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Social Networking Presentation for the North End Business Summit in Appleton Wisconsin

Social Networking Presentation for the North End Business Summit in Appleton Wisconsin

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  • Saw CD's presentation at the New North and New End economic summit. She kept a theater full of business, economic and academic leaders engaged and learning for an hour. She makes a great case for cultivating a limited number of deep business relationships with strategically-chosen tools, rather gathering 5,000 'followers' that broadcast at each other. It was very practical, lively and business-focused - and fun! Glad to see the slides!
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  • 1. S.N.A.P Creating Social Networked “and” Authentic Professionals
    • Presented by and Magazine Soho
    • “ Using Media and Connections To Enhance Visibility”
    • Promo Code:
    • Web site:
    • Twitter:
    • Email:
  • 2. Whoa –How Do You Use All Of This Stuff?
  • 3. Building Relationships (Deep) “or” Building Numbers (Wide )
    • Today, businesses have the ability to connect, locally, nationally and globally using social networking tools in a collaborative effort to “brand their products and services while enhancing the visibility and position of their business within their target market.”
  • 4. Building Relationships (Deep) “or” Building Numbers (Wide )
    • Joining every network and every social media tool
    • is not building deep relationships with clients and prospects.
    • Nor is it adding value to your brand.
  • 5. Building Numbers (Wide ) Peer-to-Peer
    • Building a Wide Network of Connections, often referred to as Peer – to- Peer Connections. Professionals who have “similar roles and face similar problems,” but no real relationships are formed. No real referrals can be made.
    • Example:
    • I have 675 Linkedin Connections!
    • Or I have 3,675 people following me on Twitter!
    • Are they quality followers with similar or complimentary products and services? Or just Tweevesdroppers?
    • “ Can this person really know and refer 675 people?”
    • Is this someone that is taking the time to build relationships -- or weak connections?
  • 6. Building Relations (Deep) or Strong Communities of Practice
    • Quality Networks or Communities of Practice defined:
    • A group of professionals or businesses that join together to connect and help each
    • other solve problems, provide quality referrals, build strategic alliances, while sharing interests and developing expertise.
  • 7.
    • S.N.A.P
    • Social Networked “and” Authentic Professionals
    • Professionals Who Use Internet and Mobile – based Tools Used
    • For Sharing and Discussing Information
    • Authentic Defined: Can Refer Quality Business Services, Products and Individuals with Respect To Outcome, Performance, while assisting with increasing and not hindering business or revenue growth.
  • 8.
    • Why Is Traditional Media Failing?
    • One Way Delivery
    • Expensive
    • No Immediate Feedback or Response
    • Geographical and Demographic Limitations or Restrictions
  • 9.
    • S.N.A.P
    • Social Networked “and” Authentic Professionals Create…
    • Two-way Conversation ( Companies Talking To Their Users)
    • Opens Up Dialog With Your Clients and Users
    • Creates Engagement
    • Encourages Participation ( Use of Product or Service)
    • Enable Collaboration ( Alliances)
    • Ownership and Personality ( Brand Identity)
    • Lease Expensive Marketing Initiatives
  • 10. Social Media Tools Categorized
    • Communication
    • Blogs - TYPEPAD, WordPress, Vox
    • Microblogs - Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku
    • Niche Networking - LinkedIn|Pulse-Plaxo_Ning- Sohobiztube
    • Social Networking - Bebo, Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Skyrock
    • Social Network Aggregation - Friendfeed, Youmeo
    • Events| Naked Biz Growth - Social Media and Marketing | Leadership and Development
    • Collaboration
    • Wikis | Wikipedia, Pbwiki, Wetpaint
    • Social Bookmarking - Delicious| Stumbleupon
    • Social News Sites - Digg | Mixx | Reddit
    • Opinion Sites - Epinions | Yelp
    • Multimedia
    • Photosharing | Flickr | Picasa |Photobucket | Smugbug
    • Video Sharing| Sohobiztube | YouTube | Vimeo |Viddler
  • 11. How To Become A “S.N.A.P.”
    • Join A Business Network
    • Join Sohobiztube - Set up your “company profile.” Demonstrate the strength of your team, clients and peers by creating your business network – “focus on networking individuals and their companies.”
    • -
    • – Mainly for Professionals and Individuals seeking new jobs, with some a small focus on “the company.”
    • Create A Blog Talk Radio Show
      • Invite client testimonials, industry experts as guest
    • Set Up A Blog
    • Post information about your company and your products, and things that your clients and prospects want to know about your products and services.
    • Post Press Releases On Social Media Sites
    • Post Your Press Release On or
    • Create Your Company, Product, Service or Client Testimonial Video
    • Post it on ( niche for businesses and professional video sharing )
    • Flickr – niche - more personal video sharing
    • Post it on YouTube – niche – more personal video sharing
  • 12.
    • Social Media Creates Opportunities For…
    • Sharing Knowledge and Expertise. Blogs | MicroBlogs
    • Transparency. Photos | Videos | Music
    • Social Networking. Connecting | Interacting
    • Building Alliances | Partnerships | Collaborations | Consortiums
  • 13.
    • S.N.A.P
    • Social Networked “and” Authentic Professionals
    • Become Socially Networked
    • Remain Authentic
    • Always Be Professional
    • And every once in a while…Lift Your Skirt ( Transparency )