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Adobe connect

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  • Toolbars to immediately send invitations from your mailing box with an automatic generation of phone numbers and web links to connect to your audio and web conferencesBlackberry and iPhone mobile applications to connect automatically to a conference from your mobile phone thanks to a “call me back” functionOne-time user PIN code generation for added security, using a unique set of pin codes that are only valid for the duration of your meeting.
  • Adobeconnect

    1. 1. Product Description 1
    2. 2. AUDIOHelen VIDEO Marc WEB Content, applications and desktop sharingAnna Maria 2
    3. 3. Advanced features for optimal user experienceBefore, during and after conference Before During After • Meeting room layout • Document and application • Recording playback customization sharing directly through a URL • Conference scheduling: • Whiteboard and • Post conference report persistent meeting URLs annotation tools • Files transfer to your • Invitation toolbar: • Participants management participants automatic invitation with personal account details • Real time feedback: chat, attendees’ status, Q&A • File upload in content and Vote pods bank 3
    4. 4. Optimized meeting room layoutEasily adapt your meeting room to your needs• Select a layout template• Customize individual meeting rooms: > Add pods, delete, move and resize meeting pods• Push your layout to your participants Resize pods to focus the attention on: ppt, whiteboard, Q&A, poll… 4
    5. 5. Rich content sharingMaximize your audience’s attention • Directly from your Share Pod, share: > Documents > Videos Display more than one > Applications Share Pod to share several documents at the same time > Whiteboard > Your entire desktop • Maximize the pod to make content larger or choose Full Screen Mode: you can also control the Participants view by selecting “Force Presenter View” 5
    6. 6. Full participants managementAttendees’ features in one centralized pod• Rename or disconnect a participant• Manage participant status, individually or globally• Enhance participant rights: allow participant to control one or several pods• Change participant role via drag and drop: promote participant into Host or Presenter• Change Attendees Pod view: standard, breakout room or status view Training session: drag and drop participants into breakout rooms to create interactive workshops 6
    7. 7. Chat featuresCommunicate without disturbing the meeting flow• Chat in private or public• Enable/disable private chat for participants• Email chat history to preserve chat content for future use• Personalize your text size and color Multi-chat pod: display one pod for each private conversation to avoid confusing conversations between recipients 7
    8. 8. Attendees’ status optionsInstant interaction between host & participants• Attendees can select status to: > Ask questions > Give feedback > Request to speak louder or to slow down• Moderator can: > Follow attendees’ status in real-time > View participants by status Training session: > Clear all status live feedback, helping to adapt the presentation to the attendance 8
    9. 9. Feature rich web conferencing toolMaximize the impact of your content• Share presentations, applications or your desktop• Annotate your documents and share ideas on a whiteboard• Receive feedback from your participants• Record your conference Create a dedicated• Transfer files to your attendees and permanent URL for your meeting room• Q&A, poll, chat 9
    10. 10. High-quality video conferencingMeet remotely as if you were in the same room• High Quality video• Compatible with laptop cameras and HD Webcam• Up to 100 user’s webcams displayed simultaneously• Enable/disable participants ability to display their webcam 10
    11. 11. Mobility toolsConference on the move, wherever you are• Simply attend, schedule, and start meetings from the: > iOS: - iPhone, - iPad, - iPod Touch > AndroidTM mobiles & tablets > BlackBerry mobiles• Quickly invite your participants through invitation emails• Available from: 11
    12. 12. Outlook & Lotus Notes toolbarsOne-click invitation to your meeting room• Create invitations to your online meetings in a few clicks > Schedule your meetings directly Easy to set up and easy to use! from Outlook and Lotus Notes > Quickly invite your participants through invitation email template Available from Adobe Support Center: 12