Take the Cambridge CELTA course in Brazil


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Contains full description of the Cambridge CELTA course run by UP Language Consultants in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Take the Cambridge CELTA course in Brazil

  1. 1. Certificate in Teaching English toSpeakers of Other Languages
  2. 2. CELTA is one of the most widely taken qualifications ofits kind. Thousands of people each yearchoose CELTA to open up a whole world of excitingEnglish language teaching opportunities.celta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  3. 3.  Open the door to exciting teaching opportunities allover the world Gain the skills and knowledge you will need as ateacher Choose how and when to take your CELTA course Take pride in a certificate that is accepted globallycelta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  4. 4.  Are you aged 18 or over? Do you have a standard of education equivalent to thatrequired for entry into higher education? Is your English good enough to teach at a range of levels?If the answer is yes, and apply for the course!If you do not have formal educational qualifications at the level indicatedabove, centres may still accept you if you can demonstrate that you wouldbe likely to complete the course successfully.celta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  5. 5. The CELTA course is designed to help you develop effectiveand principled teaching practice. As well as receiving inputfrom your tutors about key topic areas related to teachingEnglish, you will also have substantial hands-on teachingpractice to turn theory into practice.CELTA courses are designed by individual centres, based onspecifications produced by Cambridge English LanguageAssessment.Download CELTA Syllabuscelta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  6. 6. You will cover five main topics as part ofyour CELTA course: Learners and teachers, and the teaching and learningcontext Language analysis and awareness Language skills: reading, listening, speaking andwriting Planning and resources for different contexts Developing teaching skills and professionalism.celta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  7. 7. You will be assessed throughout the course. There is no finalexamination. An external assessor, appointed by Cambridge EnglishLanguage Assessment, moderates each course.There are two types of assessment – Teaching Practice and WrittenAssignments. To get the CELTA certificate, you must pass bothassessments. There are three passing grades: Pass ‘A’ Pass ‘B’ Passcelta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  8. 8. You will teach for a total of six hours, workingwith classes at two levels of ability. Assessment isbased on your overall performance at the end ofthe six hours.celta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  9. 9. You will complete four written assignments thatfocus on: analysing and responding to learner needs analysing language for teaching purposes teaching language skills reflecting on classroom teaching.celta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  10. 10. In order to apply for the course, you should fill in an application form a questionnaire a pre-interview taskThe next step will be scheduling an interview with ourCELTA Tutor.celta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta
  11. 11. Thassiana BalbinoCELTA AdministratorUP Language Consultants+ 55 11 5105-0200celta@uplanguage.com.brcelta@uplanguage.com.br www.uplanguage.com.br/celta