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Egyptian Religion
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Egyptian Religion



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Egyptian Religion Egyptian Religion Presentation Transcript

  • The Religion of the Ancient Egyptians By: Blakely Johnson, Lydia Frederick, & Molly Ott
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • There were hundreds of Egyptian gods and goddesses…
  • Amenhotep banned the worship of many of the gods and only worshiped one
  • Wadjet, the goddess of protection; Thoth, the god of knowledge; and Meretsegar, the protector of the tombs
  • They believed the creator of the world was Amun-Ra
  • The creation of the Egyptian world was very important to them.
  • Isis was the goddess of mothers and wives
  • Osiris was the god of the dead
  • Anubis was the protector of the dead and escorted them to the underworld. He was also very important.
  • Death and Afterlife
  • Mummification- First they took out the brain, liver, & lungs & preserved them in jars
  • Then they covered the body with natron crystals & sawdust &leaves
  • Next, they put the body in a coffin & put the coffin in the tomb
  • The Tombs
  • During the New Kingdom secret tombs were built in cliff walls in the Valley of the Kings
  • Buried with bodies were: clothes, jewelry, tools, & pottery
  • The Egyptians also buried their people with The Book of the Dead- it had spells & maps believed to be needed in the Afterlife
  • The Afterlife- They believed they went to the Underworld or Duat
  • The Hall of Two Truths- Where their hearts were weighed against a feather
  • When they passed the heart test they went into a land just like Egypt
  • Ancient Egyptian Education
  • The schools were attached to the temples, where they learned how to read and write.
  • Their religious education was a full of many different gods.
  • Some of the ways the Egyptians worshiped the gods were by sacrificing animals.
  • Priests had many jobs to help out with the religion
  • The Egyptians believed that different gods controlled the forces of nature giving good harvests or causing crops to die.