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  • 1. Serving the people of CumbriaWorking together to PreventSuicide in CumbriaCommunity mobilisationand the third sectorJane MathiesonConsultant, Public Health17 May 2013
  • 2. Suicide in Cumbria 2008-10
  • 3. Serving the people of Cumbria
  • 4. Serving the people of CumbriaWorking together to reduce suicides in CumbriaRole of the 3rd sector• Voice: “I wish we could talk about it more”• Reaching at risk groups – youth, sport, older adult,unemployed…• Addressing unmet need/direct service provision• Advocacy• Source of expert knowledge
  • 5. Serving the people of CumbriaMutual benefits of joint working• Sum is greater than the parts – increased impact• Access to assets, resources and expertise• Plugged into what’s going on• Innovation, flexibility, responsiveness
  • 6. Serving the people of CumbriaCumbria suicide prevention leadership group –current business• Strategy and action plan ‘refresh’• Training across agencies• Mitigating impact of the recession• Post suicide intervention• EUREGENAS
  • 7. Serving the people of CumbriaCase Studies• SOBs• Samaritans
  • 8. Serving the people of CumbriaWhat we’ve learntChampionsCatalystGet people together:• Shared vision, purpose, commitment;• Mix of experience, skills, spheres of influenceCommunity development principlesBe patient, keep working at culture where joint workingis the norm
  • 9. Serving the people of CumbriaOther things to bear in mind…• 3rd sector diverse – differences in approaches & worldviews within sector and between stat & vol sectors• Geographic distribution of 3rd sector agencies• Power dynamics• Money not be all end all, but…• Impact of the recession• Future of joint suicide prevention work
  • 10. Miss Dismiss Avoidwww.cemind.org
  • 11. What has worked ?• Being part of a network of organisations focussed and passionate aboutreducing suicides in Cumbria (suicide prevention leadership)• Raising the profile of suicide prevention- breaking some of the stigmas and taboos surrounding suicide- helping people realise suicide is everyone’s business and is preventable• Efficacy of the training (on a scale of 1-10) ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)Quality of Course 9.5Recommend course to others 9.9A great course, well lead, lots of variety, well communicated and a good outcomeunderstanding and skill competence greatly increased- SafeTALK – half day course in suicide alertnessQuality of course 9.1Very thought-provoking – may save a life or two!• Benefits to our organisation
  • 12. The Future of our training• Continue to do what we are doing – the importance of training is beingrealised. Future work with churches, farming networks, communitygroups as well as statutory agencies• Tailoring our courses to best suit needs• Work with agencies to look at additional awareness raising of suicideprevention• PersevereSuicide is everyone’s business