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Mountaineer 2012 09-07

  1. 1. Vol. 70 No. 36 Sept. 7, 2012 1st Lt. Keith Hayes, 110th Military Police Company, 759th MP Battalion, reunites with his wife, Starre Hayes, and daughter, Skarlette, during a redeployment ceremony at the Special Events Center, Wednesday. Photo by Spc. Nathan ThomeMPs return home By Andrea Sutherland Mountaineer staff Julie Beddo, mother of Pvt. Ken Bake, 110th Military Police Company, 759th The Beddos said they were anxious to see their son, who deployed shortly Team, 4th Infantry Division, returned. The MPs deployed to Afghanistan MP Battalion. “We’ve had a lot of ups after completing boot camp. in March, operating in several areas Family members and friends cheered and downs crying.” “We’re glad they all came back throughout the more than 100 Fort Carson Soldiers “Half my hair fell out taking care safe,” Julie Beddo said. Their primary mission — to trainreturned from Afghanistan Wednesday of her,” said Jeff Beddo, laughing. “She More than 100 Soldiers from the Afghan forces.after a five-month deployment. started at 3 this morning. ‘What time 110th MP, 759th MP Bn., and two “We’re excited to see him,” said See Home on Page 4 is it?’ ‘Time to go back to bed.’” Soldiers from 4th Brigade Combat Message board INSIDE Post 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the 9/1 Memorial 1 near Gate 1. Pages 10-11 Pages 22-23 Page 13
  2. 2. 2 MOUNTAINEER — Sept. 7, 2012 MOUNTAINEERCommanding General:Garrison Commander: Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson Leaders send message to workforce Editor’s note: U.S. Army Installation Management to deliver services every day ensures our Soldiers and Families Col. David L. Grosso Command Commander Lt. Gen. Mike Ferriter and know we care about them and appreciate their service.Fort Carson Public Affairs Officer: Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Rice released the following The entire Army is now affected by force and funding Dee McNutt message to the civilian workforce Wednesday. reductions. This means IMCOM will also reshape and Command has the best workforce we have seen in reduce in size. This past year we accomplished all of ourChief, Print and Web Communications: each of our 30-plus years of service. At every installation, mandated reductions through voluntary actions. We also Rick Emert base and depot we visit, we are impressed by the spirit, retrained and reassigned people within our IMCOM team toEditor: Devin Fisher energy and teamwork exhibited by the IMCOM team. allow for personal growth and to keep our team together.Staff writer: Andrea Sutherland We are just as inspired by Even as we reduced our num- the dedicated professionals in the bers, we approved for hire almostHappenings: Nel Lampe IMCOM and region headquarters, 2,000 positions across IMCOM.Sports writer: Walt Johnson who oversee operations that stretch In fact, many of these are vacantLayout/graphics: Jeanne Mazerall around the globe from Japan and and I invite you to the IMCOM Korea, across the continental Enterprise Placement Program to This commercial enterprise newspaper is United States, to Europe, and even see what is there and if there is aan authorized publication for members of the into bases in Afghanistan. Simply position that interests you.Department of Defense. Contents of the said, no one touches our Soldiers, Our workforce developmentMountaineer are not necessarily the official our Army Families and our civilian is second to none. Our IMCOMview of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or workforce and retirees like we Academy, developmentalthe Department of the Army. Printed circulationis 12,000 copies. do — every day. assignments, the mentor program, The editorial content of the In August, we marked the career program 29, and schoolsMountaineer is the responsibility of the Public 10th anniversary of the installation such as the Civilian EducationAffairs Office, Fort Carson, CO 80913-5119, management team — first System and the senior serviceTel.: 526-4144. The e-mail address is (Installation Management Agency) Photo by Julie Lucas colleges are providing The Mountaineer is posted on the and then IMCOM. That means Installation Management Command Commander Lt. and positive return on investmentInternet at we have experienced 10 years Gen. Michael Ferriter and Command Sgt. Maj. Earl in shaping our team for the future. The Mountaineer is an unofficial of evolution in our mission, our Rice visited numerous Vicenza, Italy, facilities As we move into the yearpublication authorized by AR 360-1. The workforce and our methods of recognizing exemplary employees and spoke to ahead, my goal is to create evenMountaineer is printed by Colorado Springs installation service delivery. employees at a town hall meeting in August. more certainty for you. I wantMilitary Newspaper Group, a private firm inno way connected with the Department of the Those who have been with the IMCOM leaders at every level toArmy, under exclusive written contract with organization all or most of that time know it has been a con- increase communication to build understanding and certaintyFort Carson. It is published 49 times per year. stant learning experience in a business with really high stakes for our team. We’re getting ready for the next 10 years of The appearance of advertising in this — the quality of life of our all-volunteer force. Sustaining world-class installation services, so we need to get it right now.publication, including inserts or supplements, such a high quality force relies heavily on us, the installation To all of our great civilians: thank you for your dedicateddoes not constitute endorsement by theDepartment of the Army or Colorado Springs management professionals, succeeding in our mission. service. Have a super weekend and a great week ahead.Military Newspaper Group, of the products or The installation management team has performed Army Strong!services advertised. The printer reserves the magnificently this year, just as it has in past years. Our ability Support and Defendright to reject advertisements. Everything advertised in this publication By Lt. Gen. Mike Ferriter Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Riceshall be made available for purchase, use or Commander, Senior enlisted leader,patronage without regard to race, color, religion, U.S. Army Installation Management Command U.S. Army Installation Management Commandsex, national origin, age, marital status, physicalhandicap, political affiliation or any othernonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or patron.If a violation or rejection of this equalopportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed,the printer shall refuse to print advertisingfrom that source until the violation is corrected. Interactive Customer Evaluation AmbassadorsFor display advertising call 634-5905. All correspondence or queries regarding Commended for Exceptional Service — are selectedadvertising and subscriptions should be directed from personnel who exemplify the spirit of keepingto Colorado Springs Military NewspaperGroup, 31 E. Platte Avenue, Suite 300, Fort Carson the “Best Home Town in the Army” withColorado Springs, CO 80903, phone 634-5905. The Mountaineer’s editorial content is superior customer service to our Soldiers, Familyedited, prepared and provided by the Public members, civilian employees and retirees.Affairs Office, building 1430, room 265, FortCarson, CO 80913-5119, phone 526-4144. Plans, Analysis and Integration Office go to find a paying job. Releases from outside sources are so “It is important to haveindicated. The deadline for submissions to the Catching up with Joey Bautista can a good rapport with (theMountaineer is close of business the weekbefore the next issue is published. The be a challenge — he is involved in so volunteers),” he said. “I alwaysMountaineer staff reserves the right to edit many things and is always on the move. try to be there for them assubmissions for newspaper style, clarity and The Fort Carson Army Volunteer well, 100 percent of the time.”typographical errors. Corps and Mayoral Program coordinator “What they give to Fort Policies and statements reflected in the for Army Community Service, Carson is ‘priceless.’”news and editorial columns represent viewsof the individual writers and under no Bautista says he has to be because His effort is appreciated.circumstances are to be considered those of he takes his job so seriously. A volunteer noted thatthe Department of the Army. “The Volunteer Program helps the Joey is always willing to help Reproduction of editorial material is community,” Bautista said. “We are the anyone. “I stopped by yourauthorized. Please credit accordingly. force behind the force. What we do is office unannounced and important for the Soldiers and Families, interrupted your day, and yet especially during deployments.” you graciously took the time Bautista, who came to Fort necessary to assist me.” Joey Bautista Carson a little more than 10 years If you don’t see Joey Army Community Service ago from Fort Bliss, Texas, after running around matching Classified advertising retiring from the Army, finds his volunteers to the organizations run for positions in the Mayoral 329-5236 job rewarding. He said it is great needing their support or counting Program — he prepares a batch because he can see the results right ballots for the post housing mayors every month for their meeting. Display advertising away. Bautista said he tries to match election, you might just catch him Thoughtful, personal touches such 634-5905 up volunteers’ skills with jobs that preparing a luau pig for a special as these are what make him a valued they will also find rewarding and event. Quite the cook, Bautista’s chili member of the Fort Carson Family Mountaineer editor expand their credentials when they is further motivation for residents to and easily one of the ICE ACES. 526-4144 Post information The ICE system is available for customers to rate service they Community Service, the Iron Horse Sports and Fitness Center, 526-5811 receive by highlighting superior service or making suggestions to Outdoor Recreation, the Soldier Family Assistance Center or Balfour Post weather hotline improve services. It can be accessed at Beatty’s Joel Hefley Community Center; or by depositing an ICE card 526-0096 index.cfm?fa=site&site(underscore)id=437; through kiosks at Army at one of the many boxes located around post.
  3. 3. Sept. 7, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 3AfghanistanObama pledges responsible drawdown By Donna Miles American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON — The United States willremain focused on the mission in Afghanistanwhile working toward ending the war in a responsibleway that protects everything its military membershave sacrificed for, President Barack Obama saidAug. 31. Obama traveled to Fort Bliss, Texas, to honorservicemembers he credited with making a turn-around in Iraq and also helping Afghanistan chartits own new future. “You left Iraq with honor, your mission complete,your heads high,” the president told the assemblyof active, National Guard and Reserve troops andtheir Families. “And today Iraq has a chance toforge its own destiny.” Last visiting Fort Bliss two years ago, Obamarecalled reminding the troops there that “we had morework to do, including taking the fight to al-Qaida.” Flashing forward, the president cited progress. “With allies and partners, we’ve taken out more Photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeleytop al-Qaida terrorists than at any time since 9/11,” he President Barack Obama addresses servicemembers and their Families during a visit to Fort Bliss, Texas, Aug. 31.said. “And thanks to the courage of our forces, al-Qaidais on the road to defeat, and bin Laden will never The president recognized the sacrifices made, service, we pushed the Taliban back,” the presidentagain threaten the United States of America.” noting that he met earlier in the day with Gold Star said. “We’re training forces. The transition to Obama recognized Fort Bliss troops who have Families who lost loved ones in the conflict. Afghan lead is under way. And, as promised, morerecently returned from Afghanistan or are currently “Your loved ones live on in the soul of the than 30,000 of our troops will have come home bydeployed there, and some scheduled to deploy soon. nation. We will honor them always,” he told the next month.” “I’ve got to tell you the truth,” he said. “This is Family members. See Drawdown on Page 4still a very tough fight.” “Because of their sacrifice, because of your It’s more than a car. It’s your future. The MILES® (Military Installment Loan & Educational Services) Program was created to help educate Active Duty Service Members. We help you get a great deal on a vehicle, and help you build positive credit for the future. 3 ways the MILES Program protects you. 1 Purchase protection. Our buying protections help ensure that you get a fair deal on a quality vehicle. 2 Buyer education. We provide one-on-one Vehicle Purchase Training to educate you about purchasing, financing and ownership. 3 Building credit. Responsible financing from a reputable lender can help you establish positive credit for the future. We’ve protected over 100,000 Service Members and counting. Buy quality, buy smart. Learn more at ® No Army, Department of Defense, or Federal Government Endorsement Implied. No Army, Department of Defense, or Federal Government Endorsement Implied. The person pictured is not an actual service member.
  4. 4. 4 MOUNTAINEER — Sept. 7, 2012Home Chloe Cowden, 13, said she missed Nola Inlay traveled with her mother, Once Staples officially released hisfrom Page 1 her older brother. Amanda Murray, from Michigan to greet Soldiers, Family members rushed to “We used to hang out and watch her father, Sgt. David Inlay, 110th MP. welcome their loved ones home. “We trained close to 1,500 (Afghan movies,” she said, adding that Osborne “We’re going to get ice cream,” she “It’s indescribable,” said Princesstroops),” said Capt. Terence Staples, loved superhero movies. said, adding that she was going to hug Queen, wife of Sgt. Michael Queen,company commander, 110th MP. The trio came armed with posters and kiss her daddy. 110th MP. “I’m very happy.” Staples said his Soldiers helped with Captain America logos. “It was his first deployment so it “I’m feeling great,” Michael Queentransition two districts and one outpost “He’s definitely our superhero,” was hard,” Murray said. “We’re excited said, holding his 2-year-old son, Afghan control. MPs earned two Patrick Cowden said. to see him.” “I’m glad to be back.”Purple Hearts, 19 Bronze Star Medalsand 82 Army Commendation Medals. Staples added that 38 MPs remainin Afghanistan as a transition team andwill redeploy later this year. 1st Sgt. Richard E. Anderson said 75percent of the 145 MPs that deployedwere doing so for the first time. “They were professional and didan exceptional job,” he said. Lt. Col. Christopher A. Heberer,commander, 759th MP Bn., thankedthe Soldiers for their service andwelcomed them home. “We cannot begin to tell you howproud we are,” he said. “The sacrificesyou’ve made cannot be measured. Thenation is eternally grateful.” Family members traveled fromacross the country to welcome theirSoldiers home. The Cowden Family flew fromNorth Carolina to welcome home Pfc.Aaron Osborne, 110th MP. “We’re excited to hug on him andtake him out for a steak dinner,” saidPatrick Cowden, Osborne’s stepfather. “We’d hear from him every once ina while,” said Jessie Cowden,Osborne’s mother. “We were getting Photo by Andrea Sutherlandused to answering the phone at 3 a.m.” Family members and friends prepare to welcome home their Soldiers Wednesday at the Special Events Center.Drawdown improve readiness, prepare for the future and The president recognized that the future,from Page 3 reconnect with Families. post-conflict military will be leaner. He promised, “So make no mistake: ending the wars respon- however, that the United States will continue making Obama offered assurance that “just as in Iraq, we sibly makes us safer, and it makes our military the investments needed “to keep you the absoluteare going to end this war responsibly.” even stronger,” he said. best military in the world, bar none.” The Afghans will take the lead for their own Obama emphasized, in drawing down the force The United States will always maintain itssecurity next year, he noted, and the transition will be in Afghanistan, that the United States must remain military superiority, he said.complete in 2014. ready for the challenges ahead. “In a world of “In you, we’ve got the best-trained, best-led, “And even as this war ends, we will stay vigilant serious threats, I will never hesitate to use force best-equipped military in human history. And asuntil Afghanistan is never again a source for attacks to defend the United States of America or our commander in chief, I am going to keep it thatagainst America — never again,” Obama said, drawing interests,” he said. way,” the president said.cheers from the crowd. “So we’re not just ending these “At the same time, I will only send you into Obama reaffirmed his pledge that the Unitedwars. We’re doing it in a way that keeps America safe harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary,” he States will continue to support those who have servedand makes America stronger.” pledged. “And when we do, we will give you the and sacrificed on behalf of the nation. That, the president said, includes the military. equipment and the clear mission and the smart “We may be turning a page on a decade of war,Drawing down forces, he said, will mean fewer strategy and the support back home that you need to but America’s responsibilities to you have only justdeployments, which creates more time to train, get the job done. We owe you that.” begun,” he said. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/4THID WWW.TWITTER.COM/@4THINFDIV WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/THE4ID WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/THE4ID WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/THE4ID
  5. 5. Sept. 7, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 51st BCT welcomes new CSM Story and photos by Pfc. Andrew Ingram Tyler. “In Dennis Defreese, I found world, thank you for all of your hard 1st Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs the model of a professional Soldier work, leadership and dedication.” Office, 4th Infantry Division ,and fortunately … I also found a Defreese is slated to take a position leader whose ideas on standards and as the senior enlisted leader for 1st Soldiers and friends of 1st Brigade Combat Team, tough training match my own perfectly. Army Division East at Fort Meade, Md.4th Infantry Division, assembled at Founders Field to Finally, best of all, I found in my Tyler welcomed Rebuck andbid farewell to Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis Defreese, sergeant major, a friend, someone who expressed eagerness to begin workingthe “Raider” Brigade’s senior enlisted leader, and rails against apathy and complacency, with his new senior enlisted leader.welcomed Command Sgt. Maj. Edison Rebuck during a lifelong student of our profession.” “(Command) Sgt. Maj. Rebuck isa change of responsibility ceremony, Tuesday. Defreese thanked Tyler and the the son of two members of the Defreese passed the ceremonial Noncommissioned Raiders for serving honorably with British military service,” Tyler said.Officers Sword to Col. Joel Tyler, commander, 1st BCT, him during his time at Fort Carson. “He told me when we met that herepresenting his departure from the unit. Tyler then “I want to start by thanking the decided to stay in the United Statespassed the sword to Rebuck signifying the senior command sergeants major and first at 12 years old because of the oppor-NCO’s new responsibilities as brigade commandsergeant major. sergeants you see standing in the formation in front of you,” Defreese Rebuck tunities in our country, and I’d say he did pretty well. Our Soldiers and Tyler thanked Defreese for his tireless efforts said. “They are some of the best I’ve ever seen in the Families welcome you and your Family, and lookto ref it, retrain and shape the Raider Brigade Army, and they are the significant factor in making forward to your impact on the brigade.”Soldiers into a well-rounded fighting force during his this one of the best brigades in the Army. To the Rebuck joins the ranks of the Raider Brigade fromtenure with the unit. outstanding Soldiers of this brigade, from the reset Fort Bliss, Texas, where he served as the senior enlisted “(Command) Sgt. Maj. Defreese epitomizes our coming back from Afghanistan to being what I think leader of 4th Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 1stNCO Corps — smart, tough, battle-hardened,” said is the most capable armor unit in the Army and the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division. “Thank you, Col. and Mrs. Tyler, for welcoming us with open arms; we are truly blessed to be received so graciously,” Rebuck said. “Command Sgt. Maj. and Mrs. Defreese, the Raiders are indebted to both of you. Your efforts and your leadership will be missed. “To the Soldiers of this mighty brigade; uphold the standards and do what is right. I am humbled and proud to be your command sergeant major. Thank you for the opportunity.” Col. Joel Tyler, second from right, commander, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, passes the Noncommissioned Officers Sword to Command Sgt. Maj. Edison Rebuck, the brigade’s incoming senior enlisted leader, during a change of responsibility ceremony at Founders Field, Tuesday. Rebuck replaces Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis Defreese, right. Considering The person pictured is not an actual service member theological studies?? JOIN US AT For more information visit us at Our Purpose: To see God progressively glorified through the equipping of His people. Our Mission: To provide easily accessible seminary training geared to a level of intensity appropriate to the church-based setting. VA Benefits Available Get a new set of keys... ... to your new or slightly used auto, that you can find in our Classified Section. For advertising information call 329-5236
  6. 6. 6 MOUNTAINEER — Sept. 7, 2012Miscellaneous Fort Carson dining facilities hours of operationPoints only, nondeployable unit — Reinforcement Dining facility Friday Saturday-Sunday Monday-Thursday training units provide a “home” for Individual Ready Stack Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Reserve Soldiers who want to maintain Reserve Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. affiliation. Soldiers considering leaving troop Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. program unit assignment can consider the 6399th/ Wolf Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. 6404th RTU as a short- or long-term option. Benefits Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. include earning retirement points and “good” years; Dinner: Closed Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. optional monthly nonpaid drill weekends; continued military training; paid annual training opportunities; Warfighter Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. earning retirement points via correspondence courses; (Wilderness Road Complex) Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and easy transfer to TPUs if desired. Contact Chief Dinner: Closed Dinner: Closed Warrant Officer 4 Lake Gardner at 720-363-0511 or LaRochelle Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. for more information. 10th SFG(A) Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.German Armed Forces Military Proficiency Badge Dinner: Closed Dinner: Closed — training and testing is conducted monthly. Events include swimming, marksmanship, track and field is overflowing or emergency service is required. personnel being reassigned stateside. The briefings events (100-meter dash, shot put, long jump or high • Facility custodial services — Call Bryan are held in building 1129, Freedom Performing Arts jump and 3,000-meter run or 1,000-meter swim) and Dorcey at 526-6670 or email bryan.s.dorcey.civ@ Center; sign-in is at 7 a.m. and briefings start at 7:30 a 12-kilometer road march. Soldiers with physical for service needs or to report complaints. a.m. Soldiers are required to bring Department limitations can also participate with an approved • Elevator maintenance — Call Bryan of the Army Form 5118, signed by their unit alternate event authorized by medical personnel. Dorcey at 526-6670 or email bryan.s.dorcey. personnel section, and a pen to complete forms. Upon completion of all required events, Soldiers are Call 526-4730/4583 for more information. awarded a gold, silver or bronze badge; level is • Motor pool sludge removal/disposal — Army ROTC Green-to-Gold briefings — are held determined by results of the marksmanship and Call Dennis Frost at 526-6997 or email the first and third Tuesday of each month at noon road march. The award is authorized to be worn on at the education center, building 1117, room 120. the Class-A or Army Service Uniform. Soldiers • Repair and utility/self-help — Call Gary Call University of Colorado-Colorado Springs should submit packets through their chain of Grant at 526-5844 or email gerald.l.grant2.civ Army ROTC at 262-3475 for more information. command to Sgt. Michael Phillips at 526-5282 Use this number to obtain self-help ETS briefings — for enlisted personnel are held the or email Contact tools and equipment or a motorized sweeper. first and third Wednesday of each month. Briefing Chief Warrant Officer David Douglas at 720-250- • Base operations contracting officer sign in begins at 7 a.m. at the Soldier Readiness 1221 or email representative — Call Terry Hagen at 526-9262 Building, building 1042, room 244, on a first-come,Finance travel processing — All inbound and or email for questions first-served basis. Soldiers must be within 120 days outbound Temporary Lodging Expense, “Do it on snow removal, grounds maintenance and of their expiration term of service, but must attend Yourself ” Moves, servicemember and Family contractor response to service orders. the briefing no later than 30 days prior to their ETS member travel, travel advance pay and travel pay • Portable latrines — Call Jerald Just at or start of transition leave. Call 526-2240/8458. inquiries will be handled in building 1218, room 231. 524-0786 or email to Special Forces briefings — are held Wednesdays in Call 526-4454 or 524-2594 for more information. request latrines, for service or to report damaged building 1430, room 123, from noon to 1 p.m.First Sergeants’ Barracks Program — is located in or overturned latrines. Soldiers must be specialist-staff sergeant from any building 1454 on Nelson Boulevard. The hours of Legal services — provided at the Soldier Readiness military occupational specialty, have a general operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The Processing site are for Soldiers undergoing the SRP technical score of at least 107, be a U.S. citizen, score office assists Soldiers with room assignments and process. The SRP Legal Office will only provide 240 or higher on the Army Physical Fitness Test, and terminations. For more information call 526-9707. powers of attorney or notary services to Soldiers pass a Special Forces physical. Call 524-1461 orSergeant Audie Murphy Club — The Fort Carson processing through the SRP. Retirees, Family visit the website at Sergeant Audie Murphy Club meets the third members and Soldiers not in the SRP process can Tuesday of each month at the Family Connection receive legal assistance and powers of attorney at Hours of Operation Center from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The SAMC the main legal office located at 1633 Mekong St., is open to all active members and those interested building 6222, next to the Family Readiness Center. Central Issue Facility in becoming future SAMC members. The club was Legal assistance prepares powers of attorney and • In-processing — Monday-Thursday from originally a U.S. Forces Command organization of performs notary services on a walk-in basis from 7:30-10:30 a.m. elite noncommissioned officers but is now an 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays-Wednesdays and • Initial and partial issues — Monday- Armywide program for those who meet the criteria Fridays, and from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursdays. Friday from 12:30-3:30 p.m. and have proven themselves to be outstanding • Cash sales/report of survey — Monday- NCOs through a board/leadership process. Contact Briefings Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. the SAMC president, Staff Sgt. Thomas Witt, at • Direct exchange and partial turn ins — 526-5661 for more information. 75th Ranger Regiment briefings — are held Monday-Friday from 7:30-11:30 a.m.Recycle incentive program — The Directorate of Tuesdays in building 1430, room 150, from noon • Full turn ins — by appointment only; call Public Works has an incentive program to prevent to 1 p.m. Soldiers must be private-sergeant first 526-3321. recyclable waste from going to the landfill. class with a minimum General Technical Score of • Unit issues and turn ins — Call 526- Participating battalions can earn monetary rewards 105; be a U.S. citizen; score 240 or higher on the 5512/6477 for approval. for turning recyclable materials in to the Fort Carson Army Physical Fitness Test; and pass a Ranger Education Center hours of operation — The Recycle Center, building 155. Points are assigned for physical. Call 524-2691 or visit http://www. Mountain Post Training and Education Center, the pounds of recyclable goods turned in and every for more information. building 1117, 526-2124, hours are as follows: participating battalion receives money quarterly. Call Casualty Notification/Assistance Officer training — • Counselor Support Center — Monday- 526-5898 for more information about the program. is held Sept. 18-20 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in build- Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Fridays 11Directorate of Public Works services — DPW is ing 1187 on Minnick Avenue, behind post car wash. a.m. to 4:30 p.m. responsible for a wide variety of services on Fort Class is limited to 50 people on a first-come, first- • Army Learning Center — Monday- Carson. Services range from repair and maintenance served basis. Contact Jean Graves at 526-5613/5614 Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. of facilities to equipping units with a sweeper and or for more information. • Defense Activity for Nontraditional cleaning motor pools. Listed below are phone Disposition Services — Defense Logistics Agency Education Support and Army Personnel Testing — numbers and points of contact for services: Disposition Services Colorado Springs, located in Monday-Friday 7:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-4:30 p.m. • Facility repair/service orders — Fort building 381, conducts orientations Fridays from Repair and Utility self-help — has moved to building Carson Support Services service order desk can be 12:30-3:30 p.m. The orientations discuss DLA 217 and is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. reached at 526-5345. Use this number for emergencies processes to include turning in excess property, Claims Office hours — are Monday-Friday from 9 or routine tasks and for reporting wind damage, reutilizing government property, web-based tools a.m. to noon and 1-4 p.m. on the first floor of damaged traffic signs or other facility damage. available, special handling of property and building 6222, 1633 Mekong Street. Shipment • Refuse/trash and recycling — Call Eric environmental needs. To schedule an orientation, under Full Replacement Value claimants must Bailey at 719-491-0218 or email eric.e.bailey4. contact Arnaldo Borrerorivera at arnaldo.borrerorivera submit Department of Defense Form 1840R to the when needing trash containers, trash for receiving/turn in; Mike Welsh at carrier within 75 days. Shipment under Defense for reutilization/web tools; or Personal Property Program claimants must log into Rufus Guillory at the Defense Personal Property System at http:// BOSS meetings are held the Retirement briefings — are held from 8 a.m. to noon and report all the items online first and third Thursday the second and third Wednesday of each month at within 75 days. Claims must be submitted within of each month from 2-3:30 p.m. at The Foxhole. the Joel Hefley Community Center conference room, nine months directly with carriers to receive full Contact Cpl. Rachael Robertson at 6800 Prussman Ave. The Retirement Services Office replacement value for missing and destroyed 524-2677 or visit the BOSS office in room 106 of The recommends spouses accompany Soldiers to the items. All other claims should be submitted to Fort Hub for more information. Text “follow CarsonBOSS” briefing. Call 526-2840 for more information. Carson Claims Office within two years of the date to 40404 to receive updates and event information. Reassignment briefings — are held Tuesdays of delivery or date of incident. Call the Fort Carson for Soldiers heading overseas and Thursdays for Claims Office at 526-1355 for more information.
  7. 7. Sept. 7, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 7Rubber meets road in motorcycle check ride By Staff Sgt. Wallace Bonner at the Kit Carson Memorial parking lot their periodic motorcycle check rides the purpose of the program is to serve 4th Infantry Division outside Fort Carson’s Gate 1, awaiting conducted as part of the Army as a voluntary motorcycle club where Public Affairs Office the signal to head out for Bent’s Old Motorcycle Mentorship Program to teach seasoned and newer riders can create a Fort, near La Junta. Soldiers how to perform proper preven- supportive environment of responsible Shiny, clean motorcycles leaned on The riders were Soldiers from tive maintenance checks and services on motorcycle enjoyment and riding.kickstands in a semicircle, as their Headquarters and Headquarters their motorcycles and how to ride safely. “They help everybody that’s a riderriders stood by with helmets and other Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, and the According to the U.S. Army understand their bikes,” said Sgt. Johnpersonal protective equipment in hand early morning ride Aug. 30 was one of Combat Readiness and Safety Center, Mendez, battalion master driver and company motorcycle mentor, Headquarters Support Company, HHBN, 4th Inf. Div. Soldiers learn how to identify problems with their bikes as well as gain knowledge from each other, he said. The check ride consisted of a number of activities. “The day before the ride, we go over safety inspections and make sure everyone’s ride is safe,” said Mendez. “It’s as simple as a PMCS on a military vehicle.” Within the PMCS portion, is a “T-CLOCKS” — tires, controls, lights, oil, chassis and kickstand — inspection, said Mendez. The morning of the ride, the Soldiers received a route and safety brief by the HHBN motorcycle mentor, Sgt. 1st Class James Sweeney, battalion military intelligence noncommis- sioned-officer-in-charge, who stressed the importance for allSoldiers with Headquarters Support Company, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, prepare for the See Motorcycle on Page 8battalion motorcycle check ride, Aug. 30. The riders traveled from the Kit Carson Memorial parking lot to Bent’s Old Fort, near La Junta. CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN DENTAL GROUP Serving the Cheyenne Mountain Community Since 1978 We accept Dr. Grant Dr. Bertsch military insurance Dr. VanOrman Dr. Koditek 3605 Star Ranch Road (corner of Star Ranch & Hwy. 115) 576-3276 Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 8a-5p Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7a-6p Accepting new patients! THE WILLIAM STORMS Free Online High School CSU COLORADO SPRINGS USED CARS AND TRUCKS William W. Storms, MD ALLERGY CLINIC Diagnosing and Treating Children and Adults: Matthew S. Bowdish, MD Serving High School Students Across Colorado Structured Flexibility Fast Convenient Military Friendly Free College Opportunities Local Academic Teams In (719) 955-6000 Colorado Springs and Fountain Supporting Military Families In Transition Let us be your referral doctors of choice. Ask your provider to refer you to the Storms Allergy Clinic. NOW We accept Tricare and Tricare for Life. ACCEPTIN APPLICATIO G NS Become a fan of the Colorado Springs Business Journal on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @CSBizJournal Get breaking news and headlines throughout the day, learn about upcoming events, special offers and more! 1-877-PRO-GOAL
  8. 8. 8 MOUNTAINEER — Sept. 7, 2012 Battery A and Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, and the 4th Inf. Div. and Fort Carson Mounted Color Guard stand ready in formation to pay tribute during the monthly retirement ceremony held at Founders Field, Aug. 29.‘Rolling Thunder’ honors retirees Story and photos by appreciation from the President of the said. “You’ve spent your whole life “Thank you for leading the way,” Staff Sgt. Ruth Pagán United States, a certificate of retirement dedicated to the Army, so now this is Rios said.2nd Brigade Combat Team Public and a certificate of authentication that your time to go out and enjoy your One retiree, Maj. Jonathan Landon,Affairs Office, 4th Infantry Division accompanied an U.S. flag. family or whatever you want to do, so said to Soldiers still serving: “This is Soldiers offered well wishes to just enjoy it.” very special to me; it means a lot, but Seven Soldiers were honored at the the retirees. The ceremony was one way for it’s time to hand the flag on. So carry itmonthly retirement ceremony hosted “Congratulations on your careers Soldiers to show their gratitude for proudly, because I’ve worked hard toby 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery and enjoy your retirement,” Posey what the retirees have accomplished. leave it as something to be proud of.”Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team,4th Infantry Division, at FoundersField Aug. 29. “(These) Soldiers have spent thelast two plus decades in tremendousservice to our nation, and it is myprivilege to recognize them and to Col. Omar Jones IV,thank them for their service to our commander, 2ndgreat nation as they end their active Brigade Combatmilitary careers,” said Col. Omar Team, 4th InfantryJones IV, commander, 2nd BCT, 4th Division, pins Sgt.Inf. Div., during the ceremony. 1st Class Christian A formation of Soldiers from 3rd Alexander with theBn., 16th FA Reg., stood proud as a Meritorious Serviceshow of honor and respect during the Medal during aceremony. monthly retirement “It’s not just standing in formation,” ceremony atsaid Spc. Francisco Rios, Battery B, Founders Field, Aug.3rd Bn., 16th FA Reg. “It’s showing 29. Alexander’spride and showing them that we respect wife and two sonsthem for being in this long, and that we joined him whileare honored to be here and experience receiving thethe joy that they are feeling.” medal and received “I think this is wonderful and a certificates ofgreat tradition,” said Spc. Nicholas appreciation.Posey, Battery A, 3rd Bn., 16th FA Reg.“It’s nice to be able to honor these guysthat have made it through their fullArmy career.” Retirees received the MeritoriousService Medal as well as a certificate ofMotorcycle Mendez. “We’ll go over how to move as a group.” Ortiz. “No matter how good a rider you are, there’sfrom Page 7 The check rides are focused on safety, but the always something you can improve.” riders also have a lot of fun. The bonding that takes place between Soldiersriders to attend motorcycle check rides. “Getting everybody together is a wonderful thing, sharing their enjoyment of riding motorcycles is “(People) need to understand the check ride is and gives us a chance to bond in a different way,” said also important.not just to have fun, there is training (conducted) Pfc. Marvin Ortiz, Headquarters Support Company. “People who ride two-wheels up, it’s a brother-mid-ride … (This mentorship ride) is mainly about “It lets experienced riders share knowledge with hood, a sisterhood; it’s like a family gathering,”freeway driving; this is the first time we’ve ridden on newer riders.” said Mendez. “It’s for everyone to get experiencethe freeway,” said Sweeney. “People need to come out Ortiz said that he’s been riding for 15 years; his and have a good time.”and participate; they’ll have a good time.” Family owns a chopperbuilding business and his first The Soldiers were appreciative of the Army Mendez also commented on the type of training vehicle was a motorcycle, so he’s been around support of motorcycle safety as well.Soldiers receive during motorcycle check rides. motorcycles all his life. That doesn’t preclude him “I’m grateful that the Army has placed such “We’ll get people familiar with moving on high- from learning on the check ride, though. importance on this,” said Ortiz. “Every day you seeways; we’ve gone over different types of terrains, “For me, coming from a different place, it’s good riders making mistakes, and the Army sees it as a waygetting people familiar with their vehicles,” said to learn everybody’s routine and knowledge,” said of improving safety. I’ll give it my full support.”
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