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Lean startup principles - an engineers perspective
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Lean startup principles - an engineers perspective


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Iterations make idea perfect
  • Rapid iteration is the key to success
  • Agility is the key
  • Be prepared to change, failing to change is to fail
  • Your current processes may not work any more
  • Data gathering is the job of engineers to a large extent
  • Unit Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Just in time scalability
  • Open source technologies and third part components
  • A B Testing
  • Continuous refactoring
  • Understand project manager
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Expect change and evolve
  • Automation and regression testing will lead to nirvana
  • Transcript

    • 1. Lean Startup Principles An Engineer’s perspective
    • 2. Who am I I am Saurabh Minni I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Intuit For past two years I have worked on a product which was run as a lean startup experiment Previously I have worked at Tata Elxsi and Adobe India Have been part of Barcamp Bangalore planning since BCB5 I am online at and one twitter as @the100rabh
    • 3. Sumo wrestler   Strong  Can’t move fast Once direction is decided it  Difficult to change can literally destroy direction anything  Slow to respond to changes High stamina Master of its field of action
    • 4. Kung Fu Fighter   Strong  Vulnerable at times Agile Can respond to changes fast
    • 5. So why this lean startup  Technology is easy, people are hard  Most startups fail not because of technology but they fail to find customers  The initial idea is not always the best one, iterations always bring out the best.
    • 6. So what does Lean Startupbase itself off
    • 7. Ideas are worthless until tested
    • 8. Rapid iteration is the key to success
    • 9. Properties of Lean Startup Iteration speed can make or break you Collecting data is a need Idea Learning are the torch which show u the path to success. Inference Testing
    • 10. Whats changes for engineers
    • 11. Agility is the key
    • 12. Be prepared to change,failing to change is to fail
    • 13. Waterfall model doesn’t work anymore
    • 14. Your current processes may not work any more
    • 15. If you cant make it, Fake it
    • 16. How can you cope up withall this
    • 17. Designing for Lean