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Wordpress intro


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A presentation created for introducing WordPress and outlining what will be covered in my WordPress Super Survival Skills Course -

A presentation created for introducing WordPress and outlining what will be covered in my WordPress Super Survival Skills Course -

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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  • 1. WordPressSuper Survival Skills!
  • 2. Web technologies• Networks • PHP• Web Hosting • Database• Web Server • HTML• CMS • Wordpress
  • 3. computer networks• A Collection of computers or other devices connected to each other via communications means to share digital resources
  • 4. inter networks• Collections of Networks connected to each other via shared Protocols to exchange resources
  • 5. The internet• The Internet is a global system• of interconnected computer networks• that use the standard Internet protocol suite• to serve billions of users worldwide.
  • 6. the blogosphere in action
  • 7. wordpress is a big player
  • 8. wordpress usage
  • 9. Powers almost 17% of all websitestotal usage
  • 10. compared to othersgoogle search trends,+drupal,+sharepoint,+wordpress&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all
  • 11. compared to otherscms usage trends
  • 12. changing sidescms usage trends
  • 13. or
  • 14. eeH os ted wordpress.comFr
  • 15. lf H os ted wordpress.orgSe
  • 16. How Does WP Work It ain’t Rocket Science• Site on Server• MySQL Database• PHP Code - Theme & Plugins• Generate HTML• Results in Front end in Browser•
  • 17. How Does WP Work really now web server
  • 18. What is WordPress Made of Theme MySQL Plugin PHP HTML• PHP web based software• PHP & HTML based themes & plugins• MySQL Database• Generates HTML site in browser
  • 19. What Makes A ThemeHTML Structure PHP Function CSS Style
  • 20. What can I do with WP• Blog • Wiki• CMS • Video Channel• Online Store • Review, Rating Site• Collaborative Site • Event Site• Corporate • Online School• Online Social Hub • Resume• Helpdesk • Job Board
  • 21. THEME Plugins Visual Template Functional Add-on • Change Look • Add Functionality • Easy to Install • Easy to Install • Separate from Content • Tons available • Free or Paid • Editable • Low Cost • Free or Paid • Extend your site in • Low Cost a million waystheme directory Plugins directory
  • 22. build anything you want
  • 23. themes Where to find them• Free Themes - WordPress Directory• Premium Themes - Theme Companies• Build your Own
  • 24. wordpress admin All The Basics• The Dashboard• Create a New Post• Using Categories and Tags• How to Create and Edit Pages• Changing Theme• Adding Plugins• Widgets
  • 25. time to login