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Wattminder exec brief

  1. 1. Executive Summary Wattminder combines sophisticated data acquisition and analysis circuitry with intelligent algorithms to provide the most accurate online monitoring and diagnostic service available to the solar industry. Our solution will allow operators of revenue-critical solar power plants to maintain optimal performance by detecting and diagnosing under-performance with actionable messaging. An average PV system can under perform by as much as 13% leading to a $4B in lost revenue worldwide. Business Model Competitive solutions are primarily hardware centric. Wattminder is focusing on analytics with a software as a service business model. The analytics require sophisticated but relatively low cost hardware to perform 'signature analysis' on system faults at the string level, instantly. Our algorithms constantly examine the streamed measurement data to: • Detect for presence of under-perform in a solar power site • Diagnose for fault(s) causing such under-performance • Provide actionable instruction to the site supervisor & field technicians to enable restoration of full production. • Wattminder’s solution combines monitoring hardware priced at a few cents/watt and automated software monitoring service priced at 10% of the O&M budget for a typical power installation. The total market for monitoring and diagnostics can exceed $200M in five years. Wattminder is seeking seed level investment to complete instrumentation of our 3KW test facility, complete software integration, develop customer-ready hardware and begin beta testing. Wattminder Inc. 1153 Bordeaux Suite 199 Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 734-2907 www.wattminder.com
  2. 2. Customers Commerical site operators (PPA lease type) such as SunEdison, Solar Power Partners, Sun Power, and Fotowatio, utilize dedicated Operation Centers staff who watch over walls of computer monitor screens, some with alarm mechanism triggered by inverters. Although some of these sites utilize web- monitoring services, with industrial grade sensors, this process is far from rigorous. The result is poor visibility and unstructured metrics for availability, mean-time-to-repair, and system reliability. Market Entry Exploratory discussions are in progress with Balance-of-Product manufacturers who wish to take the lead in offering the next generation of combiner boxes, incorporating our hardware technology. Pilot implementation is being planned with Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (Stanford University). Competition FatSpaniel is the leading PV monitoring service provider, focused on residential and institutional sites. Energy Recommerce Inc. is the market leader in monitoring with high precision string current sensors for the revenue-critical commercial segment. Neither of these market leaders have demonstrated ability to detect under-performance or fault diagnosis beyond what is provided by the inverter, typically the weakest link in PV system. There are several 'electronic optimizer' products in the market with mixed reception: SolarMagic from National Semiconductor, Powerbox from SolarEdge, PowerMaximizer from Tigo Energy, and micro-inverters from Enphase, Zandex, and eiQ. These per-module add-on modules claim to reduce the effect of system imbalance, and partial shading on random modules. Company Background Wattminder Inc. was incorporated in 2010 and evolved from a 10 year engineering consultation business founded by Stephen Yang, P.E. To date, the company has relied on consulting income, co- founders' investments, and extensive use of nominally paid interns and consultant-contractors. Wattminder has won two SBIR grants (DOE & NSF) in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University. Team Currently we have 5 full-time employees, 5 part-time consultant/interns and 2 collaborative partners. • Steve Yang, PE, Acting CEO • Sam Beal, PhD, VP Marketing • Dennis Feick, VP Engineering • Bob Getsla, RF and Analog wizard • Dave Hui, VP, Program Management • Johannes Hsieh, PhD Computer scientist • Dan Liddell, Web software director • Don Zulch, Algorithm programmer, C, Java Collaborative Partners: • Abe Ishihara, PhD. Professor, Carnegie Mellon, Silicon Valley • Shahar Menahem PhD. Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon, Silicon Valley Board of Directors A slate of Board of Directors, technical advisors, has been identified, Dr. Charlie Gay of Applied Materials, Dr. Barry Cinnamon of Akeena Solar, and Mr. Brian Farhi a seasoned PV consultant are being retained. The patent firm Haverstock, Owens LLC is our legal counsel. Wattminder Inc. 1153 Bordeaux Suite 199 Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 734-2907 www.wattminder.com
  3. 3. Appendix A. Cost Analysis Power Output (KW) Annual Revenue $ Strings of Modules KW-HR Price $ 1000 $400,000 416 0.2 Modules O&M Budget (12% ) Wattminder Installation Total ASP 5000 $48,000 GateWay H/W per Site $500 $500 DAC units (1 per 8 strings) $19,500 $375 Watts/Module Monitoring % of O&M Theft & Safety / string $52,000 $125 200 10.00% Sensors per string $18,720 $45 Installation $24,960 $120 System Cost $K Annual Service Cost $ Total Installation NRE $7,000 $4,800 $115,680 Wattminder Cost Service / Revenue NRE / Installation Cost NRE $/Watt 1.20% 1.65% $0.12 Per-Module Electronic Optimization / Diagnostics Company Product Technology – Cost Key Feature Parallux eIQ DC-DC MPPT $139 safety PowerBox SolarEdge DC-DC MPPT $3500 Inverter coupled, safety Maximizer ES, EP Tigo Energy DC-DC MPPT $79 Inverter coupled, safety SunMizer Xandex DC-DC MPPT $250 String option, No monitoring Enphase Enphase Micro Inverter $230 safety Wattminder Inc. 1153 Bordeaux Suite 199 Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 734-2907 www.wattminder.com