Garnier gameday recap with pics


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Garnier gameday recap with pics

  1. 1. Garnier Fructis Sponsorship Recap: College Gameday
  2. 2. Promotional Strategy & ObjectivesPromotional Strategy To bring awareness to young, college age men of Garnier’s new Anti- Dandruff shampoo by creating fun, football fan zone events in, or outside of, campus bookstores on gameday. Branded football related giveaways (foam fingers and posters/signs) take the fan zone “into the game”, making Garnier a presence in the stadium as well as the high traffic areas around the bookstores, and the styling station and green screen elements create a lively, interactive event space.Objectives • Generate brand awareness for Garnier’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - targeting college age men • Create a memorable ‘experience’ at the fan zone while putting samples in the hands of the target demographic (college age men) • Draw students to the Picture Marketing website where they can further engage with the brand by then linking to and viewing commercial spots.
  3. 3. Program Overview The Garnier Football Fan Zone events were executed at 10 high-enrollmentUniversities across the country during the 2010 football season. Events began on October23rd, and were completed on November 20th. Schools targeted for participation have highstudent and Alumni attendance at football games, and event dates chosen weretargeted based on rival games at these locations – maximizing on the increased trafficaround campus, as well as the attitude and excitement of fans. The Garnier Fan Zone events were placed in high traffic areas in campusbookstores, or on patios outside of stores, where available. Event signage was placed in, ornear the event space, for callout to those walking by. The 4 hour events consisted of several elements: a styling station with full sizeproduct samples, mirrors, eye black, and bowls of Anti-Dandruff shampoo samples fordistribution, a green screen photo op for fans to take a gameday photo and later selectbackgrounds and retrieve online, a table of Garnier Anti-Dandruff branded foam fingers fordistribution to event participants, and a fan sign making zone (where allowed). Brand Ambassadors stationed at the various elements engaged football fans ondifferent levels with product information and sample distribution, photo taking options, andassisted with traffic flow and general fan participation in event site.    
  4. 4. Garnier Fructis Fanzone• Styling Station: – An 8 foot table with branded tablecloth. Items on tabletop include: full size product samples for consumer/fan use, eye black tubes for consumer/fan use, Garnier logoed headbands, and chrome tabletop mirrors to assist consumers/fans in applying products. Additionally, bowls with Anti-Dandruff shampoo sample packets were placed on this table for distribution.• Green Screen Photo Station: – A 4’x5’ green screen was placed within the event site to allow fans the opportunity to capture a gameday photo with a customized photo backdrop in school colors. A unique-to-each-event photo backdrop options sheet was provide to fans, to allow them to prepare their “pose” for the picture. Participants were handed a Garnier branded photo retrieval card which enabled them to retrieve their photo online on the website.• Foam Finger Table/ Sign Making Station: – An 8 foot table with branded tablecloth. Foam fingers were stacked uniformly on this table for distribution to fans/event participants. Where allowed, half of the table was utilized for the sign making zone where fans had the ability to create a sign to take into tailgating areas and stadiums. Various markers and sharpies were available to those who wished to customize their foam finger or sign.
  5. 5. Garnier Fructis Additional Activation PointsFall Football Gameday Sampling• Anti-Dandruff shampoo samples were distributed at both Football Fan Zone events, and at registers in the campus bookstores during football season. Samples remaining after the end of the football season will continue to be passed out until supplies have diminished.High Traffic In Store Signage• Periscope Garnier signage was placed in high traffic locations (near registers , entry doors, cafes) at each bookstore during football season.Photo Retrieval Raffle• One winner was drawn randomly from each school to receive a $200 bookstore merchandise gift card. In order to qualify, event participants were required to take a green screen photo and then access that photo by filling out the form on
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  9. 9. Examples of Downloaded Fan Photos
  10. 10. Fructisphotos.comPhoto Retrieval Report Total Number of Guest Email Guest Guests that Invitee Invitees that # of photos Photos visited unique page Invitaions Email viewed Invitee email email viewed a Event taken at least once views Sent Addresses photo online invitations sent addresses photo onlineLouisiana State University 128 51 216 51 35 28 5 5 4Mississippi State 250 83 482 101 73 66 9 9 4Ohio State 79 29 133 26 22 19 9 10 5Penn State 39 14 79 12 7 6 10 6 3Texas A&M 263 83 190 69 54 41 11 9 6University of Central Florida 239 131 490 123 88 82 20 16 12University of Colorado 30 8 21 10 9 6 1 1 1University of Maryland 68 44 161 34 28 26 7 7 3University of South Carolina 63 18 134 14 12 10 1 1 1Washington State 135 36 164 39 29 23 7 7 5
  11. 11. Program Results Fans that Passed Event Estimated Unique Green Screen Photo Cards Anti-Dandruff Triple Nutrion Foam Fingers Signs QR Codes Event Location Space/Bookstore Impressions Interactions Photos Taken Distributed Samples Distributed Samples Distributed Distibuted Made Scanned Louisiana State 10,000+ 3,000-4,000 600-700 128 150 1,600 200 600 N/A 12Mississippi State (2 events) 18,000+ 6,000-7,000 1,200-1,800 250 300+ 1,000 350 850 100 8 Ohio State 5,000+ 1,800-2,000 1,350-1,600 167 200+ 1,200 150 600 15 5 Penn State 20,000+ 7,500+ 700+ 39 75 2,500 500 600 N/A 6 Texas A&M 5,000+ 4,000 1,000-1,300 263 500 950 350 600 N/A 3 Univ. Of Central Florida 15,000+ 3,000+ 800-1,000 239 400 1,500 500 600 250 15Univ. of S Carolina 4,000+ 2,500 500+ 63 100 1,000 300 600 N/A 3 University of Colorado 3,000+ 1,000-1,200 300-500 30 65 800 100 350 50 5 University of Maryland 5,000+ 1,500+ 400-600 68 110 1,200 300 600 N/A 7 Washington State 8,000+ 1,800-2,300 600-800 135 200-250 800 200 600 60 10
  12. 12. Heard on Campus• Man, ever since I started using Garnier, I never get dandruff anymore. This is the best product on the market!• I have used your hair spray since the 2nd grade! Love it – Now I am a sophomore at UCF and my boys are using it too!• "I love the fact that Garnier Fructis guarantees its product and will give you your money back if it doesnt work! That is why I buy it!“• Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff is the only product used in my dorm room. All of my roommates have stopped using other products and replaced them with Garnier Anti Dandruff“• "I can pick my own backdrop to this photo? Are you kidding me? That is so cool!“• "How many different types of shampoo do you have that you recommend for men"?• "Dude, I am going to put some of this product in my hair now. I got so much Dandruff, but dont tell my buddies I said that.“• "I absolutely love the foam finger! It will be a lot of fun in the stadium with this thing“• "Its awesome having this eye paint here. I forgot to put it on before I left the house today. The mirror helps too!“• "This is a cool setup! I just came in here to get a T-shirt, but Garnier gave me samples, took my picture, and let me see some products before giving me a foam finger. Crazy and cool at the same time“
  13. 13. Heard on Campus (continued)• “This is a great coupon. Garnier is already really affordable.”• “What a great way to spend an afternoon…surrounded by models. Thank Garnier for me please!”• "This is a neat concept here. Are you going to all the colleges doing this?“• “I was going to buy a foam finger today for the game. Now I don’t have to!”• "Do you have a list of all your mens products anywhere? I have been looking for something like that for a while now.“• "I really like this Garnier Fructis Anti Dandruff shampoo smell. Where can I buy?“• "I am a college student and use your product daily. I love the fact that men can use this and it doesnt smell like strawberries or something too fruity“• “Why isn’t there a coupon on the women’s shampoo sample?”• "Will you be here next week? If so, I will just get ready for the game here!“• “I really think it’s cool that we can test out the products. There is nowhere else you get to do that, and you always wonder if they do what they claim to do…”