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Presentation to Climate Change Commission for Wales by C3W

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C3W Presentation

  1. 1. Clive Walmsley, Director of Outreach Natural Resources Wales Report to the Climate Change Commission for Wales 19 September 2013
  2. 2. Vision: To become one of the world’s leading research centres for the study of climate change – past, present and future C3W delivers: • A step change in the way climate research is undertaken in Wales developing collaborative multi-disciplinary research programmes, shared infrastructure and facilities • A world-class focus for climate change research in Wales • A substantial contribution to WG’s strategic plan for Higher Education in Wales • An outreach programme
  3. 3. Publications C3W research scientists have published 14 papers in Nature and Science journals since the launch of C3W (7 in 2012) Research grants • £5.9 million in research grants by C3W funded staff during 2012 and an additional £16.6 million for climate-related projects by the wider community during 2012 Expert advice • C3W staff have trusted policy positions and/or have acted as advisors to Natural Resources Wales, UK Meteorological Office, DECC, Defra, Cynnal Cymru, UK and Welsh museums (NMW), Welsh primary and secondary schools, Climate Change Commission for Wales
  4. 4. Highlights during 2012/13 • Two C3W scientists worked as funded Lead Authors for IPCC Fifth Assessment Report: Tavi Murray, Swansea: Greenland Ice Sheet mass balance Hilary Kennedy, Bangor: carbon storage in coastal wetlands • Significant coverage of C3W science in the draft IPCC report • Two C3W scientists won prestigious academic awards • A C3W commissioned film won an award at the Blue Ocean film awards, USA
  5. 5. Highlights during 2012/13 • Major strategic alliance with Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe and High Performance Computing Wales (HPCW) resulted in Fujitsu funding two workshops and the award of 5 HPCW PhD studentships in climate change science • Collaboration with the Wales Environment Research Hub (WERH) and CEH (Bangor) resulted in a joint workshop in climate change impacts modelling • First Welsh public perception survey undertaken in late 2012 and results published in March 2013 • UK Climate Projections (UKCP09) workshop held to raise awareness and facilitate use of Welsh projection data – in collaboration with CCW/WG/Environment Agency • Publication of Educational resource packs for Welsh teachers
  6. 6. Research workshops £20k ring-fenced for targeted workshops for proposal writing during 2011. A further £20k has now been ring-fenced for research workshops: • Climate Change Impacts (CEH/WERH) and Fujitsu/HPC Wales Studentships Gregynog workshop (19th – 22nd March 2012) (ESM): external funding from WERH and Fujitsu • British Antarctic Survey: research workshop on recent Antarctic warming, March 2012 (SLC, HER) • Gregynog Mathematics Colloquium, May 2012 (ESM) • Tyndall Annual Assembly, September 2012 (HER/WDCC) • Gregynog April 2013: Welsh Historical Climate Workshop (collaboration with Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd)
  7. 7. Research workshops •Royal Society Research Workshop on Tides, Palaeotides, Sea Level and Glacio-Isostatic Deflection, November 2012 (ESM/SLC): external funding from Fujitsu
  8. 8. Research funding highlights •BRITICE-CHRONO: NERC Consortium Grant (£3.6M) UK Universities: C3W (Bangor, Aberystwyth, Swansea), Sheffield, Durham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Ulster, St Andrews UK Research Institutes and Facilities: British Antarctic Survey, British Geological Survey, NERC Radiocarbon Facility International collaborators: Geological Survey of Ireland, University of Bergen (Norway), Stockholm University (Sweden), Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of Ottawa (Canada), Penn State University (USA), Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (France) Industrial/external partners: Centrica Energy, SP Transmission, Natural England, English Heritage, Scottish Natural Heritage, Countryside Council for Wales £35k to C3W Outreach Team to deliver Pathways to Impact Plan
  9. 9. Research funding highlights •Fujitsu-funded HPCW PhD studentships Dr Mattias Green (Bangor): The influence of the polar tides on ice sheet dynamics Dr Michaela Bray, Professor Roger Falconer (Cardiff, in collaboration with SME – Waterco): The impact of extreme weather events upon steep river basins throughout Wales Dr Simon Creer (Bangor): Understanding the microbial mechanisms underpinning the release of carbon from peatland ecosystems Dr Simon Neill (Bangor): Feedback on tidal stream array operation and the marine environment Dr Reza Hashemi (Bangor): Simulating the impacts of climate change on estuarine dynamics using an integrated catchment-to-coast model
  10. 10. Research outputs: publications Seven further publications in Nature and Science journals during 2012: [Aberystwyth]: Burrows, M.T., Schoeman, D.S., Duarte, C.M., O'Connor, M.I., Buckley, L.B., Kappel, C.V., Parmesan, C., Halpern, B.S., Brown, C., Brander, K.M., Bruno, J.F., Pandolfi, J.M., Sydeman, W.J., Moore, P., Kiessling, W., Richardson, A.J. & Poloczanska, E.S. (2012) Invasive species unchecked by climate response. Science 335, 538-539. [Cardiff]: Corner, A. (2012) Psychology science literacy and climate views. Nature Climate Change 2:10, 710-711. [Bangor]: Fourqurean, J.W., Kennedy, H., Marba, N., Holmer, M., Mateo, M.A., Apostolaki, E.T., Kendrick, G.A., Krause-Jensen, D., McGlathery, K.J., & Serrano, O. (2012) Seagrass ecosystems as a globally significant carbon stock. Nature Geoscience 5:7, 505-509 [Cardiff]: Hall, J.W., Brown, S., Nicholls, R.J., Pidgeon, N.F. & Watson, R.T. (2012) Proportionate adaptation. Nature Climate Change 2:12, 833-834.
  11. 11. Research outputs: publications [Swansea]: Hinder S.L., Hays, G., Edwards, M., Roberts, E.C, Walne, A.W. & Gravenor, M.B. (2012) Changes in marine dinoflagellate and diatom abundance under climate change. Nature Climate Change 2: 4, 271-275. [Cardiff]: Hönisch, B., Ridgwell, A., Schmidt, D.N., Thomas, E., Gibbs, S.J., Sluijs, A., Zeebe, R., Kump, L., Martindale, R.C., Greene, S.E., Kiessling, W., Ries, J., Zachos, J.C., Royer, D.L., Barker, S., Marchitto Jr., T.M., Moyer, R., Pelejero, C., Ziveri, P., Foster, G.L. & Williams, B. (2012) The geological record of ocean acidification. Science 335: 6072, 1058-1063. [Bangor]: Wanamaker, A.D., Butler, P.G., Scourse, J.D., Heinemeier, J., Eiriksson, J., Knudsen, K.L. & Richardson, C.A. (2012) Surface changes in the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation during the last millennium. Nature Communications 3: 899.
  12. 12. Research outputs: prizes GLIMPSE film on Greenland Ice Sheet: award from the 2012 Blue Ocean Film Festival, Monterey, California
  13. 13. Outreach objectives C3W will provide policy-makers, businesses, media and the general public with up-to-date information on climate change 4 outreach posts part-funded by NRW in each of the C3W universities • Policy • Education • Business • Media
  14. 14. Outreach objectives •Outreach activities - linked to the research being conducted in the C3W universities •Create opportunities to generate new research due to the interface with other sectors •Increased interest in outreach amongst academics as a result of the new Research Excellence Framework (REF) •Increased need for science communication of the evidence base and knowledge exchange between academics, businesses, policymakers and society
  15. 15. Education Outreach •Curriculum-linked science experiments, fieldwork and resources for Interactive science exhibits and exhibitions for all ages •Science Fairs - e.g. the Urdd, National Eisteddfod •Training for postgraduate researchers (Matlab, communications skills) •Public lectures and lecture series •Conferences & training workshops
  16. 16. Policy Outreach • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training • Knowledge Exchange workshops • Bespoke research projects, reviews and research launches • Science dissemination events to inform decision-making • Close collaboration with Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, Wales Environment Research Hub, Climate Commission for Wales, Cynnal Cymru and other key policy-related organisations • Training resource packs
  17. 17. Business Outreach • Formed research collaborations with several businesses, including HPCWales (5 studentships funded in 2012) and Fujitsu •C3W have supported research proposal writing workshops that have led to successful partnerships between academics and industry - NERC funded consortium: BRITICE Constraining rates of marine-influenced ice sheet decay
  18. 18. Media Outreach • C3W maintain a dynamic website • Deliver expert media and communications support to researchers • Information & communications • Photography, film, audio and production • Website design • Social media • Press releases •C3W outreach are trained and experienced in the communication and dissemination of multi-disciplinary science using a range of methods and media
  19. 19. Pathways to Impact •C3W outreach team have assisted researchers write their Impact Plans and have had a high rate of success in sourcing funds •Subsequently the team have been subcontracted to help deliver the Impact Plans in 3 funded research projects: - NERC funded BRITICE - AHRC Historical Climatology - NERC A 500,000-year environmental record from Chew Bahir
  20. 20. Outreach events • C3W Lecture Series: Bangor • Radio Wales Science Café broadcast • C3W Lecture Series: Cardiff • C3W Lecture Series: Swansea • Arctica exhibit: National Museum Wales, Palace of Westminster • Urdd National Eisteddfod 2012 • Climate Week 2012 and 2013 events • Eco-Schools Youth Climate Change Conference 2012
  21. 21. Science on a Sphere • Significant progress has been made in developing the Science on a Sphere visualisation tool in association with NOAA • Collaborating with Science Museum, London using their SoS to deliver high profile public lectures •Training young academics in the use of visualisation tools such as SoS educational resource • Developed a business case for a Welsh SoS installation and working towards purchasing a portable system for Wales • Discussing with other UK potential partners joint use of SoS
  22. 22. Science on a Sphere
  23. 23. Future developments • On-going Science on a Sphere proposal (National Museum Wales/Pontio) • CPD/briefing notes with NRW • Develop distance learning Climate Change MSc proposal • Further develop Impact Plan role for research projects Outreach events • IPCC 5th Assessment events Research workshops in planning phase: • Impact of extreme climate events on health in Wales • Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems (collaboration with CEFAS Marine Climate Change Centre, M3C)
  24. 24. Website: www. http://c3wales.org/