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Mountaineer 2012 04-20
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Mountaineer 2012 04-20


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  • 1. Vol. 70 No. 16 April 20, 2012 Word of the month: EducateLt. Col. Larry Burris, commander, 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade Gen. David Rodriguez, commanding general, U.S. Army Forces Command, at FortCombat Team, 4th Infantry Division, explains his battalion’s training regimen to Carson Training Area 109, April 13.FORSCOM command team visits Story and photo by Pfc. Andrew Ingram 4th Infantry Division cannot be overstated,” said Rodriguez, thanking the Soldiers for their sacrifices in defense of the nation. The next morning, the FORSCOM command to standards,” Bohn said. “We have to make sure these young Soldiers are proficient in every aspect of what they do.” Public Affairs Office team ate breakfast with Fort Carson company grade Upon returning to the installation, Anderson and officers and met privately with Maj. Gen. Joseph Stall took the FORSCOM command team on a tour Gen. David Rodriguez, commanding general, Anderson, commanding general, 4th Inf. Div. and of Fort Carson facilities, concluding with lunch atU.S. Army Forces Command, and the command’s Fort Carson, and Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Stall, the the Robert C. Stack Jr., Dining Facility.senior enlisted leader, Command Sgt. Maj. Darrin division’s senior enlisted leader. During the meal, the FORSCOM and 4th Inf. Div.Bohn, visited Fort Carson April 12-13. Anderson and Stall then escorted their guests to leaders met with the Family of Staff Sgt. Kenneth During their stay, the command team met with 4th Fort Carson Range 109 via a UH-60 Black Hawk, Mayne, a 1st BCT Soldier who was killed during anInfantry Division leadership, toured installation facilities where Soldiers of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Inf. attack on his unit while deployed to Iraq in 2008.and training areas and participated in an honor rally for Div., conducted M1A2 Abrams tank gunnery training. The leaders accompanied Mayne’s parents, Danone of the division’s fallen Soldiers and his Family. Rodriguez and Bohn discussed the training and Michelle Benavidez, to an honor rally and the Rodriguez and Bohn visited the “Home of the 4th program with 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, ceremonial first mile of their 1,080-mile trek to honorInfantry Division” to discuss Army policies with Fort commander, Lt. Col. Larry Burris, and senior their son’s service and sacrifice.Carson leaders, visit with Soldiers and inspect new enlisted leader, Command Sgt. Maj. Troy Henderson. “Thank you for being here,” Michelle Benavidezinstallation facilities. The FORSCOM leaders also took the opportunity to told the FORSCOM leaders. “It means so much that you The FORSCOM leaders first attended the Fort present coins to outstanding “Iron Knights” Soldiers. would come out and support our son and our cause.”Carson Warrior Transition Battalion Town Hall During the return trip, Bohn said he was Concluding their tour, Rodriguez and Bohn bidMeeting at the Special Events Center. impressed with the battalion’s training plan. farewell to Anderson and Stall at the Colorado Springs “The sacrifices you have made for this country “It’s good to see these troops on the line training Airport and returned to Fort Bragg, N.C. Message board INSIDE Privately owned weapons range firing event Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. From Specker Avenue turn on Cobra Lane near Gate 20. Turn right at tank trail and follow red safety flag. Page 8 Page 18 Pages 20-21
  • 2. 2 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 MOUNTAINEERCommanding General: Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson Sexual assault, harassmentGarrison Commander: Col. Robert F. McLaughlinFort Carson Public Affairs Officer: Dee McNutt have no place in our Army Editor’s note: Army leaders released the following assault and sexual harassment have no place in our Army. letter in observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In keeping with the Army’s “I. A.M. Strong” campaign,Chief, Print and Web Communications: This month, our Army commemorates National we call upon every Soldier, civilian and Family member Rick Emert Sexual Assault Awareness Month and reaffirms our to have the personal courage to Intervene, regardless ofEditor: Devin Fisher commitment to eradicate sexual assault and harassment the time or place. Act decisively to stand up and protectStaff writer: Andrea Sutherland in our ranks and in our Army communities. members of our Army Family from all forms of sexual “Achieving Cultural Change through Dignity and assault and harassment; and Motivate others through theHappenings: Nel Lampe Respect” is this year’s theme. As members of a profession Army Values to be vigilant in the fight to protect our team.Sports writer: Walt Johnson sworn to protect others — united by the bonds of trust An Army free of sexual assault and sexualLayout/graphics: Jeanne Mazerall between brothers and sisters in arms — we must all harassment, where every Soldier, civilian and Family recognize and embrace our individual responsibility to member is treated with dignity and respect, is a ensure dignity and respect in our workplaces and fundamental right for everyone in our ranks. Our Army This commercial enterprise newspaper isan authorized publication for members of the communities. We must ensure that all members of the Family deserves nothing less.Department of Defense. Contents of the Army Family, without exception, understand that sexual —Army Strong.Mountaineer are not necessarily the officialview of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or Raymond F. Chandler III Raymond T. Odierno John M. McHughthe Department of the Army. Printed circulation Sergeant Major of the Army General, United States Army Secretary of the Armyis 12,000 copies. Chief of Staff The editorial content of theMountaineer is the responsibility of the PublicAffairs Office, Fort Carson, CO 80913-5119,Tel.: 526-4144. The e-mail address The Mountaineer is posted on theInternet at The Mountaineer is an unofficialpublication authorized by AR 360-1. TheMountaineer is printed by Colorado SpringsMilitary Newspaper Group, a private firm inno way connected with the Department of theArmy, under exclusive written contract withFort Carson. It is published 49 times per year. The appearance of advertising in thispublication, including inserts or supplements,does not constitute endorsement by theDepartment of the Army or Colorado SpringsMilitary Newspaper Group, of the products orservices advertised. The printer reserves theright to reject advertisements. Everything advertised in this publicationshall be made available for purchase, use orpatronage without regard to race, color, religion,sex, national origin, age, marital status, physicalhandicap, political affiliation or any othernonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or patron.If a violation or rejection of this equalopportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed,the printer shall refuse to print advertisingfrom that source until the violation is corrected.For display advertising call 634-5905. All correspondence or queries regardingadvertising and subscriptions should be directed Many people know what the words Loyalty, Duty, Selfless Serviceto Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Put the welfare of the nation, the Army and yourGroup, 31 E. Platte Avenue, Suite 300, Courage mean. But how often do you see someone subordinates before your own. Selfless service is largerColorado Springs, CO 80903, phone 634-5905. The Mountaineer’s editorial content is actually live up to them? Soldiers learn these values in than just one person. In serving your country, you areedited, prepared and provided by the Public detail during Basic Combat Training, from then on they doing your duty loyally without thought of recognitionAffairs Office, building 1430, room 265, Fort live them every day in everything they do — whether or gain. The basic building block of selfless service isCarson, CO 80913-5119, phone 526-4144. they’re on the job or off. In short, the Seven Core Army the commitment of each team member to go a little Releases from outside sources are so Values listed below are what being a Soldier is all about. further, endure a little longer, and look a little closerindicated. The deadline for submissions to theMountaineer is close of business the week Loyalty to see how he or she can add to the effort.before the next issue is published. The Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. HonorMountaineer staff reserves the right to edit Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers. Live up to Army values. The nation’s highestsubmissions for newspaper style, clarity and Bearing true faith and allegiance is a matter of believing military award is the Medal of Honor. This award goestypographical errors. in and devoting yourself to something or someone. A to Soldiers who make honor a matter of daily Policies and statements reflected in thenews and editorial columns represent views loyal Soldier is one who supports the leadership and living — Soldiers who develop the habit of beingof the individual writers and under no stands up for fellow Soldiers. By wearing the uniform honorable, and solidify that habit with every value choicecircumstances are to be considered those of of the U.S. Army you are expressing your loyalty. And by they make. Honor is a matter of carrying out, acting, andthe Department of the Army. doing your share, you show your loyalty to your unit. living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, Reproduction of editorial material is Duty integrity and personal courage in everything you do.authorized. Please credit accordingly. Fulfill your obligations. Doing your duty means Integrity more than carrying out your assigned tasks. Duty means Do what’s right, legally and morally. Integrity is a being able to accomplish tasks as part of a team. The quality you develop by adhering to moral principles. It work of the U.S. Army is a complex combination of requires that you do and say nothing that deceives others. missions, tasks and responsibilities — all in constant As your integrity grows, so does the trust others place motion. Our work entails building one assignment onto in you. The more choices you make based on integrity, Classified advertising another. You fulfill your obligations as a part of your unit the more this highly prized value will affect your 329-5236 every time you resist the temptation to take “shortcuts” relationships with family and friends, and, finally, the that might undermine the integrity of the final product. fundamental acceptance of yourself. Display advertising Respect Personal Courage 634-5905 Treat people as they should be treated. In the Soldier’s Face fear, danger or adversity (physical or moral). Code, we pledge to “treat others with dignity and respect Personal courage has long been associated with our Mountaineer editor while expecting others to do the same.” Respect is what Army. With physical courage, it is a matter of enduring 526-4144 allows us to appreciate the best in other people. Respect physical duress and at times risking personal safety. Facing Post information is trusting that all people have done their jobs and fulfilled moral fear or adversity may be a long, slow process of 526-5811 their duty. And self-respect is a vital ingredient with the continuing forward on the right path, especially if taking Army value of respect, which results from knowing you those actions is not popular with others. You can build Post weather hotline have put forth your best effort. The Army is one team your personal courage by daily standing up for and 526-0096 and each of us has something to contribute. acting upon the things that you know are honorable.
  • 3. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 32011 Good NeighborsCarson honors Stein, Fowler Story and photo by Billie Garner communities is nothing short of astounding Garrison Public Affairs Office and second to none,” Anderson said. “Above all else, Marv truly conveys his For the first time since the program’s sincere appreciation and gratitude to ourinception in 1978, Fort Carson hailed two Soldiers and their Families on a regular basis.members from the neighboring civilian He is very aware of the sacrifices Soldierscommunity as its Good Neighbors, during an make to support our nation and, even though itinduction ceremony dinner April 11. has been a very long time since he wore a Marvin Stein and the late Cindy Fowler join uniform, he is always there to support us withthe ranks of Fort Carson Good Neighbors during a big smile on his face,” Anderson said.the annual dinner attended by local community Over the past several years, Stein teamedmembers and Fort Carson leadership at the up with many organizations to provide goodsElkhorn Conference Center. and services to military men, women and Stein, a Pueblo businessman with a history their Families.of giving to Soldiers and their Families was He supported the Wounded Warrior Golfnamed 2011 Fort Carson Good Neighbor. Tournament, providing handicap-accessible “Marvin is a well respected leader in both golf carts for every wounded warrior involvedour military and civilian communities and is an in the tournament. He contributes to the USO’sinstant friend to everyone he meets. He has campaign for wounded Soldiers and is asupported our nation with his support of Fort f inancial supporter of the El PomarCarson through the (Directorate of) Family and Foundation’s program for Families of woundedMorale, Welfare and Recreation, and participates warriors. He also assisted in obtaining ain numerous ceremonies, asking nothing in Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, commanding general, 4th Infantry $25,000 wheelchair for a Soldier who wasreturn,” said Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, Division and Fort Carson, assists Marvin Stein with his Good Neighbor injured in a field training exercise.commanding general, 4th Infantry Division jacket April 11 at the Elkhorn Conference Center. Stein and the late For the past two years, Stein donated a “Dayand Fort Carson. Cindy Fowler were named Fort Carson’s Good Neighbors for 2011. of Football” for wounded warriors at Colorado “Marv continues to be an advocate for the State University in Pueblo that includedmilitary with business and political leaders in the Anderson said the Colorado Springs area has lunch, tickets to the game and refreshments.surrounding communities of Fort Carson, most signifi- set the standard for other communities to follow He pursued solutions to the installation’s shortagecantly in Pueblo. He continuously helps organize and when it comes to integrating military installations of buildings and administrative office space, petitioningparticipates in events in our community that focus into a local community. See Neighbors on Page 4on supporting all Front Range installations,” he said. “The support that we receive from the surrounding UP $ UP TO TO 5,000 00 INSTAN CRED T! 5 000.00 I NSTANT CREDI T! 5,000.00 INSTANT CREDIT! 000 00.0 NS NST REDI DIT GOOD CAR ALARM SALE! BET B TER BETTER BEST $ $ 19 19 29 29 $ 39 39 $ $ $ 19 19 15 15 19 19 STORE HOURS: No Payments ‘ti Next Mon h! No Payment ‘til Next Month! ayments ‘til Next Month! yments ti ext on e t il nth S. Academy Blvd. X In the Mission Trace Shopping Center MEMBER 392-0181 Minimum six months employment and checking account required to finance. All models similar to illustr tion. Some quantities limited; subject to prior sale. *Cash, credit card, or debit card on these items. s employment required illustration. ra d
  • 4. 4 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 UCMJ applies to social media activity Editor’s note: The following information about yourself, such as schedules and is reprinted from the U.S. Army Social event locations. Media Handbook. q Ask, “What could the wrong person do Soldiers using social media must abide with this information?” and “Could it by the Uniform Code of Military Justice at compromise the safety of myself, my all times. Commenting, posting or linking Family or my unit?” to material that violates the UCMJ or basic q Geotagging is a feature that reveals rules of Soldier conduct is prohibited. your location to other people within Social media provides the opportunity your network. Photo by Susan C. Galentine for Soldiers to speak freely about their q Consider turning off the GPS function Recycling pays activities and interests. However, Soldiers are subject to UCMJ even when of your smartphone and digital camera. q Photos and videos can go viral quickly. Staff Sgt. Tracy McDaniel, left, and Roger Krebs, members of the off duty, so talking negatively about Closely review them before posting to Headquarters Dental Activity, load paper and plastic in a van for recycling. supervisors or releasing sensitive infor- ensure they don’t give away sensitive DENTAC turned in 3,438 pounds of recyclables from the five clinics to the mation is punishable under the UCMJ. It information which could be dangerous Fort Carson Recycle Center, building 155, to earn the top spot for is important that all Soldiers know that if released. the quarterly Unit Recycle Incentive Program. The unit earned once they log on to a social media platform, q Talk to your Family about operations $750 for its unit morale, welfare and recreation funds. The 168th they still represent the Army. security. Be sure they know what can Regiment, Regional Training Institute, collected 3,198 pounds, claiming Security items to consider and cannot be posted. second and earning the unit $500. The 247th Quartermaster Company, q Look closely at all privacy settings. Set The complete 56-page U.S. Army Social 68th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, security options to allow visibility to Media Handbook is available at http://www. received $250 for finishing third with 2,482 pounds of recyclables. “friends only.” q Do not reveal sensitive information media-handbook-2011-8992055.Neighbors Fowler founded “Cowgirls and Cocktails” as part offrom Page 3 the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Foundation. The foundation raises funds for patients while theylocal, state and national officials in the executive fight cancer and undergo treatment.and legislative branches of government. “Cindy helped raise thousands that were donated “I have been asked numerous times why I to Evans Army Community Hospital for the purchasewillingly drive the 40-plus minutes to Colorado of equipment to ease the recovery process for womenSprings so many times,” Stein said. “There are only undergoing life-altering surgery. She devoted endlesstwo reasons. First, nobody has ever shot at me during time and effort to the Families and Soldiers of Fortany trip. Second, I have not encountered either an Carson. Cindy was dedicated to improving the life(improvised explosive device) or land mine.” of all Soldiers and their Families. She was a truly Over the past decade, the outstanding individual whose legacyColorado Springs military Family, and generosity will be felt for yearswith few exceptions, cannot stake to come,” said Anderson.the same claim, he said. “Cindy is the epitome of a “They have been putting it all on good neighbor. Cindy was a friendthe line for my family, our nation of mine, introducing me to theand their own Family. The irony with civilian community when I wasmy receipt of this award is that the new to my position,” said Deedeserving party is thanking me,” McNutt, Fort Carson GarrisonStein said. “I can simply say that I Public Affairs overwhelmed by this action and With tears in the eyes of many ofam humbled to be included with the guests, Anderson asked those inthe prior 33 recipients. attendance to join him in a moment “The least I can do is try to of silence on behalf of Cindy Fowler.make their lives better as a way of Good Neighbors receive aexpressing my gratitude,” said Stein. Fowler plaque etched with the title and Fowler posthumously becomes year awarded, a sport coat with hisa member of the Fort Carson Good Neighbors. name embroidered on the patch, a certificate andAnderson presented the award to her husband, photo on permanent display with all of the GoodChuck Fowler and their daughter, Emily Fowler. Neighbors at the 4th Infantry Division Cindy Fowler supported many causes and Headquarters building. Good Neighbors are invitedwas a participant, board member and director of to events and ceremonies held on Fort Carson.organizations that raised funds and provided for Good Neighbors attending the dinner includedthose in need. Don Addy, John Bernheim, Marvin Boyd, Charles “Cindy spent her life helping others, even Brown, Jay Cimino, Tsai Freidberg, Harry Hoth,through her battle with cancer,” said Chuck Fowler. Ryer Hitchcock, Harold Littrell, Edward Lohman, To promote breast cancer awareness, Cindy Lou Mellini, Harlan Ochs, Jim Palmer and Bill Tutt. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/4THID WWW.TWITTER.COM/@4THINFDIV WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/THE4ID WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/THE4ID WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/THE4ID
  • 5. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 5Soldier pulls man from burning wreckage By Staff Sgt. Christopher Jelle 3rd Brigade Combat Team door on the driver’s side of the vehicle against a guardrail on the outside of the northbound lane. himself from the truck, which was Public Affairs Office, “I saw the truck hit the guardrail and flames on quickly consumed by 4th Infantry Division the side of the truck,” said Sutton. “I stopped to see if flames, said Herrell. I could offer any assistance, because it’s just one of Scott St. Onge, A Soldier from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th those things that you know you’re supposed to do.” a motorist who wit-Infantry Division, helped save a life March 29 by Jim Herrell, a local citizen, arrived at the crash nessed the incident,pulling a man from a wrecked semi-truck following a site just before Sutton, who was running up the small said he saw the smokemulti-car crash on Interstate 25 near Exit 128 in hill to the driver’s side of the pinned vehicle. and watched SuttonColorado Springs. Staff Sgt. Donald Sutton, field artillery system Herrell said they could both hear the screams of the truck driver becoming frantic as he unsuccessfully rush to the vehicle. As St. Onge went Suttonmechanic, Company K, 64th Brigade Support tried to kick the driver’s side door open. to retrieve tools and a first-aid kit from the back ofBattalion, 3rd BCT, saw the wrecked vehicle as he Sutton and Herrell worked to keep the driver his truck, he turned to see Sutton carrying the driverwas driving on Bandley Drive, returning to Fort calm as they explained the door was jammed and they down the hill toward his vehicle.Carson from lunch. would have to pull him out through the window. St. Onge said the cab of the semi-truck was Sutton said a car heading north on the interstate “(Sutton) stuck his face right into that burning completely engulfed by the time he reached Sutton.went across the median into the southbound lane, vehicle,” Herrell said. “He and I had (an intense) “If (Sutton) had not been as fast or as determinedstriking another vehicle. A semi-truck heading south experience together — the kind you only see on TV.” as he was, that driver would have been dead,” St.swerved to avoid the accident and crossed the median, Sutton pulled the driver through the window and Onge said.hitting a pole on the passenger side and pinning the immediately helped the victim to safety, distancing The driver seemed to have suffered from minor abrasions on his arm and smoke inhalation, according to Sutton, who stayed with the man until paramedics arrived.Staff Sgt. Donald The five-vehicle crash caused a closure of the Sutton, 64th northbound lanes of I-25 for more than an hour as Brigade Support emergency crews cleared the wrecked vehicles and Battalion, 3rd doused the flames of the semi-truck. Brigade Combat “It is very clear that the heroic actions of Staff Team, 4th Sgt. Donald Sutton certainly saved the life of theInfantry Division, semi-truck driver. The driver absolutely would have pulled the died without Sutton’s involvement,” said Fountain driver of this Fire Chief Darin Anstine. “Staff Sgt. Sutton’s heroic semi-truck to measures reflect very positively on the bravery and safety following courage of the men and women of Fort Carson and a March 29 the United States Army as a whole.” accident on Sutton’s chain of command has recommended Interstate 25. him for the Soldier’s Medal and Army Safety Award Photo by Staff Sgt. Donald Sutton for his actions.
  • 6. 6 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Carson honors fallen hero Staff Sgt. Christopher L. Brown Sept. 10, 1985 – April 3, 2012 Staff Sgt. Christopher L.Brown was born Sept. 10,1985, in Columbus, Ohio. Hejoined the Army in 2003 andattended Basic Training andAdvanced Individual Trainingat Fort Benning, Ga., gradu-ating as an infantryman inDecember 2003. He was first assigned to1st Battalion, 506th InfantryRegiment, at Camp Greaves,Korea. He deployed in supportof Operation Iraqi Freedom forseven months before the unit was transferred to Fort Carson, wherehe served with 2nd Bn., 12th Inf. Reg. Brown deployed as agrenadier for a second tour in Iraq in 2006 and then to Afghanistanin support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a squad leader in Photos by Staff Sgt. Craig Cantrell2009. He deployed for a fourth time in March, again to Above: SamAfghanistan with 2nd Bn., 12th Inf. Reg., as a squad leader. Swancutt, Pikes Brown’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Peak Highlanders,Medal, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Army plays “AmazingGood Conduct Medal with oak leaf cluster, National Defense Grace” during aService Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with bronze memorial ceremonyservice star, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Monday at Soldiers’Korea Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Memorial Chapel inOverseas Service Ribbon, Noncommissioned Officer honor of Staff Sgt.Professional Development Ribbon, NATO Medal, Combat Christopher L. Brown.Infantryman Badge and Drivers and Mechanic Badge for Left: Honor guardWheeled Vehicles. members prepare Brown is survived by his wife, Ariell Taylor; his daughter, to fire volleys inCharlie; stepdaughter, Dilyn; father, Dwight Brown; mother, Brown’s honor.Priscilla Brown; and sisters, Marcella, Khrysti and Mary-Alice. Wiinning S Winning Smiles For Everyone! E EXPERIENCED, CARING AND GEN E EXPERIENCED, CARING AND GENTLE RI NC D A ENTL Cosmetic Dentistry Bonding & Veneers Root Canal Therapy DON’T GIVE ME TEACHERS. Childrens Dentistry Crowns & Bridges GIVE ME REAL WORLD GLADIATORS. Orthodontics Teeth Whitening Oral Surgery Your commitment to serve our country is as meaningful to us as it is to Dentures you. CTU is proud to offer support designed specifically for current and Implants veteran military personnel and their families. Wisdom Teeth White Fillings * Porcelain Laminates ** Gum Care PROVIDER R ACTIVE MILITA Y DEPENDENTS PROVIDER FOR ACTIVE MILITARY DEPENDENTS I I TAR E N T and prior learning assessment Personal De Personal Dentistry with a Soft To entistry r Soft Touch for f ouch Visit our Admission Advisor every Thursday at the Education Center. Children, Parents & Grandparents. , Parents Grandp rents. r pa Visit, Call 877.906.6555, or Text MILITARY to 94576 for more info. SAME D Y EMERGENCY CARE DA EMERGENCY CARE DAY Y A 5 597-9737 *Not all credits eligible to transfer. See the university’s catalog regarding CTU’s transfer credit policies. **Military tuition rate applicable for Associate and Bachelor’s degrees only. www.p powersdentalgroup Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at Not all programs are available to residents of all states. CTU cannot guarantee employment or salary. 88-30534 262458 02/12 Caring Caring For Smiles Sinc 1974 g Since ce
  • 7. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 7Miscellaneous Fort Carson dining facilities hours of operationSelf-Help Weed Control Program — Department of Dining facility Friday Saturday-Sunday Monday-Thursday Defense regulations require training for people Stack Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. applying pesticides on military installations. Units Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. interested in participating in the program must Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. send Soldiers for training on the proper handling, Wolf Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. transportation and application of herbicides. Once Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. individuals are properly trained by the Directorate Dinner: Closed Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. of Public Works base operations contractor, Soldiers can be issued the appropriate products Warfighter Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. and equipment so units can treat weeds in rocked (Wilderness Road Complex) Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. areas around their unit facilities. Weed control Dinner: Closed Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. training sessions for Soldiers are available the first LaRochelle Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. and third Monday of the month, May-September, 10th SFG(A) Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. from 10 a.m. to noon in building 3708. Products Dinner: Closed Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. and equipment will be available for Soldiers on a hand receipt. Each unit may send up to five people of facilities to equipping units with a sweeper and reutilizing government property, web-based tools for training. Call 492-0166 for more information. cleaning motor pools. Listed below are phone available, special handling of property andFinance travel processing — All inbound and numbers and points of contact for services: environmental needs. To schedule an orientation, outbound Temporary Lodging Expense, “Do it • Facility repair/service orders — Fort contact Arnaldo Borrerorivera at arnaldo. Yourself ” Moves, servicemember and Family Carson Support Services service order desk can be for receiving/turn in; Mike member travel, travel advance pay and travel pay reached at 526-5345. Use this number for emergencies Welsh at for reutilization/web inquiries will be handled in building 1218, room 231. or routine tasks and for reporting wind damage, tools; or Rufus Guillory at Call 526-4454 or 524-2594 for more information. damaged traffic signs or other facility damage. Retirement briefings — are held from 8 a.m. to noonFirst Sergeants’ Barracks Program — is located in • Refuse/trash and recycling — Call Eric the second and third Wednesday of each month at the building 1454 on Nelson Boulevard. The hours of Bailey at 719-491-0218 or email eric.e.bailey4. Joel Hefley Community Center conference room, operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The when needing trash containers, trash 6800 Prussman Ave. The Retirement Services Office office assists Soldiers with room assignments and is overflowing or emergency service is required. recommends spouses accompany Soldiers to the terminations. For more information call 526-9735. • Facility custodial services — Call Bryan briefing. Call 526-2840 for more information.Veterans Affairs claims and benefits — Veterans can Dorcey at 526-6670 or email bryan.s.dorcey.civ@ Reassignment briefings — are held Tuesdays get assistance through the Veterans Services Group, for service needs or to report complaints. for Soldiers heading overseas and Thursdays for Wednesday from noon to 3 p.m. for walk-ins and • Elevator maintenance — Call Bryan personnel being reassigned stateside. The briefings 3:30-4:30 p.m. for appointments. The VSG is Dorcey at 526-6670 or email bryan.s.dorcey.civ are held in building 1129, Freedom Performing Arts located at The Retired Enlisted Association Chapter Center; sign-in is at 7 a.m. and briefings start at 7:30 1 at 834 Emory Circle in Colorado Springs. For • Motor pool sludge removal/disposal — a.m. Soldiers are required to bring Department more information call 719-337-0086. Call Dennis Frost at 526-6997 or email of the Army Form 5118, signed by their unitSergeant Audie Murphy Club — The Fort Carson personnel section, and a pen to complete forms. Sergeant Audie Murphy Club meets the third • Repair and utility/self-help — Call Gary Call 526-4730/4583 for more information. Tuesday of each month at the Family Connection Grant at 526-5844 or email gerald.l.grant2.civ Army ROTC Green to Gold briefings — are held Center from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The SAMC is Use this number to obtain self-help the first and third Tuesday of each month at noon open to all active members and those interested in tools and equipment or a motorized sweeper. at the education center, building 1117, room 120. becoming future SAMC members. The club was • Base operations contracting officer Call University of Colorado-Colorado Springs originally a U.S. Forces Command organization of representative — Call Terry Hagen at 526-9262 Army ROTC at 262-3475 for more information. elite noncommissioned officers but is now an or email for questions ETS briefings — for enlisted personnel are held the Armywide program for individuals who have met on snow removal, grounds maintenance and first and third Wednesday of each month. Briefing the criteria and have proven themselves to be contractor response to service orders. sign in begins at 7 a.m. at the Soldier Readiness outstanding NCOs through a board/leadership • Portable latrines — Call Jerald Just at Building, building 1042, room 244, on a first-come, process. Contact the SAMC president, Staff Sgt. 524-0786 or email to first-served basis. Soldiers must be within 120 Thomas Witt, at 526-5661 for more information. request latrines, for service or to report damaged days of their expiration term of service, butCommand Evaluation and Training Team — or overturned latrines. must attend the briefing no later than 30 days COMET provides commanders at all levels with The Fort Carson Trial Defense Service office — is prior to their ETS or start of transition leave. Call a responsive maintenance and supply assessment able to help Soldiers 24/7 and is located at building 526-2240/ 8458 for details. and training tool that improves the combat effec- 1430, room 240. During duty hours, Soldiers should Special Forces briefings — are held Wednesdays in tiveness, readiness and efficiency of their units’ call 526-4563. The 24-hour phone number for after building 1430, room 123, from noon to 1 p.m. logistical programs. The team identifies supply hours, holidays and weekends is 719-358-3275. Soldiers must be specialist to staff sergeant from any and maintenance weaknesses and problems, and Questions can also be submitted by email to military occupational specialty, have a general provides individual/unit reinforcement training Know your rights. technical score of at least 107, be a U.S. citizen, score based on assessments. Results remain confidential Legal services — provided at the Soldier Readiness 240 or higher on the Army Physical Fitness Test, and for the unit commander only. The team provides Processing site are for Soldiers undergoing the SRP pass a Special Forces physical. Call 524-1461 or assistance in the majority of maintenance and supply process. The SRP Legal Office will only provide visit the website at management areas with one-on-one training, and powers of attorney or notary services to Soldiers by conducting follow-up visits. The team also processing through the SRP. Retirees, Family Hours of Operation conducts classes to help strengthen supply skills members and Soldiers not in the SRP process can and improve maintenance readiness. Contact Tim receive legal assistance and powers of attorney at the • In-processing — Monday-Thursday from Howarth at 503-3095 or email thomas.howarth3. main legal office located at 1633 Mekong St., 7:30-10:30 a.m. for more information. building 6222, next to the Family Readiness Center. • Initial and partial issues — Monday-Recycle incentive program — The Directorate of Legal assistance prepares powers of attorney and Friday from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Public Works has an incentive program to prevent performs notary services on a walk-in basis from • Cash sales/report of survey — Monday- recyclable waste from going to the landfill. 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays-Wednesdays and Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participating battalions can earn monetary rewards Fridays, and from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursdays. • Direct exchange and partial turn ins — for turning recyclable materials in to the Fort Carson Monday-Friday from 7:30-11:30 a.m. Recycle Center, building 155. Points are assigned for Briefings • Full turn ins — by appointment only; call the pounds of recyclable goods turned in and every 526-3321. participating battalion receives money quarterly. Call Casualty Notification/Assistance Officer training — • Unit issues and turn ins — Call 526- 526-5898 for more information about the program. is held May 15-17 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the 5512/6477 for approval.Directorate of Public Works services — DPW is Grant Library. This training is required for all Education Center hours of operation — The responsible for a wide variety of services on Fort Soldiers asked to perform this solemn duty. Per Mountain Post Training and Education Center, Carson. Services range from repair and maintenance Army Regulation 600-8-1, this duty is limited to building 1117, 526-2124, hours are as follows: those in the ranks of sergeant first class to command • Counselor Support Center — Monday- sergeant major, chief warrant officer 2-5 and Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Fridays 11 captain and above. No reservations are required to a.m. to 4:30 p.m. BOSS meetings attend training. Classes offered on a first-come, • Army Learning Center — Monday- are held at 10 a.m. first-served basis. Call Jean Graves at 526-5613/ Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. the first and third 5614 for more information. • Defense Activity for Nontraditional Wednesday of each Disposition Services — Defense Logistics Agency Education Support and Army Personnel month at the Foxhole. Disposition Services Colorado Springs, located in Testing — Monday-Friday 7:30-11:30 a.m. and For information, call building 381, conducts orientations Fridays from 12:30-4:30 p.m. 524-BOSS. 12:30-3:30 p.m. The orientations discuss DLA Repair and Utility self-help — has moved to building processes to include turning in excess property, 217 and is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • 8. 8 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Trainers visit Tactical Athlete Program Story and photo by Center, and Tiana Perry, an intern at the National room, really interested in learning and in getting Staff Sgt. Christopher Jelle Strength and Conditioning Center in Colorado better at what they do.”3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office, Springs, attended the TAP training session, observing Chandler said the brigade trainers invited Ford 4th Infantry Division and mentoring Iron Brigade Soldiers on exercise because he brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques. experience in weightlifting. The “Iron” Brigade invited two local Olympic “As soon as I stepped into the room with all the “He just likes to bring what he’s learned andtrainers to coach a Tactical Athlete Program training guys, a wave of energy came over me,” said Ford, what he’s attained to other people,” said Chandler.session at Garcia Physical Fitness Center April 3. who trains and competes in Olympic weightlifting. “Tiana actually reached out to us to volunteer her Out of 30 companies participating in the brigade- “These guys were ready to get at it in the weight time, and when you have people that do that, youlevel program, Soldiers of want to bring them in.”Company A, 1st Battalion, Throughout the session, the athletes8th Infantry Regiment, 3rd answered Soldiers’ questions aboutBrigade Combat Team, 4th their Olympic training regimens.Infantry Division, were the “It’s a really, really great experi-best performers, said Matthew ence,” Perry said. “It’s really inspiringChandler, a TAP Trainer at to come and see what (the Soldiers)Garcia. do and to know that they serve our “We chose (the company) country.”mainly for their work ethic,” Having the extra trainers partici-said Chandler. “As soon as they pating in the workout allowed thecome in, they prepare the coaches to spend more time with eachweightroom, get warmed up Soldier, correcting exercise movementsand are ready for us to begin and developing them once we get there. “The fact that we were recognizedNo other unit we work with out of everyone in the brigade as beingdoes that, and it shows that they the top company, and to have thesereally want to be here.” Olympic-level athletes come in and The brigade’s new physical help train my guys — I thought it wasfitness training program is really special,” said Sgt. 1st Classdesigned to physically train Atanasio Viera, first sergeant,Soldiers in overall strength and Company A, 1st Bn., 8th Inf. Reg.conditioning while also reduc- Iron Brigade TAP trainers plan toing the number of training- Tiana Perry, intern at the National Strength and Conditioning Center, evaluates the continue bringing in local professionalrelated injuries. performance of Pfc. Chase Canales, Company A, 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 3rd athletes and trainers to help develop Donovan Ford, a resident Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, during a Tactical Athlete Program training session the Soldiers as they begin to excel atathlete at the Olympic Training at Garcia Physical Fitness Center, April 3. the program. Military life is EXPERIENCE A MORE BEAUTIFUL YOU! stressful enough. MILITARY DISCOUNTS Going to the dentist Breast Enlargement* doesn’t need to be. Breast Lift At Debbie Roubal DDS, PC we’ve lived Tummy Tuck the stressful lifestyle you’re living. Liposuction Dr. Debbie Roubal FREE CONSULTATION General Dentist and Military Spouse Affordable Financing Options Debbie Roubal DDS PC, where the DOUGLAS J. RASKIN, M.D., D.M.D military community always has a friend. Baylor, Harvard & Stanford Trained Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery Call (719) 636-1933 for a stress free dental appointment, or visit us online at *Mentor has some great incentives for using their products – please call us for details
  • 9. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 9DEFENDING MORE. COSTING LESS. 360-DEGREE COVERAGE. NO GAPS. NO BLIND SPOTS. On November 17, 2011, MEADS successfully conducted the first-ever 360-degree launch by an air and missile defense system – proving that only MEADS can provide our warfighters with the protection they urgently need. With the increase in ballistic and cruise missile threats, MEADS’ advanced capabilities detect, track, and intercept today’s threats from any direction with eight times the defended area of Patriot. Defending more and costing less than Patriot, MEADS covers it all.
  • 10. 10 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Spouses get taste of Army Story and photos by “It’s a day for the spouses to come Lt. Col. Nicholas Palarino, comman- Troops Battalion, instructed the disas- Staff Sgt. Andrew Porch out and live a day in the life of a der, Rear Detachment, 2nd BCT, 4th Inf. sembly and assembly of the M4 carbine,2nd Brigade Combat Team Public Soldier,” said Valarie Adams, Family Div., started Jayne Wayne Day briefing and the dime-and-washer drill — anAffairs Office, 4th Infantry Division readiness support assistant, 2nd BCT, participants on the day’s festivities exercise that focuses on the basic 4th Inf. Div. before Warhorse Soldiers separated the fundamentals of marksmanship. Spouses rarely find the opportunity Eighty-nine “Warhorse” spouses spouses into six smaller groups. “The wives should get a betterto low crawl through an obstacle participated in the event that featured six “We want the wives to see what sense of what their husbands gocourse, gaze down the sight of an M4 stations: physical readiness training; their husbands do and build camaraderie through day-to-day,” said Swiderski.carbine or sweat profusely during Army disassembly and assembly of the M4 between the wives just like their husbands Instructors at each station encour-physical training. carbine; learning first aid and litter carry do in their sections,” said Palarino. aged maximum participation, and the “Jayne Wayne Day” afforded 2nd skills; instruction on basics of Modern The FRSA modeled Jayne Wayne spouses stepped up to the challenge.Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Army Combatives; firing the Electronic Day after the basics of Sergeant’s Time Spouses handled the M4 carbine,Division, spouses these chances and more Skills Trainer 2000 weapons simulator; Training, he said. cheered on a fellow spouse struggling toat Fort Carson’s Ironhorse Park, April 13.and a “fun ride” in a military vehicle. Adams said she planned the event climb a rope and felt the effects of wearing to heighten the level of excite- body armor and an advanced combat ment for Soldiers returning helmet during a ride in a military vehicle. from deployment next month, The spouses got a taste of what a and to help build relationships Soldier eats when instructors issued a between spouses. Meal Ready-to-Eat to each participant. 2nd Lt. Jason Klemp and Adrienne Rodriguez, wife of Pfc. 1st Lt. Steven Seifen, Rear Joe Rodriguez, Headquarters and Head- Detachment, 1st Battalion, quarters Battery, 3rd Battalion, 16th 67th Armor Regiment, 2nd Field Artillery Regiment, said she came BCT, assisted in coordinating to Jayne Wayne Day because she thought the day’s events. it would be fun to see what her husband The planners arranged does at work all day, to do physical the events in a round-robin training and ride in a military vehicle. configuration, with every “I liked shooting the guns, and group spending about 45 the assembling and disassembling of the minutes at a station before weapons,” she said. rotating to the next challenge. Palarino met the spouses at the Each battalion coordinated Ironhorse Park amphitheater to thank and instructed an event, them for their participation and 2nd ensuring the safety of the BCT Rear Detachment commanders spouses at all times by having presented certificates of completion water, food and medical to the spouses. supplies readily available. “Everybody had a fantastic time,Adrienne Rodriguez releases the charging handle of an M4 carbine during “Jayne Wayne Day” Sgt. Nathan Swiderski, and they are ready to do it again,”April 13 at Ironhorse Park. Rear Detachment, 2nd Special said Adams. PASSION This is PPCC. Love to cook and want to make it a career? Maybe manage a restaurant or start a catering company? A Culinary Arts degree from PPCC is the way to channel your passion and make To register visit: it a reality. or call 719.502.2000
  • 11. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 11 Soldiers of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, salute Michelle and Dan Benavidez as they pass rank and file during their ceremonial first mile of a 1,080-mile march to honor their son, Staff Sgt. Kenneth Mayne, and raise awareness of the service and sacrifice of military Families, April 13. Photo by Spc. Nathan ThomeFamily begins trek in honor of fallen son By Spc. Nathan Thome1st Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office, there when I need help or advice,” said Spc. Matt Spradley, infantryman, Company B. “I’m close Following the tour, the group had lunch with Gen. David Rodriguez, commanding general, 4th Infantry Division with the entire Family; I spend every weekend with U.S. Army Forces Command, and Maj. Gen. Joseph them, and we do all kinds of events. To me, they Anderson, commanding general, 4th Inf. Div. and The Soldiers of Company B flanked the 4th are my Family.” Fort Carson, before attending the rally.Infantry Division and Fort Carson Mounted Color Following the rally, Soldiers of Company B During the ceremony, Burris took specialGuard, paying silent respect to one of their own fell in behind the mounted color guard to march care in expressing his condolences, as well asduring a ceremony held in honor of Staff Sgt. the ceremonial first mile to Fort Carson’s those of his Soldiers.Kenneth Mayne at Manhart Field, April 13. Gate 1. The Benavidez Family then led the “Mrs. Benavidez, I am honored and humbled “Today, we gather to honor the memory of formation with supporters following behind as to have known and served with your son,” saidStaff Sgt. Kenneth Mayne, who served with honor Fort Carson Soldiers saluted and then applauded Burris. “Please know I speak not only for myself,and made the ultimate sacrifice for his nation, after the Family passed by. but for the Soldiers in Company B, and the entirewhile serving as a member of Company B, 1st The Benavidez Family began the day meeting Iron Knights Battalion, when I say we are trulyBattalion, 66th Armor Regiment,” said Lt. Col. with their son’s former unit leadership, where sorry for your loss, and that we are very proudLarry Burris, “Iron Knights” Battalion commander. they received a tour of the battalion’s operating to be part of this honor rally that marks the Burris’ words to the Soldiers of Company B and facilities and spoke with Soldiers in the unit. beginning of your journey.”the various members of the audience began a litanyof affirmation and support for Mayne’s parents,Michelle and Dan Benavidez, who began a 1,080-milemarch in honor of their son at Fort Carson. Capt. Geoffrey Shraga, assistant plans officer,Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Bn.,66th Armor Reg., and Mayne’s former platoonleader, also participated in the honor rally forhis former Soldier. “This rally meant so much, because I feel thatmy former platoon is still my Family,” said Shraga.“This is something that is important to both Michelleand I, because we are honoring our Family.” Even those who did not serve with Maynepersonally paid their respects to the BenavidezFamily, who were known for their compassion andreaching out to the Soldiers of their son’s companyin a time of mutual grief. “Michelle is like a mother to me; she is always The 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson Mounted Color Guard and Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Inf. Div., lead the Benavidez Family down Heritage Row, April 13. Photo by Andrea Sutherland
  • 12. 12 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Facility offers new opportunities Story and photos by achieve a modern look, with exposed air the Directorate of Family and Morale, swimming area for children. Andrea Sutherland ducts creating an industrial look in the Welfare and Recreation, and project Locker rooms have wheelchair- Mountaineer staff facility, but also maintain functionality. lead for the Ironhorse Sports and accessible showers, wet saunas The result: an 85,000-square-foot Fitness Center. “This is for the troops and whirlpools. There are also two Lorri Martindale agonized over fitness center that boasts a 12,000- that we have on this installation.” family changing rooms.every detail of the new Ironhorse Sports square-foot swimming pool, 36-foot The new facility, located on “I visited other post gyms and tookand Fitness Center, even the ceramic rock climbing wall and bouldering the new Fort Carson Resiliency what they hated about their facilitiestiling in the facility’s wet saunas. wall, three full-size basketball Campus, houses 131 pieces of fitness and made sure we didn’t repeat “I wanted it to have a feng shui courts, two racquetball courts and a equipment, including treadmills, those mistakes,” said Martindale.feeling,” she said. “I wanted the colors 587-foot-long indoor running track.elliptical machines, weightlifting Instead of opting for 16-footto be warm and inviting, not knock me “The last gym renovation on equipment and stationary bicycles. hallways like other installations,over as soon as I enter the building.” this post took place in 1967,” saidThree group exercise rooms will Martindale said she and the architects Martindale said she was trying to Martindale, facilities manager for feature circuit training, kickboxing, narrowed the hallways, allowing for yoga and Zumba more space in exercise rooms. They The Fort Carson Resiliency classes. There is also provided more storage, including also an exercise room 462 lockers in both the men’s and Campus officially opens May 3 dedicated to spin classes. women’s locker rooms. The facility after a ribbon-cutting ceremony The natatorium also features a sound system that can at 10 a.m. The Ironhorse Sports features a 25-yard lap be modified for each workout area. pool, a 15-foot-deep “It’s exciting for me to see and Fitness Center opens for all diving well with one- and the Soldiers and Families get community members May 3. three-meter springboards something back,” Martindale said. and a zero-depth entry “They deserve it.”The 36-foot rock climbing wall and bouldering wall Lifeguard trainees practice their skills in the new 12,000-square-foot-swimming pool. The natatorium features awill allow climbers to top-rope and lead climb. 25-yard lap pool, 15-foot-deep diving well with one- and three-meter springboards and a zero-depth entry wading area. PUBLIC & DEALER Covering AUTO AUCTION All Bases 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month 905 Santa Fe Ave., Fountain, CO – 11:00 am EDUCATION FAIR 2nd Saturday of every month 2751 N. Pueblo Blvd., Pueblo, CO – 11:00 am Doolittle Hall at the U.S. Air Force Academy* 200-300 units to choose from every auction. April 28, 2012 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Cars, Pickups, SUVs, RVs, Bank Repos, etc… Get that degree you’ve been Consignments are welcome! Pyramid Motors Auctions Co. putting off– Need a (Pueblo) 719-547-3585 We’re your one-stop shop or (Fountain) 719-382-5151 Go to higher education information! Dentist! Keynote Address by Dr. Louis Fletcher at 10:30 a.m., U.S. SURPLUS former Air Force and higher education expert Meet Karl Mecklenburg, author and former Denver Broncos captain and All-Pro Visit with schools specializing in local, online, WE SELL: Get expert answers to all your questions about veterans’ education assistance 719-576-5566 AIR SOFT FOOD INSURANCE MOUNTAIN HOUSE Sample delicious treats from Jason’s Deli, HEADQUARTERS FREEZE DRIED Cookies by Design, and Mountain High Coffee FREE EVENT Open to all branches of the military and the public! * Non-military attendees MUST enter through USAFA’s North Gate, I-25 exit 156B at your Fun Store For more information, contact Beth at 2475 S. Academy 719.472.0300 Ext. 134 574-8993 HOURS: MON-FRI, 9:00AM-5:30PM, SAT 10AM-5PM
  • 13. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 1340 years of serviceDFMWR director retires By Andrea Sutherland “My commitment and Mountaineer staff “It took years to cultivate dedication is not any less than it has ever been. When Mac Kemp took the director positionof the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare these programs. I’m The toughest part about retiring is the fact thatand Recreation at Fort Carson, he figured he’dbe able to fish, ski and enjoy the outdoors in proud of our Army, (I’m) going to leave this behind. But I knowhis spare time. He was wrong. because I think the it is time to go. … “I’ve been so busy since I’ve been here, I’ve I owe my family.”hardly been fishing. I haven’t been skiing (and) Army has led the way for Kemp said heI haven’t been hunting since I’ve been here,” hopes his successorhe said, chuckling. the rest of the services.” will recognize that An Air Force veteran, Kemp arrived at Fort commitment and remainCarson in 1990 after working for the DFMWR “It took years to cultivate these programs,” vigilant for Soldiersequivalent at an installation in Panama. “I was made for this work,” he said. “Even he said. “I’m proud of our Army, because I think the Army has led the way for the rest of Kemp and Family members. “When makingwhen I was in high school I was volunteering the services.” tough MWR decisions (he must ask) theto do recreation work with kids. … I learned at With so many changes taking place, Kemp question: ‘what is the best decision for Soldiersan early age that I had a knack for it.” said he and his staff remain committed to serving and their Families’ and then do the right thing. As the director of DFMWR for the past 21 Soldiers and their Families. The MWR director world is often political and ifyears, Kemp has seen the Fort Carson community “There’s a special bond between our professionals all of his decisions are based on what is good forgrow immensely. As the post grew, so did the and our community,” he said. “The people I work Soldiers, he won’t go wrong. There might beprograms DFMWR offered. with to make this happen, they’re not eight-hour some short-term political fallout, but in the end “We went from offering babysitting to employees. They’re more like 12-hour-a-day doing what is right will prevail,” Kemp said.developing the best child care program in the employees. … They do it because they are “Many times I’ve scared my wife and said Iworld,” Kemp said. “We’ve seen the growth of absolutely committed.” would do this job for free. I don’t look at this asour fitness programs, (and) expanding facilities As he prepares for retirement, Kemp said he plans a job. I look at this as a vocation,” he meet the needs of our community.” to stay engaged with the Fort Carson community. “Everybody wants to make a difference. A lot of Kemp helped introduce and improve programs “I will take some time off and catch my people talk about making a difference. But we getranging from intramural sports to youth recreation. breath, but I do plan to stay engaged,” he said. to do it. We get to make a difference.” FORT CARSON COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP TOWN HALL Thursday, April 26 Join us for: An update on Fort Carson activities from Major General Joseph Anderson, A community update from El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark, An introduction to the Peak Military Care Network, A Q&A with community leaders. Registration is free! We welcome your input! THURSDAY, APRIL 26 3:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. Centennial Hall 200 S. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs For more information, call 471-7080, ext. 140, or e-mail MILITARY SPECIALS Secure your space today Save An Additional 5% On Your Monthly Rent FREE use of our moving van on move-IN and OUT FREE Call us today and reserve your storage 715 South Academy Blvd. 1850 East Woodmen Rd. 412 Eagleridge Blvd. CIRCLE DRIVE SELF STORAGE 2515 Arlington Drive, Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO 80910 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Pueblo, CO 81008 (South of Fountain Blvd, behind Shamrock Gas on Circle Drive) 719-597-2311 719-277-0407 719-584-3028 719-447-0452
  • 14. 14 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Sewer replacement project under way By Samantha Palmason U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Resident Office The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began asewer replacement project April 12 to correctnumerous deficiencies in the existing sewermain and provide a more reliable system to thefacilities in the 1350 and 1360 building areas. Construction is projected to last five monthswith an anticipated completion date of August. Project work involves digging ditches,moving large piping and sidewalks and parkinglots being torn out and replaced. Buildingoccupants can expect loud noises and dustyconditions during construction due to themovement of vehicles, large trucks andconstruction equipment. No water outages tothe buildings are expected, unless unforeseenconditions are discovered during construction. People are advised to use caution in theconstruction areas, especially when operatingor parking vehicles nearby . The contractorswill place traffic barriers and orange plasticfence around construction areas. Open trenchareas will be filled by the end of the workday. When not possible, the trenches willbe fenced off to discourage access to the sitefrom foot traffic. Use of the private vehicle parking areas forbarracks buildings 1364 and 1365 will not beinterrupted during this construction, howeversome parking lots may be temporarily closed. Call the Directorate of Public WorksOperations and Maintenance Division at Courtesy Directorate of Public Works526-9243 for more information. The map above shows the areas affected by a six-month sewer replacement project expected to be completed in early August. CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN DENTAL GROUP Serving the Cheyenne Mountain Community Since 1978 MONEY CAN’T TALK Y T A Dr. Grant Dr. Bertsch Our office uses the latest technology including, BUT IT’S ALWAYS SPOKEN F FOR. Dr. VanOrman COS scanner, Water Biolase Dr. Koditek and EZlaser treatment. We accept military insurance When the paycheck’s gon k 3605 Star Ranch Road (corner of Star Ranch & Hwy. 115) we can help. We ser ve t m the wherever you ser ve – on nline, committed to offering yo a s ou 576-3276 Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 8a-5p Accepting new patients! TriCare Prime offers off-base routine eye examination benefit! No out-of-pocket cost for an eye exam for glasses! referral is No Primary Care call for necessary. Simply . an appointment Borrow smart – apply today! rt The doctors next to LensCrafters are contracted Tricare Prime Providers. They offer three convenient Colorado Springs Locations for eye examinations. Exam includes digital retinal imaging at no additional cost. Lending | Saving | Le earning Follow us on Southside Between Northside © 2012. All loan applications are confi fidential and subject to our credit policies. No offi U.S. military endorsement is ficial 598-1392 548-8717 598-5068 implied. MidCountry Bank is a member FDIC. 12-DL-090 r TriCare Standard, TriCare Reserve and TriCare for Life also accepted. Prescriptions may be filled anywhere. Contact lens evaluation available for additional cost. Call for program details.
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  • 16. 16 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Claims against the Estate General announcementsStaff Sgt. Christopher Brown — With deepest Gate 6 closure — Gate 6, located at State Highway regret to the Family of the deceased. Anyone 115 and Wilderness Road, will close April 27 for having claims against or indebtedness to his approximately four weeks. This temporary gate estate should contact 1st Lt. Gilberto Pina at closure is required in support of an ongoing 706-289-1982. Colorado Department of Transportation projectStaff Sgt. Daniel Brown — With deepest regret to expand traffic capacity and improve safety to the Family of the deceased. Anyone having along State Highway 115 between Gate 5 and claims against or indebtedness to his estate the Rock Creek bridge, located south of should contact 1st Lt. William Port at 524-3166. Gate 6. State Highway 115 will remain open toStaff Sgt. Blake Whistler — With deepest regret traffic while work is in progress. Contact CDOT to the Family of the deceased. Anyone having at 634-2323 or Directorate of Public Works Traffic claims against or indebtedness to his estate Engineering at 526-9267 for more information. should contact Capt. Ken Segelhorst at 526-0278. Junior-enlisted housing available — BalfourPfc. Ricky Shaw — With deepest regret to the Beatty Communities has junior enlisted, two- Family of the deceased. Anyone having claims and three-bedroom housing available. Call against or indebtedness to his estate should 719-579-1606 for details. contact 2nd Lt. Alex Wilbur at 503-2686. Donated annual leave for Fort Carson civilianPvt. Jamale Franklin — With deepest regret to employees — is currently being accepted for the the Family of the deceased. Anyone having claims following civilians under the Voluntary Leave against or indebtedness to his estate should Transfer Program. The employees who have contact 2nd Lt. Susan Redwine at 616-987-6040. exhausted all available leave because of medical emergencies and are currently accepting leaveUpcoming events donations are Lorenza Buller-Duran, Civilian Personal Advisory Center; Ann Armstrong,Tell Me A Story — Takes place Sunday from 2-4 Garrison Resource Management; Michael Patrocky, p.m. at the Special Events Center. Guest reader Space and Missile Defense Command; Vanessa Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, commanding general, Gallegos, Directorate of Human Resources; 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, will read Anthony Jackson and Heidi Parham, Directorate “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type” by Doreen of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security; Cronin. Admission is free, but space is limited. Heather Fox and Megan Cornell, Directorate of Reserve a space by emailing PtoP.Carson@ Emergency Services; Pauline Starks, Laron Cosley or calling 706-761-6343. and Tamara Morris, Dental Activity; and CrystalScout food drive — Boy Scout Troop 164 and Miller, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare Cub Scout Pack 264 will collect nonperishable and Recreation. To donate annual leave under food items in post housing April 28 for the Care VLTP, contact the Garrison Resource Management and Share Food Bank. Participants are asked to Office at 526-1841/1839 or tara.n.smith-overton. place food in a bag and leave the items on front civ to obtain form OMP-630A, porches at 9 a.m. Scouts are collecting canned “Request to Donate Annual Leave,” or the meat, beans, tomato products, fruit and vegetables OMP-630B for an outside agency. and soup as well as boxed pasta, peanut butter Express bus sign-up — Interest is being assessed and powdered milk. Contact Janita McGregor at for commuter express bus service to Fort for a participation slip or Carson from Fountain, Powers and Academy for more information. boulevards and Interstate 25 corridors. Sign upCraft fair — The Mountain Post Spouses Club now to indicate interest. Fort Carson individuals Ongoing events hosts the Spring Fling Craft Fair April 28 from are needed to help demonstrate sufficient 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Special Events Center. potential demand for express commuter bus Yard sales — can be held on post the first and third Vendors may apply for booth space on a first service, dedicated to serving Fort Carson Saturday of the month through December. Post come, first served basis. Booth space for MPSC commuters with fast and convenient service. For residents set up their items in front of their homes. members costs $25 and $30 for nonmembers. Soldiers and civilians, this service can be free. Single Soldiers and Families who reside off Contact Sandi Spreier at 719-351-3970 or email Go to or call post can set up in the building 5510 parking lot. for more information. 526-6497 for more information and to sign up. Yard sales are organized and conducted by theBlood Drive — The Armed Services Blood 2-1-1 data expands to two counties — The Installation Mayoral Program, the Directorate of Program hosts a blood drive May 1 from 10 a.m. Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments has Public Works Housing Liaison Office and the to 5 p.m. and May 2 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. partnered with Pikes Peak United Way to Balfour Beatty Family Housing Office. Call the at the Special Events Center. Visit http://www. include 2-1-1 data for El Paso and Teller counties Mayoral Program at 526-8303 or Army Community for more information. in the Network of Care for servicemembers, Service at 526-4590 for more information.Career Expo — A Career Expo takes place 10 a.m. veterans and their Families. The service Seeking speakers — The Fort Carson Public Affairs to 2 p.m. May 3 at Elkhorn Conference Center. directory component of the Network of Care Office is seeking Soldiers, Family members and All military and prior military members can now includes more than 1,500 local resources civilians from Fort Carson to speak about their register online at Call to assist the military community, service work, training and varied experiences to public 678-819-4153 for more information. providers and others. Visit http://pikespeak. organizations throughout the Pikes Peak region.Commissary opening — A ribbon cutting and for more information. Speakers must be well-qualified professionals grand opening ceremony for the new Fort Share-a-Ride — is a free online car pool coordination who know how to capture and maintain an Carson Commissary is set for 10 a.m. May 9. to and from post, as well as van pool options, audience’s attention for 20-30 minutes. Speakers The current commissary will close May 6 at typically for those commuting 30 or more miles to should be comfortable speaking to businesses, 6 p.m. There will be no commissary service post. Riders are matched based on their origination professional organizations, community leaders, available on Fort Carson May 7-8. The ribbon and destination points, as well as days and times of civic groups and schools. Contact Samantha Koss cutting will also include savings, food sampling, travel. Users specify whether they are offering a at 526-5996 or gift card drawings and other prizes. The hours ride, need a ride or if they are interested in sharing Al-Anon meetings — Al-Anon is a 12-step for the new commissary will be 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. driving duties. When a “match” is found, users are program for families and friends of alcoholics Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and notified immediately of rider options, allowing (admitted or not). Meetings take place in the 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. them to contact and coordinate ridesharing conference room of The Colorado Inn at 6 p.m.Spouse appreciation day — The Armed Services within minutes. Access the ride-share portal every Monday. Attendance is free and anyone YMCA hosts Military Spouse Appreciation by visiting can attend these open, anonymous meetings. Day May 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2190 paio/sustainability.html. Contact Al-Anon Service Center at 719-632-0063 Jet Wing Drive. Spouses can enjoy hair cuts, Vanpools forming — Vanpools are forming to serve for more information. cooking demonstrations, massages and a fashion commuters who travel on Interstate 25, Powers Nutrition counseling and classes — The Evans show. Child care is available with reservations. Boulevard, Security-Widefield and Fountain. Army Community Hospital Nutrition Care Call 719-622-9622 for more information. Vanpool costs for Soldiers and civilians may be Division offers nutrition counseling on a healthyMilitary Family Camp — Military Family Camp reduced (or free) when using the Army Mass diet, weight loss or gain, high cholesterol, at Young Life’s Trail West in Buena Vista offers Transit Benefit subsidy. The program provides hypertension, diabetes, sports nutrition and other a variety of activities for servicemembers and the van, maintenance and repairs, insurance, fuel nutrition-related diseases or illnesses. Nutrition their Families. Camps take place May 27-June 2, and has an Emergency Ride Home feature. Go to classes include heart-healthy/lipid, weight loss, June 10-16 and Aug. 5-11. A small fee, based for further pregnancy nutrition, commissary tour/healthy on rank, covers all meals, activities and lodging details, and to reserve your spot. Contact Anneliesa shopping and sports nutrition. To schedule an for a Family for the week. Visit http://www. Barta, Sustainable Fort Carson at 526-6497 appointment, call the TRICARE appointment or call or email for line at 719-457-2273. To register for a class, 526-6917 for more information. more information. call the Nutrition Care Division at 526-7290.
  • 17. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 17Soldiers in transitionInternships pave new career paths Story and photo by Stacy Neumann places wounded servicemembers in internships, of dollars as they build a new visitor center. Medical Department Activity Public Affairs Thompson and his service dog, Tanner, arrived “I threw everything into this,” Thompson said in Florissant. of his first few weeks in the internship. “Then Master Sgt. Tim Thompson is making the Park Superintendent Keith Payne said it was they told me to (slow down and) make sure to takemove from protecting Uncle Sam to preserving more than just an opportunity for the park to care of myself and heal. I’ve had to learn how toMother Nature. support veterans. Thompson’s combat construction transition into a civilian environment.” “I want my kids to have this. I want them to engineer expertise has helped the park save thousands “It’s as basic as letting an old first sergeantgo to Yellowstone (National Park). These are know that office etiquette meansthe things that mean something,” said the he can’t yell a name down theFort Carson Warrior Transition Battalion hall. Using the phone or walkingSoldier, gesturing at the Florissant Fossil to the room is what we do,”Beds National Monument. Fuhrman said. While the primary goal of the WTB Not everyone is soSoldiers is to heal, their secondary mission, accommodating or understanding.which Thompson said can be tough, is to Some civilian organizations havetransition. expressed concern about helping “I went from the constant pace of the veterans shift into the workforce.military and war to standing still,” said A Society of Human Resourcesthe veteran of seven tours in Iraq and report found 46 percent ofAfghanistan. “I had to figure out what to surveyed employers believedo with myself.” See Intern on Page 24 Enter the Post to Parks program at theFlorissant Fossil Beds National Monument,near Florissant. The park’s local outreach Florissant Fossil Beds Nationalwas initially created to welcome military Monument Facilities ManagerFamilies and youths in the Pikes Peak Troy Fuhrman and Master Sgt.Region. As part of the program, Troy Tim Thompson, with his serviceFuhrman, park facilities manager, sometimes dog, Tanner, look over one of thehands out free park passes on Fort Carson. displays detailing the history “I was there handing out access of a petrified redwood at the park.passes and he (Thompson) walked up and Thompson is a Fort Carson Warriorsaid, ‘That’s it. That’s what I want to do,’” Transition Battalion SoldierFuhrman recalled. completing his internship at the Through the joint work of Post to Parks park and preparing to transitionand Operation Warfighter, a program that into the civilian workforce. Pulmonary Medicine: Joshiah Gordon, D.O. GASP! Harvey McClung, M.D. Craig Shapiro, M.D. U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT JUST TOOK OUR BREATH AWAY. Our Pulmonology team is one of five special- ties recognized by U.S. News & World Report as “High-Performing.” That’s four more than any other hospital south of Denver. If you need great care, it’s right here. And it’s only going to get better. INVITING YOU INTO THE ALL NEW... Certified used Hondas and other Certified used vehicles Your MPG HQ We 785-5060 h Matc USAA South Academy at Fountain g Pricin Price Protection Guarantee good on same model within 14 days of purchase... see store for details.
  • 18. 18 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Community remembers genocide Story and photos by civilized people when bigotry, Kerstin Lopez hatred and indifference reign. Special to the Mountaineer “The days’ principle message is that another A Holocaust survivor’s story of Holocaust must never befighting to stay alive during one of the allowed again,” she’s most infamous mass murders Karen Brass, keynotewas shared with the Fort Carson speaker, shared the story ofcommunity during the annual her father, David Zauder, Personalremembrance ceremony Monday. during the event to showcase effects of The Fort Carson Holocaust Days the horrific ordeals he survived Holocaustof Remembrance observance was held during the Holocaust. survivorin conjunction with the national Days “Today is dedicated to Daveof Remembrance week April 15-22. those who experienced the Zauder Congress established the Holocaust at a time when sit onremembrance week in 1982 as values of civilization and displaythe nation’s annual commemoration humanity completely broke Mondayof the Holocaust and created the down,” Brass said. at theUnited States Holocaust Memorial Zauder, a Holocaust ElkhornMuseum in Washington, D.C. as a survivor and detainee in the Conferencepermanent living memorial to the Krakow Ghetto, was enslaved Center.victims, said Sgt. Amber Hargrove, in the Plazcow work camp andequal opportunity leader, 3rd Brigade Auschwitz death camp in Poland Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, were wiped from history by hate andCombat Team, 4th Infantry Division. and Flossenburg and Sachsenhausen commanding general, 4th Infantry horrific indifference,” Anderson said. This year’s theme designated by concentration camps in Germany, as Division and Fort Carson, expressed “We cannot forget that humansthe museum is “Choosing to Act: well as being forced to take the Death his gratitude to Brass and Zauder have the capacity to be both inhumane,Stories of Rescue.” March from Auschwitz. for sharing a powerful story and and conversely, that humans faced with Hargrove said the days are set He migrated to Detroit after his reminding a community of the good overwhelming odds have the capabilityaside for remembering the victims survival and rescue during the Holo- and evil in the world. to be courageous and extraordinary.”of the Holocaust and reminding caust. In 1951, Zauder served four years “While we may seek to empathize The observances provide leadershipAmericans of what could happen to in the U.S. Army after graduating from in an effort to understand the impact an opportunity to enhance mission the New York Military Academy. such cruelty had on the Jewish people readiness through awareness and mutual He took up the trumpet and and its culture, we will never truly understanding of various cultures, subsequently played solo cornet feel the gravity of the Holocaust or said Master Sgt. Bobby Estrada, senior with the Detroit Concert Band. its effects on the Jewish way of life equal opportunity adviser, 4th Infantry Through the bad, he as a whole,” Anderson said. Division and Fort Carson EO Office. found good. “It is also important this day, above “EO is good leadership and “Despite everything my all else, that we do not forget what enhances mission readiness. Leaders father has experienced, he happened to the Jewish people and bringing Soldiers to EO events is a knows happiness,” Brass said. their culture and the countless lives that mentorship opportunity,” Estrada said. u The Holocaust was the superior” and that the almost 700,000 Jews Quick systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately 6 million Jews by the Nazi Jews, deemed “inferior,” were an alien threat to the so-called German racial community. u In 1933, the Jewish emigrated to Israel, including 136,000 Jewish displaced persons from Europe. Other Jewish displaced persons emigrated to the U.S. facts regime and its collaborators. u “Holocaust” is a word of population of Europe stood and other nations. The last Greek origin meaning at more than 9 million. By displaced persons camp “sacrifice by fire.” 1945, the Germans and their closed in 1957. u In Hebrew, Holocaust collaborators killed nearly u The internationally Remembrance Day is two out of every three recognized date comes from Editor’s note: called “Yom Hashoah.” European Jews as part of the Hebrew calendar andMaj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, commanding general, u The Nazis, who came to the “Final Solution,” the corresponds to the 27th day4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, presents a Information power in Germany in Nazi policy to murder of Nisan on that calendar.coin as a token of appreciation to David Zauder, gathered from January 1933, believed that the Jews of Europe. It marks the anniversary ofHolocaust survivor and distinguished guest, u Between 1948 and 1951, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Germans were “raciallyduring the annual remembrance ceremony. Colorado Publishing Company
  • 19. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 19Autism Awareness Month TRICAREKnowing signs leads covers therapyto early intervention TRICARE, the military health care benefit, covers Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for eligible children under its Enhanced Access to the Autism Services Demonstration. By Shari Lopatin ¦ No large smiles or other happy To get ABA services, children TriWest Healthcare Alliance expressions by 6 months of age must have an active-duty ¦ No variety of sounds (such as ba, sponsor and be enrolled A child as young as 1 year old can show ma, da) starting around 6 months of age in TRICARE’ssigns of autism. ¦ No interest in exploring the Extended Care Health If a child does have autism, early intervention world around them Option. Then, theymay be his best hope, according to the Autism ¦ No back-and-forth sharing must have an eligibleSpeaks website. of sounds and facial expressions by diagnosis, be living in Getting to know the early warning signs of 9 months of age the United States andautism can be a huge advantage for pregnant ¦ No babbling by 12 months of age be 18 months or older.women or those planning to have a baby. Research ¦ No single words by 16 The autismsuggests women who have an autistic child have a months of age demonstration covers all20-percent greater risk of having another autistic ¦ No meaningful phrases therapies that fall underchild, said Daniel Openden, vice president and (without imitating or repeating) the umbrella of “educationalclinical services director of the Southwest Autism by 24 months of age interventions for AutismResearch and Resource Center in Phoenix. If the above signs exist, parents Spectrum Disorders,” which “Thus far, research presented by experts at should talk with their pediatrician includes ABA. It also covers servicesseveral autism conferences suggests that, while immediately. Together from more providers than arewe typically cannot reliably diagnose autism until determine the best steps to available under the basic TRICAREchildren are about 2 years old, the earliest signs get the child evaluated for coverage. Available providers mustof autism may begin to emerge between 6 and an autism spectrum disorder be TRICARE-authorized in order12 months of age,” Openden said. as quickly as possible. for the treatments to be covered. The following is a list of early warning signs — Officials with the Visit SARRC and Autism Speaks — that should Centers for Disease Control echo for more information on theserve as red flags to get children checked for autism: and Prevention said early Extended Care Health Option and ¦ No good eye contact: babies learn through intervention methods can the Autism Services Demonstration.engaging with others greatly improve a child’s development. 4331 Centennial Blvd. 1813 North Circle Drive Garden of the Gods & Centennial Circle & Constitution 635-2020 632-2020 4319 Integrity Center Point 1130 Lake Plaza Drive NW Corner of Powers & Barnes Lake Ave & Lake Plaza (next to Culvers) 634-2020 578-2020 WWW.ABBAEYECARE.COM Exams as young as 6 months of age Voted #1 Eye Care in Colorado Springs The Independent & The Gazette Ft. Carson 576-5151 Air Force Academy 472-0524 Peterson AFB 574-5252
  • 20. 20 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 21 Story and photos by Pfc. Andrew Ingram EOD specialist, Company B, 110th Chemical Battalion, to be done, relay your plans to your team and then execute.” 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The EOD Soldiers can learn as much from watching each “I’ve been to two previous (Team Leader Training Academies), other as participating in the training themselves, said Spc. Explosive ordnance disposal specialists from Army posts and this is hands down the best,” said Young. “My unit is specifically Josh Estes, 62nd Ordnance Company, 242nd EOD. across the U.S. honed their tactical abilities and doctrinal geared toward chemical incidents. This training is great for us, “The best thing about the academy for me is that we bring knowledge at Fort Carson, April 11-Thursday, during the because it focuses on more conventional EOD procedures.” together such a vast knowledge base to work from,” said Estes, EOD Team Leader Training Academy. The future team leaders took the primary role in investigating who served as one of Young’s team members. “There are a lot EOD noncommissioned officers participated in multiple and diffusing each incident, and directed a of team leaders out here with numerous deployments and a lot of scenarios throughout the week to develop the skills needed two-man support team as they would experience. From them, you can learn what works best for you.” to become certified EOD team leaders. in a tactical situation. The academy is vital to the EOD career field because bringing “We are not trying to certify these Soldiers ourselves, but “This is my first time Soldiers from across the EOD community together we are giving them an opportunity in an intensively resourced running as a leader motivates them to be the best, said Sgt. 1st environment to run realistic, challenging training problems candidate,” Young said. Class Juan Frausto, trainer/mentor and EOD that will make them stronger when they do go through the “It is a great learning team leader, 71st Ordnance Company, qualifications,” said Lt. Col. Gerardo Meneses, commander, experience to get to 79th Ordnance Battalion (EOD), 242nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion, 71st Ordnance the scene, figure 71st EOD, Fort Hood, Texas. Group (EOD), and training event host. out what needs “These are perishable skills and “(NCOs) must complete 12 tasks before their company we must maintain them,” Frausto commanders and first sergeants will recommend them to become said. “We need to be trained and certified as team leaders,” Meneses said. “We are providing methodical, because, in our career a venue where they can take part in 10 of those 12 tasks.” field, one mistake could be deadly.” During both of the four-day training cycles, the prospective team After completing the academy,Sgt. Christopher Young, leaders responded to unexploded ordnance in a simulated combat the EOD specialists must completeexplosive ordnance disposal environment; defeated simulated vehicle borne, roadside and suicide the team leader qualifiers at theirspecialist, Company B, 110th vest IEDs; cleared minefields; and calmed nervous hostages. home station. During the test,Chemical Battalion, Joint Many of the EOD Soldiers need the training to refresh unit leaders will gauge the NCOs’Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., perishable skills and learn more efficient tactics before ability to manage criticalinspects a possible improvised attempting qualifications, said Sgt. Christopher Young, situations in the field.explosive device held by asimulated hostage duringthe EOD Team LeaderTraining Academy atFort Carson, April 12. Staff Sgt. Kimberly Evens, explosive ordnance disposal specialist, 722nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, 192nd Ordnance Battalion (EOD), 52nd Ordnance Group (EOD), Fort Bragg, N.C., places a percussion actuated neutralizer, a tool used to defeat improvised explosive devices, on a simulated IED April 12 during the EOD Team Leader Academy at Fort Carson. Staff Sgt. Laura Contardo, 18th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, 192nd Ordnance Battalion (EOD), 52nd Ordnance Group (EOD), Fort Bragg, N.C., uses a metal detector to search for mines during the EOD Team Leader Training Academy, April 12.Layout by Jeanne Mazerall
  • 21. 22 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012
  • 22. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 23
  • 23. 24 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 Intern “They’re just people put into never anticipated with a huge payoff.“(Soldiers) from Page 17 extraordinary circumstances,” Fuhrman said. “They have unique skill sets. They It’s self-serving,” said Payne. Training at the Florissant Fossil have unique mental issues would be a deterrent in hiring veterans. understand mission and service. The key is to make them feel welcome Beds National Monument has helped three WTB Soldiers, including skill sets. They Thompson said it’s no surprise to him that many in the civilian and make it comfortable for everyone.” Since Thompson’s arrival, the Thompson, earn permanent jobs with the U.S. National Parks Service. Six world still need to make progress in Florissant Fossil Beds National others have already been accepted understand reducing the stigma of hiring veterans with war wounds. Monument has expanded its partnership with the WTB. Fuhrman and Payne into internship slots. Thompson will soon begin work mission and Parks officials said they’ve kept the lines of communication open; figuring said it is rewarding to show veterans the wide variety of jobs available in the U.S. at the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. His internship supervisors out what Thompson is comfortable National Parks Service and help them said they’ll be getting someone with service.” discussing. Both sides agree that veterans don’t want people to fear them or feel translate military skills into civilian life. “On a personal level and on a a great work ethic, an eagerness to serve and one other important attribute. — Keith Payne sorry for them. Thompson said they professional level, this is an outstanding “He looks great in gray and just want a chance to prove themselves. program. It’s turned into something we green,” said Payne. Join Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy & The Vanguard School as we celebrate and support excellence in education! 2nd Annual Spring Benefit Bash Thursday, April 26th 6-9:30pm Briarhurst Manor Estate $20 per ticket Ticket price includes entrance for one to the silent auction, gourmet hors d’oeuvres, and a night filled with excellent entertainment! Go to to preview auction items, purchase tickets, and register for free babysitting Sponsored by Broadmoor Dental & these fine establishments: Ashford University is shaping the future of today’s Army. Complete your degree at home or abroad. Discover a supportive learning community designed for you to go to school while you serve. Ashford’s digital tools allow you to keep in touch with your courses while on the go. Even deployment doesn’t mean your education is over – you can continue while deployed or pick up where you left off when you Spirits at return. To learn about all your benefits, contact Ashford today. Westwind Call 800.548.1766 or visit today. Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association ( Jeff Kahl, DDS Derek Kirkham, DDS Benefits subject to eligibility. Visit for complete COLORADO SPRINGS Zachary Houser, DMD eligibility requirements. PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Committed to your Little People, Big Smiles children’s oral health! Ashford University • 400 North Bluff Blvd. • Clinton, IA 52732 Technology with a Caring Touch Specialized treatment planning for all ages Treatment under conscious sedation and general-anesthesia Digital radiography for pinpoint treatment plans and reduced radiation exposure Parents can stay with children during treatment Most insurance accepted including Military and Medicaid Welcoming New Patients Healthy Smiles (719) 522-0123 are Beary Special 9480 Briar Village Point, Suite 301 12AUAM0312 • AC-0255
  • 24. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 25What is your transforming moment? Commentary by the burden of its outcome rested Chap. (Capt.) Scott Ingram with me. After all, determining 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, one’s own destiny was what it3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division meant to be an American. The problem was that when In his book “The Transforming Moment,” things didn’t go so well in myJames Loder reflects on the Gospel of Luke, chapter life or career I had no way of24. Basically, he explores what has been called reconciling them. How could“convictional knowing.” That is a flash of insight I make sense of thethat convinces a person of reality and truth. He seemingly randomfurther identifies five different, predictable events that occurred “Did not our heartsphases that occur before a person arrives at this in my life with the“transforming moment.” Christian understanding burn within us while he The two disciples in Luke 24:32 experienced of God’s will?a transforming moment. On the third day afterJesus’ crucifixion and burial, they were traveling When good things happen, then that must talked to us on theabout seven miles from Jerusalem to a town calledEmmaus. Walking together, they discussed Jesus’ be of the Lord. When bad things happen, road, while he openedcrucifixion and were noticeably sad. Verse 15 says, “Jesus himself drew near and went then that must be an attack of the devil to us the Scriptures?”with them.” They did not recognize him and or just the result of — Luke 24:32wondered if he was only a visitor to Jerusalem a sin-tainted/fallenand unaware of the latest buzz about him in world. The tug of war betweentown. From the Scriptures, Jesus explained who these extremes felt a great deal accepted that God was, indeed, directing and leadinghe was and how God’s Messiah must suffer like fate and not like the God of the Bible who — sometimes pushing — me into life situationsand die. After reaching Emmaus, Jesus acted as is intimately involved in the affairs of people. and seasons that address what I need more thanif he was going further, but the two disciples I picked up a book, “Trusting God Even what I want. After all, according to the Bible,urged him to stay with them. When Life Hurts,” written by Jerry Bridges. God orchestrates the good and bad in my life so He broke bread with them and they then A central question in Bridges book is “can you that I am shaped into the character and image ofrecognized him. Excited, the two found the other trust God?” In response, he reiterates three Jesus Christ. What a transforming moment for me.disciples and declared how they had seen Jesus core, Christian beliefs: “God in his love always What about you? Are you in a season oralive. Their unexpected interaction with the risen wills what is best for us; in his wisdom, he situation in your life where you are searching forChrist became their transforming moment. always knows what is best; and in his sovereignty, God to draw near you? Do you feel as if you are I can recount one particular transforming he has the power to bring it about.” randomly traveling through life with no sensemoment in my own journey. Though a practicing As I internalized these biblical truths, my of ultimate direction?Christian and military chaplain, it was only a few relationship and trust in God was revitalized to the Easter is past, but its truth is still bursting withshort years ago that I believed that I was the extent that I was willing to place my personal and transforming moments of hope and confidence“captain of my own fate.” Though I believed that professional future in God’s hands. My life was not for peoples’ lives: God loves you, wants the best forGod was ultimately in control of life, I also believed accidental, random or a fatalistic reality, and so I you and has the power to bring it about.Chapel briefsFacebook: Search “Fort Carson Chaplains Chapel Schedule (Religious Support Office)” for the latest chapel events and schedules. ROMAN CATHOLICSky: Everything is Possible with God event for Day Time Service Chapel Location Contact Person Saturday 4-45 p.m. Reconciliation Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Cecilia Croft/526-5769 children ages 4 through fifth grade will be held Saturday 5 p.m. Mass Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Cecilia Croft/526-5769 at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel from 9 a.m. to Sunday 8:15-8:45 a.m. Reconciliation Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Cecilia Croft/526-5769 noon June 11-15. Children will participate in Sunday 9 a.m. Mass Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Cecilia Croft/526-5769 Sunday 10:30 a.m. Religious education Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Pat Treacy/524-2458 Bible-learning activities, sing songs, play Sunday 10:30 a.m. RCIA Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Pat Treacy/524-2458 teamwork-building games, make and enjoy treats Sunday 11 a.m. Mass Healer Evans Army Hospital Fr. Nwatawali/526-7347 Mon-Fri 11:45 a.m. Mass Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Cecilia Croft/526-5769 and experience electrifying Bible adventures. Mon-Thurs noon Mass Healer Evans Army Hospital Fr. Nwatawali/526-7347 Children will also learn to look for evidence of PROTESTANT God all around them through “God sightings.” Friday 4:30 p.m. Intercessory prayer, Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Chap. Stuart/524-4316 Each day concludes with Fly Away Finale, a Bible Study celebration that gets them involved in living what Sunday 9 a.m. Protestant Healer Evans Army Hospital Chap. Gee/526-7386 Sunday 9 a.m. Communion Service Provider Barkeley & Ellis Chap. Landon/526-2803 they’ve learned. Family members and friends are Sunday 9:15 a.m. Sunday School Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Heidi McAllister/526-5744 encouraged to join in activities daily at 11:35 Sunday 9:30 a.m. Sunday School Prussman Barkeley & Prussman Heidi McAllister/526-5744 a.m. Children will join an international missions Sunday 11 a.m. Protestant Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Chap. Stuart/524-4316 Sunday 11 a.m. Gospel Prussman Barkeley & Prussman Ursula Pittman/503-1104 effort to squash malaria in the African country of Sunday 10 a.m. Chapel NeXt Veterans Magrath & Titus Chap. Palmer/526-3888 Mali, helping to send more than a million mosquito Sunday 2:30-4:30p.m. Youth ministry Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Heidi McAllister/526-5744 Tuesday 9:30 a.m. PWOC Soldiers’ Nelson & Martinez Chap. Stuart/524-4316 nets to protect Malian children. Registration begins May 1 by calling 526-5744. Call 524-2458 JEWISH for details on volunteer opportunities. Fort Carson does not offer Jewish services on post. Contact Chap. (Lt. Col.) Fields at 503-4090/4099 for Jewish service and study informationMilitary Council of Catholic Women meets Friday from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Soldiers’ Memorial ISLAMIC SERVICES Chapel. For more information call 526-5769 or Fort Carson does not offer Islamic services on post. Contact the Islamic Society at 2125 N. Chestnut, 632-3364 for information. visit “Fort Carson Military Council of Catholic Women” on Facebook. (FORT CARSON OPEN CIRCLE) WICCA Sunday 1 p.m. Provider Chapel, Building 1350, Barkeley and Ellis ftcarsonopencircle@gmail.comKnights of Columbus, a Catholic group for men 18 and older, meets the second and fourth COLORADO WARRIORS SWEAT LODGE Tuesday of the month at Soldiers’ Memorial Meets once or twice monthly and upon special request. Contact Michael Hackwith or Wendy Chunn-Hackwith at 285-5240 for information. Chapel. Call 526-5769 for more information.Protestant Women of the Chapel meets Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to noon at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel. Free child care is available. Email or visit PWOC Fort Carson on Facebook for more information.Catholic Religious Education registration is under seeking to join the Catholic Church are also at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel Fellowship Hall. way for the religious education year, which runs held during religious education. Children are welcome to attend. Call Cecilia through May 6 for children age 4 through high Spanish Bible Study meets at Soldiers’ Memorial Croft at 526-5769 for more information. school students. Email Chapel Tuesday at 6 p.m. Contact Staff Sgt. Jose Latter Day Saints Soldiers: Weekly Institute to obtain a registration form. Classes are Sunday Varga at 719-287-2016 for more information. Class (Bible study) is Wednesday at 7 p.m. at from 10:30-11:50 a.m. at Soldiers’ Memorial Deployed Spouses Group meets for fellowship, Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel. Call 719-266-0283 Chapel. Adult Bible study and classes for adults food and spiritual guidance Wednesday at 5 p.m. or 719-649-1671 for more information.
  • 25. 26 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012Carson, PCMS offerturkey hunting By Christopher Zimmerman Conservation officer For more information on hunting, fishing or other wildlife related activities, contact Spring turkey hunting season Conservation Law Enforcement Officeris here; the season began Saturday and Michael Simon at 524-5356 or emailends May 27. Spring turkey tags, for many Colorado or Chris Zimmerman atGame Management Units including Fort 524-5394 or emailCarson and the Piñon Canyon Maneuver, may be purchased directly fromColorado Parks and Wildlife at 4255 Colorado; however, because of the locationSinton Road in Colorado Springs or and elevation, Merriam’s are most preva-from any licensing agent. lent within the state. The Merriam’s pure Fort Carson’s diverse ecosystem white tail margins and the nearly whiteprovides a rich environment where feathers on their lower back make themwild turkeys seem to thrive. During easy to distinguish from their Rio Grandethe springtime, only males, called cousins. Considered Colorado’s native“toms,” can be harvested. turkey, the Merriam’s sports a stunning The use of rifles and handguns is mix of blue, bronze and purple reflections.unauthorized. Artificial decoys and manual In addition to a spring turkey license,calls are permitted but electronically- hunters on Fort Carson must attend aamplified or recorded calls are illegal. downrange safety briefing and registerAfter killing a tom, hunters must their weapons. Safety briefings areimmediately detach, date and sign the conducted on the first and lastcarcass tag and attach it to the animal. A Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. atturkey killed, in the spring, must have its Range Control, building 9550, locatedbeard naturally attached when transported. at the intersection of Wilderness and When hunting wary Butts roads. The briefinggobblers, it’s important to is also given at PCMS;understand their habitat. call 524-0529 forTurkeys prefer standing dates and times.water and large roost trees, Hunters mustsuch as old cottonwoods or complete Fort Carsonponderosa pines. Locating Form 66-E, Registrationthis type of habitat of Personal Firearms,increases the chances of to register their weapons. Photo by Wayne Barnettfinding turkeys, which After completion, theare omnivorous and willeat a wide variety of form is turned in at the Fort Carson Police Volunteersacorn, fruits, insects, Photo by Mike Simon Station, building 2700 Soldiers and civilians turn out to show their appreciation for Fortnuts or seeds. Merriam’s, pictured, and Rio on Christie Avenue; Carson volunteers at the ninth annual volunteer appreciation cookout. Both Rio Grande and Grande wild turkeys can be registrants should The 4,012 Fort Carson volunteers have logged 10,498 hours sinceMerriam’s varieties of hunted on Fort Carson and allow five business January. Army Volunteer Appreciation Week was held Monday-Friday.turkeys are found in Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. days for processing. Aspen Dental Associates Complete Family NOW ENR ROLLING Dental Care NO-COST P PRESCHOOL MILITARY INSURANCE Now accepting applic cations for eligible (Dependents, Active-Duty, Reserve accepted) children, ages birth to 5. Applications S. Wahsatch Ave. E. Pikes Peak submitted by May 4 will receive priority consideration for placement. E. Pikes E. Colorado Ave. Peak Ave. Santa Fe (719) 635 5-1536 Railroad Homburg Station Bldg. www.cpcdhea Gregory D. Mock, D.D.S. Michael E. Gilbert, D.D.S. Call or go online for info ormation on enrollment 559 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Suite 203 events in April & May. Military families are Colorado Springs, CO 80903 encouraged to apply. HEAD STA | EARLY HEAD STA TART R TART COLORADO Take a seat ... ... in your new or slightly used auto, that you can find in our Classified Section. For advertising information call 329-5236
  • 26. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 27Youthskickoffspringsoccer A member of the Youth Services Center soccer program heads upfield during youth soccer action Saturday atseason the post youth soccer fields. Action will take place each Saturday through June from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Story and photo by Walt Johnson coaches who have volunteered their time to teach to get out there and do what they like to do best Mountaineer staff these athletes are mostly former players themselves and that is to have fun,” Collier said. or people who are excited at the prospect of giving “The one thing we have been emphasizing The youth soccer season got off to back to the youth program. to the kids (is) that teamwork is going to be thea strong start as many of the post young The children seemed eager to put the weeks main aspect of how we play this year, and I wasathletes got their first taste of spring of practice into action against another team. The so happy to see that they were able to play as asoccer Saturday. result was some spirited play, some young people team today and understand the concept of During the past two weeks, coaches and that were proud of what they were able to achieve teamwork,” she said. “We saw a lot of theyouth center officials have been busy preparing and parents who had the opportunity to watch fundamentals that we have been teaching and athe young athletes for the spring soccer season their children have fun playing soccer. lot of the basics of the game of soccer that wethat runs through June. The young athletes have Ashley Collier coaches a 5- to 7-year-old team have been teaching the children so, from amanaged to learn the game, new teammates that may have had the most fun of any team coaching perspective, that was very rewarding.and what their coaches are trying to teach Saturday. Collier, who has coached youth soccer on “The best thing was that the children arethem as they make the next step in their athletic post for a few years, said she was pleased to see learning the fundamentals and the basicsadventures. the fruition of the past two weeks of practice. of the game.” she said. “What I want the kids One thing that was clear Saturday is the “The kids did an amazing job out there today. to do is to learn the game of soccer while theychildren will benefit from some outstanding and I was really pleased with the fact that they worked are also having fun with the game of soccer, andpatient coaching this year. The youth center together as teammates, and also that they were able I believe they were able to do that today.”Mountaineer Sports Feature Hot pursuit Members of the Grizzlies football team, which includes Fort Carson Family member Nehemiah Bartley, second from right, close in on an opposing running back Saturday at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. Many members of the Fort Carson community are participating in the Colorado Springs sponsored league. Photo by Walt Johnson
  • 27. 28 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012On the BenchSky Soxto honorFort Carson By Walt Johnson person teams concept, according to golf Mountaineer staff course officials. Call 526-4102 to reserve a spot. The golf course is scheduled to The Colorado Springs Sky Sox hold a CG golf scramble each monthwill host “Fort Carson Appreciation through September.Night” May 4. The Colorado Rockies are offering The Sky Sox play the Fresno military members special ticket buysGrizzlies, the San Francisco Giants this season.Triple-A affiliate, in a game scheduled The next chance to take advantage ofto begin at 6:05 p.m. at Security Services these deals is April 27-29 when militaryField in Colorado Springs. Free ticket personnel can purchase discount ticketsvouchers are available at Information, in the outfield box, pavilion and upperTickets and Registration. The vouchers reserved infield/outfield area for theirneed to be exchanged for tickets at Family and friends. The New York MetsSecurity Service Field. The gates will face the Rockies at 6:40 p.m. April 27;open at 5 p.m. If the game is canceled, 6:10 p.m. April 28 and 1:10 p.m. April 29.the tickets will be good for admission to The Rockies will also offer militaryanother game this year. discounts for the series with the Los Angeles The Colorado Rockies Triple-A Dodgers, April 30 and May 1 in gamesaffiliate will complete its first homestand that begin at 6:40 p.m. and May 2 at 1:10of the season Friday when it hosts the p.m. Tickets will be sold for $14 eachTucson Padres, the San Diego Padres (with a $3.50 service charge per order), a Photo by Walt JohnsonTriple-A affiliate, at 6:05 p.m. discount from the usual range of $19-$39. Ultimate Transformations, featuring Call the Rockies at 303-ROCKIES, Coaching adviceFort Carson family members Tony and ask for the military discount and provide A Youth Services Center coach teaches one of his players the properAnn Claiborne, will host a posing and reference number 21231258 to take technique for a free kick during action Saturday at the youth soccercompetition workshop for bodybuilding, advantage of the offer. This offer is not fields on post.figure, bikini, women’s and men’s available on a walk-up basis.physique competitors and trainers. Theworkshop will be held Saturday from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Elkhorn ConferenceCenter. The event will cover posing,tanning, suit selection, hair, makeup andcompetition pack list and etiquette. Vendorswill provide free samples, information anddoor prizes. Cost for the event is $30. Thunder Alley Bowling Center willhost the 2012 Military IntelligenceBowling Tournament Sunday. Event organizers said the lightheartedcompetition is open to all militarymembers, Department of Defensecivilians and Family members. The event,which begins at 2 p.m., will consist offour-person teams. A $15 per person feeincludes three games of bowling and shoerental. Prizes will be awarded for thehigh and low scores of the day, the strikespecialist and the gutterball guru. For more information contact Capt.Samantha Johnson at 503-0210 or A preseason intramural softballcoaches meeting is scheduled for6:30 p.m. Monday at the MountainPost Sports Complex. According to Directorate of Familyand Morale, Welfare and Recreationofficials, the clinic is mandatory for allcoaches and players are encouraged toattend. The intramural season is scheduledto begin May 7 with games taking placeat the Mountain Post Softball ComplexMonday-Thursday at 6:30, 7:35 and8:40 p.m. Makeup games will be playedFridays. There will be no gamesJune 4-8 as the post observes IronhorseWeek events. The post championshiptournament is scheduled to start Aug. 31. The next Commanding GeneralGolf Scramble is scheduled to Photo by Walt Johnsontake place May 4 at the CheyenneShadows Golf Club. To the house Fort Carson Family member Kuywon Morgan, left, streaks down the sideline to score a touchdown during youth The event will begin with a shotgun football action Saturday at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.start at 12:30 p.m. The event is a four-
  • 28. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 29Mountaineer Athlete of the Week Dan Fraizer Youth sports and fitness director Dan Fraizer didn’t start his adult life working in youth sports, but Fort Carson’s new youth and sports fitness director quickly learned that his calling would be in helping children get the most out of youth sports programs. Upon leaving active duty in Germany, Fraizer started looking for a profession he could feel comfortable with and, after working as a volunteer in youth sports programs, eventually found himself leading a youth sports program in Germany. How did you get involved with youth sports? I have always been passionate about sports. When I got out of the Army one of the first jobs I interviewed for was to become the youth sports and fitness director in Germany. Although I didn’t get that job, I realized it was a passion of mine. I then began volunteering and built my resume. What is your favorite personal sports moment? I had an opportunity in the summer of 2005 to play semiprofessional football in Germany. I got to play middle linebacker ... it gave me a chance to hang out with the guys again and play sports which is something I never thought I would do after high school. What is your favorite professional sports moment? I am a diehard Cubs fan so it’s tough to find a moment (that) is a favorite. But I am also a Bears fan so the 1985 Super Bowl is a very good memory for me. My dad was a big Bears fan and unfortunately since 1980 I haven’t had a lot to cheer about in professional sports. Why is it important for children to play youth sports? You can learn so much by participating in sports from a physical and mental aspect. They learn teamwork and sportsmanship and just how far they can push themselves and that is incredibly important. Also with military children moving so much, they immediately become a part of something and they make a lot of good friends. People who do not know me would be surprised to know that … I am an amazing cook. I like to eat everything, so I wanted to learn how to cook it. Photo by Walt Johnson
  • 29. 30 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 re-creates the 1830s-40s Visitors mingle with re-enactors while exploring the reconstructed 1833 trade fort near La Junta. Admission is free Saturday-April 29. Story and photos by Nel Lampe Partnering with Ceran St. Vrain, the Mountaineer staff Bent brothers loaded wagons with trade goods and set out from Missouri, along A restored 1830s trading fort is the Santa Fe Trail. That first trip took near La Junta, in southwestern Colorado. about eight weeks to arrive at what is now It was built in 1833, when the only road La Junta, beside the Arkansas River — from Missouri to Colorado was a dirt trail, about half way to Santa Fe. At that deep ruts carved by horses or oxen-pulled time, the Arkansas River was the border wagons. The Santa Fe Trail existed since between the U.S. and Mexico. 1821 and led to Santa Fe. The trail was The Bent brothers and St. Vrain found used by explorers, trappers, traders and the trappers and plains Indians eager to the occasional wagon train of settlers. trade pelts for goods. In 1833 the men Traveling the Santa Fe Trail could built a trading post beside the river. Wood be quite risky. There was little water or was scarce, so traditional southwestern food along the way. Travelers were at adobe construction was used to build the risk of Indian attacks. Rattlesnakes, fort. Bricks made of sand, straw, clay thunderstorms, arid land, mountains and water were used to build walls, and winter storms presented 900 miles which were then “plastered” with mud. of challenges and hardships. The trip The fort was large and could took about three months, if all went well. accommodate 200 people. It had 25 Two brothers from Missouri — rooms on two levels with an open William and Charles Bent — had spent courtyard. There was a walkway around some time on the Western Frontier as the upper level with towers for visibility. trappers. They saw the opportunity to make Bent’s Fort was the only large structure money by bringing trade goods to trappers for hundreds of miles. Trappers and and settlers who were along the trail. adventurers traded at the fort as did Native Bent’s Fort had its own blacksmith, who helped repair wagons traveling the Santa Fe Trail. Just the Facts A “winter • TRAVEL TIME — 2 hours count” hangs in • FOR AGES — anyone a room at Bent’s Old Fort Historic • TYPE — historic trading fort Site. Pictures • FUN FACTOR — ★★★★★ are drawn on leather depicting (Out of 5 stars) important • WALLET DAMAGE — FREE events of a ($ AFTER APRIL 29) particular tribe. $ = Less than $20 $$ = $21 to $40 $$$ = $41 to $60 (BASED ON A FAMILY OF FOUR)
  • 30. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 31Americans and Soldiers. Anyone who headed Touch a beaver skin or a buffalo robe. Try except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Daywest stopped at Bent’s Fort — it was the only to imagine what the settlers thought when and New Year’s Day. Winter hours are 9 a.m.civilization along the Santa Fe Trail. Wagon they saw the “castle on the plains” as they to 4 p.m. Summer hours are June 1-Aug.trains stopped at the fort for necessary approached, some 56 days and nights after 31, when the park is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.wagon repairs and to replenish supplies. being on the trail, seeing or talking to no Admission is free to Bent’s Old St. Vrain and Charles Bent moved on one other than members of their own Fort Historic Site Saturday-April 29, forto Santa Fe, and Charles Bent later became wagon train and cooking every meal over National Park Week. Regular admissiongovernor of New Mexico. St. Vrain ran a campfire. It must have seemed like a to Bent’s Old Fort is $3 for adults andcompany stores in Santa Fe and Taos, N.M. castle — a roof over their heads. $2 for children 6-12. William Bent stayed behind to run Two guided tours are conducted daily To reach Bent’s Old Fort Historicthe fort. He had a good relationship at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. during winter hours. Site, take Interstate 25 to Pueblo, thenwith the Native Americans around the fort. From June 1-Aug. 31, there are tours at 9:30 take Highway 50 east at Exit 100A. The fort had some luxuries the a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and 1 and 2:30 p.m. The Go to La Junta and follow Highwaytravelers weren’t used to — a cook, a tours are more informative and interesting 50 to the east edge of La Junta, then takedining table that could seat 20, a blacksmith, than exploring the fort on your own. Highway 109 north for one mile toa billiards table and a supply of whiskey. A well-stocked gift shop has books Highway 194. Take Highway 194 eastFandangos (dances) were held regularly. about the fort and Colorado history, as for about six miles to the fort entrance. But the late 1840s brought change to well as reproduction trade goods, canteens It’s a quarter-mile walk from theBent’s Fort. Beaver top hats went out of and blankets. parking lot to the fort, or use the phonefashion and were replaced by silk top hats. Refreshments are not available at at the lot to call for a shuttle ride.There was no longer a market for beaver Bent’s Old Fort Historic Site,pelts, so trading dropped off. but fast food establishments War with Mexico was on the horizon, are in La Junta.and Bent’s Fort was in a strategic location The historic site holdsnear the Mexico border. The U.S. Army several special events each year.sent Soldiers and supplies to Bent’s Fort, The first event is “Wagons,overcrowding the fort and impeding Ho!” May 12-13, when thethe trade business. Too many horses park partners with trailovergrazed the grass and exhausted the organizations for a look at thewatering holes. A cholera epidemic wagons used on the trailsdrove the Native Americans away. leading West. There will be William Bent tried to sell the fort to displays, demonstrations andthe Army, but finally abandoned it. presentations May 12 at the fort. Life and progress continued; settlers May 13, the wagons will traveland the railroads came. on the Santa Fe Trail. For more New settlers used the abandoned fort’s information call 719-383-5023.timbers as building material. The adobe The park’s living historywalls eventually melted into the earth. event is June 2-3, when a Fur In 1976, the decision was made to Trade Encampment takes place.reconstruct Bent’s Fort. Re-enactors set up camps and Using drawings made by Army Lt. bring the post back to life asJames Abert, historic letters, diaries and it was in the 1830s-40s.the walls and foundation remnants as Kids Quarters is July 14,guides, the fort was reconstructed in 1976. when 7-11 year olds are invited Bent’s Old Fort Historic Site is to experience the life of aoperated by the National Park Service, and trapper, trader, laborer,park employees dress in period clothing craftsman or other roles.and portray the way life was on the plains Children learn 19th centuryin the 1830s and 1840s. skills. Pre-registration is A visit to the historic fort is an instant required, call 719-383-5026history lesson. The sights and smells of for an application availablethe fort bring history to life. Visit the trade after May 1. A worker prepares a meal over an open fire at Bent’s Oldroom and see the trade goods displayed. The park is open every day Fort Historic Site, near La Junta. An Indian tepee sits just outside the historic fort, a common sight in the 1830s and 1840s. Places to see in the Pikes Peak area.
  • 31. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 32 GET OutFree entrance at National Parks is Saturday- April 29. National Parks honoring the free Center is at 30 W. Dale St.; call 634-5581 for more information. The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center has a new dinosaur on display. The original Apatosaurus was discovered in 1901 and was recently restored, molded and cast at the resource center and remounted in a more modern pose based on recent • “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” is in the Garner Galleria Theatre through June 24. Tickets are available at Denver Center Attractions, 303-893-4100. Mueller State Park celebrates Earth Day Sunday at the park’s visitor center from 1-3 p.m. Join a naturalist volunteer for a fun day of stories, crafts and a hike; please wear sturdy shoes for admission in Colorado include Bent’s Old Fort, science. The skeleton is on display at hiking. The celebration will be limited to 35 Historic Site near La Junta (see pages 20-21), 201 S. Fairview St. in Woodland Park. Regular child participants so make a reservation by Florissant Fossil Beds near Florissant, Rocky admission is $11.50 for adults and children emailing or call Mountain State Park at Estes Park and the 5-12 are charged $7.50. The center is open 719-687-2366, ext. 107. Mueller State Park is Great Sand Dunes near Alamosa. Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday east of Colorado Springs; take Highway 24 to hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Highway 67, go south for about three miles.Pikes Peak Center — Upcoming events at the theater are: Lake Pueblo State Park has started its summer Garden of the Gods celebrates Earth Day — • “Stuart Little,” an Imagination boating hours. Boat ramps are open daily from rain or shine, Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There Celebration production, is in the Pikes Peak 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. All boats must be inspected will be a presentation about endangered Center Monday. Lobby activities are at 6 p.m.; for aquatic nuisance species prior to entering the species from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, llamas, the show starts at 7 p.m. water. One of 42 state parks, Lake Pueblo State Air Force Academy falcons, and other animals • Carmina Burana Festival is May 6. Park has campsites and fishing, in addition to including wolves. There’ll be American Indian • “Cirque Dreams: Pop Goes the Rock” boating. To reach the park, take Interstate 25 Dancers, the 4th Infantry Division Dixieland is May 13. south toward Pueblo, taking Highway 50 west to Band, the Peterson Air Force Base Fire • The Colorado Springs Children’s Pueblo Boulevard, go south on Pueblo Boulevard Department Smoke House education and Chorale: “Red, White & Broadway” is June 3. to Thatcher Avenue then follow it to the park. Segway demonstrations. In addition, Rock For tickets to any of these events, call 520- There’s a daily use fee of $7 for the park, or a Ledge Ranch, next to the Garden of the Gods SHOW or visit the box office at 190 S. Cascade Ave. Colorado State Park annual pass. entrance, will be free to visitors from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Colorado Springs Green Team willWorld Arena presents — “Batman Live” in the The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has be accepting paper, plastic, glass and metal for World Arena Oct. 23-24. Tickets are now on sale opened “From Paris to the Plains: The Artistry of recycling, as well as battery disposal at the at 520-SHOW. Artus & Anne Van Briggle.” The exhibit is in the ranch all day. For information, call 219-0108. Dr. Win and Lois Crouch Gallery, which housesAcademy Concerts present — “Shrek the the largest collection of Van Briggle Pottery in Mr. Biggs closes April 28, so get on over for your Musical” Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday the world. Artus Van Briggle was a world last electric go-kart ride or to play a favorite at 2 and 8 p.m. in Arnold Hall. For tickets and renowned artist who came to Colorado Springs arcade game. There’s special pricing — an all information, call the box office, 333-4497, in 1899 for his health and started Van Briggle day pass sells for $17.95 until April 28. from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Performances Pottery. The museum is at 215 S. Tejon St., 10 a.m. Birthday parties have a $20 discount are open to the public. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. Admission is free. and Mr. Biggs throws in a free pizza. Call 955-7220 to make arrangements.A “Rachmaninoff” concert is in the Pikes Events coming to Denver include: Peak Center Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday • “Jersey Boys” will be in the Buell DaVinci Machines Exhibition — is at the Denver at 2:30 p.m., presented by the Colorado Theatre July 17-Aug. 11. This musical winner Pavilions through September. On loan from the Springs Philharmonic conducted by Josep of Tony, Grammy and Olivier Awards tells the Museum of Leonardo DaVinci in Florence, Italy, Caballé-Domenech. Call 520-SHOW for story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. the exhibition will be next to H&M in Denver ticket information. Call 303-893-4100 for tickets. Pavilions, which is on the 16th Street Mall, in • “Ring of Fire,” the music of Johnny the former Virgin Record Store. More than 60The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center offers Cash is created by Richard Maltby Jr., hand-crafted exhibits are replicas built from free general admission on the third Tuesday of featuring 36 of the singer’s songs. It will be DaVinci’s 500-year-old designs. Admission to each month. The next public free day is Tuesday, in the Stage Theatre until May 13. Call 303- the exhibit is $14 for adults, $11 for students, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free guided tours are at 893-4100 or visit military and seniors; children 5-10 are $9. 10 and 11 a.m. and 1 and 6 p.m. The Fine Arts for ticket information. — Compiled by Nel Lampe Save on Restaurants, Family Fun, Automotive and More Converse® Rapid Response ACU Boots $ 7995 Tune in to KCMN 1530AM 11am – 2pm Mon-Fri 3 Ways to Purchase Gentle Dental Care Howard Short, D.M.D. Accepting or online at United Concordia Insurance for military families! Botox and Dermafill Treatment 20% Military Discount Available! Bargain Radio Network offers incredible savings on CALL FOR APPOINTMENT! products and services you use every day. It’s easy. You purchase our “Value Vouchers” that we sell for a fraction 719-574-7631 of their retail value. Save on Restaurants, hair care, 5739 Constitution Ave. dental, automotive, carpet cleaning pet care, lodging, (SW corner Constitution and Powers next to Walgreens) entertainment, and much, much more! CARE CREDIT ACCEPTED
  • 32. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 33 SMALL BUSINESS Your source for affordable military Welcome Home housing in the Colorado Springs area. For advertising information call 329-5236 D I R E C T O R Y Divorce Cindy’s Adoption Ultimate Hair Salon Custody • Perm • Color • Haircut Child Support • High/Low Light • Wax • Facial Spousal Maintenance • Free eyebrow wax with any service • Chemical service comes with haircut, eyebrow wax and hand treatment With over 15 years of Kirk Garner, Lawyer experience in Family Law, I Cindy Oh Quality & Satisfaction Always Guaranteed have the experience to make 719-219-6270 7611 N. Union Blvd Owner, Master Stylist a stressful time easier. (Military spouse of 25 yrs) (719) 260-1198 PAINTING & WALLCOVERING Psychic Kristine Rich Eddington TAROT CARD retired AF optometrist and former Peterson AFB Chief of Optometry Your space, READER & ADVISOR your way. Find out what the future holds for 6130 Barnes Rd, Ste 128 you. I can help and advise you North of Sky Sox Stadium across Barnes on love, career, health, marriage, 10% military discount on 550-4234 business and family. all spectacle and contact Over 20 years of experience. lens purchases Accept VSP, EyeMed, Optum 719-633-3144 “A Vision Practice with a Vision” Health, TRICARE Prime The Small Business Directory is focused on helping up-and-coming companies grow their customer base. Your ad will appear in the Bowies Gold Colorado Springs Business Journal, Fort Carson Mountaineer, & Diamond Peterson Space Observer and the Schriever Sentinel. Your targeted Exquisite Jewelry & Estate Jewelry. advertising will reach over one third of El Paso County’s economy. In House Repair, Custom Designs. Your ad will reach affluent individuals and families who will 15% MILITARY DISCOUNT 2222 E Pikes Peak. • 473-1431 grow your bottom line. For more information about advertising in the Small Business Directory, call 719-329-5236 Sponsored by All County Property Management Welcome Home Your source for affordable military housing in the Colorado Springs area. “The” Property Management Team for Military 719-445-7172 MILITARYAPPRECIATIONPROGRAM.COM Payoff Up To $16,680* Of Debt When You Purchase Your New Home Receive Huge Closing Gifts Up To $8,340* On New Construction Receive Huge Closing Gifts Up To $4,170* On Existing Homes Scott Coddington VA Loan use in Find Out About Builder Incentives / Quick Closings 719-238-3536 Colorado increased List Your Home Today For As Low As 4.5% Listing Fee by 25% in 2011Calculated on sales price of $417,000: VA Debt payoff up to 4% of the sales price. Closing giftbased on 4% commission on new construction & 3% commission on existing properties. “Changing the Beat of Real Estate” Take advantage of your hard-earned benefit Lending in Colorado Springs for over 25 years Special Military Programs Zero Down Specializing in VA Loans No Private Purchase Home $0 Down Mortgage Insurance Competitive Rates Call Marti Greeley: 719-459-5260 Call today to get prequalified (719) 433-7651 2230 B St., Suite 204 Colorado Springs, CO 80906 CO License# LMB100024917 • NMLS: 194240 Universal Lending’s NMLS #2996 502 E. Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 To verify your loan officer’s information visit VA Mortgage Center of Colorado Springs is a VA approved lender and is not affiliated with any government agency. NMLS 1907. Sponsor paid advertisements do not imply endorsement by the Army, Department of Defense of the Government. Check the license status of your mortgage loan originator at
  • 33. 34 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 Sponsored by Your source for Property Management All County affordable military W Welcome Home elcome Home Your source for affordable military housing in the Colorado Springs area. “The” Property Management Team for Military housing in 719-445-7172 the Colorado Springs area. For advertising information call 329-5236 OVER $21,000,000 CLOSED SALES IN 2011 Bobbi Price • Past Recipient Realtor Sales Person of the Year • Platinum Legend Award Winner • Member OF Elite 25 & Peak Producers • Top 1% Nationally BOBBI PRICE: 719-499-9451 JADE EDMISTEN: 719-201-6749 WEBSITE: WWW.BOBBIPRICE.COM EMAIL: 2011 Best of the Springs Realtor – The Independent WHEN YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT REAL ESTATE 1908 Alpine Drive – Century Heights - $169,900 Immaculate 2070 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 2 bath rancher with oversized 2-car garage & RV parking * Big picture windows & vaulted ceilings * 2 decks * Fresh paint * Central air * Wood burning stove * Big master with his & hers closets * Updated baths & kitchen * All appliances * Shows like a model inside & out. 4808 Harvest Court – Old Farm - $215,900 Immaculate & updated 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath 2-story with 2208 sq. ft. finished & 3583 sq. ft. total * New carpet & tile flooring * New lighting, hardware, furnace, & paint inside & out * Huge master suite with new walk-in closet & newly redesigned bath with 6’ soaking tub * 2nd master * Updated kitchen * Located on quiet & private tree lined cul de sac lot. MLS# 727736 1317 E. Madison Street – Patty Jewett - $449,900 Builders personal residence backing to Patty Jewett All County Property Management Golf Course * Built in 2006 which gives you all the conveniences of a nearly new contemporary custom home in an older established neighborhood * 3044 sq. ft. * 1 ½-story * 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, & 2-car garage * 719-445-7172 Gourmet island kitchen * Loft * Cherry cabinets * Stucco Owned by Retired Military exterior * Mountain & golf course view. MLS# 716733 LET US RENT YOUR HOME 3427 W. Fontanero Street – Garden of the Gods - $475,000 PCSing? Relocating? Let us take care of renting your home. Location, location, location * Right across from From marketing and tenant screening to lease negotiation and entrance to Garden of the Gods * Unobstructed rent collection…We’re Property Management Experts. dramatic views of The Garden, Pikes Peak, & Front Range * 4281 sq. ft. stucco custom raised rancher with 5 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, & 3-car garage * Featured Properties For Rent Perfect for an artist * Studio with separate entrance & solarium with full wall of west facing windows * Multiple porches * 2 fireplaces. MLS# 632853 MORE GREAT LISTINGS 2430 Palmer Park Boulevard #108 3980 Barrelwood Court 5521 Calamity Jane Lane Heritage Park Briargate Indigo Ranch $55,900 $239,900 $359,900 Condo/Under Contract Under Contract 6125 Waterfall Loop 7768 Blue Vail Wy 256 Balmoral Way 8021 Noble Fir Dr 610 E Las Animas Street 2815 Elm Meadow View Manitou Springs 3 Bedroom 6 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Fort Worth Mackenzie Place $375,000 5 Bath 3 Bath $88,900 $239,900 3745 Saints Court 3 Bath Garden of the Gods District 12 District 49 20470 Warriors Path Drive 2962 W. Whileaway Circle District 49 Rivers Divide $375,000 $3000 $1785 Village 7 $1750 $89,900 $239,900 11595 Grassland Road Land Peaceful Valley 4570 Hagerwood Street $399,900 To see all our available properties and services we offer, go to 7035 Ash Creek Heights #103 Briargate Stetson Hills $239,900 22 Broken Wheel Circle $135,900 Broken Wheel 744 Duclo Avenue $399,900 1507 Shasta Drive Manitou Springs Under Contract Pikes Peak Park $239,900 400 Karen Lane $144,900 Income Woodland Park 512 Winnepeg Drive $399,900 5535 Molly Lane Eastlake Black Forest 345 Via Linda Vista I have already had $149,900 $250,000 Garden of the Gods 6647 Sleeping Giant Drive Land $409,900 Sundown North $166,900 5610 Molly Lane 5780 Harbor Pines Point Black Forest Mountain Shadows a VA loan. Can I get Under Contract $250,000 $425,000 14510 Club Villa Drive #D Land Under Contract Club Villa Townhomes 600 Pembrook Drive $179,900 5570 Molly Lane Woodland Park another one? Town Home Black Forest $275,000 $425,000 510 N Chestnut Street Land 100 Hawkridge Drive Skyline Woodland Park $189,900 5530 Molly Lane Black Forest $429,900 Under Contract $275,000 4122 Peyton Highway 5615 Molly Lane Falcon Land Yes, your VA Home Loan Benefit is reusable. Black Forest Tammie Van Deusen $195,000 8260 Radcliff Drive $449,900 5840 Ravina Court Normally, if you paid off you sold your previous Loan Officer Land Briargate $279,900 Mountain Shadows 1590 Garden Vista Grove $475,000 home and paid off the outstanding VA loan, you V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc Garden Vista Townhomes Under Contract 9150 Chipita Park Road $199,500 1205 W. High Point Lane Cascade can have your eligibility restored for additional 719-310-3438 Town Home High Point Gardens $499,900 5575 Molly Lane $299,900 use. Also, on a one time only basis you may have 7660 Goddard Ave., Suite 100 Under Contract 5512 Vantage Vista Drive Black Forest Mountain Shadows your eligibility restored if your prior VA loan was Colorado Springs, CO 80920 $199,900 10604 Greenbelt Drive $555,000 Land Meridian Ranch Under Contract paid in full through a refinance but you still own 119 Southpark Road $299,900 936 Longspur Lane Colorado Mountain Estates Under Contract Fox Pines the property. You may also qualify for two NMLS: 514878 $199,900 504 Winnie Way $565,000 7111 Araia Drive Kings Manor 1198 Red Rock Circle VA loans at one time. Creek Terrace $299,900 Red Rocks at Beaver Creek $229,900 Income/Under Contract $650,000 To find out if you have some VA eligibility 11355 Cranston Drive 39820 Big Springs Road 4470 Wavy Oak Drive Falcon Hills Rush Wissler Ranch available email me at $229,900 $349,900 $675,000 or give me a call.
  • 34. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 35 Sponsored by Your source for Property Management All County affordable military W Welcome Home elcome Home Your source for affordable military housing in the Colorado Springs area. “The” Property Management Team for Military housing in719-445-7172 the Colorado Springs area. For advertising information call 329-5236 Equity Lending Mortgage Corp. Do you have a VA mortgage? Free Pizza Tonight! Limited time offer-VA only. Skip up to Colorado Springs’ If you have a present VA home loan we want to send you a Free Pizza for Dinner tonight! Your pick the pizza (any place two (2) month’s mortgage payments Easy, almost no #1 Local VA Mortgage Provider in town) – we will have it delivered to you for Free – just to compare your loan with document qualifying Refinance even if your a VA refinance. No Obligation – No We have been putting veterans in the Strings Attached. We will deliver your home has lost value. Pizza whether you can refi or not! Homes of Their Dreams for over 10 years. Call (719) 540-2020 or go to and claim your Pizza! NOT A BIG BANK Brian G Murphy, CML MB100020928 To check the license status of your mortgage broker visit • Personal Service From A Locally Owned Company • Lowest Rates and a True VA $0 Down Loan • Quickest Closing Times in the Area • Quick Pre-Approval Process Call Today! 719-475-1072 $234,000 District 20 Home on a Dana Williams $212,000 Ranch Home large Corner lot! in Lorson Ranch! 421 S. Tejon • Suite 120 This home has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, a finished basement and two car garage. This like new home has an open spacious Colorado Springs, CO 80903 The kitchen has a breakfast bar, pantry Dana Williams • 719-439-9411 floorplan with 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, and stainless steel appliances. Living kitchen with breakfast bar and main floor room is adorned with a floor to ceiling laundry! Basement is unfinished waitingEquity Lending Mortgage Corp. is an approved VA lender NMLS#378359 MB100009464 Check the license status of your mortgage originator at stone surround wood burning fire place. to make it your own or use for storageProducts are subject to credit and property approval. Rates, programs terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Enormous corner lot w/ a deck and Moun- space. Minutes to Ft Carson, Peterson tain views! A must see! Military Appreciation Rebate AFB and Schriever. A must see! Woodmen Rd. 1 Powers Blvd. 2 2 Academy Blvd. 3 24 3 N 83 4 4 AIRPORT 5 5 FOUNTAIN 6 6 If you have affordable real estate listings, then your home needs to be featured in Welcome Home! For more information about Welcome Home call 329-5236
  • 35. 36 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012ColoradoPowerClassifieds.com719 Reach over 70,000 readers! Rates vary, call for details. Prepayment is required. 3 line minimum. Please check your ad the first week of publication and call by noon the following Tuesday with chanegs or corrections.31 E. Platte, Top Floor This paper is not liable for errors after the first publication of an ad. Colorado Publishing Company is not liable for the content of advertisements. All real estate advertising is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968. We do not endorse any product or service and we reserve the right to refuse any advertising we deem inappropriate.Monday through Friday, 8:30-5 C.5.3.5. Real Estate Advertising. Advertising for off-post housing available for rent, sale or lease by an owner, manager, rental agency, agent or individual, shall include only those available on a nondiscriminatory basis for all personnel. No facilities shall be advertised without the Colorado Publishing Company having been notified, in writing, that the owner,Deadline: Noon Tuesday! manager, rental agency, agent or individual enforces open-housing practices. 3 Lines FREE for active-duty, retired military, and their dependents as well as civil service employees.3 Ways to place your ad! Online at Call (719) 329-5236 or fax this form to (719) 329-5237 Name____________________________________ Address _________________________________________ Category: __________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________ Zip_____________________________________________ Grade ____________________ Unit ____________ Signature ________________________________________ My signature certifies that this advertisement is for the purpose of selling my personal property as a convenience to me or my dependents. It is not part of a business enterprise, nor does it benefit anyone involved in a business enterprise. Any real estate advertised is made available without regard to race, color, religious origin or sex of any individual.Free ads in accordance with military regulations must be non-commercial and for personal property offered by local base or unit personnel without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex or religious origin. FREE ADS are limitedto one ad per household at 3 lines max. The editor and publisher reserve the right to edit ads, and/or not publish ads. NO DUTY PHONE NUMBERS WILL BE PRINTED. DEADLINE: Noon Tuesday NEW BEGINNINGS ANNOUNCEMENTSCHRISTIAN CHURCH Services EVENTS Pastor Terry J. Nutall TANNER GUN SHOW HUNGER Pueblo State Fairgrounds Wife Carol D. Nutall April 21 & 22 Sat. 9-5; Sun 9-4 ACTIVE MILITARY FREE Double Tree Hotel 1775 East 500 Tables; Admission $8 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd (near I-25 and circle dr.) 719-382-7619 Sunday School: 9:00 AM • Worship Service: 10:00 AM CHURCH DIRECTORY SECURITY CHURCH BLOGS, Meeting at: Prairie Hills OF CHRIST 4945 Cable Lane 392-3957 Bible Study TOO. N Elementary 9:30 am Academy 1 IN 6 AMERICANS Expressway Blvd. School Hancock Worship 10:30 am Bradley ura s Alt rive STRUGGLES WITH HUNGER. 8025 Telegraph Sunday School Road Cab D Evening 5:00 pm Hw (719) 487-1111 9:30am le La y ne 85/ 87 (At the intersection fo Scarborough and Wednesday Worship Service Street Main Telegraph, near Research and Powers) 7:00 pm 10:45am GARAGE SALES ACUPUNCTURE CHRISTIAN HOUSE OF PRAYER Military Walk in night Weds 3-6pm. Back pain, PTSD, get treated for $10. 598-9200. GARAGE SALE at The Colorado Springs School 21 Broadmoor Ave. Sat., 4/28, 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Huge community sale in the field house Pastor Charles Tedder on the CSS campus. Public invited. CHILDCARE 1980 Academy Suite S. Bargains for everyone! (back side Loaf n Jug) Licensed childcare available 0-12 yrs B (719) 358-1961 & A care, meals included, CPR & First-aid certified, flex hrs 475-8828 Employment WORSHIP SERVICES COUNSELING Sunday Morning 8:00am & 10:30am Soul Attention LLC, psycotherapy Tuesday Night 7:00pm Covenant Connection International Horse and Soul, EAP/EAL “To be heard is good for the soul” Nancy Beach, LPC, RN 719-236-0054 RETIRED JAG OFFICER Family Law, Divorce, DIVORCE Child Custody and PARALEGAL SERVICES Step-Parent Adoption. DIVORCE MILITARY SPECIALIST Special Military Family Rates MILITARY DISCOUNT 719-520-9992 TOGETHER Call Chamberland Law WE’RE 719-527-3999 or HAIR SERVICES visit $9 Military Personnel Haircuts. Call Sammy’s Barber at 633-7771 We understand military families and their needs 210 North Chelton Road, near Bijou Hunger is closer than you think. Reach out MUSICAL INSTRUCTION to your local food bank for ways to do your Have a business? Need to Piano Lessons taught by experienced instructor. All ages welcome. Call part. Visit today. promote yourself? 719-265-6529 or 719-291-4166. Reach 3 Military bases plus readers of STORAGE the Business Journal with our classified section. Get this same size ad for only Competitive Prices, Security, No move $60.00 a week. in fees. Chelton Self Storage. BEAUTY & FITNESS 719-637-7545 or 866-530-7545 Call Hyrum at (719) 329-5221 Need (3) experienced barbers and (1) stylist to work in family friendly and Be A Blood Donor... to place your ad. Need some Power behind your hop. Experience in African American advertising message? Call: (719) 329-5236 and Military hairstyles and cuts is a must. Call 719-337-6310 or ...and save lives! Cost of ad is dependent on length of contract 719-594-6340 for an interview. Colorado Power Classifieds
  • 36. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 37 5 piece queen size bedroom set — $200. AKC Miniature Schnauzers, all updated Lot in Pagosa Springs, CO for sale with HEALTHCARE MERCHANDISE Foosball table, new condition—$75. 719-963-9972 or 719-503-0500 shots, Avail May 3, 2 males and 3 Fe- males, $500 ea, Call 606-312-3888 mountain views and near lake. $19,550 OBO. Call 719-475-1436. ClassifiedsLooking for Medical Receptionist with2+ yrs recent experience. Experience APPLIANCES Solid Pine Bunkbed For Salewith Insurance Authorizations is aPLUS Please contact Monica with WSI GOOD PRODUCTS Includes two twin-size beds, built in 3-shelf bookshelf, 7 drawers, and RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE Real Estate@ 719.630.7500 desk/computer hutch. Twin mattresses GOOD PRICES included. $400 OBO. 567-3080 or GOOD PEOPLE 637-4937. BRIARGATE PROPERTY MANAGER DUPREE USED APPLIANCES For 38 Years!!! Property Management Visit us for a savings certificate at (Colorado Springs) www.dupreeappliance.comLicensed Real Estate Agents -Looking for qualified people to joinour Property Management team. Call us at 442-2233Applicants must be strong in sales and Quality, reconditioned stoves,marketing. We are looking for refrigerators, washers & dryers.Property Mangers that are detailoriented, self-motivated, and have *Up to 2 year warrantystrong communication abilities.Complete training package and *Whirlpool - GE - Kenmore 9929 Rose Leaf, 80920. Beautiful Pinemarketing plan in place. Let us show *Visa, MC, checks welcomed Creek ranch. Fabulous location w/curbyou how to build an amazing residual *Professional Delivery Team appeal, corner lot over looks an openincome. Choose from over 150 appliances at preserve & mtn views. Imaculate beauty our clean, spacious showroom. with 5 bed, 3 bath, 2car $395,900. JeanApplicants must be able to work on a MERCHANDISE @ KW Realty 719-290-2481.commission basis. Must be a licensedReal Estate Agent or obtain license 2200 East Platte Ave.within three months of joining the CALHAN/RAMAHteam. Visit out web-site at MERCHANDISE HEALTH & FITNESS 3 Bd home w/New roof, w/11 Stall Looking for an electric wheelchair for a Barn, tackroom, arena, 38+acre, garage, Email resume to: Protect Your Family’s Health! younger adult who has neropapthy. hay barn. off hwy24. 719-347-2232 Try these amazing, low cost, Call 719-573-5484 EOE eco-friendly products! w w w. b e s t w e l l n e s s 4 y o u . c o m ; Tell our advertisers you saw their ad inSELF EMPLOYMENT / BUSINESS OPP MERCHANDISE All real estate advertising in this Colorado Power Classifieds! HOME ENTERTAINMENT newspaper is subject to the Federal FairNeed Extra Money? Want to feel better? Housing Act of 1968, which makes it CENTRALWant to lose weight? We have a great Solid Oak Entertainment Center MISC FOR SALE illegal to advertise any preference,product, great business plan, and a team 68” H by 23” D by 59” W. $500.00 Callto help you succeed! 719-357-6009 719-360-1546. limitationordiscriminationbasedonrace, 50’s Comet Barber Chair. Recently reupholstered $550. Hammnon Organ, color, religion or national origin, or an $250 obo. 719-439-3453 intention to make such preference, HOME FURNISHINGS The Transcript BUSINESS limitation or discrimination. The Mountaineer shall not accept any TICKETMART can publish your BUY, SELL, TRADE, advertisement for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are FUNDS AVAILABLE Notices of YOUR FURNITURE! CONCERTS-SPORTS-THEATRE NFL-NBA-NHL-NCAA-MLB-PGA hereby informed that all dwellings The “Like New” Used Furniture Store WWW.DENVERTICKET.COM advertised in this newspaper are Guardianship Up to $100K cash available for short term opportunities with extraordinary Huge Selection of (303)-420-5000 or (800) 500-8955 available on an equal opportunity basis. return. All replies strictly confidential. New and Used and Adoptions 719-660-5999 - Living Room - Dining LAND Room - Mattresses - Bedroom Sets - Office PETS BUSINESS WANTED - Accessories LAND FOR SALE Family Owned & Operated Since DOGS BUSINESSES WANTED. Retired CEO 1978! 7.15 Acres $39,900 WOW! Model perfect TH w/great style. with broad turnaround experience inter- M-F 9-5:30 Big views, elec, phone, quiet, Very spacious,open, unique floorplan. For more info call 634-1048 ested in acquiring troubled companies Sat. 9-5 9 month old AKC registered, male, horses ok, private well available, 1647 sq ft, 3 bed, 3 bath, 2 car. $150K with revenue of $2M-$10M/yr. Call LAYAWAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE Sun. call for hours English Bulldog. Color fawn and white. ready for new home, no HOA dues. 2018 Phillips Alley, 80906. Call Jean @ 719-660-5999. Fully vaccinated. $1000. 719-576-1308. Jim 719-475-0517 hm/wk KW Realty 719-290-2491. Attention All Military Members Have You Suffered Any Physical Injury Between 2001 and Now, On or Off Duty? If So, You May Be Entitled to $100,000. Our Firm Has Experience in Handling TSGLI Claims for Injured Service Members. We’ll Fight to Get You the Money You Deserve. – – Call for a Free Consultation with an Experienced Attorney – – William Muhr, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, LLP (719) 598-9877 | 7035 Campus Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
  • 37. 38 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 FALCON Stetson Hills—7768 Blue Vail Wy HOMES FOR RENT $1750. 3bd 3ba 1948 sqft Gorgeous like new home-Avail. July 1 Excellent custom 3BR, 2BA, 2 car gar- 719-445-7172 age home for sale in Falcon Hills, sacri- fice price, $275,000. For appointment BANNING-LEWIS RANCH call 719-338-0747 SECURITY 8021 Noble Fir Dr $1785 3bd 3ba 2797 sqft BILLIARDS FOUNTAIN VALLEY Pet Friendly- Avail. 4/1/12 3Bdr, 1 car in Security, $1000. includes water, no pets, no smoking inside. 719-445-7172 439-5656. Avail now. Antique Billiard Museum Two great Billiard Rooms. Best equipment, pricing and pro shop. Beautiful home w/mtn & city views. 3628 Citadel Dr N Colorado Springs, Over 68 playing pool tables including regulation, snooker billiards Home has had total makeover w/new CO 80909 / 719-597-9809 or and diamond bar tables, 50 cents. windows, flooring, baths, kitchen and CENTRAL SOUTHEAST Diamond Billiards fresh paint. 3BD/2BA/1CAR, 1,692SF. 3780 E Boulder St Colorado MLS# 731602. $165K. Diane Forbes 6624 Dublin Lp W #1 $650 Springs CO 80909 / 719-596-9516 Home for rent with Platinum Group at 719-339-6556 2Bd 1Ba Approx 825 Sq Ft Large 3000sqft 5 bedroom with large Upstairs 4-Plex Unit, No Pets family room. 7143 Dove Valley, RE/MAX Properties 590-4735 Call 459-2155. DOWNTOWN DINING POWERS 920 E Platte Ave $1300 The Warehouse Restaurant Contemporary, delectable cuisine. The upscale yet casual turn-of- Beautiful remodel! Springs Ranch SIF. 2bd 2ba 1747 sqft SOUTHWEST and Gallery the-century Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery creates the perfect 4/3/2. 1787sqft. Call Kathy, RealTeam Great Bungalow close to downtown 25 W. Cimarron St. setting for business lunches, intimate dinners, dinner parties, Real Estate Center-719-232-4646 719-445-7172 4240 Loomis Ave #3 $750 (2 Blocks East of I-25 on Exit 141) receptions, rehearsal dinners, reunions, events. Call us at 475-8880 2bd 1ba 800sqft 719.475.8880 for information. Military Discount - 10% off all regular-priced bar and PUEBLO WEST Central Located - BEAUTIFUL ALL UTILITIES PAID - Avail. 4/1/12 menu items in restaurant only. Happy Hour Mon.-Fri. 3:00 to 6:00. FENCED BACK YARD, WORKSHOP, 719-445-7172 LARGE FAMILY ROOMS, BASE- MENT, NOTE PET FRIENDLY, 2 Broadmoor—256 Balmoral Way $3000 GERMAN CAR GARAGE $1025/925 1418 Baylor Dr HALEY REALTY 6bd 5ba 4676 sqft Immaculate home BEAUTIFUL views *Bringing the BEST of Germany to COLORADO* Authentic 634-3785 719-445-7172 Schnitzel Fritz 4037 Tutt Blvd., Colorado Springs German Food. All NATURAL & FRESH Wiener-, Jaeger-, Rahm-, TEL. 719-573-2000 Zugeuner-, Holsteiner-, or Zwiebelschnitzel. Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Cozy Cottage Centrally Located ROCK CREEK Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Weisswurst, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, Spaetzle, Fried Potatoes. -NEWLY REMODELED BATH- 14370 Aiken Ride Vw. $2500 Potato-, Cucumber-, Tomato- or Bean Salads. Enjoy our Daily ROOM, FENCED YARD, CLOSE TO 4Bd 4Ba 2CG 3529sqft (1 block South of Sky Sox Stadium) “Stammessem” (Specials) Sauerbraten, Gulasch, and more... DOWNTOWN WITH SHOPS AND Sits on over 30 Acres, gorgeous views RESTAURANTS. 1709 ½ N Royer 719-445-7172 $510/425 HALEY REALTY Big 3 bed Horse Property by Lake 634-3785 IRISH / AMERICAN 3 BR 2.5 ba 1.5 story stucco home on 1.2 acre,small barns,round pen,chicken WEST coops, trees, trails, landscaped, easy hwy commute, $224,900 FSBO call CONDOS/TOWNHOMES FOR RENT Jack Quinn’s Owned by 4 USAFA Grads! Serving traditional Irish & 669 Carved Terrace $1750 21 South Tejon American cuisine for lunch & dinner. Happy Hour Daily 3-6pm. 719-547-5177 4Bd 3.5Ba 2CG 3450 Sq Ft 925 TAMPICO CT. 1br condo, fpl, w/d, Large N/W Home Avail 5/10 385-0766 Thursday military appreciation night 15% off food 6-10pm, excluding pool, good condition. $650/mo + utili- private events and 1 discount/ID. Voted Best Irish Bar 2011 by locals. RE/MAX Properties 590-4735 ties. (Owner pays HOA) 590-1678. To advertise in Cork ‘n Fork please call 719-329-5236 Rentals EAST TRANSPORTATION Rates are $35 per week with a 13 time commitment. 3918 Kings Island #202 $950 2Bd 2Ba 1CG+CP 1084 Sq Ft Condo w/ Amenities, No Pets RE/MAX Properties 590-4735 7065 Platte River Pt $1195 3Bd 2.5Ba 2CG 1596 Fin SF 2-Story in Springs Ranch RE/MAX Properties 590-4735 Springs Ranch—3674 Pony Tracks Dr $3000. 3bd 3ba 2800 sqft. Beautiful ex- ecutive home-FULLY furnished 719-445-7172 FOUNTAIN 867 Daffodil St. $1450 APARTMENTS 5bd 3ba 2CG 2539sqft NO CATS - Avail. 07/01 719-445-7172 1500sf 3bd 3bath CENTRAL $1100 pets ok 3-12mth lease 2BR near Platte and Institute. No pets. Private off street parking. $575/mo. Owner-719-630-3392. MONUMENT CENTRAL-Near schools. 2 BR, 1 BA 4PLX. kitchen/bath. 1 level,R-30 insul. Storm windows, W/D hookups in pan- try. Inclds ,RF,DS,ceiling fans. $610/400dep. HALEY REALTY 634-3785 SOUTHEAST CHRYSLER Fountain Springs Apartments Huge 1-2-3 BR starting at just $705! Full size washer/ dryer included, 24-hr MOUNTAIN SETTING JUST fitness center, swimming pool, gated MINUTES FROM USAFA community & more. Call Affordable living in pretty Palmer 719-591-4600 Lake! 3 bed/3 bath, newer carpet and paint. Nice yard/patio backs to undevel- oped land for privacy. Walk to lake, WEST trails and restaurants. Only 8 miles from USAFA. $139,900. Approved for VA financing. Camelback Pointe Apartments Spacious 1, 2, & 3 bdrms starting at 2006 Chrysler Town & Country, 7 $765! 10 miles from Ft. Carson Passenger — FAMILY FUN, $9,995, featuring views, gas fp, w/d, pool, NORTHEAST WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, fitness, & garages. Amazing April 719.635.7311 Specials! Call (719) 534-0054 6535 Amethyst Ct $1600 3bd 4ba 2CG 2008sqft Over half an acre lot - Avail. NOW FORD WOODLAND PARK 719-445-7172 Gorgeous.4be/2ba/D20quiet/peace 6050 Eagles Nest Ct $1195 2000sqft. Near All bases/hwys 5Bd 3Ba 2CG 2001SqFt Avail 1 JUN. $1350.719-648-6641 Ranch w/ Full Bsmt, No Pets RE/MAX Properties 590-4735 7BR, 5BA, 5000sqft, 2.5 acres, mother -in-law suite. $1975/mo. 719-966-4478. NORTHWEST 2008 Ford Focus, A/C — Sunroof — LEATHER, $12,995, 1510 York Rd #103 $1295 WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, 2Bd 3.5Ba 1CG 1680SqFt, NP 719.635.7311 Upgraded Condo, Fin Bsmt RE/MAX Properties 590-4735 Stay ahead of your POWERS competition with breaking news from Cimarron Hills—1845 Pima Dr $1350 4bd 3ba 2496 sqft the CSBJ newsroom Cute rancher close to Powers Corridor every day. 719-445-7172 Sign up at Stetson Hills 6662 Summer Grace St $1700 2008 Ford Taurus X SEL, AWD — 6 5bd 3ba 2644 sqft Passenger — LOADED, $17,495, SUPER spacious- Available now WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, 719-445-7172 719.635.7311
  • 38. April 20, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 39 HONDA NISSAN/DATSUN SUV A Perfect Marriage07 Honda Pilot EXL. Automatic, 1 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada SUVowner, 4WD, loaded, leather, 72,300 AWD, 4dr, loaded, 212K miles. The Transcript andmiles. $19,000. 337-2722. $2800 or OBO. 719-694-9765 Marriage Licenses Also available in an HYUNDAI TOYOTA excel format 2010 4Runner e-mailed daily Limited, loaded, 4x4, $37K, 3rd row, 03 Harley VROD Anniv Ed $8200 $60 per quarter 906-370-7200 All stainless; 10k mi; always gargaed; service by dealer only; new tires/batt; 2001 Nissan Xterra, 4x4 — OFF ROAD, $6,995, 488-3298 Contact Kathy Bernheim at 329-5204 or WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, TRUCKS 719.635.7311 OLDSMOBILE 2007 Hyundai Azera SE, Great MILE- AGE — SAVE, $11,495, For Sale 86 olds cutless WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, Exc condition, few repairs need, Exc 719.635.7311 project car. $4000. obo. Text are call 719-232-5365, located in Fountain, CO JEEP SCION 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, 4x4 — 04 HD-RoadGlide (FLTRI) - $11K HEMI — LOADED, $21,495, Impact Blue, low mi (13,300), many ac- WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, cess - call 651-8207 719.635.7311 craigslist-288614278 pics/info 2009 Kawasaki ZX10R. 1-owner, up- graded exhaust, gears, brakes, clutch, levers, 6k mi, $8000 obo. 719-330-9815 99 Ducati 900SS. Excellent condition, garaged, 13k miles, pick up in Boulder. Having an Call 719-331-63492009 Jeep Wrangler, 4x4 — 6 Speed — 2008 Scion tC-4, SPORTY — Harley Fat Boy LOADED, $19,995, LOADED, $13,995, 1993-$7500. Amazing-like new. Only Open House? WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, 32K miles, new tires, just tuned. Up- 719.635.7311 719.635.7311 grades, accessories. Must see! 2001 Ford F-150, 4x4 — Topper — 719-527-1936 LOW MILES, $8,995, WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, KIA SUBARU 719.635.7311 WATERCRAFT Perfect Family Vehicle!Like New Black w/gray interior 2008 2000 Chevy Tahoe. Dark Blue with leather interior. $4500. Call 1987 Bayliner 14FT w/ Force 40 Eng. Located just off B Street of Crestridge Let all of ourKia, Sedona 7 Passenger Van. 56000miles, video pkg, pwr doors 1 owner 719-491-1997. Ave. Call 719-576-3574 to see. readers know!$11,000 firm. Call 571-438-3600 MOTORCYCLES AVIATION + AIRCRAFT For more information call 719-329-5236 LOVE TO FLY or email MAZDA 03 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster. Flying Club Share for Sale 1000 miles, single owner. Excellent 2 Piper A/C-Call 817-917-8578 condition. $6200. Call 719-576-1195 Mazda 2005 Mazda 6 Silver 65k miles 2009 Subaru Outback, SAVE — ALL Tell our advertisers you WHEEL DRIVE, $18,995, 2009 BMW R1200 RT. moonroof heated leather seats 6cd Still under warranty, 5400 miles. saw their ad in player $10,800 719-216-8293 WWW.THECARSHOWINC.COM, 719.635.7311 $13,500. Call 719-382-0170. Colorado Power Classifieds! THE CAR SHOW inc. DAVE SOLON KIA YOUR AUTO, TRUCK & RV DEALER 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid Serving Colorado Springs for 25 years! Pre-Owned autos, trucks, motorcycles and MORE! Specializing in new & used light-weight travel trailers! $1,995 DOWN and $299 A MONTH SAVE 4X4 LEATHER 2008 DODGE CHARGER 2009 FORD F-150 2006 HUNDAI SANTA FE LTD Automatic, Low Miles Extra Cab, SAVE $$$ Automatic, A/C, Sunroof $14,995 $16,995 $9,995 APRILS GAS PRICES GOT YOU FOOLED??? CHECK OUT THE 2011 KIA OPTIMA HYBRID – GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER FOR FUEL ECONOMY – THE OPTIMA HYBRID ACHIEVED AN AVERAGE OF 64.5 MILES PER GALLON DURING We’re Here DRIVE THROUGH THE 48 STATES. AND GET YOURS FOR $1,995 DOWN $299 A MONTH! To Serve You! LOADED AWD Offer valid W.A.C. on select in stock models. Offer expires on 4/30/2012 2007 NISSAN MURANO SL 2008 PONTIAC TORRENT GXP Sunroof, All Wheel Drive, SAVE Leather, LOADED $21,495 $17,995 2010 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.5I 2005 FORD EXPLORER XLT 2008 HONDA ODYSSEY AWD, Sunroof, LOADED w/LOW MILES 3rd Row, Price Reduced Ready for Family Vacation $17,495 $9,995 $5,695 2007 TOYOTA 2001 GMC YUKON 2004 MERCEDES BENZ ML 350 HIGHLANDER 4X4 Very Clean, REDUCED AWD, Leather, LOADED Automatic, LOADED $18,995 $8,995 $14,995 2006 CHEVROLET COBALT 2008 HONDA CIVIC EX 2010 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.5I GAS SAVER, SAVE $$$ LIKE NEW, LOADED DAVE SOLON KIA Leather, Sunroof, LOADED $9,495 $14,495 $17,495 OF CHAPEL HILLS 877-545-3596 1560 AUTO MALL LOOP 635-7311 3015 N. Nevada Avenue Located in N. Chapel Hills, Across from the USAFA
  • 39. 40 MOUNTAINEER — April 20, 2012 SUBARU SuperStore TM #1 LARGEST SUBARU DEALER IN AMERICA! BASED ON 2011 NATIONAL DEALER RANKING 2012 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5i 2012 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5x NEW MSRP $24,070 NEW MSRP $21,770 MODEL CODE CDA-01 $249/MONTH $219/MONTH STOCK# 120873 MODEL CODE CFA-21 STOCK# 122012 $1,000 DUE $259/MONTH PLUS TAX, 42 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE, 10,000 MILES PER YEAR. $1,000 DUE $219/MONTH PLUS TAX, 42 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE, 10,000 MILES PER YEAR. $1000 DUE AT SIGNING PLUS FIRST MONTH PAYMENT AND TAXES. NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. WAC. $1000 DUE AT SIGNING PLUS FIRST MONTH PAYMENT AND TAXES. NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. WAC. 2012 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5I The best selling All-Wheel Drive car in America. Based on Polk All Wheel Drive Cars Total Registrations in the US for the past 5 years. 29MPG EPA-estimated fuel economy for Outback 2.5i CVT models 29 hwy. Actual mileage may vary. 2012 SUBARU LEGACY 2.5i 2012 SUBARU IMPREZA SEDAN 2.0i NEW Automatic, MSRP $21,745 NEW Automatic, MSRP $ 19,245 MODEL CODE CAB-01 MODEL CODE CJB-01 STOCK# 121926 STOCK# 120998 $159/MONTH $159/MONTH $1,000 DUE $159/MONTH PLUS TAX, 36 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE, 10,000 MILES PER YEAR. $1,000 DUE $159/MONTH PLUS TAX, 42 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE, 10,000 MILES PER YEAR. $1000 DUE AT SIGNING PLUS FIRST MONTH PAYMENT AND TAXES. NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. WAC. $1000 DUE AT SIGNING PLUS FIRST MONTH PAYMENT AND TAXES. NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. WAC. Family Owned and Operated for Over 41 years. Committed to the Community we serve. 1080 MOTOR CITY DRIVE CHECK OUT OUR HUGE 475-1920 heubergermotors SELECTION OF CERTIFIED B E S T B U Y S U B A R U. C O M heubergermotors PRE-OWNED SUBARUS Expires on April 29