Cambridge ICELT course in Sao Paulo, Brazil


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Contains full description of the Cambridge ICELT course run by UP Language Consultants in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Cambridge ICELT course in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  1. 1. In-service Certificate in EnglishLanguage Teaching
  2. 2. If you are already teaching English as a secondor other language and want to improve yourskills in your current working context, ICELT is ateacher training course that will deepen yourknowledge and develop your ability to reflect onand improve your teaching.
  3. 3. Course programmes are designed to reflectyour specific needs and working context. Themain aim is to develop your skills in thefollowing areas: language awareness and language use in theclassroom planning, teaching and evaluation assessment and evaluation.
  4. 4. Unit 1 Language knowledge and awarenessUnit 2 The background to teaching and learning EnglishUnit 3 Resources and materialsUnit 4 Planning and management of teaching and learningUnit 5 Evaluation, monitoring and assessmentUnit 6 Professional developmentUnit 7 Language for teachersICELT has replaced the Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English (COTE).
  5. 5. Cambridge ESOL Teaching Qualifications arerecognised by organisations which employEnglish language teachers as providing qualityteacher training. Cambridge ESOL works withinternational ELT organisations to ensure theacceptance of ICELT globally.
  6. 6. ICELT is ideal if you are already teaching English ina specific context, e.g. teaching adults or younglearners in the private sector, teaching within auniversity environment, teaching primary orsecondary school learners. This qualification canhelp you to deepen your knowledge and developyour ability to reflect on and improve your teaching.
  7. 7. Because the course is so flexible, it is difficult to describe a typical candidate. However, hereare some examples: You may be teaching English and wish to develop your knowledge and skills You may have been working in a primary school for several years, and have begun toteach English without any previous ELT training You may be returning to language teaching after a period of time and wish to review anddevelop your English language skills You may be teaching adults in a private institute. You trained to teach at secondary levelbut that was many years ago You may have completed a pre-service teacher training course for secondary teachers ayear ago You are currently working in a secondary school and also work in a private instituteteaching adults two evenings a week You may have trained to teach English, but this training did not include a formally assessedteaching practice component
  8. 8. ICELT is also suitable if your previous training has not included aformally assessed teaching practice component.ICELT gives you insight into the principles of effective teaching and arange of skills for teaching English in your teaching context. You will: gain hands-on teaching practice observe experienced teachers in the classroom complete written assignments and language tasks.Four lessons are assessed by your course tutor. A Cambridge-approvedmoderator visits each course to moderate candidates work.
  9. 9. The ICELT course is offered part time and takes 9 months. Courses maybe delivered either entirely face-to-face, plus peer observation andreading assignments. The combination of contact hours plus distancelearning must be at least 120 hours. With ICELT you will be assessedteaching your own classesBecause it is awarded by Cambridge ESOL, part of the University ofCambridge, ICELT is internationally recognised, highly respected and abenchmark for quality.
  10. 10.  Are you a practising teacher who will have had a total of atleast 500 hours of relevant experience by the end of thecourse? Are you at least 18 years of age? Is your English at Level B2 of the Common EuropeanFramework of Reference (CEFR) or higher? Or are you a first-language speaker of English?If this sounds like you, contact us for information on how toregister.
  11. 11. Module 1:1. Language for Teachers(Assessment component 1)You will complete tasks designed to improveyour use of English for teaching purposes. Thenumber of tasks depends on whether you aretaking Module 1 only or in combination withModule 2.
  12. 12. Module 2:1. Teaching (Assessmentcomponent 2)You will plan, teach and evaluate four lessons,which are assessed by your course tutor.2. Methodology (Assessmentcomponent 3)You will complete four classroom-relatedwritten assignments.Courses are moderated externally. Samples of coursework aresubmitted to Cambridge ESOL for further moderation at the end of thecourse.
  13. 13. You will be awarded an overall grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction aswell as component grades of Pass, Merit or Distinction.In order to gain the full ICELT qualification, you must pass in all threecomponents of assessment. You may enter for the Language forTeachers component as a separately certificated module of the fullcourse.
  14. 14. Thassiana BalbinoICELT AdministratorUP Language 55 11 5105-0200