlantic/European sector. SPECS - climate prediction systems for seasonal-to-decadal time scales, to provide actionable climate information. EUPORIAS - maximise the usefulness of seasonal-to-decadal climate information through close collaboration with end users. ECOMS – coordinate across EC projects and a ‘think tank’ on future research priorities Plus JPI-Climate, Climate-KIC, GMES/Copernicus, ...
  10. 10. Climate Services: the Application of Climate Science • From mitigation to mitigation and adaptation • From few to many customers/users/stakeholders • Global century scenarios to regional predictions, days to decades ahead • Climate change to climate change and climate variability • Broad climate to characteristics of weather including extremes and impacts • Operational delivery – regularly updated monitoring, forecasts, products & services
  11. 11. Climate Service UK Partnership: working with Environment Agency, Natural Environment Research Council and others User driven: working together through customer partnerships to build knowledge, develop user-relevant tools, and ensure climate information is used in decision-making Ensure a sustainable service based on user demand Built on a solid base of world-leading underpinning science (HCCP) Developed alongside our weather service and building on existing service delivery capability: a seamless weather and climate service © Crown copyright Met Office
  12. 12. Climate Service UK event • Formal event held in London on 3 June 2013 • Speakers included Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, WMO Deputy Secretary-General, industry, and CEs of Met Office, NERC and EA • Showcased examples of climate services: • National Climate Information Centre • Climate Science Research Partnership in Africa • Met Service Singapore capacity building • PRECIS • Bangladesh project • WFP Food Security • Expert advice (Knowledge Integration team, consultancy projects) © Crown copyright Met Office
  13. 13. Collaboration with Met Service Singapore (MSS) • • • A long-term partnership was initiated in 2011 between MSS and the Met Office to strengthen Singapore’s weather and climate science capability. Singapore and SE Asia are highly vulnerable to climate variability and change and extreme events including flooding from intense storms and storm surges, land loss from sea level rise, heat stress. Expertise developed by the Met Office is helping Singapore to assess risks faced by the country and the wider South East Asia region. © Crown copyright Met Office
  14. 14. Collaboration with Met Service Singapore (MSS) Collaboration focussed on: 1. Building climate modelling capability through PRECIS system 2. Coordinated climate analysis and modelling with ASEAN Met Services 3. Vulnerability to climate change 4. Seasonal forecasting 5. Tropical, high-resolution NWP (SINGV) 6. Dispersion modelling, with a focus on haze 7. Training workshops 8. Joint scientific papers 9. Exchange of scientists © Crown copyright Met Office
  15. 15. US-UK Collaboration on climate services • UK Science and Innovation Network (Houston) assistance • To strengthen US-UK cooperation in developing technical advances and products in climate services • For agriculture and food security • Specific activities: • Workshop on agriculture and food security to strengthen engagement between providers and users, and better understand user needs • Research exchange visits before and after the workshop to create sustained product development © Crown copyright Met Office
  16. 16. Summary • A climate service is the provision of climate information to assist decision-making • The service is based on scientifically credible information and expertise and must meet the user’s needs • Major international activities underway (GFCS and CSP) • European landscape is complicated • Climate Service UK will help decision-makers manage risks and opportunities in the UK and abroad © Crown copyright Met Office
  17. 17. Questions © Crown copyright Met Office