BT Superfast Cymru Presentation


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BT Superfast Cymru Presentation

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BT Superfast Cymru Presentation

  1. 1. Superfast Cymru – Progress – September 2013 Cyflymu Cymru - Cyflwyniad Sustainable Transport Cymru Ed Hunt (BT Group)
  2. 2. Agenda • Programme Aims • Roll-Out • Intervention Area • Wholesale Network • Delivering Jobs • BT Net Good goal • Q&A
  3. 3. Programme Aims • Put Wales in the top 10 of fibre penetrated OECD* countries • Assist economic growth so that businesses can: – – – – • Create sustainable jobs – – – • Acquire new customers by marketing digitally Sell more by developing new services or sell on-line for the first time Use Productivity improvements e.g. videoconferencing or audio calls with remote colleagues and home working can be more time efficient than travelling Improve Security as cloud computing becomes a possibility All of the above open up the possibility of creating new business opportunities which create jobs Support skills and training for school and adult learners – both those in work and those seeking employment Reduce the need to commute through home working Social inclusion – People without access to broadband today will be able to enjoy the richness of on-line services *Interpreted from OECD Percentage of fibre connections in total broadband among countries reporting fibre subscribers, December 2011
  4. 4. Roll-Out • Adding to BT’s commercial roll-out – Part of a £2.5bn investment in fibre based broadband • Roll out the most cost effective broadband network benefitting as many of the people of Wales as possible • NGBW roll-out priorities defined by Welsh Government – – • Approach – – • Economic e.g. Enterprise Zones & Local Growth Zones Social e.g. help with digital exclusion Rural and urban deployment at the same time Business and consumer at the same time A massive engineering project: – – – Five Millennium Stadiums or two Cardiff Bay barrages 17,500kms of optical fibre 3,000+ new fibre broadband cabinets
  5. 5. Country-Wide Intervention Area Next Generation Broadband Wales investment Existing or planned commercial investment
  6. 6. Interactive Map Deployment already in • Bangor • Caernarfon • Pwllheli • Menai Bridge • Porthmadog • Dolgellau • Ebbw Vale • Tredegar • Cwm • Abertillery • Cricceth • Abersoch • And others More to come in 13/14 in • Swansea • Blaenau Gwent • Vale of Glam • Newport • Gwynedd • Anglesey • Powys • And others
  7. 7. Wholesale Service ‘Competition Ready’ Network
  8. 8. BT Delivering Jobs Around Wales • Contractual obligation to deliver: – 50 full time Jobs • 90 delivered already – 100 Apprentices • 74 delivered already – 900 person weeks of work experience
  9. 9. BT Net Good Goal • Help customers reduce carbon emissions by at least three times the end to end impact of BT’s business • Measurement methodology developed by BT, Carbon Trust and Camanoe Associates (MIT) • BUT • The cry for better broadband in Wales is not reflected in the actual exploitation – • Wales has the lowest percentage of broadband connections out of all four Nations How can this asset be exploited?
  10. 10. Diolch am Wrando/Thank You For Listening Q&A