Success stories (8) Tamilselvi Chellaiyah
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Success stories (8) Tamilselvi Chellaiyah



Great Mentor..

Great Mentor..



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Success stories (8) Tamilselvi Chellaiyah Document Transcript

  • 1. Executive Diamond Direct Distributors Achievers Tamilselvi & Chellaiah Puchong • N. Letchumenan & Kanagasvari Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do December 2006 We were in the insurance business for 18 years. Life was rosy and we were enjoying ourselves bringing up our children. Then the 1987 recession happened. My insurance sales plummeted and our income could no longer support the family. We lost our beautiful house and two cars. Friends and relatives deserted us. Our once happy family disintegrated before our very eyes. My wife and I were very worried. The future seemed bleak. Shocking as it may sound, many of our friends even suggested that it was better for us to commit suicide with our children! amagram 4
  • 2. Achievers It was at this time of despair that an incredible opportunity presented itself – the Amway Business Opportunity. When Arjun & Thanavalli introduced us to the business, we signed up without hesitation. We had no money, no house, no cars, no friends and no relatives, but we were excited and eager to start building our own business. As the saying goes, “the empty pocket is not a problem, but an empty head is the problem”. The Amway business has brought us happiness, uncommon freedom, financial security, free travel holidays, and most importantly, family togetherness. Today, I spend most of my time at the club house working out to stay healthy and stay in shape, while my wife occupies most of her time by shopping both in Malaysia and abroad. As the popular Indian saying goes, “if you know how to keep your wife as a queen, she will keep you as a king”. We would like to congratulate all the caring leaders and Distributors in our organisation for having placed their confidence in us and for their wonderful teamwork. We are grateful to Founders Diamond Direct Distributors Gladstone & Violet Pereira, all the leaders in Amway, and Amway Malaysia staff for their support. Also, thank you Rich & Jay for the Amway Business Opportunity! Remember, “tough times never last, but tough people do”. December 2006 The key to our success is attending as many Amway meetings and functions as possible, in addition to reading up on company literature, listening to motivational cassettes, associating with successful Amway leaders and always keeping a positive mental attitude. The most important of all is to use this business opportunity and provide proper leadership to as many people as we can. Qualifying as Executive Diamond Direct Distributors in August 2005 was a great achievement for us. We know that things will get better. Today, we live in a comfortable semi-detached house and own four cars. Our three daughters have had good education. They are married and we are proud that they are doing very well in their Amway businesses. Our eldest daughter and son-in-law, M Sivagnanam & Santhi Dewi Chellaiah, are Executive Diamond Direct Distributors, our second daughter and son-in-law, B. Mugunthan & Sarina Dewi Chellaiah are Founders Diamond Direct Distributors, and youngest daughter and son-in-law, A Gopi Nathan & Sharmilah Dewi Chellaiah are Emerald Direct Distributors. We have been to Australia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Amway HQ in Ada, Michigan, Hawaii, Korea, Tokyo, Europe, the Alaskan Cruise, Melbourne, South Africa, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Madrid with our family, all fully paid by Amway. 5 amagram Nineteen years have gone by and we have no regrets. We constantly remind ourselves that, “our dreams must be big enough, so that the challenges we face become insignificant in comparison”.